UD Naked Palette- a classic Kardashian smoky eye!

Everyone loves a classic, Kim Kardashian dark smokey eye, this tutorial explains how to achieve this look using the Urban Decay Naked Palette. This alluring look has become a favorite in the world of makeup, paired with a nude lip color this look can be worn for a night out, or for a day at the office. 




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Lovely look. you look so beautiful. great tutorial. one question, are you done with the soda series. It would be great if you can do one more.
Great job.

Dear Marlena — please help — can´t watch this in Germany…. thank you soooo much !!! xxx

The photos look beautiful. But i can’t watch the video in Germany. :(
It’s because of music from Sony BMG i guess.

I love your videos so much, but I can’t watch this vid, too.
It’s so sad becauso the pictures are so beautiful. :'(

I can watch this although I’m in Germany. You can watch the 2nd uploaded Video, directly under the Youtube one in this site.

ME TOO!!!! I absolutely love it! So stunning! I’ve never ever seen nothing more beautiful than this one. Please, tell us!! Please!!!

Love the tutorial! I cannot wait to pick up this palette. I would love to see a more “subtle” look using this palette (something I can wear to work).

I noticed that you used the NARS Sheer Matte foundation and Benefit POREfessional Primer. I would love to see a review on both. I picked up the NARS Sheer Glow and I think it is great but I am always eager to hear about new products to try.

Thank you for all that you do for your MUG’s.

I have this palette and I did a subtle look using sin on the lid, naked in the crease, and buck to define the outer v. I also paired it with a retro cat eyeliner and a lot of mascara (you can use falsies if you want though). I used MAC’s made with love lipstick but you can use whatever lippie you want.

I also would love to see a review on that foundation and the primer. I have gigantic pores on the apples of my cheeks so I wonder if this primer would work for me.

Yep. One of my favorite go too looks is Sin all over lid, smog in the outer 1/3, and twice baked just patted in center to blend, and a dark shadow or two over eyeliner on outer corner. I love that they are all in one place now, plus lots of other colors to play with.

Great look! :) I’m going to try it as soon as I’ll get this palette.. (I heard that it is out of stock.. I hope it’s going to be back in stock soon… )
anyway this look is really pretty so thanks for the video :)

Absolutely GORGEOUS! i have been waiting for something like this. Definitely going to purchase this pallette

this recreation was absolutely perfect. awesome job! your bone structure is insanely similar to hers. very pretty Marlena!

btw, you’re slimming down so nicely!!! u give me motivation to do something about this extra butt im sitting on lol

Great! Thanks for show us how put the false lashes! Beautiful! You are the best Marlena!!!!!!

Perfect smokey eye. Just bought the Naked Palette and waiting to receive it in the mail. One request: A while back, you said you were doing an eyebrow video soon. I haven’t seen it yet and would really love a tutorial. Thank you for your wonderful inspirations! Love your website.

I love this look and palette~! Can you do some other looks using the UD Naked palette???? Maybe a day look and then another night time look????

Yes pleaseeee!!!

Make another tutorial on this palette. I love it and I would really really like to see a tut for a day look.

I would appreciate it sooo much.


Awww Marlena this isn’t working in Germany. agaiiin. Would you be so kind and help us out? I’d love to see the vid, the look is gorgeous :)

Hi !!

Just wanna say to you that this new hair color is so beautiful and you look very pretty with it !!

Thanks for this tutorial, I love this !!

I love it probably the most gorgous make up artist ever! question what shade in the Nars foundation are you wearing?

Mine is Barcelona- it’s a very warm color that has lots of yellow undertones, so just watch for that. I’ll custom mix it with a Revlon shade sometimes if I need

wow, hot!! what a look! this blush technique seems to work great! any mac dupes?
Thanks so much Marlena, you’re a treasure! made my day!

First, let me tell you I enjoy your youtube tutorials so much. I’ve been following you since I started get into makeup just few months ago. You are one of my favorite makeup gurus, make even the harder makeup sounds achievable. TQTQTQ~~~

I am so glad you make a tutorial using this palette, Kim Kardashian’s look somemore! Thank you! I just got this palette yesterday, and I made a comprehensive review about it on the same day! That’s how excited I was. It is the best palette from my UD palettes collection. Now I want to try this look for a special evening out with my husband tonight.

Could you please do more tutorials using this palette? Also, if possible, can you teach us how to combine the Naked and Deluxe palettes for more colorful look? Thank you so much! Sorry for requesting so much.

