Step-by-step: MAC Halloween Zombie Chic

Get ready for your very own “Night of the Living Dead” with this truly horrifying look that’s perfect for Halloween. Zombies have the unique ability to strike fear into everyone, even those who normally don’t fear anything. They can not be reasoned with and want nothing more than to feast…on you! The images that zombies evoke are grotesque and terrifying to say the least. But the truly horrifying part is that with one bite you could become one of “The Walking Dead”. And becoming one of these creatures is not as difficult as you would think. Here, Jangsara shows us how to transform ourselves into into one of these flesh eating monsters with frightening results. You are sure to be the scariest zombie around when you follow this easy step-by-step guide.

Some of you may recognize this as MAC’s Halloween face chart from few years back:


Products Used:





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You’ve out done yourself. I love the pretty zombie! I think I’ll use this when I do my Thriller dance flash mob!

omg i love this make up idea.i was looking for one for my performance this thurs day.thank you sooooo from az!!!!!

Utterly speechless, just as amazing and creative and beautiful with every other look you have done. Love from Taiwan <3

Please no. Jangsara gets enough attention here. I wish they’d go back to mostly Marlena and the winners of the contest who were promised blog and video time here.

This looks awesome! Makes me want to be a zombie ( and I don;t really like zombies) Good job as always.

I’m going as Alice in Wonderland this year, but I wanted to do a really dark Alice, and I think this is the look I’m going to use. Really cool!

waaw, love it. You are a great artist… If i had a halloween party i would definitly use this as inspiration. No not inspiration. I would copy this look. What can i say; copycat. Haha

I did this look for hallowe’en on a friend. Suuuuuper easy but I used red lipstick, inexpensive black, white and brown eye shadow and eye liner. Looked amazing :D thanks for the step by step guide!

Thank you for this look. Just won the parents fancy dress contest at my sons Scout group with this look. I felt stunning and scary at the same time but never silly for wearing OTT makeup! Great stuff.