Updated Face Routine!

Products Used:

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*Please note, that I do not do this entire face routine every single day as I realize it is a lot of products and takes time.  For my “easier” days, I simply apply concealer on blemishes and under the eyes and blend really well so it matches my skin color. If you are oily, you may need a bit of powder to get rid of shine.  If you are dry, do not use powder unless you feel you need it as it can give you that cakey appearance.

Also, here are some of my other favorite face products: (I was not paid or sponsored by any companies!)

  • Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer- similar to MAC Matte Cream but with a little bit of color for extra coverage.  Feels silky on the skin!
  • Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector- a great primer for those with normal to oily skin with visible pores- it fills in the pores to give appearance of smooth skin. Not as silky as the others, but gives a nice matte finish to the skin
  • Coastal Scents Camo Quad Concealer-  this is a great inexpensive concealer that spreads smoothly and covers well
  • Make Up For Ever Concealer-  this comes in a palette or you can buy singly. The texture is really similar to MAC’s Studio Finish, and covers really well.  Just don’t use under the eyes as it’s too thick
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector- a great concealer for under the eyes.  Is my 2nd runner up to the Eve Pearl one.
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation- my go to foundation as it covers really well and comes in a ton of shades
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation- a great foundation for a matte finish with full coverage
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation- a medium coverage foundation that gives a beautiful dewy look to the skin!
    • The only reason I do not use this anymore is I heard it has caused small bumps in some people’s skin- I have had those bumps and haven’t figured out if it’s from this foundation or something else :(  But, I still do love the look and feel of this foundation
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation- is very similar to the NARS Sheer Glow but just a teeny bit less coverage.  Has a nice dewy finish
  • NARS Loose Powder- I believe they discontinued this, but it’s still an amazing powder for setting
  • Make Up For Ever HD Powder – a great setting powder that is invisible in color and finely milled for a smooth finish!
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Thanks for ur tutorials i learn a lot
i have oily skin what is the best primer, foundation for my skin kinda no that expensives ones
thanks again

i have the exact same problem aside from having huge pores i am the greasiest person i know lol, i’ve tried many primers including mac’s but i feel it too greasy for me, whats a good one for oily skin help us Marlena plz!!

Hey Girls, I have the same skin type (oily with large pores) and it’s the worst! I’ve found a few things that help though; smashbox photo finish light oil free primer is a decent one that everyone loves. I use it followed by the Nars foundation, MakeUp4Ever concealer, Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte oil control spray, powder and MAC’s fix+. Lots of products but I’m a server and I get really gross otherwise! Hope that helps!

WAIT!!! The only difference I’d say with the way Marlena and I apply the fix plus is this: I really didn’t see the benefits of MAC’s Fix+ until I applied it with a Kabuki brush all over my face, focusing most on my problem areas (i.e. T- zone). That made a big difference for me

I have the same problem too, my skin is very oily but i found that Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer is the best one for my face, you can find it in sephora. For some reason Mac doesn’t work well for me, hope this helps!!!!

Great tutorial
i was wondering have u tried any laura geller products n if u have wat do u think of them
thank you

Hi Marlena!! I love your tutorials, you are so cute and so fun!!! Well, I’m wondering if Prep + Prime Skin from Mac is similar at the primer that you used in this video. Kisses from Brazil!

omg, I lUV the Nars Foundation but I have those same little tiny bumps and now that u mentioned it they appeared just about the time I got it and I have NEVER had them before and I keep trying to get rid of them…maybe the Nars is the cause, will stop using it not I ever used it much anyway just on special occasions

Hi, love you!! Just wanted to know with the products you use, does it give you a glare look? Like you have make up on and makes you look pale?? I cant seem to find a product that doesnt looked caked on even though I dont put a lot on! Help?!

If you mean to buy it, use it, and throw it away, then there is a little symbol on the back of the package usually. It looks like a tiny jar, and has a number — normally 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36.

Mascara gets 6 months.
Skincare normally 6 or 12 months

Nail polishes I have say 36 months.

Anyway, the little symbol is below where the ingredients are listed.

