Basic Guide to Makeup Brushes

Do you feel befuddled by brushes? Are you asking yourself questions like…

“How many brushes should I buy?”

“Which brushes are the most important?”

“What is this brush for?”

If that’s you, we’re here to answer all your basic brush questions! Whether you’re starting your career as a makeup artist or simply need brushes to apply your own makeup, there are a handful of specific brushes that will allow you to achieve just about any look you’re after.


There are four staple eye brushes that everyone should own: flat stiff brush, stiff dome brush, soft dome brush, and pencil brush. Each is responsible for color application on a different area of the eye.

  1. Flat Stiff Brush—A flat stiff brush is used to pack color on the lid. It must be stiff in order to pick up plenty of color and the flat surface allows for even eyeshadow application.
  2. Stiff Dome Brush—A stiff dome brush is used for placing color in the crease, feathering in darker eyeshadows, and creating the perfect smoky eye.
  3. Soft Dome Brush—A soft dome brush is very similar to the Stiff Dome Brush, but that’s right, softer! It’s used for applying your transition shade, diffusing the crease, and blending color under the brow.
  4. Pencil Brush—A pencil brush’s tiny tip allows for precise color application. It’s used for smudging eyeshadow along the lower lash line, smoking out eyeliner, and creating a defined crease.


There are really just a few brushes you need for the face (many can be used for multiple products): stippling brush, contour brush, angled blush brush, highlighter brush. Your needs will depend slightly on what you choose to wear, but these are the four face brushes we use on a daily basis.

  1. Stippling Brush—A stippling brush is used for pressing foundation into the skin. The bristles should be stiff to avoid streaking and to allow for an airbrushed finish.
  2. Contour Brush—A contour brush is used for applying darker powder under the cheekbones to create a chiseled effect. While this brush isn’t absolutely necessary, contouring will make your cheekbones stand out and give your face a slimmer appearance.
  3. Angled Blush Brush—An angled blush brush is used for applying powder blush to the cheeks. The soft angled bristles won’t pick up too much color and will make blending a breeze.
  4. Highlighter Brush—A highlighter brush is one of those multipurpose brushes. It can be used to lightly apply foundation, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, and obviously, apply highlight to the tops of the cheekbones. Small soft bristles apply will apply your product sparingly.

Essential to any makeup kit, the proper tools will make a world of difference in your makeup application. Happy makeup brush shopping!

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i bought the highlighter brush under the recommendation by a mac makeup artist that i use it for foundation. it works well, but you really need to get a feel for it first and with studio fix its wayy to streaky. jusst found it interesting you use it with powder ill try that next time

I bought a highlighter brush on MAC recommendation as well. I found that it was way too streaky with the studio fix as well. I’ve been using it for highlighting and blending blush and contour colors, and I love love love it for that!

I have a question. I start school in a few weeks and in my kit comes makeup and make up brushes. Since I havent really used any of their products, I was wondering should I have my own personal make up kit? With coastal scents products? Thanks to you for recommending them.

Thanks Marlena.
I’ve been meaning to buy a CS brush set for a while now but now you’ve convinced me to buy necessary individuals ones instead of a set (which i probobly would one use half of)
Thanks again & Good Night ;)

Hi Marlena,

Great video! Thank you! But how do you feel about the Sigma brushes which are comparable to Mac?

Thanks again and you’re looking great!! ;)

Thanks Marlena!! BTW, I am LOVING the darker hair!! I will be picking up 4 of the MUG brushes. I have been dying to try the MAC 168, but it costs way too much. Sigma has one that people seem to like, but it’s only part of a $70 kit. I was too excited to see the MUG one. Another great video!

Hi Marlena,

Thank you so so so much for this wonderful video! I would just like to let you know how beautiful and pretty you are. You’re looking so healthy and gorgeous.
I’m so excited because i’m going to a MAC counter store not far from home… BUT… i’m worried because i don’t know if they sell the 15 eyeshadow pro palette?????? I really hope they do. I do alot of dancing (i go in competitions)and i need some good quality makeup!!! Ever since i started watching your video’s i started to really love makeup!! Every time i go to a shop with makeup i go straight to the ‘makeup’ or cosmetics section!!! Anyway, Marlena do you have any suggestion sof some good eyeshadows i should get from MAC for stage??? Thank you so much Marlena!!

