How To Fill in Your Brows

Hey, Makeup Geeks!  

I’ve been trying to tape this brow video for years. Yes, years. Every time I’ve filmed it before, the sound or picture quality hasn’t been the best. I’m happy to say that I FINALLY filmed a decent video to show guys you how I fill in my brows. Please note, my brows aren’t the easiest to work with so they’re still not exactly how I’d like them.  But don’t worry the tips I have for you will still help you achieve YOUR perfect brows!

Products I Used:

  • Too Faced Brow Pencil – “Browny” 
  • MAC Paintpot – “Quite Natural” 
  • Anastasia Brow Gel – “Medium Taupe”
  • Makeup Geek Dual Ended Brow Brush



Thicker is better – Fuller brows portray youth, so keeping them thicker makes you look younger. For this reason, keep your brow game strong by not over plucking your brow hairs. We’ve all been guilty of this, but we promise to stop over plucking if you promise you will too.  

Shape accordingly – Ideally you want the inner part of your brow to be thicker, then taper to a thinner line as it goes toward your temple.The arch should be just outside your pupil.

Lighten Up ( For super dark brows.) – If you have fair skin and very dark brows, you may need to lighten them up. I bleach mine slightly with facial bleach to make them appear less harsh. Be sure to only leave the bleach on for 5 minutes or less. Leaving the bleach on for any longer will leave you with orange brows! Oh no!

Pick powder to look the most natural – For the most natural brows, use a matte finish tan or brown eyeshadow to fill in your brows.  Take an angled brow brush and apply shadow to sparse areas.

Carve out your brows– For very defined brows, take a small flat brush and apply creamy concealer under the brows to tidy up the edges. You probably don’t need this step for everyday, but it’s perfect for getting defined brows when you’re wearing a more dramatic look.


Never fill in your brows with black pencil – Unless you want “black sharpie brows”, just please don’t do this.  Even if you have black brows, use a dark brown product.

Stay away from red tints – Hair naturally has a khaki undertone to it, so using brow products that also have a touch of khaki will look more natural. For whatever reason, most makeup companies have reddish tinted brow products. Stay away from these products.

Don’t over draw. – The entire brow shouldn’t have the same darkness all throughout.  Generally, the arch and the tail of the brow should be the most defined and the darkest. The inner part should be slightly more sparse and lighter.

Don’t forget to tame the strays- It’s best to set your brows with a brow gel to really lock the hairs in place all day.

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