I too have combination oily skin with visible pores so always wore foundation to cover them up. Whilst browsing the counters at Debenhems(i’m uk based) i was given a sample of Elizabeth Arden good morning skin serum. This stuff is brilliant! It feels silky and light and i don’t use moisturiser as that leaves my skin too greasy. The serum has improved the look and tone of my skin. My pores are a lot less noticeable and it works as a great foundation primer. I even feel confident going foundation free after i’ve applied this. It leaves skin feeling v soft, fresh and healthy looking. If you get the chance to try it i think you’ll be amazed.

Thank you so much for the tip about wearing under eye concealer that is a little darker than your foundation. I never knew that was the way to go, and from the video, it obviously works really well.

When I went into MAC to get some of their Studio Finish Concealer she sold me NW20, but didn’t tell me why. I just thought that was my color, until I bought some foundation in that color (not from MAC) and found out that not only was it way too dark, but I’m actually a cool tone, and the warm tone of the concealer was just to counteract the blue of my dark circles. Oops!! That’s what I get for not asking.

This was so helpful, thanks again!

I love your face routine!! :) So pretty

Now onto more pressing measures. And no this is not spam it is somtthing that is happening right now and is serious.

There is a girl right now who is suffering from MS and only has 3 weeks to live. If you can just watch this video and make a video response or something. Use your contacts that will be very much appreciated. I feel that you are a very influential person and notice that people respond to you.


Please just watch the video. Do that one thing and than you can do whatever you want with it.

I am begging you. I don’t want to see someone who had such a promising future like you do now, succumb to this disease without a fair fight.

Thank you for your time. I most certainly appreciated it.

Hey Marlena! I love your website,i have learned so many things.I am a makeup geek so i feel just at home.I have a few questions,i have dry skin and i hear that powders are not very good to wear because they can settle in fine lines and i love to wear the Bare Minerals foundation.Should i stick to it or try using a liquid one and if so which one would you recommed for me? Thanks.

Hi, I have really dry skin and large pores, do you think the monistat chafing gel would be a good primer?

Hey Marlena
Thank you so much for this video. I just have one question. I live in Denmark, and as far as I know we don’t really have the foundations you mention and I don’t know my color so I can’t really order online.
I’ve heard from other MUA that loreal true match should be pretty good. But wanted to hear your thoughts on it?

I love to see your updated face routine, my face and skin is more like the first one you did, so i went out and got some of the same products that you had, like the make up forever concealer :) and I love it :) I still say i would love to have you in my back pocket to do makeup when i have date night :) I look everyday to see if you had made a video i simply love them :) Keep up the good work. :)

Hi Marlena

Thank you!!! I really have problems with my skin and sometimes i dont know what to I have pores and i would like to cover them up can you tell what can I use. BY the way you are looking beautifuuuuuullllllll!!! I wanted to know if you heared about the website allcomesticswhole.com they have all types of brands like MAC,bobbie Brown, smashbox,tarte,urban decay ect and there products are real they have MAC discontinue items like the lipgloss ect for a little bit cheaper you should chech it out lol
welll take care and keep looking beautiful as always.

hey ive been looking for a change of products for my face… i have very oily skin which primer and foundation will work for me perfectly… and do u think that the powder from smashbox will work on me? i love them.. thanks alot and i love ur videos!

Hi Marlena!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all where are you???? From memory you said your mum’s house????? Why are you not home??????
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this video!!!!!!!
I am really excited!!!! Guess what!!!! I am only turning 14 this year and my cousin is getting married!!!!!! Because they know I have a talent in makeup and LOVE LOVE LOVE it they have asked me to do her Wedding Makeup!!!!!!!!! I have practiced on myself a few times but I need to practice on other people!! Marlena do you have any tips at all on applying makeup on other people????? Do you have any Wedding makeup tips?????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply I so so so appreciate your help!!!!
P.S. Did you notice how I repeated words three times, just like you… blend blend blend and smudge smudge smudge … so on!!!!
Love your Work!!
Love your biggest fan on the earth!!!

GODDESS MARLENA … Forever at your Worship!

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3 … That lucky servant geek as now won the competition :-)
4 … Which is ( At thier own expense of course ) they are allowed to go to you home studio and be within your glorious presence and have a make up geek make over done by yourself and then posted as a tutorial.

Well Goddess what do you think? im sure everyone of your slaves of sephora would just love to have that Mac 2/17 applied to them by your beautiful Manicured hands and then be allowed to worship you for being in your company!