YOU’RE A STAR!!!!!!!!!! (can’t wait to hear from you)

Have you changed your video format? I can’t view this or the Soda 2 video through this website, I have to use YouTube.

Hello today …. Goddess Marlena …. and may i say that Goddess is just looking seriously hot today as love the new hair colour …. very dark and sexy ……………… :-)

Well Goddess im off to start me new job today as a painter and decorator as now im fully Mac,ed up with me brushes and the Duluxe one coat is going to go on perfect!
Never knew their was so much paintwork preparation within the tools of the trade :-) Rolf harris eat you heart out as Goddess Marlena is now the ……………….. Princess of the Paint!

Take care Goddess and plenty of sunshine here in London this weekend so im sure all us muggies that worship your exsistance will be looking good!



Thank you SO MUCH for this great tut! You always have the best info IMO.

Your eye makeup looks fabulous in the video, you should do a tut on that alone.
Thanks again

Just came across your video! Fantastic! Loved it and you look absolutely stunning!! And I agree with the other ladies here that your eye makeup looked fantastic and a tutorial for that would be great!!

Keep it up!!

Marlena – I love your eyebrows in this video! They look soooo much more beautiful thicker! I can’t wait till payday, I’m going to have a brush splurge! Amazing tips :)

“For the lips, you only need a small flat brush to apply lipstick IF you are working on a client- most of us apply lipstick straight from the tube.” I reccomend the “sponge” from the tube; it cover’s better or a q-tip.

Marlena thanks so much for taking the time to make this video! It was perfect timing for me, I was just looking into this. Thanks so much MUG Mama! :)

BRAVO!! This is so helpful, and very necessary to know “why these and not the brushes that come with the product?” because for a long time I didnt know, So as someone who is looking to advance in makeup artistry this is the best and sweetest delivery of information. Although you look 100% DIVALICIOUS, your personality is sweet and honest and not one of a diva at all. Also your look in this video is by far my favorite as an everyday look or work friendly look, which I’m always trying to acheive and not look over done on these occasions. Good work Marlena.

So funny that you did this video! In the pass week I’ve made three orders from makeup geek and in these orders I bought at least four brushes ( which you had suggusted as well)! Very helpful and I’m glad I’m on the right track! Thank you for all your video’s… I’m having so much fun with my makeup again! I’m feeling pretty again as well… love ya!

Another great video. I have many of the MUG brushes you referenced in the video and I really like the quality of the brushes. Thanks for making these available and at such affordable prices. I love the eyeshadow you are wearing, any chance of getting a tutorial or a list of what you used.

thanks a lot for the video ! i have ordered some brushes, my very first one (i’m a beginner in make-up) on your webstore. i watched a lot of your videos, and it’s the first time i dare to post you a comment : i love your work <3 !

(p-s: i'm French, so maybe there are some mistakes in my comment : )

Marlena Please!!!! Make a tutorial of what you are wearing today! I really like it pleasssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlena! u r a life saver! u did this vid jst when i wuz wondering wat brushes i should get! ur like a mind reader! lol :D

Thank you so much for pointing out alternatives at less than half the price of MAC brushes. You’re wonderful.

Must make a video on your makeup from this video!!!! It is beautiful and would like to try it. Can not guess the colors so PLEASE at least provide them. : )

Thank you so much for this, Marlena! I’ve just recently gotten into makeup and have been trying to build up my brush collection without breaking the bank, and your cheaper alternatives for MAC brushes are super helpful :)

My one question is if you have a brush you’d recommend for powder foundation? I’m willing to invest in a MAC brush for this because I wear it everyday, so if your top choice is expensive, I don’t mind!

Thank you!!