Thank you so much for doing this tutorial!! I love love LOVE this look you did, its absolutely beautiful! I just got my palette in the mail yesterday so I am so excited to try this look. Thanks Marlena! Ps you are looking awesome girl! Keep it up :)

You look beautiful Marlena. Thanks for the tutorial.
But I want to know when your store is going to restock on brushes??

They should be in stock now- they keep selling so fast that it’s hard to keep up, but I’m trying to order more at a time to have on hand :)

Hey marlena i really love your videos their so easy to do and it doesnt take alot of time. i really want to know when youll be having more bruches iwant to purchase all 8 bruches that were on ur video. so is their a way i can find out when youll have more?

I agree with fish fish! u make the most difficult makeup easy through ur excellent explanation skills and practical demonstration. i saw ur vid today and did the look for a night out, if u want thn let me knw and i will post the pic of my version.

what a great look i cant wait to do this look i get my naked pallete tomorrow in the mail YEY!! i cant wait! :D

i looove your dark hair! i’m covet that palette so much, too bad it’s still sold out on sephora and urbandecay.com! can you please do more looks with this palette, so i can be ready to go when i finally get my hands on it?

I absolutely love this look!! So creative using the concealer for the nude lip. I was always trying to get the perfect nude lip. I usually like to wear a pale pink lip and can never find one just right, so I’ll mix in some white eyeliner on my lips with a pink shade. It’s fun mixing up makeup and using it for different areas.
I love all of your tutorials and I’ve gotten pretty good at doing my own makeup…it’s now an obsession lol. It boosts my confidence. Thanks for all the creative looks! I would love to go to a seminar if you’re ever in the Chicago or Milwaukee area.
Take care!

Hi thanks so much for doing a tutorial on this! Ive been looking for a good quality smokey browns palette for months and have bought a few but they just havent been as pigmented and nice as this one looks! Keep up the great work!

Hi Marlena? I was wondering… do you still contour? Your getting so thin now you don’t even need to anymore! Congrats on your transformation! :) I love the look in this vid as well, it’s always nice to see a neutral look to try!

I contour sometimes, but not as much and it’s usually with just a bronzer to warm up the face- I don’t want to be chiseled too much ;)

Finally I can watch your video again, although I come from Germany. Not on Youtube though, but here (the second one you’ve uploaded). Thank you and this tutorial is so pretty:)

You look beautiful I really like your new look … I dont know you look so different very nice and I loved that NAKED pallet getting ittt!!!!!

Omg i love this look!! and i love your hair color. i been wanting my hair that color for the longest time!! what color is it exactly?

Great. Great Great Job. you read my mine. i was watching kourtney and kloe tame miami and i was looking at kim’s make up, i was thinking about how to do it, so thank you!!!!!!
your fan from Ecuador

Gorgeous look !
i have been looking for this palette and its sold out ! could u advise me as to when its gonna be back in stock or where can i buy it ?

Marlena, you are AMAZING! Whenever I feel like I’m in a makeup rut, I turn to you! Thank you for keeping me inspired!

your so pretty love the look can you make a tutorial about your daily diet plan
oh and you workout routine thanks

Thank you HONEY for uploading this tut for all german viewers !!! You look absolutely gorgeous !!!!!

Absolutely love the look. Its looks amazing on you. Can you suggest some MAC dupes? Thanks so much.

OMG you totally look exactly like the Kardashian chick in the bottom pic. I love this look, I did it and it took me no time at all, I substitued the shawdows for colors that were similar that I already had and it turned out amazing. I love your looks, I bought the alternatives for the Cherry Coke tutorial too and I can’t wait to rock that look as well. :)

This makeup tutorial is gorgeous for nighttime! I love all your videos. Could you make a tutorial for fall???

Thanks for this tutorial. I really love this look and the colors you used and I also wanna tell you your hair looks great. :)

I’de call this look sexy! Great work again, Marlena<3 Now I just havee to go buy this palette!


Hi Marlena, or anyone that can help……. but I was wondering what the dupes would be for MAC e/s?



Goddess is looking seriously super sexy today and a sure fire smoky look thats on fire :-)

In 1860 Alfred Noble invented DYNAMITE …. on July 22nd 2010 Goddess Marlena gave us 7mins 48secs of pure MARLi .. ITE and what an explosion it was …

One of you best looks Goddess as i love the darker side to the make-up and you are giving it sure Top Banana BIG BEANS BEAUTY that all us devoted at your feet make up geekies can only LICK , KISS and OBEY!

