DIY: Moisturizing Face Mask

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Why spend money on expensive, name brand moisturizers that you will only have to continually reapply? Through this do it yourself face mask tutorial, Marlena offers a different, inexpensive, and easy option. With winter here, most of us struggle with dry skin so why not give this mask a try? It’s quick and easy, and by using all natural ingredients you won’t have to worry about your face breaking out from unknown chemicals. We hope you will try it, and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

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This looks great!

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i have been using honey to wash my face when showering in other day and it’s just amazing :) my skin is super smooth and brighter and more softer! So it must be really nice to add avocado and milk in (sometime i am lazy to do it so just go with honey). Girls, you should give it a try and you will amazing how your skin turns out :)

I have been using Josie Maran Argon Oil on face for the past 5-6 months. This stuff is great!!!! I have found that 2 drops rubbed into my hands then patted into my clean face before bed is all I need to keep my face mosterized. I have adult acne and was skeptical since I have combination skin, but it really balances out your faces oil. Don’t aske how but it does. I will even say I have had a tremendous drop in breakouts. I have used it even during the day under makeup but only used one drop patted into my skin.. I get the most wonderful complements because my skin has that dewy natural look even with powder on. I really recommend especially during the winter just make sure you use an SPf makeup. Buy a travel sample for $15.00 at Sephora and try it.

marlena is the BEST!! so real! love her and her wonderful vids!! i’m getting so much better at my makeup application..i really have to adjust since i have deep set eyes..

Hi Araceli,

I am not sure how often Marlena would do this but I would say once a week if your skin is dry, then maybe have longer intervals for maintenance… that seems to work for me anyway!

I can’t wait to try this as I make home-made masks every now and then and find they are usually so much better than the harsh store-bought ones… I was wondering if you could also use this on your hair? I would think so given it’s protein/moisture rich…anyway, I am going to try it on both my hair and face and see how it goes!

I tried this today and actually substituted cream instead of milk (I had a little bit of cream left over from making some home made ice cream today!) and it was amazing! It felt so rich and decadent. My skin is more combination rather than dry and it did NOT make me greasy at all – it provided just the right amount of moisture I needed. And guess what? It even tasted good too!! Lol! I have the rest of it in the fridge and will definitely be using it again. Thanks Marlena for sharing your knowledge once more. P.S. I watch your makeup tutorials too and they are awesome.

An all natural lip exfoliate I love is 1/4 tsp of olive oil (I use the same extra virgin that I use for cleaning my make-up brushes, it really doesn’t matter), 1/2 tsp honey and just the littlest bit of course brown sugar to add the texture that will rid your lips of any loose skin. Use a clean toothbrush, one reserved ONLY for exfoliating your lips, dip it into the mixture and gently rub it over your lips. Leave it on for about one minute (I generally wash my toothbrush to keep the bristles soft, and that is the perfect amount of time, I find, for leaving the mixture on). Then just wipe it off with a soft, damp cloth, moisturize your lips immediately, and right after you moisturize be sure to put a lip protector of some sort on them to seal in the moisture. I use a lip treatment from The Body Shop that I find absolutely perfect.

Also, if you’re as anal about skincare and general health as I am, use all organic ingredients. Trust me, it does make a difference. (^.^)

As for this particular video, I think I have some grocery shopping to do tomorrow on my “non-makeup day”, so I’ll be trying this out. (^.^)

Sorry, this is off the subject of make-up, but speaking of cooking, I love your spice rack. Is it possible to let us know where that is from? P.S. thanks as always, for your outstanding video’s. I soooo wish I had found you years ago!!

i just tried it tonight & I love it, felt cool on my skin & even smelled good! I’ve been using benzoyl peroxide to try & clear up my adult onset acne so my skin is flaky & soooo dry :'( . I like when you go a little off the topic of makeup so feel free to keep up!