Marlena- I’m agreeing with the rest of the ladies, and asking if you could do a tutorial/article about your eye makeup you did in this video! It’s SO pretty!

Marlena, Thank you so much for the brush tutorial! I have just started with my make-up kit and it is very helpful to have your advice and opinions about different brushes, not to mention you try to help us all save some $$. Thank you for all of your hard work it will defiantly pay off! Have a good summer, can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us with the soda inspired tutorials!

Your eyebrows look amazing! I have kind of uneven eyebrows, and I’ve had them shaped again and again by professionals but they just keep growing in unevenly. I want to fill in the gaps in my brows with a pencil or powder but I have very light blonde hair and pretty light brows. Can you recommend anything?

Hey Marlena what is the equivelant of Macs studio fix foundation NC 30 to revlon colorstay? Also what is the best thickening and lengthening drug store mascara? Please and thank you!

Awsome awsome awsome :D
i waited a long time for this ;)
i loved it a lot …
Marlena, i was an acne sufferer , i got some treatments, am better now , i have some oily spots , but i also have some dry spots and it gets Flaky (or i dunno what u call it) some times due to the treatments :s
i just want to ask what is the best kind of foundation for me … i used to use the liquid to powder one , i was told it’s the best for me , and on top of it i use pressed powder !

im really interested in some of theses brushes and it would be really helpful it would tell me whether they’re natual hair or synthetic

Thank you so much :) I love love love this video
This is really an eye-opener for me! I never knew how much make up brushes should cost!!!
I have MAC brushes and I like them but then I read the prices you’ve posted and I couldn’t believe my eyes O_o! this is not what I’ve paid for my brushes :(
For example, I’ve paid 211QR which is almost $58 ($57.93 to be exact) for my MAC 187 which is a bit bigger that the 188. I’ve checked its price online and it’s $42. I never knew it was cheaper on their site. I’m never buying any MAC products from the mall again!!! I’ll go see if I like something and if I do I’ll write down the number or name of the product and I’ll get it online.
Seriously, I could’ve bout three brushes for the price of two and I wont start with the lipsticks and eye shadows prices here…
Again thank you so so much ^_^ I love your videos and I’ve been a subscriber for a long time :D

Great tutorial, thank you. With all the talk of brushes on you Tube, I have not come accross one, believe it or not that gives recommendations on type of brushes.

Would you consider doing a tutorial on taking makeup off? Maybe it sounds silly, but especially with the uban decay primer potion, its not so easy to take makeup off !
Also, again love the nails.

Thank You! This Helps a lot! I’m currently using the e.l.f. brushes, they work pretty well for me and I was wondering if you’ve ever tried there products. They’re very cheap, each individual product only $1 unless you get the studio version.


hi i have a small space between my eye and my eyebrow (about 1cm with my eye open, 2cm with my lid when i blink) could you do a makeup look on someone ike this or recommend a makeup guru who is like me, it would help me out greatly :P anyway would the 222 mac brush be better for me than the 224?? does it have the same stiffness?

I was admiring your eye makeup in this video…do you have a tutorial up with that eyemakeup or could you please make one? I would LOVE to learn hpw to do that eye makeup…thanks! :)

Please do a tutorial on the makeup your wearing. It looks so great, not too heavy, dark or shiney!! I love it :)

Very helpful video as always! Could you please share the eye colors that your are wearing in this video? They are so gorgeous!
Thanks so much!

great stuff!!! i’ve been collecting different style brushes over time and have found myself using all but not necessarily for the right things..this really helps me narrow down my necessity of brushes!! thanks!! u r the best!!

Awesome awesome awesome video! Thanks so much for the breakdown and all the info. Even though I’ve heard you say the names of those brushes a million times, I could go out and buy it and never really know what to do with it when I got it home!

Can you also do a video or followup article on how you clean all those brushes and how often?

I’m so thrilled for all your helpful info! Keep it up!

