Jennifer Love Hewitt (UD Naked Palette)

Jennifer Love Hewitt is stunning example of beauty at it’s best. Her trademark natural look has been copied by everyone and now this same amazing look can be yours. Easy to recreate, this look is great for everyday at the office, out with friends or even that much anticipated first date. No matter where you choose to wear this, it’s sure to become a quick favorite and one you will go back to time and time again.


  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation  (eBay)   (Amazon)
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation   (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Palladio Rice Powder  (eBay)  (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MUFE Eyeshadow #164   (for contouring) (Sephora)
    *For contouring, find a matte eyeshadow or blush 2 shades darker than your skin
  • Illamasqua Blush – “Lover”   (Sephora)



  • Make Up For Ever Concealer (eBay)  (Sephora)
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss – “Katie”  (eBay)

Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay


  • MAC 239-  shader brush
  • MAC 217-  stiff dome brush
  • MAC 219-  pencil brush
  • MAC 109-  contour brush

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really sexy look for night out I just have question does Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation works on oily skin ??

What products and primer would you recomend for an older person? My mom has soft eye lids and she was wondering what colors can she use that would look right on her… btw I love all of your tutorial they are very helpful and I have learned alot from you. will you consider doing a makeup tutorial on megan fox look? I love the colors that she uses especially the bright pink lipsticks :) Thank You!!

hi marlena!! i want to learn a tutorial of a picture that i saw in a novela here in brazil. i want to send you this pic. how can i do this?
kisses and hugs

ana carolina

i have oily skin, and I use neutrogena healthy skin, if you set it with a good powder or use a good mattifier it should be okay. (i use MUFE HD powder, and I get a little oily by about noon, nothing blot paper can’t fix)

loving this look!
Random question: Today I went to a make-up party and when I told the artist I use my MAC prep and prime all the time for my normal everyday look he gasped and said I shouldn’t do that. He has been a make-up artist for a few years but considering he didn’t know what a stippling brush is I question what he said. Your thoughts please?

It is!!!! I’ve just finished searching and you can get it from Boots (i haven’t checking in store, but it’s online), and House of Fraser! I can’t wait for payday! Only £27!


I’m from Belgium and to my knowledge this palette is not available in europe (exept Ebay but that’s very expensive and you don’t know if you get scammed), I’ve checked and mailed practicly every site. On Asos I can’t find the palette anywhere and house of fraser sends some things international but not the palette… very very frustrating!! I’ve been wanting it ever since it came out…

For the record: and urban decay don’t send international. The sites that DO send international don’t carry the palette.

Who has a solution?

Greetings from Belgium

ps: sorry if my English writing is not the best…

But that’s a consolation at least :) so I can get it eventually even if it means going to the US again yaay! :) Thanks!!

OMG! I love this!
Thank you Marlena, I also ask for this tutorial on twitter!
They say I look like Jennifer, so this gonna work great for me :)

*Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Holland ;)*
Thanks girl, your soo good!
Xoxo Jezebelsy,

Love this palette, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Sadly they don’t sell UD in my country. There’s a will there’s a way, lol Definitely gonna get my hands on it. Hook on neutral for the time being :)

Hi Marlena :D
Loving the look as always, but i have just one question, whenever i apply concealer and then a lipgloss it makes my lips look very cakey and fake, any suggestions on what to do?
Love devoted muggie Grace :D xxx

I have the same problem. It either looks cakey or I end up using too little and my lips look like they’re all dried up. :(

I love how you recreate the look while still making it your own, not just blindly copying something. Pretty awesome!!

I think this is one of my favorite looks! I am definitely going to get the Naked palette now! Jennifer Love Hewitt’s makeup is always so pretty. I’m so glad you do this! :)
Marlena you are awesome!! I have actually bought the Palladio rice powder, MUG stippling brush, and NYX eye shadows, and love them so much! They are a staple to my routine every morning.

Thanks for the videos!

Hi Marlena. I love this palette and I love this tutorial. Congratulations on sticking with your weight loss goals. I’ve always thought you were beautiful and I really appreciate your work here. You’re my favorite you tube guru. Stay loverly!

fabulous JLH tutorial, I actually think I like your take on it better than hers!
another question I was thinking of for the next Q & A :

when is it time to toss your make up?
how long is it safe to keep eye shadows, lipsticks, mascara, etc?
I tend to accumulate so much stuff (I bet a lot of us MUGs do!) and then I get grossed out and tend to toss so much but not sure if I am being overly wasteful?
if you have any guidelines for when it is ok to store, when to toss, that would be fab!