Easy Competition Goddess .. with Easy $$$$ Money $$$$$ to follow! :-)


Hi, I was wondering if there is any over the counter finishing spray. I’m on a budget right now so its really hard to get the MAC fix +, also can you let me know if there is any over the counter {drugstore} primer you like

Hi Marlena- Is the Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Concealer supposed to be the same as your skin color, or darker? Is it for setting the other corrector, or to smoothe lines? what is the best primer for oily skin and also for treating pores and lines? Thanks for all the awesome videos… you look great, hope to see more videos regarding your current diet/excercise routines :)

Do you have a friend or someone you could do a tutorial on how to apply mineral makeup foundation, and apply it well. Using only mineral products even for concealer as well. I am just too allergic to the ingredients in regular foundation, and even most mineral foundations to use liquid foundation. I use Meow Cosmetics as they have the fullest coverage and shortest ingredients lists out there. However, my mineral foundation still seems to have too much of a powdery finish and concealing is tricky. I know there are supposed to be tips to applying the makeup that make it look much better and I was wondering if you could give us a tutorial.


Hi, Marlena. How are you?Two questions for yu:

1. What do you think about the new Mac pro longwear concealer?

2. What is your favorite concealer?


Hi Marlena,

Thank you so much for your tutorials. They are amazing and you are really beautiful.

I love makeup and I learning so much from you and other youtube gurus and bloggers. However, I can’t seem to find many videos or tutorials on what to do with cheeks? for example, if I am wearing really dramatics eyes, I know I should have fairly nude or neutral lips but can I still wear blush or should I just use a bronzer? should I just use the bronzer to contour only? can I use a bronzer as a blush on the apple of the cheek? should I match my blushers with my lipsticks? please help.

Hi Marlena,
I love your videos, they’ve helped me learn so much about makeup. I had a question regarding eyeliner. I line the outer rim of my lower lashline with a pencil eyeliner (I use the one by Prestige). But it tends to smear during the day and leaves a black residue that makes me look like I got punched in the face :P Do you know any way I can prevent this?

Put a powder shadow in the same color to set it. That should fix the problem. If you really want to be safe, after placing a similar colored shadow over it, dip a small brush in powder that is translucent or your skin color gently place it under the liner. I do this and it stays through an 8 hour work shift at Starbucks that includes having lots of steam in my face.

ANYone with problem skin should try Aveda! I have very dry skin with the occasional blemish but since I use Aveda, my skin is nice, healthy and glowing and I didn’t have ONE blemish! Not ONE!
Aveda can treat any skin problem with their pure and all natural product lines!
Do enjoy! :)

Thanks Marlena for another fantastic tutorial. It’s great how you provide updated versions of previous videos. You are the best and have helped me so much. Since I don’t live in America it’s good that you provide alternatives that we can get over here!

I am wondering: I don’t use powder as I have a very dry skin, I only use foundation (MAC face & body foundation), do I need to use MAC fix+ spray?

And also I would like to know what is the best way to apply MAC face & body foundation: with a 187 (this is the brush they used for applying it on me at the store), with another brush (the 190, maybe? It looks like the mos common foundation brush), a sponge or fingers?

Thank you!

Here’s my face routine:

1. MAC Matte Creme – This stuff is worth its weight in gold! I’m so glad I bought it.

2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation – This is the first foundation I’ve ever purchased that I’ve enjoyed.

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – When I put this on my eyelids, I make a quick pass under my eyes as well. I find it helps my concealer sit better.

4. Benefit Ooh La Lift – I got this as a freebie, or else I’d skip this step. But, I use this under my eyes before my concealer because I find it helps my concealer blend easily, and not look cakey.

5. Covergirl Concealer – I use the little one with the wand. I’m not sure I’ll repurchase this, but it’s been good enough to get the job done.

The next thing I put on my face is my blush. Right now it’s between NYX’s Peach Blush, or MAC’s Blushbaby. If I apply a highlight to the tops of my cheekbones, it’s Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in shade 010 – Brighten.

Then I’ll finish with MAC Fix+ Spray.

Woo… That seems like a lot, but I can get everything done in 10 minutes, maximum.

Hi Marlena!!

You are the best!!! I learn so much from you!
My question is: I´ve red cheeks a redness around the nose. What concealer should I use, a bright one or a darker one as my skintone???