It sounds weird, the video I mean, or is it my computer? I dunno. Well, I loved this tutorial! I actually am really into all of the 101 and beginners tutorials, they’re so informative and go “to the grain” !!!

hey marleena u r so beautiful …………u alwaz luk so fresh n preety ………..i’ve 1 request to make plz put tutorials for how to curl hair using curling iron ……..and i want to see the tutorial on aishwarya rai cannes 2010 look.(specially 1 in black dress)…………i think she luked awesome…………i wanna try that luk ……..plz its a request …….

Once agian, Thanks for a great video. When I first found your site a year ago, I got most of those brushes (I had never used a bruch to apply before!) this was an older video. OMG what a differance!! :) I love my Mac brushes, they work great and I use them everyday <3 If you could only see my improvement in makeup application because of you, thank you so much for everything~

hi marlena u r too good and hepling so much .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz marlena do toturial about REVLON EYES BRUSHES i bought that kit but not to know how to use

Does it matter what kind of powder puff? they have several listed and i wasn’t sure if cotton would be better than say the micro fiber. I’d looked at these in the past but never bothered getting one for my collection

Absolutely wonderful guide to essential brushes! I learned a lot! Lol, it’s actually quite convenient… I received a 40piece brush set recently and barely know how to use most of them. Your guide has definitely enlightened me to a majority of those brushes! Thanks!!


great video…..your eyebrows are always perfect….Can you please do a tutorial on eyebrows….i just don’t know what i’m doing!

Marlena! You look gorgeous as ever!! You are ROCKIN’ those brows, girl!! Please do a tutorial on your eyebrows!! I LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for taking the time to do these wonderful videos for us MUGs!

I am just starting to get addicted to makeup…and I love your site! When I am not taking care of my 3 month old son I am on your website! :) I just wanted to know if I should buy one of each brush I need…or if I should just splurge on the sigma kit. Are they really good brushes? Right now I have some sucky ones and I really want to buy a whole kit. Thanks :)

Hi Marlena!
I was just wondering how you feel about the Crown brushes. They are far more afordable than the Mac brushes and they might even have a larger variety, but I don’t know much about their quality, so I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Brushes are very important! I’m shocked that E.L.F cosmetic brushes were not included as they work wonders and are very inexpensive. They look professional too!

Thanks for the video very informative.Please do a tutorial on the makeup you are wearing in this video.
I want to get into makeup and this is very helpful for what brushes I need in my kit.
Any other information on what necessaties you need in your kit would be very helpful. Also could you suggest any vidoes (dvd) books or classes for learning what to have in your kit, wedding or photography makeup, makeup must haves, colory theory /color wheel – how to know what colors look good on certain skin tones considering eye and hair color.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i agree please please please do a make up tutorial on this look please you are just gorgeous,love the new hair colour too.x.x.

Please Marlena… I’ve been asking a long time for a tutorial about gettinjg your perfect brow shape!!! And,what programme do u use to finish the videos? …please answer!

Ordered some Ben Nye pigments, so gorgeous! Thanks! Makes me never wanna buy Wet n Wild again! Lol, not that I buy WnW at all really! I will get the flat stiff brush to apply! Thanks! You help so much!

Oh yeah, I agree with the rest of the peeps about your eyebrows, LOVE them! If you could do a tutorial on those that would be great! I think I heard something about getting an eyebrow pencil one or two shades lighter than your hair color? Or is it two shades darker? Could be wrong advice? Thanks girl!

I also use the MUG Foundation Stippling Brush on myself and it works great! Thanks for not just providing the more expensive brushes a makeup artist should have in their kit but you give 2 options. It really can be affordable and in your budget to get good brushes that work just as good as the expensive ones such as m.a.c !!

Hi Marlena,
Have you tried Paris Presents brushes from Walmart? The are in the isle with the nail tools at the Walmart near me. The are in a plastic sleeve with a blue cardboard background. They are wonderfully soft and don’t fall apart. I absolutley loved them so much that I gave my profession set to my 14 daugher. They have a lot that are double ended so you have what you need on one brush. They are very affordable I think the highest I paid was $9.00. I was affraid to try them at first thinking they are from Walmart so they are probably going to fall apart but they didn’t. Try one and let us know what you think. Love all your videos!