You are such a visionary at what you do!
wishing you the best and even more success to come!

Yours truly,
Lucy (new York City)

The verdict is in, this look rocks and Marlena, you’re an inspiration!

Guys in the UK, PLEASE don’t get scammed on eBay for this – it’s available on and currently in stock for £27.

Very pretty I cant wait to try this, I have 2 questions Please! 1- do you ever use mascara on your lower lashes? and 2, I follow the sculpting tutorial but with the colder temps I”d like to start using my cream blushes and I was wondering if I should put on loose podewr to set before or after I apply the blush? Im afraid if I do it before, the cream wont blend, or if I do it after, It will take from the deweyness of the cream. Should I be doing the whole thing in a different order?

Yes I use mascara on my lower lashes as I look lopsided without it ;) But each person’s eyes/lashes are different, so do what looks best on you.

I would put the loose powder on before as if you put on after the cream blush, it may take away the color and dewy look of it. It won’t be hard to blend if you tap it on the cheeks instead of swiping it. I am doing a video the end of October on how to apply cream blushes :)

GODDESS MARLENA .. Forever at your heels for worship!

I was listening the the UK top 10 in the car last weekend and it got me thinking about .. a Make-up Geek top 10 in honour of our Devine Goddess … her Majesty of the Mac 2/17 ….. Goddess Marlena! …. so heres what i came up with ….. sing along if you know the tune :-)

No10 .. Cyndi Lauper ….. I drove all night to get to Marlena
No 9 .. Blondie ….. Keep me hanging on Marlenas telephone
No 8 .. Texas ….. I dont need a lover i just need Marlena
No 7 .. Eric Clapton ….. Knock knock knocking on Marlenas door
No 6 .. Talking heads ….. Were on the road to Marlena, come on inside
No 5 .. Moody blues ….. Marlena in white satin
No 4 .. Brenda Russell ….. Hes plays Marlena in the dark
No 3 .. Katy perry ….. I kissed Marlena and i liked it. the taste of her cherry chapstick
No 2 .. Eurythmics ….. Sweet dreams are made of Marlena, who am i to disagree

And finally Number 1 ….. well there never was any competition for the top spot for the Goddess Marlenas make- up geek top 10….. it just had to be classic ..

No 1 .. Frankie goes to hollywood ….. Relax Marlena when you want to suck it to it, Relax Marlena when you to ———- ! :-)


No vixen, I might have thought Ladyveil was a stalker but I’ve been on the site long enough to know her sense of humor and she means no harm. She’s got a good heart and a great sense of humor. I love you Nigel, honey. :D

UK Muggies!
You can get the Naked palette on the Boots website (as someone mentioned above), but if it’s sold out there you can also buy it on the websites for Debenhams and House of Fraser :)

can you please do a tutorial about
Droopy Eyes
you know When the eyes slope down at the outer corners, they are considered to be droopy eyes. They are also referred to as “sad puppy dog eyes” and they offer the face a sad look. i never seen enybody doing this king a video and i sure a lot of people like me have the same problem and they like to know what to do please please dont,t forget about us,i love you,takecare

Love, love, love this look! I already tried it and I think it is my new fav! The Naked Palette was probably the best makeup investment I have ever made :)

Ahhh!! Why are you rubbing it in?! I saw the palette on your youtube channel (first!) and now I can’t find it any where (except price gauged on ebay…) Seriously, I don’t know where people are getting these because they are sold out everywhere. I am so bummed! And then to make matters worse, other youtube makeup people (not you Marlena) act like it’s not even a big deal to get one! So frustrated so I just bought the Book of Shadows instead.

Aww :( I’m SO sorry you haven’t found it- I didn’t realize how fast it sold out until I was reading other MUG’s comments! Keep checking your local sephora or Ulta to see if they have it. I would think that Urban Decay would make this permanent since it’s so popular. Don’t give up on it yet- I’m sure they’ll restock it soon :)

@ Amanda – For the UD Naked Palette, go to your local Sophora and ask them to give you a call when the next order comes in.. I waited 2 weeks before i got mine.. They were nice enough to call me and kept one aside for me.. I actually dropped everything and left work just to pick my palette lol..