Heres to the dark side of the Force as Lord VADER once said …. Juice it up babes WE ARE FOREVER IN YOUR SHADOW! :-) :-)


I WAS SURE THAT AS SOON AS LADY VEIL SAW THE PIC OF YOUR BARE SHOULDERS HE WAS GOING TO GO BANANAS, AND I NEEDED THE LAUGHTER!!! LMAO!!! And rightfully so, you sure look great, very happy for your success. I had a little time before work to watch this today and decided to try it, and received many compliments. Thanks for covering this look AND KEEPING US INSPIRED.

Hi Marlena,

You look BEAUTIFUL as always. The look is gorgeous, too! Thank you for sharing. Going to try this one soon. It seems I’m always one eyeshadow short, of what you use or the dupes! lol Gotta get Volcano now. :) Note: I just love reading Lady Veil’s comments, they are too funny!

Hi Marlena!

I absolutely love this palette. I wish I had money to buy some stuff like that. I’m a student so…I don’t earn a lot. I usually use inexpensive makeup… buy it at drugstores, like maybelline or sephora’s or claire’s. Not good quality, right?
Why don’t you give me your opinion about some supermarkets and small store’s products?

Take care *

Hi Sara!

For drugstore brands, I really like Loreal HIP’s line and Revlon’s lipsticks. Also, many drugstores now have NYX which has some pretty good products :)

Just bought this palette today because of this look! LOVE IT!!!! Please keep them coming!

Marlena!!! I looooove your hair color! so gorgeous. awesome tutorial I have to buy this palette,

Looooooooooooooooved it!!!!

Marlena, I´m always looking forward for your tutorials… and the wait is always worth it!


Ahhh- thank you! I’m really busting booty this week to tape more vids- has been crazy as I’ve been working on some big future products for MUG

I just wanted to say I love your tutorials. I am def. getting this pallet! I just started my own website, I am very excited about all of it, but I know its going to take time. I am very familiar and comfortable with makeup, I work as a cosmetician, and do wedding makeup on weekends but just decided to do a website. If you have a chance, check it out and let me know if there’s anything you could suggest I change!



I just wanted to say I love your tutorials. I am def. getting this pallet! I just started my own website, I am very excited about all of it, but I know its going to take time. I am very familiar and comfortable with makeup, I work as a cosmetician, and do wedding makeup on weekends but just decided to do a website. If you have a chance, check it out and let me know if there’s anything you could suggest I change!



I wish I did :( I love that blush but I know I”m going to run out as I wear it a lot now :( If I find one, I’ll share :)

Wow while watching this video I realized my naked and sidecar colors are switched and named wrong in my palette!

YAY!!!! i have been waiting for this!! a look with the naked palette that is. Unfortunately I have to wait till september to get it! :-( anyhoo..thanx for the great vid!

I love this look! and i love the simple nude lip w concealer! I would love if youwould do a more neutral look with this palette. I just got it, and im not having such great luck with the lighter shades!

I love the hair color is that black with the purple highlights, thats my next hair color of choice, i seen it and had to ask its really nice!

hey you know how kim kardashian put some white kind of powder under her eyes.under her eyes it always looks bright and glowy.does anyone know what that is?ive been looking for it

She actually uses a lighter colored concealer under the eyes after she puts on foundation, then because she uses bronzer around her forehead and under the cheekbone, it looks brighter everywhere else

h0la!!! me enkntan sus videos!!1 i loved so much!!1 todo el tiempo checo sus nuevos videos soi su fan No. 1 ojala y pudieran enviarme mas inFormacionh!!

Hi Marlena, thank you for this tutorial. I like that it seems fairly simple w/o too many steps to do the eyes. You look amazing too. congrats on your weight loss. I emailed you a while back through this site about speaking to you (interviewing) about your weight loss. I’d love to hear from you.

If I use a high end eye shadows and a low end eye shadows at the same time, will they look the same at the end of the day or will the low end wear off before the high end shadows? Should you mix expensive and cheap lines?

I’d also like to know what you think about that Marlena, because although Im a self proclaimed bargainista, when I find a high end shadow that I like I will splurge for the sake of beauty & quality. Is it the primer that gives it the staying power, or the amount of pigmentation in the shadow? I bought a wet n wild pallete that was super sharp for a quick touch up on the go, it lasted much longer than the HIP I started out with, not quite high end but reputable.