Stay happy and healthy… :)


I believe in previous videos Marlena has used a green concealer for red areas around the nose and such. Like the one that comes in the Makeup Forever concealer palette. I also think that for flesh toned concealer, the darker color is only for under the eyes and the rest of the face you use the same shade as your foundation.

Red cheeks!

Hey Marlena :)
Thanks for a really cool tut :) I learned a lot!

My problem is that I have rosy cheeks all-the-time! It looks like I am always wearing blush. Wich should be a good thing, heehee! But it is only red in the apples of my cheeks, so I look kinda like a happy little clown xD
What should I do with consealer to cover it up so that I too can use your good advise on blush and contouring my face? :)

Love from Norway

Hello Marlena!

Thanks for a great video, however as you said this is not your everyday face makeup – so how about showing us routine for your everyday makeup? I’m really curious about it and I bet that I’m not alone on this one :)

Also I’d like you to say something about all those air-brush tools, as a Pro MUA I’m sure you had some ocassions to try them out etc. How do you feel about them? Do you find them good or useless, an investment or a waste of money?

Thanks in advance, Best Wishes :D

I am so glad something was finally said about the NARS Sheer Glow. I had wondered if that’s what was causing all these pesky small bumps on my cheeks. I have just recently swapped to Revlon Photoready (love the Color Stay & figured I’d give this a try) so we’ll see how it goes :)

I love watching your videos. Especially the face routine. I am the person who only likes wearing foundation, and a little bit of blush and mascara for everyday look. Thank you, Marlena. I do have some questions:

1) Concealer/Corrector – What is your recommendation on which color I should pick for my under eye circle. My shade is NC25. I would like to know the color I should pick in Eve Pearl, Bobbi Brown and MAC.

2) What do you think about the poreless face primer from Benefits?

That’s it for now. As I saw from your videos that you have been using Eve Pearl for under eye concealer, and I am anxious to try out. But don’t want to buy the wrong color…..

Thank you for all your help, and wish you all the best.

Hi, Marlena! Thanks for this lesson! You look wonderful even if you don’t wear any make up! You are so beautiful!
I want to ask you about W7 cosmetics. I see their products on a lot of sites, but I don’t know if these products are good, they are too cheap! Have u ever used them and what do u think about them?

I recently purchsed two bottles of the NARS foundation and loved the silky feeling. Didn’t care much for the coverage. I thought it would cover more for the price. Within a couple of weeks, it was making me break out. Theres over $90 down the drain!. What if we mix it with another foundation?

What is the best drug store concealer? I don’t have a lot of money, and to be honest I feel silly spending $40 -$50 per product. I have really bad dark circles. I have darker skin. I already use the revlon colorstay foundation. Love it! But do you have any concealers that aren’t from coastal scents that are cheaper? I use the MAC studio finish one for under eyes, and it does work but I agree its to cakey. Thank you so much!

Hey Marlena! I started using Revlon Colorstay foundation after I started watching your videos, and I love the coverage it gives me. But the only thing I dont like is that I feel like it dries really fast, and when it does, it’s just not able to moved/ blended and what not. Is that just me (because I dont use a primer or a fixing spray) or is that just the product itself?

I too bought it after one of Marlenas face routine vids, and she did say that it dries fast. If you dot it on and have your delux stippling brush handy, and stipple it on immediatly, its a great foundation. Just order the mug delux stippling brush and you’ll see the difference.

what is the best moisturizer to use when your in your late 30s and want to plump up fine lines under your make up

Hi Marlena? Have you tried Becca’s stick foundation and their loose powder? I was hoping to know what you think about those if you’ve already tried them.. And also mac’s studiofix fluid.. Thanks!!

I love how you update & change your face routine! I tend to change products too once in a while, but always tend to go back to the revlon colorstay! I am really wanting to get the mac fix +…..but E.L.F. has came out with a setting spray also so could you maybe try that & do a comparison of the 2. It is $3 & I have ordered from E.L.F. before & seem to like most of the eyeshadow brushes & some of their makeup products. Thanks for the update & tips!