OMG! Thank you thank you thank you! I have been struggling with brush to buy because i feel like all of them are essential but this video really helped me a lot!

hey am really tired of requesting u for a tutorial for aishwarya rai at cannes 2010 …..this is last tym am requesting plz post it ………

Hi!! Thanks for the brush breakdown! I wanted to know what is the look you have on in this tutorial….and could you do one on the look you have on in here? Its SOOOO pretty!!

This is so helpful!!! I have learned so much from your site – it is really excellent!! ps- The dark hair suits you really well!!


I follow your youtube channel and now your website. You are truly a wonderful inspiration for a lot of ud out here. I know want to be more daring with my makeup. Keep up your good work!

Norwegian fan!

Thanks Marlena, a very helpful video. I’ll buy all the tools Next time I’ll be in USA. Could you make a video about eyebrows? I absolutely LOVE yours, and I’m definitely having troubles with mine!
Thanks so much, keep shining!
Hugs from Italy! Giulia

This video is sooo helpful, its so confusing knowing which brushes are best! Im after a decent pencil brush.. been on the hunt for one for a while without it breaking the bank!
Great help Marlena
xOx Stacie xOx

Love your videos!!!! I really need a good tutorial on eyebrows! Mine are in need of some major attention!!!

Could you do a tutorial on Urban Decay’s Summer of love palette!!!???!!! Could you do a day look and a night look???? that would amazing!!!!

Hi Marlena,

Thank you so much!

But I have a PROBLEM: I am looking for MUG products in Paris, France (where I live) and I can find them…do you have any other option for the MAC 224 which is not MUG?

I really like your tutorial….thanks to you now I know how to make up…

umm on the video for the stippling brush you wrote 187 for the mac brush but you said 188 so which one is it and do you know where i can buy a cheap stippling brush at a store just because i don’t like to order online.

P.S i love your videos i just have a very tight budget for makeup so i need the way cheaper versions of MAC necessity brushes and products.

Hi Marlena, I am a huge fan of your site and all of your videos!!! I was wondering if you’ve ever tried the ‘eco tools’ brand of brushes that can be found at target, ulta, and some drugstores. They didn’t seem to be very expensive, but I wasn’t sure if the quality was good. Please reply!!

Marlena —

I’ve seen that you might be in need of a cheap equivalent to the MAC #219 brush. Personally, I found that if you go to a RiteAid, CVS, etc., you can pick up a pack of EcoTools eye brushes. They’re insanely cheap and gives you an amazing smudger brush, soft dome brush, and some other ones, they’re GREAT! So, you might want to try them the next time you go to the drugstore.

Oh, God! This is crap! Bullshit! You espect everyone to have those expencive brushes and shadowos and all that shit, huh? And, come on! Noone cares what your house looks like, or what are your problems… I mean, not even a fucking lezbo would date you…. you probably paid your first husband to marry you! Just get the FUCK OFF OF THE INTERNET!

If it bugs you so much then just get off the site!!!! Your really rude and annoyingly immature!! Next time keep your comments to yourself

@ unMUG-First of all, you should name GOD for such a hateful comment! So inmature and childish! You shouldn’t be on this site at all if you’re just gonna be hating!

Marlena, I hope you delete this person off your site, you’re are too blessed to be stressed and too beautiful to have people like this on your site =)

Great tutorial, I was so excited to finally see this!! I’m pretty much gonna buy all the make-up geek brushes and buy the contour brush at MAC. However, I was wondering how the brush travel kit is comparable to buying each brush individually. Are the ones in the kit just as good as the ones sold individually on the site? Thanks, you’re the best at what you do!

This is the travel kit on your site I’m referring to:

Hey Marlena =]
I was just wondering where we can find that egg..
It looks like it’ll help me out.


Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You really are an inspiration. I am taking better care of myself now than I ever have thanks to all your knowledge! I LOVE your eyes in this tutorial. What products did you use and how did you apply it?