Love this palette! Unfortunately UD is not available where i’m at. Marlena do i know where in Asia i can buy UD. I got my book of shadows vol 2 when i was in Paris, loved it.

Hey Marlena!!!! I wuz jst wondering like wat the inexpensive alternatives were so if u could share that would be great! :D

hey Marlena –

Which brush did you use as a smudge brush? I love how tiny it is, the one I have is way too big for my eyes.



I love watching your videos, but lately you seem to be rushing through them. I couldn’t even finish watching this one, felt like I was going to be sea sick with all the moving around you were doing and the camera going in and out of focus!

Ciao Marlena! Tu sei italiana giusto? Ma sei figlia di italiani? Beh, ti ho scritto in inglese e adesso ti scrivo in italiano, sperando che tu capisca! Hehehehe! Da qdo ho visto i tuoi tutorials mi sono apassionata per il trucco e continuo a guardarti tutti giorni e a comperare ombretti e cose varie per riuscire a fare un bel trucco. Sei stupenda, veramente! E bravissima!!!! Complimenti! Peccato che alla Sephora qui non si trovi tutte le cose che ci sono li negli USA. Pazienza! Un abbraccio, Lu

WOW this is a *gorgeous* look! You are so beautiful marlena and you are an absolute pro with makeup.

Hi Marlena, thank you so much for sharing your videos….i love the song…what´s the name please.!!

Hi Marlena I just want you to know someone else uploaded this same exact video on youtube, their youtube id is shantaepopat

This is my favorite look, it looks so elegant, classic and beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial. I would really like to see a similar tutorial with this look done with the NYX Eye Shadow Pallete
Champagne & Caviar. I am on budget and this alternative would really work out for me.

This look is so gorgeous!! You’re great!! When will you make a video in italian, Marlena???!!!

Ciao Marlena, sono tornata. Vorrei sapere se si può usare il correttore come base per l’ombretto. Grazie.
I want to know if I can use the concealer like base for my shadows. Thanks.

Hey Marlena!

Amazing look! It is so beautiful! Your hair is smokin hot…is that ur natural color? Or if it’s a hair color plz lemme know what shade is that..it’s gorgeous!


Hi Marlena!!! Saludos from MEXICO!!!
I Loooove the Naked Palette!! i was totally ready to buy it and saw they are out of stock in sephora.com and urbandecay.com so… i signed up so they let me now when they have it in stock again and i was thinking that all of you who want the paltte should do it too, in both web pages, so they know how baaaaad we want it and they restock it!!!

i love this look and i really want to try it! but i have no idea what lip color would be best, i’m a caramel colored chick and pale pinks seem to show up a bit milky or ashy on me? what other lip glosses would you suggest to someone who’s of a darker complexion and wants to get the kim kardashian look?!

Hey Marlena! I love this look! You are looking very beautiful and I was wondering if you were still losing weight? It looks like it in your videos.. I was recently told I was having liver issues and have to lose 60lbs. They put me on a 1200 calorie diet, and although it was a very big eye opener seeing as i thought i was healthy but i did really good for about 3 weeks and now i am having a hard time staying on track.. i really enjoyed your Lose Weight Marlena’s Way video but ;may i ask how you kept the inspiration? I just get so busy between work school and kids that its so hard to track calories and make sure your eating 100% healthy. I try my best I do, but when I am on the go so much its hard to do what I am suppose to. Can you give me some word of advice, or some more tips.. My sweet tooth kicks my butt lol. Alot to ask I know, but do you know of anymore recipes or snack that you try? Let me know if you know of anything that can help me out..

These colors are so awesome and wearable in any occasion! Great tutorial Marlena, as always, gratz :D.
I really want to get this palette, does anyone know where I can buy it in Europe ? U.D. does not ship Internationally plus is out of stock anyway…

Dear Marlena, greetings from Venezuela! I absolutelly love your work! I wonder if you could resale this palette throught the make up geek store… It happens that over here it is imposible to buy UD, NARS, etc etc…

I´d purshase the product right the way… I hope you could help me…

All my love

I absolutely love this palette and I love this look. I can’t wait to travel with it and make life so much easier! I would love more tutorials for Naked…..especially something with Gunmetal. You are so great! Thanks for all the inspiration and beauty.

Beautifull and stunning Marlena.. BTW I love your hair color.. Looks gorgeous on you..Take Care!
Sabrina from Bay City

I just love what a difference lining the upper waterline makes to any eye makeup look. It helps define the shape of they eye tremendously! Keep up the good work hon! ~ Darcie Frolek (future Glam Squad Member) http://www.academyofglam.com

Gorgeous look. I learned here my make up 101. Beginning to enjoy practicing it to myself. Thank you for this very informative site. You are the best.