Where is your sunscreen? You need to apply a good +40SPF everyday!!! You have such beautiful skin, to keep it that way you MUST apply sunscreen! It helps with aging, wrinkles, and SKIN CANCER! Please look into it. There are great OTC products, Cetaphil moisturizer with 50 SPF that won’t cause you to break out, another great product is by ALTA MD offered at dermatologists office. Love your skin!

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to makeup and am always trying new products & techniques trying to make my skin look flawless. Finding the perfect foundation/under eye concealer is very tricky with my pale skin!! I’m keen to give the Revlon colourstay foundation a go, but have seen photos of people who use it and the flash makes their skin look paler than it is and mismatched. Our local chemist won’t use it if you’re having photos taken because of this. Do you know what causes it or what they’re doing wrong??

They still make NARS loose powder. Sephora doesn’t carry it anymore, but it is available on the NARS cosmetics website as well as Amazon.

Thank you for your face tutorials. I get ready while watching your videos almost everyday.

I have a question: Why do you think that Nars loose powder has been discontinued. I noticed you said this a few times over the past year or so, but I see that it is still sold by Nars. I guess I was just wondering where you got your information. I do know that Sephora does not sell it anymore, so maybe that is it?

Anyway, just curiosity mostly. Thanks for another great video. I am truly addicted to this site and I really appreciate the hard work you put into it.

I think you’re correct. I bought my NARS Loose Powder from their counter @ Nordstrom and they continue to sell it on their website. Sephora doesn’t carry the product anymore, but it’s readily available through other outlets :)

I really appreciate that you come back and update your face routine every so often! It helps that you keep us informed as to what new products you may be using and what new tools or techniques you’ve been trying out. Great video, keep up the awesome work!

Hi marlena i was wondering if you ever tried the smashbox primer in light, and if you think its worth buying since ive been wanting to get it…ive heard great things about it but would love to know what you think since i just love all ur honest reviews! thanks

Marlena, I just want to say THANK YOU. You are so amazing and incredible. I know I comment on your tuts a lot, but I honestly love you. Sweetie, you should definitely come to texas sometime soon because I would LOVE to meet you. Much love gorgeous Marlena!

Great video , I won’t to thank you for learning me new ways to apply makeup that i was so afraid to try before i found your wonder website ! My question is no matter what i do i always seem to have these white areas on the inside of my eyes/ nose area that looks like i have forgotton to apply foundation in those areas but no matter how i much i apply and blend i still seen to have these white areas , i’ve tried conceler in thoses areas and still not a good result.What am i doing worng? Thank you and keep up the wonderful work !

Hey, loves. I use pretty the same routine as I learned it from you. I have one question, is fix+ recommended for combintion-oily or oily skin types? I’m a bit apprehensive of this product.

awww great tutorial’ thank you <3
about that fix+… I absolutely love it, but I never seem to find the right moment to use it. when used before blush/contour, the powder on top doesn't blend. If I put it afterwards, the eyes become sticky and won't take any eyeshadow (even after some minutes…). when putting it at the end, the mascara runs down my face, and when I use it before mascara, but with my eyeshadows on, they get cakey for the whole day.
So I tried pretty much everything. at which point do you use your fix+ when you do your entire make-up as I seem not to see you using it in your tutorials?
But anyway, thanks for posting and greetings <3


hi madam,
i really thank you for all the tutorials you published it was really awesome.
i am asian some what wheatish colour is my complexion . i have very dry skin around the nose, upper lips and under eyes…probably due to waxing n eye liners….can you please show me a make up step that would cover my skin around the nose and upper lips … and not to get dry …

any body please help i am having prob with my bf because of ths

Love it keep them coming xxx
i would like to now were i could bye some new make up brushes from? they would just be for me i just dont seem to fined any that i like any help please HELP thanks :( xxxxxxx

Hi Marlena,
I believe you can still purchase the NARS loose powder at Neiman Marcus! I purchased mine about a month ago (online) and was excited to see it there! Most of the time, they have free shipping with any purchase.

BTW, LOVE your videos! You are a true inspiration!

Marlena – Nars didn’t discontinue their loose powder. They no longer sell it @ Sephora but the Nordstrom by my house still sells it. I asked if its being discontinued and they said it is not. :)

Hi Marlena,

I love your website. I have a question; I use mineral foundation (powder), when I try to cover blemishes I only seem to emphasize them more even though I use primer and concealer. What can I do to cover my blemishes and bumps not emphasize them?