This tutorial was EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I have never bothered much with makeup but after coming across this site, I now want to have fun and experiment with the different looks makeup can create.
I have purchased all the necessary makeup but was unsure which brushes to buy and what their purpose was.
This tutorial was clear and concise.
Thank you.

Hi, this is a really helpful info about the basic brushes someone needs to have. i wanted to ask marlena if in the future you might sell mac pro cosmetics. i’m really interested on buying the glitters from mac pro but since i dont have a membership and for right now i can’t get it until i go to school it’s almost impossible for me to buy them. i live in glendale az and there’s no mac pro in this state which really sucks because they have really awesome stuff like the the glitter i like a few of them but my favorite would be the refects teal glitter. well i would really appreciate it if you would answer my question. Thanks

hi Marlena love all ur tutorials and I was womdering when u were coming to Atlanta to do a seminar and where I would love to see u doing ur thing live an in person?

Hey everyone!!!
i thinik we should all get Marlena to do a tutorial on this look! anyone agree with me?

Love this tutorial <3

I am going to buy a makeup kit & was wondering if you have any suggestions on what would be the best for the money. Thanks xoxox ( =

hi there. can you please more brushes in stock? i have a wedding to go to and i want to use my new brushes! (one i order them)

I love, love, love this video!!
I liked that you had expensive alternatives AND cheeper alternatives!
I`m on my way to bye some brushes;)

Hi Marlena! All your tutorials are great because they are super informative! Thank you! I was wondering if you could do one on your facial routine. What products you use to remove your makeup and the steps you take to wash and moisturize your face. I am in my late twenties and no one has ever explained to me the necessary products to use for your face to clean and moisturize. I’ve looked up comparison reviews on mac’s cleansing towelettes to Kirkland (Costco brand) to remove makeup. Have you used either?


Greetings from Peru! I just love your web page and your TUTORIALS…keep ding them…. I really wanna enjoy a new one!


Hi Marlena,
I LOVE all your tutorials they have helped SO much! I have a request thow. I love how you try stuff and tell us what works and what doesn’t. It is Very much appreciated. I was wondering if you could tell us what works for skin care and eyebrows? I have really dry sensative skin and use philosopy it helps a little, but I still have really bad poors, and on eyebrows well I need help :-)
Thanks So much!

Was looking for a stippling brush and the only one that is available for the moment is the MAC #187 Duo Fibre stippling brush. It looks very soft though so I was wondering if you had tried it yet or anyone knows what it’s like?

Hi Marlena!
Thank you for all the information you’re providing! It’s priceless!
I would like to purchase some of the brushes that you’ve exampled in the video and found that most of them are out of stock in your store, which doesn’t surprise me since it’s the easiest to buy previously reviewed and approved by a PRO stuff. So I was wondering if you’re going to have them for sale soon?
Thanks in advance!

Heey Marlena!!
Your so pretty and all your videos help me so much! If not you but anyone else who knows, could you tell me what camera you/MakeupGeekTV uses? It’s amazing quality and I love the fact that it focuses from far and close! If someone could get back to me ASAP, that would be greatyl appreciated! And thanks again for your great videos and tutorials!!

-lots of love, Sarah/YouTube – TheShimmerBabiii

Hey! I know you must have a lot of requests on your plate, but I’m actually not from the US and it’s a little difficult to find all the brushes in this tutorial (MAC doesn’t have a complete range here). There is another company that specializes in make up brushes. Most of the brushes are available from them, except for the pencil brush, stiff and soft dome brushes. Maybe it’s just the name they use? Would you be able to check out the product site and help identify alternatives? I guessed that the stiff dome brush = bullet brush (the website describes this as good for smudging and for use in the crease). And the soft dome brush I guessed is the crease brush… I’m just not sure which the pencil brush is?? Maybe you can also recommend one of their sets? Thanks!

Yo pedí dos brochas y la duo fibra para el iluminador no me ha gusado nada, no deja de perder pelo.