Hi Marlena,

Really enjoyed the tutorial i love all the Kardashian ones you do!
Just wanted to ask about Urban Decay Pallettes, there a little out of my prices league to buy them all but was wondering if you could buy just one which one would it be?

xOx Stacie xOx

Hey Marlena,
Do u know if Urban Decay will be restocking these? They are out. (or if anyone else will have them e.g. Sephora?)
Thanks for all u do.

Hi Makeup Geek,
I’m have a gig coming up this saturday and the the client is wearing all white with a black & red logo on her shirt. Will this palette work for the smokey eye nude lip look.. The only reason why i’m asking because that darn red is throwing me off… Help!!!

Hi Marlena,

I’ve only just discovered you and your Tutorials and have become and instant fan! I’m from Oxford in England.

I love this look but I have Hooded eyes (checked out your Tutorial on Hooded eyes – great tips, thanks) would this look be suitable for me? I tend to wear dark eye colours as I have hazel eyes I feel light colours make me look washed out and tired…maybe that is due to the hooded eye?!

Which shadow colours would you recomend for Hazel eyes from the MAC colours? I don’t have any gold flecks in my eyes, mostly green with a brown ring around the pupil.

Thanks :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT MARLENA!!! You make the best tutorials ever! I just have one question.
Do you think it would be possible to do a text version of tutorials? I can’t load movies on my computer so a text version would be great. Thanks! Once again you are the best!

Marlena! Marlena! Marlena!

You probably do not have the time to read all of our comments and pleas, however, PLEASE GIVE US MORE LOOKS WITH THE NAKED PALETTE!!!!!!!

You have inspired us all to run out and buy this palette. I LOVE makeup, but have never spent this kind of money on a product. I could not be more happy with your inspirations, but give us MORE!

Thank you kindly. Your a doll!

Marlena can you do more looks with with the NAKED PALETTE PLEASE!!!!! I bought it cause of the kardashian look and Love It !!!!!!!! thank you so much your so helpful, thanks for All your videos!!!!!!

Marlena, great pick on the UD Naked Palette. Salinas, CA just had there grand opening of Sephora this morning I went and grabbed this palette have the look on right now and i luv it thanks for all you do.

I LOVE your make up and your videos. I have been wanting to have the perfect nude lip and now I finally know how to do it.

Also, gorgeous ring. Where did u get it? :)

Hi Marlena i just discover this page and i love it, thanku so much for all your tutorials, I have a question every time that i put black eyeshadow in the bottom line of my eyes after a while i get this big dark circles under my eyes and i look like a panda what can i do so this dont happen?

hey marlena i really love the look…m a person who is a sucker for smokey eyes……i love this look!!!its neat and simple and the colours are jus amazin!!!

oh n m here in india…watchin yo videos…its great…your tutorials really helped me a lot…..

i love u r video i really do
i have one question for u i am just started makeup collection what i am confuse regarding colors
can u plz suggest me colors in every family [pink,blue,brown,black,green,etc]
plz do mail me back and let me know

Hi Marlena,

I saw a tutorial that Kim did for her signature makeup and she puts a highlight right above the bow of her lip and down the center of her nose. I looked at some pictures of her and it seems like she does it all the time. What do you think about it? What would you recommend to use to get that look?

I love your site and recommend it to everyone that will listen!


Love the look. I finally got a hold of the naked palette I ordered it online from ULTA. I should be getting it this coming week and I can’t wait to try it out.


did you experience a lot of fall out with these eyeshadows? cause i know that a lot of the other paletes from urban decay have a lot of fall out.

heey Marlena,

I have been watching your video about more then a year by now and I really love your way of doing make up. And first I didn`t see it but I`m really addicted to make-up. so when I saw this look from the Kardashians I really fell in LOVE with it. The problem is I don`t live anywhere near the U.S ….. I live in Curcacao it`s an island in the Caribean, and I can only get stuff from Ebay or Amazon and this palette is still sold out . Do you know when their comming out again? goes the official site off urban decay doesn`t have it either. I hope youll let me know soon!

greetings from Curcacao


I love this look :]

I just got the naked pallete at ulta and was so happy :]

and i was like no way when i saw it on a shelf there because its sold out everywhere else it seems.