Hi Marlena, thanx for your videos, I really enjoy it.
I have a question: my skin is very white, I normally use the Mac fix fluid foundation in nw20, but when I use my concealer (which is mac studio finish in nw20) it looks like I’m a panda T_T Should I change my concealer, or my foundation? :S

Hi Marlena. I was wondering if you can recommend another primer because the mac primer causes me to break out.

If you have bags under your eyes, all the concealer in the world is not going to help you. The only way to have it work is to apply the concealer into the shadow of the bag. Remember to use a lighter shade so not to add depth. Putting concealer over and over under your eyes is uselss. The bags will stay where they are.

I love your videos! I would really like if you make a video of the finish sprays, I haven’t heard of them, and I think they are great, because the make uo tends to fade in the day…

Just a question, which Palladio Rice Powder colour are you using in this video? My colour at the moment is NC30, which colour in the rice powder would be best for my colour?
I love your tutorials!

Eh. Yes and no. I personally don’t prefer to use them, but the Mac one does have glycerin as an active ingredient. Most of the other items such as caffeine,u8u8i9 vitamins and extracts are debatable as to weather or not they make a difference because of the preservatives used allowing it to be mass produced.

Oops. sorry, I pressed the wrong button. I meant to reply to the person above about finishing spray being spring water.

i live in the uk and i have always wanted to try makeup forever but there is no where that sales it here :( so i can’t get matched up. But i was wondering what colour would you say would go with mac’s NC20 skin colour so i can order it online.
thank you
hager x

Great job Marlena!! Love this look!

I actually have a question about your make up geek travel brush set (I couldn’t find how to contact except this page). I was just wondering if those brushes are good for everyday looks such as this one, or if they should only be used for travel. Are they smaller than regular brushes? I really like the look of them so I was just curious. Thanks!! Love your videos!


oh emmm gee im still stooooooooouuuuuukkked about meeting u hahaha ma mom i ran home to tell ma mom and sister about it u made ma week gurl i love ur makeup video hahha i was so nervouse to come up to u like u had no idea i was walkin around the store for a while till my friend and the store lady pushed me too say hi to u ! yay Thanks sooo much 4 doing the makeup videos

Hi Marlena, I was wondering after you put your primer on do you wait a while for it to set into
your skin and then put your foundation on?

just wondering how you did your eye makeup for the pictures from this tutorial? by the way i love your tutorials help out a lot!

Hi Marlena, so if i had dry skin i don´t need to use powder? that’s what i usually use, but you think is better for my skin to not use it or maybe use only the foundation? :S I don’t use a lot of makeup all the time but when i do i use powder so what do you recommend? :) Thanks a lot, Great Tutorials!. I’m a fan.

Marlena, do you know of a face primer specifically for acne prone skin that is oil-free? It doesn’t necessarily need to mattify, just not be greasy. Thank you! :)

Well, a few already noted what I was going to say: NARS still makes the loose powder; it’s just not sold at Sephora anymore. *nods* (You can order it off their own website.)

Cheers! :)

hi marlena!im jennefer from philippines. Im just wondering if you can help me for my upcoming diplomatic dinner. I dont what kind of make up should i wear for this event. Since im going to wear pink and black cocktail dress. I hope you can help me. I really want a simple yet elegant make up for this event. Thank you!:) By the way, you are really awesome!

I just bought the MUFE camoflauge palatte based on your recommendation. I am a little confused because on your last face routine video you used it under your eyes, but you are now saying it is not good for that. I have hereditary dark circles. Is this good for that? Thanks in advance.

What is the best make up and primwer for super oily skin and huge pores. i currently use Bare Minerals but it just melts away after only a little while and I work 12 hour shifts. please HELP. Thanks

Hi, Marlena you are great. I have a question I’m about to start a make up course and I was told that I needed to purchase a professional make-up kit. Do you have any reccomendations?

They didn’t discontinue the NARS Loose Powder, well at least not online. I just checked and they still have it! Go check it out Marlena! :)

Loveeeeee your makeup in the picture before the tutorial starts!!! What shadows did you use on your eyes??


marlena! ive been watching your vids for quite some time now. throughout my 4 years of high school and even now through college i have an obsession for makeup and everything to do with it. i live in a very small town in texas and thanks to your tutorials ive done makeup for prom, also a pageant and ive been asked to do the makeup for a bridal party this weekend. thank you for sharing your love of makeup with me and all the rest of us “makeup junkiees”. once im done with nursing class i hope to jump on board with sephora and hopefully take makeup classes! thank you once again and keep all your great vids tips and tricks comming!


