We are proud to be a cruelty-free brand committed to creating high-quality, animal friendly products! Our labs, manufacturers and ingredients suppliers also do not test on animals. We are PETA Certified with a cruelty-free certification. 

ALL Makeup Geek products are cruelty free as we do not test on animals. MOST of our products are vegan. Our products that are not considered vegan may contain animal byproducts (milk, lanolin, carmine, honey or royal jelly). 

Here is a list of our Vegan Products which contain no animal ingredients or byproducts:

Signature Eyeshadows: Banana Split, Beach Please, Bedrock, Bellini, Bitten, Blue Me Away, Chickadee, Chocolate Wasted, Clean Slate, Code Blue, Coffee Before Talkee, Cupcake, Dark Roasted, Deja Brew, Enchanted Forest, Espresso Yourself, Had Me At Yellow, Honey Badger, Latte As Usual, Mint To Be, Morocco, Olive You, Prim and Proper, Seas The Day, Shimma Shimma, Smoke Signal, So Pale, Spilled Tea, Take For Granite, Tiki Hut, Time Travel, and Vanilla Bean

Foiled Eyeshadows: Flame Thrower, Grandstand, Illuminaughty, In The Spotlight, Legend, Medieval, Mystical, and Starry Eyed

Power Pigments: Corrupt, Dynamic, Potential, Tenacious, Transform, and White Lies

Pigments: Sweet Dreams and Utopia

Duochrome Pigments: Chameleon, Insomnia, Kaleidoscope, Mood Ring, Prism and Sugar Rush

Foiled Pigments: Abracadabra, Atlantis, Gargoyle, Intermission, Supernatural, Tin Man and Voodoo

Sparklers: Asteroid, Aurora, Constellation, Dark Matter, Light Year, Meteor Shower, Milky Way, Satellite, Solar Flare, Solstice, and Supernova

Blushes: Bliss, Chivalry, Desire, Passion, Spellbound, and Summer Fling

Single Highlighters: Luster, Sunlight, Ignite, Psychedelic, and Electrify

Bronzers: Burnished, Sunkissed, and Tawny

Foiled Lip Gloss: Backstage, Drumroll, Groupie, Mixtape, Replay, Set List, Vinyl, and VIP

Iconic: Candid, Clumsy, Elegant, Feisty, Giddy, Gullible, Lively, Naive, Offbeat, Proper, Quirky, Rare, Risque, Saucy, Savvy, Shady, Shy, Spoiled, Vain and Witty

Plush Mattes: Bachelorette, Beach Bunny, Beauty Queen, Boss Lady, Chatterbox, Cougar, Daredevil, Goodie Two-Shoes, Marriage Material, Misfit, Party Girl, Plain Jane, Rocker Chick, Smarty Pants, Soccer Mom, Tomboy, Urbanista, and Wild Child

Plush Creme: BFF, Free Spirit, Jetsetter, Old Soul, Prankster, Socialite, Trailblazer, Trophy Wife, Trouble Maker

Showstopper: Arabesque, Bunny Hop, Cha Cha, Charleston, Curtsey, Do-Si-Do, Electric Slide, Flamenco, Foxtrot, Grapevine, Jitterbug, Mambo, Moonwalk, Quickstep, Salsa, Tango, Twerk, and Waltz

Healing Lip Glaze: Creamsicle Delight, Pink Bubbly, and Sangria

To ensure that our vegan products are properly represented, we’ve worked with many authorities in the cosmetic industry to have our complete ingredient decks reviewed for accuracy. We can confirm that the Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride ingredients we use are both synthetic and NOT animal based.