Greeat job

OMGGGGG!!! just bought the palette after waiting two weeks and I am tooo excited to start using it :) Thanks Marlena for this tutorial…i’ve ALWAYS admired Kim Kardashian’s Makeup and you seriously made it easy for the masses to do :)

Marlena, I loooooove your eyebrows. I`m always hoping that you`ll do a tutorial on them one day or at least tell us what products you use! Keep up the great work with your vids (:

OMG i love this look!!!! Marlena u look beautiful!! Thnx for dedicating ur time to keep up with the website =) im so addicted to it lol….

I LOOOOVE this palette and this look!!!! Any chance you could do some more looks with this particular palette?

oooops!!!! Just realized so many already asked that question! Sorry! Just love your style and techniques! You’re beautiful and your tutorials help girls all over feel just as pretty!!!! Thanks so much!

Will you do a quick tutorial to illustrate the proper way to highlight/fill in the eyebrows. Yours always look nice. I look at celebs like Kim Kardashian and I cant seem to get it quite right. I’ve tried powder and pencil. HELP!

Hey marlena! :)
i lovethe look!
Will you d a quick tutorial on how to do Megan Fox makeup?
Please :) becus yur amazing and im going to college for cosmetology and i really love the tutorials and there freaking amazing and really helpfull.. :)

does the benefit POREfessional work good?is it worth the money? i have read reviews some say its amazing where others think its awful.

Wow Marlena, this look i have to say is my absolute FAVORITE! You look more beautiful than ever with this look! Thanks for all that you share with us! God bless you! :)

I would like to see you do one more look with this pallette. I always buy the pallette’s that you reccommend and end up not really knowing what to do with the other colors. I love how you did 3 looks with the UD vol 2. I also bought some of your top rated pigments from your store and I would like some ideas. you are great I appreciate all you do!

Have you tried the new Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio? I was thinking about buying one and wondered what your thoughts were on it?

Hi! I love this look! I noticed that you had a little “fallout” on your cheek when applying the black color. This happens to me all of the time, how do you fix it?

love the make-up! Hey i saw a very big beautiful ring on your finger…are u engaged? if u are congrats he is a very lucky guy:)

Hey i was wondering how you told the people to do your nails? i LOVE the sparkley tips! sorry this is completly off the makeup subject but i fell in love with your nails when i was watching this!

I have loved the Naked palette, I planned my Sephora trip around this video. It would be great to see a few more different looks with the same group of colors since there is such a wide range. I am a huge fan of the 24/7 pencil now as well. I know you have recommended it but I tried is since it came free with the Naked set and it is fabulous!

LOVE your videos and thank you so much!

i notice with your eyey makeup you have it cat eye, how do you do it, i did what you didn with my naked pallette and it didnt come out like your, cat eye looking. what brush do you use to make it look like that? that you , you areAMAZING!!!!!! thanks for taking the time to show us how to do cute looks with make up.

Hi Marlena,

Whenever I put concealer/lipliner and then ligloss on top it always leaves lines or makes my lips look very fake like I have alot of product on. I really need your help! aaahh!

Loving the site, I’m from england and I’ve told all my friends about it! I’m glad you ship here, just need the stuff to be in stock now :P

Keep up the soda can look, I’m in love – they’re so inventive!!!


Hi Marlena,

Your videos are amazing, I love it !!! So inspiring, thank you for it.

You are so beautiful, dark hair suits you.

Big greetings from Europe, Arial

What colours etc do you have on your nails as I would like to re-create it myself (Im a nail technician)
Thank you

Now that I have seen this tutorial, I will definitely buy the urban decay naked palette. I love earth tone colors. I have one question Marlena. Are you using mac makeup brushes in the tutorial and if so could you state what # brush it is? Thanks.

hi marlena, this look looks so amazing, but all of them look super perfect on you (:
ive done acouple of looks already the classic smokey eye and the tutorial to bring out baby browns and i really liked how they looked on me, all throughout highschool i went for that scene heavy eyeliner and mascara look only black with bright pink blush and nude lips and i dyed my hair black with blonde under and since graduating i had let my natural haircolor growout its like medium brown and i have become really subtle with my makeup because besides eyeliner and mascara i didnt really understand how to apply shadow, but since finding your site through youtube and using your tutorials ive really grasped what your showing through them with the brushes and such and i really appriciate that you put time into doing something you really love, so that other ppl such as myself who were never taught to apply makeup “correctly” can do so.

thanks, Sarah Nicole.