Hi, I am hispanic and have olive skin. Underneath my eyes gets really sallow looking and I seem to struggle with finding the perfect concealer. I use a tinted moisturizer for the spf and because I don’t like the weight of foundations. I have tried so many concealers and really can’t seem to brighten up my under eye area. Any products you can recommend??
Thanks and I love your tutorials. I’ve tried a few already!

Hi, great tips, thanks……..my prob? I have very dry skin..i use moisturizer AND primer before my foundation. I’ve tried my routine with and without setting powder. After a couple of hours, I can see the concealer creases, I can see the fine lines around my eyes, and I can see caked-on looking foundation…Please help!!

GREAT tutorial!! Thanks! I am wondering if you already had a moisturizer on before you applied primer?? If so, which moisturizer works best??

can i buy the products from the make up geek store even though im from england as its all pricd in dollars

Quick Question: When working on a client with Fine Lines, what would you use? I have used Mac’s line filler, but haven’t had the results I am looking for. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much! Love all your tutorials :)


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Marlena, I hope you go onto the site! I have videos there about you (of course, I give ALL the credit to you)! Marelna, I love this dramatic look! I noticed you were wearing green eyeshadow in the video, will ya do a tutorial on that look please? It looks great! YOU ROCK EYESHADOWS! You are amazing!

Reply if you agree or disagree (it is one or the other, you cannot be in between)

Hi i love your videos, i use your tips and looks all the time. I wanted to know about how u fell about the Bare Escentuals foundation, i have only seen u use it once and want to get you take on it. I personal have been useing it for about 8yrs now and i’m to the point that i will not use anything but BE.

Hi Marlena! Your videos are great. I was just wondering what a good day to day (non-special occasion) makeup routine would be? This video was awesome but I’m don’t want to do that everyday. What’s a good way to get smooth skin for just a regular day? Thanks so much! :)

I love seeing other people’s face routines, so I know it’s not just me that wears a whole bunch of different stuff…lol! I change mine a lot too. Great video Marlena, you look lovely as always, with or without makeup. :)

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I just found your website and I love it! Thanks for all the great info. I am trying to learn how to do my eyeshadow as perfect as you do but I’m having a few problems. I have deep eye sockets and my brow bone is high so could you please do a tutorial on this to assist me on how i should apply my eyeshadow? Thanks alot.

hi,i just wanted to know the steps if am using concealer,primer,and foundation on my eyes.and eyeshadow??thx.

omg I love your videos sooooo much. I am only 12 and I am a total make-up geek! I have tons of makeup and what not! But, I was just wondering, you said that we should let our skin breath for 2-weeks, but what if I where makeup to school every day? How do I find a way to go without makeup?

I would like to know if you have any suggestions on a good liquid foundation for dry skin. I am currently living with a skin disorder called PRP. Very severe dry skin and I feel like the powder i am using is not giving me enough coverage especially with skin discoloration from my disorder. Any suggestions?

Hi! I love your website. YOu used a brush in your Penolpe Cruz video, it is called Posh, where do I get that?

Hey Marlena! I think you should do a video on you putting makeup on your mom so we can see how makeup should differ with more mature skin types! Thanks for your video, helpful as always!

Love your tutorials. I’m new to Makeup Geek and have really enjoyed your application tips and what products you use. You are the reason I decided to try Urban Decay’s Primper Potion. I have very oily skin and by the end of the day my makeup was sliding off, especially my eye makeup. Now that I’ve discovered the primer my eyeshadow stays on longer. Thank You!

I do have a couple of question. 1) Do you suggest applying concelear before or after you apply foundation. My Clinque girl suggests putting it on after your foundation, so you’ll konw what you need to conceal. 2) I really like having the matte look for my daily face routine. What are you suggestions of products to use?

Thanks for all your help. Love the website and videos. Keep up the good work. Btw you are a very pretty young woman with or without make up.

I don’t know if you’ve already answered this question but I didn’t see an article or video. How long should you REALLY keep your different makeup products?