I just got mine from Urban Decay directly the other day. Go to their website and sign up to be notified when the Naked Palette is back in stock. That’s how I got mine, but I think I waited a little over a month for it, so please be aware that you may have to wait in order to get your hands on one.

Luckily the Naked Palette isn’t a LE edition item, so they will continue to make it until everyone gets one. I hope this helps!

If you have an ULTA near you, they do a good job of keeping it in stock. They were nice enough to hold one for me. Get friendly with the employees and I’m sure they’ll extend the offer. Oh, and it is a big deal to get one. Even though I have the big neutral pallette from COASTAL SCENTS (which has many good dupes for the naked pallette) there is still nothing at your fingertips as great as this one! Good luck

You can also check on…..that’s where I’ve found it…;)


thanx Marlena for making another tutorial with the Naked palette…

Greetings from Holland!!


Now this is the kind of look I would absolutely wear on!
I love smokey eyes and browns are definitely the colors I mostly use.

Great tutorial!

Thanks Marlena, I love this look and I’m still on the fence about the NAKED palette. I love the colors but they are so similar to my other UD shadows and I’m really on the hunt for matte shadows lately :) I love your videos!!!

hey..did you ever fig out which mac colors could beused instead of the ud naked palette colors??thanks so much

I have the 120 palette…which are the best colours I could use for this look? My skin is fair to tan…


hey marlena i was wondering about something.. i purchased a smashbox cream liner about 3 months ago and im not sure how to use it because i tried using a liner brush and it just didnt grab enough color to see on the lids im not sure if i need to put something on them so the brush can grab more color.. please help

I totally love you!!! Last week I did the Elphaba look and got tons of compliments on it! But I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for blue grey eyes? I’ve been trying for EVER to make my eyes look more blue but I can’t fgure out my colors.

stay gorgeous,

I love the NAKED Pallet!! I like the couple of looks you came up with too. I would like to see a lighter/ softer look out of the pallet though. Any suggestions??

Hey Marlena,

I’ve used the UD 24/7 eyeliner as well as numerous other eyeliners (MAC, Este Lauder, Smashbox Cream liner, Revlon, etc) on my waterline and every one of them have bled and smudged on me. It may be because I have oily lids or watery eyes, but nothing stays and after about an hour and I have a shadow underneath my eye. What would you recommend?

P.S. I love all of your videos. I’ve tried a bunch of your color blends and it haven’t come out as nice as yours. Make up have always intimidated my but your videos are a major help. I wish I had this when I was in highschool.


I dip my 24/7 in Buxom (leatherette) gel liner and apply to waterline… it may not last all day, but lasts longer than a cream or eye pencil.

OMG!!!! Love this look so much :) I want this palette, but its so expensive on ebay and i cant get it where i live bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

Hi Marlena!
Thanks for the tutorial. Everytime I watched The Ghost Whisperer I thought that someone on youtube should do a good versions of Jennifer’s make-up… and here it is!!! Thank you, great job!

Hey Marlena….this look is awesome! I am NC 43…and I think this is perfect look for my Indian skin!
thank you!

I also need your help….please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me out with this!
Recently I got MAC paint pot in painterly…since it was my first buy I did not look at the consistency at store. And when I was back home I realized it was dried up :(
When I called up MAC MUA, she replied rudely that the consistency is suppose to be like this!
But I am sure its creamy and easily blendable!
Now I am left with this cakey paint pot and don’t know what to do with it! :'(
Any idea how can I make it usable??
Please reply Marlena.

Love you! <3

First off – Ew. You’re a paying customer and shouldn’t be treated that way. Return the paint pot and try the samples at the store. If you decide you like it, buy another one, but check it out before you take it out of the store so you know for sure that you are getting a fresh one.

Also, if you don’t like paint pots then I recommend Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It’s very creamy and easy to blend onto your lid. Here is the link below. You can purchase it from the website or through Sephora.

Woah, that paintpot shouldn’t be dried up and that artist shouldn’t have been rude about it. Take that back and get a refund or a replacement.