OMG Marlena! PLEASE re-stock your brushes! Lol
I really want to purchase all of them from the MUG Store!! :D
When do you think more should be available? Please let me know and thank you!


please i need to contact you because l am interest to be a make up artist so please write back to me pleaseeeeeeeeee! thank you

Would be great if you could do a tutorial on your look for this video… you look amazing :)

Hi Marlena,
I am having difficulty curling my eyelashes. I have long eyelashes, but they are straight downwards. I have bought many products and it didn’t work. Do you have any suggestions for me to use? It would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I was wondering if you will be stocking up on some more brushes, all the “must have ” ones are all sold out!!! Thanks Happy 4th

Hey, Id like to get the alternative for the MAC 217 Stiff Dome Brush and the alternative for the Flat Stiff Brush #269 but they haven’t been in stock for quite a while!

Hi Marlena! I am from Brazil and I live in Italy, and watching titurial makeup in youtube I saw you and I’m fall in love with your job!!!! You make the tutorial fantastic! Sincerily I think you are the best in this job! Can you show us the makeup in this video? It’s fabulous!!!!! Thanks and sorry my english! Bye, Lu

I absolutely love your eye makeup in this video :) please could you tell me what colours you used??

could you please upload tuorial of that makeup,you have on this video,
it looks wonderful

I like to thanks to you,I learned how to use eye make-up brushes,I”m frome Sri Lanka,I also a beautician but not all these brushes,we didn’t teach.thanks a lot to you.bye

hello… Im really interested in getting the angle brush but its out of stock can u recommend another brand or when will it be back on stock??


Marlena thank you so much for this article! I have bought 2 of the eye brushes and I am LOVING them! I have a question for my fellow makeup geeks and you as well, I have acne and dark spots from acne scarring, what kind of brush would you suggest I use to give full coverage but not make me look too cakey? Also has anyone tried the sephora air brush? I am going to buy the MUG stippling brush but I’ve had my eye on the Sephora air brush for some time but don’t want to buy it if they are comparable. THANKS MUGS! ;-)

Hi Marlena,
After watching this video, I bought some of you brushes from the MUG store. All I can say is THANK YOU!!! You were so honest in your video and the brushes I got have made my face look gorgeous. I use Revlon Photo Finish foundation and before I was using a MAC brush to apply it. Now, your foundation stippling brush is amazing. I do get an airbrushed look! And the brush I got for applying shadow to my lid is the perfect size, more compact and shorter that what I had and I get a ton more color payoff and even application.

You are awesome!

I love all you fantastic artists out there! follow me/ “like” on Facebook titled:Rhinestones & unicorns! Just started it today! <3 U Marlena you are brilliant!!!

Hi…can you please do a tut on the makeup you have on in this vid,or jus tell us the colors you have on please!!!

I was wondering, I really like this video and I intend on using the advice given for my brushes. I am really into makeup and all, but I’m afraid I can’t afford the price for just one of the brushes listed. But I did find a wonderful bargain on Elf. But here’s my question, I have given a link to an Elf brush set, and was wondering if the brushes in the set are comparable to MAC #239, MAC #217, MAC #224, and MAC #219 brushes??? If so, please let me know, and I will purchase this set right away.

Hi, I just love to apply makeup on myself and finally i found this great website so I want to thank you for that :)
I’m trying to find all the 8 brushes but there are three brushes that I cant find in the store. they are the NYX professional crease brush, the MUG blush brush and the MUG Cheek Highlighter Brush… can you help me out please?


I see that you don’t have the NYX Professional Crease Brush available at the store anymore… is there a different brush you can recommend for a stiff dome brush?


Heyyy :D
ive always bin really fussy with eyebrows, any chance you could do a vid on how to keep them looking neat and tidy with make up because i no there are lil eyebrow make up sets but im never sure on which ones are best would really love it :) xxx

I just discovered your website and I think it’s FABULOUS! Can you do a tutorial on the look you are wearing in this video? It’s so beautiful but I can’t make out the colors. Thank you!


Could you post your seminar schedule? I would love to attend when I can come to the lower 48. I live in Alaska and love your tutorials!