Oscars Makeup: Beyonce Inspired


  • Makeup Forever Camouflage Palette (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
  • MAC Set Powder in Invisible   (MUG Store)
  • MAC Fun and Games Blush (eBay)
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Gold



  • Urban Decay Wicked Lipstick   (Sephora)
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Hahaha..U’re cute..I love the tutorial..And LOVE the makeup!

Stunning as always..Keep up the good work Marlena! :D

I had this gold-black idea long time ago, but It never seems as perfect as yours gold-black job… so thank you for this better look than mine ;-) really helpful create it better LOL

I LOVE YOU!!! lol. you are making me look so pretty. The other day my family and I whent to a family dinner and my friend and her sister said ” when are you going to give us make up classes?” I started laughing and I tryed to be modest but inside I was so happy and it’s all thanks to you. keep it up girl!!!

I love that look! I actually did it to go out the other day! Hey! your’re not alone with that snow…just got a storm yesterday….!! ;)

Hey Marlena, adored the beginning…:-) I have been viewing your tutorials since a long time now and lemme just say that i absolutely love ’em. I am a medical student so i really don’t have time to experiment with colors and techniques in makeup but ur tutorials help me pull off those new looks and trends. Thanks a lot babe. Loved the combination of gold with black…..simply looks stunning if i could wear this eyeshadow everyday, i seriously would. U are doing an amazing job in making us all look gorgeous. I have a request: can u please do a makeup tutorial inspired by Anne hathaway. At the oscars, i found her look very classy and sophisticated…it wud b great if u can show me how. Looking forward to it. Stay as bubbly and innovative as u are :-)

You have a great sense of humor. LOL. Sunny CA, huh? The tutorial is fab as always. Thanks for your inspiration.

YAY!!! A gold and black tutorial!!!! =)

Thank you Marlena for doing this! {Thank you Beyonce for inspiring Marlena =) }

If it wasn’t for this tutorial, I know when I would have done the other look with the Cash Flow paint pot for my Gold & Black pirate look for Disney, I know I would have looked like I would have two black eyes. LOL!!!

Thank you Marlena!!!!!

Luv ya girl!!!! =)

You are too funny…loved the begining and the hair brush microphone! This look is gorgeous, do you think rubenesque PP would work as a base?

once again you have “directed” a perfect tutorial. Your insight and love of makeup make despirate viewing. With the time difference I seem to be constantly checking your web site for the new tutorials. They don’t seem to come on quick enough. Thank you Marlene for wanting to take the time to teach, make us laugh while learning I wish I had a tutor like you at college I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. Love it love it love it and you x x x

Marlena, gorgeous as usual, I always look forward to your tutorials, I was hoping to see a Mardi Gras inspired look, (sighs) maybe for next year…

I found you website
When I was looking
For mac makeup and I love it I have seen some of your tutorials and I just love them they have help me out thank you and keep up the good work

Marlena-your tutorials are the bomb. You make every woman feel great about ourselves. You are so beautiful you give us so much hope to achieve a better look. Thank you for all your great make up tips. Makeup makes me happy and I forget about the every day problems. :). You teach us well thanks again!

Marlena-you are the best. I am addicted to your tutorials. I would love to see more of your right eye. Perhaps you could just pin up your side sweep of hair until you are finished? What a nag…I’m sorry! But, it doesn’t matter because I will continue to watch your awesome self.

Marlena- how long does your eyelashes last and does your own lashes fall out? Never done it just curious?

Very quick n easy….Wow…I can’t believe all the snow that u have…I guess I can complain about our Cali whether…we just have some possible rain showers …. N a high of 60 degrees…. Hope 2 C a new tut sooonnnn…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely fantastic – as usual. :) Just a quickie: those lashes, are they 305 OR luvies? I want to try them. :)

Hello Marlena!!! I just want to thank for you all your time and dedication you have put into this sight. It has truly been a blessing to me… I always had a cosmetic addiction and didn’t really know how to translate it on my own personal canvas of a face. The techniques that you have shown and tutorials that you have posted have really been aspiring and a complete joy to watch. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this for us!!!


I loved your make up a lot, but disliked Beyonce’s gown… Sorry…! She is so beautiful anyway no matter what she wears, but her gown reminded me of a tapestry…

I love your tutorials, but could you do us a favor next time and pin your bangs back? It’s distracting to have you brushing them back with your hand every few seconds. Thanks!

Oh Wao..I just love this look. It so nice how to combine and play with those colors. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi Marlena !
p.s that girl up there is rude telling you what to do with your hair- don’t listen. ha
anyways.. i’m SO excited for your next tutorial !! can you post one soon?
i can hardly wait !! i check the site at least 3 times a day just in case something new is up!
looking forward to your next one !

Just wanted to tell you that you are a true inspiration! I just watched your studio video and I am in awe. You rock it.
Best wishes!

Omg i really liked it. Can you also make a video for teens going to high school because i really need a look. I liked how you blended the colors and the way you put evertthing all togheter. You look so beautiful your such an inspiration. Please if you can make a video for teens first day of school look.

What MAC eyeshadow would you liken to the Urban Decay Honey?

Thanks so much for all your tutorials, Marlena. You have a great teaching persona, and you’re always so captivating. Keep up the amazing work!

great job but can you something that girls in middle school would be able to wear? gorgeous as per usual! great job and i loved the beginning!:)

oh this was hilarious I loved the opening! My friend just introd. me to this site and so far I LOVE IT!!!

that looks great (im not very good in english, from norway)but i wondered , do you dip your angeled brush in water before you apply black shadow as a liner? that would really help …:D klem ida (means hug);P