Thanks for your response.

The MAC Mattifying Gel is it called Clear Gloss on the MAC website? I tried looking for mattifiying Gel but didnt get nothing. But if its called Clear Gloss I got a hit lol. Please let me know. BTW LOVE YR TUTORIALS!!!! Best Makeup Guru in the WORLD!!! Thanks sooooo much!!!

i have a question about the Make Up For Ever HD foundation. In that brand I wear color # desert 123, but i was wanting to try Revlons Photo Ready Foundation for a cheaper alternative & i cant seem to find the right shade. Do you know what the equivalant color would be?

I have acnes and blemishes! and It hasn’t been better for years. I am so worried about it. i tried whitening cream but it doesnt go away! What products can i use to clear those blemishes?

I m an Indian. Can u plz tell me abt how can i take care of my skin according to Indian weather??
I have acne prone and oily (T zone) skin. Please help.

Hi Marlena,
Thank you so much for sharing your routine with us :) I was wondering have you tried the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Pro Longwear Concealer? If yes, whats your opinion on these new products?

Hi Marlena,
You said to give your face a break from foundation, and I do usually on the weekends, but not always. I have uneven skin tone and blemishes. I wear foundation everyday because it’s just too scary without. I use bare minerals makeup, which as you know is powder. What can I do to even out my skin tone so that I can go without foundation? I too am of Italian descent. Also, what can I do about large pores? Is toner all its cracked up to be? Luv ur website, very informative.

Hi Marlena,
I work in Dermatology so I feel my skin/makeup is certainly a priority! I have strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and rosacea (reddish skin). I would love for you to have tutorials using models with different skin tones (especially mine of course). I tend to always use the same color groups and look the same everyday. Also, have you ever tried Jane Iredale makeup? I would love to hear a product review from you on it. I love the pressed powder foundation in Amber. I know you cannot respond to all of your fans and our questions, but please, please, please, I would love to get a reply!

i have dry skin and you said in your video that if you have dry skin not to use powder , i was just wondering if you don’t use the powder do you still use the mac fix + spray?……. love your videos! please reply! thanks! from rachel in ireland! xxxxxxxx =]

Hi! I loved how you put on everything without looking ‘comical’/too made-up. I would just like to ask, I’m Asian (from the phils) and I’m wondering if I should use my mac lightful powder on top of the MUFE face and body foundation. I really don’t have problems with my skin: pores, or blemishes.. But I just need a third opinion on this. Right after my mac lightful I contour and blush. Then I set it with revlon translucent powder. Pls pls clarify.. Thanks a lot

really good routine ….works a treat :)….would you please do a tutorial on make up for paticular hair/skin and eye colour …thanks :)

Hi Marlena…thnx for the wonderful video. I have a question for you. I have combination – dry skin & I do not prefer using foundation all the time. Can you suggest what powder I can use on my moisturizer that will look good without a foundation.

Great tips. Thank you.
What about spf? I don’t see any products listed that contain this. Do you have any recommendations for oily/combo skin?

Great tips Marlena!! Thanks. I was using the Nars foundation for a few months and loved it. But, i noticed that i was getting breakouts (which i never got before) and small bumps. I stopped using the foundation and guess what? My little breakouts STOPPED!!!!!!! Just thought i would give a little tip before this happens to someone else!

To all the makeup geeks out there…..how do you ever get Marlena to respond to your questions? I have just learned about her and love all the information she gives us. If you leave her a comment like this at the end of a tutorial, does she get that and respond below your question or e-mail it to you? I realize there is no way she can answer all of us I just wondered how the site works. Thanks!

Hi Marlena,

I’d like to start by saying that I absolutely love watching your videos and think you are one of the sweetest, down-to-earth people.

You said that you only do a full face routine for videos and when you go on dates or to special events.

I have finally come to a place and time (I’m 48) where I am comfortable not wearing makeup if I’m at home but still don’t feel good to go without any at all if I’m planning on going out anywhere.

Could you please do a video on an everyday look that is ‘fresh’ enough to still feel ‘put together’ yet ‘minimal’ enough to feel one step up from ‘au naturel’? Something like what you would if you were meeting up with family or close friends.


What about rubbing liquid foundation with your fingers instead of the brush? Will cover and affect be the same?