Also, you may like Groundwork better than Painterly as it will be closer to your skin color if you are NC 43 :)

About time for JLH look….now, how about a vampy look? Not straight out goth but more like the shows they have…Twilight series, Vampire Diaries, True blood

I like your rendition better, too! JLH is beautiful, but who could really wear that much shadow below the eyes (even for an evening look) without all the air brushing, etc.?

Forgot to ask. What NYX products would be good dupes for the blush and lipgloss. Is that MUFE #5 for the lips? The lightest color? And finally, the eyebrows – is that the Tarte mousse or did you use something else?

I used the Tarte mousse for the brows- love that stuff!

And any concealer will work for the lips or even a nude lipstick- you’re using it just to lighten the lips a few shades :)

Oh and blush- probably Peach and lipgloss I’ll have to think about as it needs to be a pale pale pink or you could do a light peach that JLH sometimes wears :)

NYX has a neutral peach called PUMPKIN PIE that I love! I want to test it on EVERYONE lol, they’re like ‘here she goes with that lipstick again!’. I think its in the MUG store too.

Hey Marlena! Thanx for another great video! I love love love this palette!!

I asked these questions on another page but I guess you never got around to answering them so I hope you can here!

1) I’m a NC 30 in MAC foundation and wanted to buy a NARS foundationg online since I don’t live in the US so which color in NARS sheer glow foundation would suit me?

2) I have really bad under eye dark circles and so I use the NW 30 concealer by MAC

NW 30 studio finish concealer by MAC and it works really well but tends to crease after a while even though I use very little product and I have to use my brush to smooth it out 3-4 times a day! What should I do to stop it from creasing?

3) I am from south asia and so have tan or medium skin tone, could you suggest a good loose powder i could use over my foundation? I have tried nars loos powder bt it makes me look too cakey and unnatural even after using just a tap of it with the nyx pwder puff and using fix + spray after. What do u thiink of mineralize skinfinsh?

Btw I live in very hot temperatures and so sweat and oily skin are big problems for me.
Please help!!

Love this look! I’m very fair so I used to be nervous with trying dark colors;I bought this palette not to long ago and have become addicted to it! I’m excited to see what else you come up with. You’re skills are to be rivaled!

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of this look since it is similar to the other NAKED palette look you did. But I love you nonetheless because you have such a great energy and are awesome at what you do. Would you be able to do a neutral everyday look? With this palette would be even better ;) Pretty please. I know you are busy. Thanks for posting so many videos lately :) <3


i love your website and videos. I really like your hair and the way it looks when it’s curled.
Would love to see a tutorial on it if you ever have the time for it.


thanks so much Marlena
I will get back to them with the complaint…thanx for the suggestion too
love u!!

Thanx Lisa for your suggestion too….but I reside in India
and unfortunately we dont have Sephora…nor Urban Decay or Benefit
so I have to use MAC or NYX or Maxfactor or Boujouris :(

I love all of your looks and I think i will try this at weekend! You are sooo gorgeus! :)) gongrats on the weight lost! It inspares me a lot :)
Stay healthy, you look amazing! :)

I purchased a ton of things from your store and I was amazed at the accuracy of my order. Thank you very much I look foward to shopping on your site in the future.

Hi Marlena,

First, i cannot tell you enough how much i’ve learned from you and this sight. Thank you so much for your efforts on how to apply makeup, and the product reviews.

I love both looks that you’ve created with the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Unfortunatly in NY/NJ area i am unable to find it at all because its sold out. I’ve seen it on auction on ebay but the price is double then the regular retail. Do you know if UD will manufacture more? From what you have created, it really is a beautiful look. I don’t blame them for being sold out.

Thank you in advance


hi,Marlena how r u I have a question to ask u. I was wondering how to u apply bronzeer on your face I am a very light latina girl and I would like some color on my face because I think I am to pale. I would like to know how to apply it on your face because I seen some girls that do ware it and they look wonderful and sexy.

This palette is so beautiful and you make a look so dark! What about to make a look more natural? For the day? Thank you so much

Marlena, you are beautiful. I did see your video for hooded eye. I’m 63 with old lady eye but you were so helpful. I love the naked palette, it’s so neutral and I need as many videos as possible to achieve a good look on my eyes. I just can’t believe how lucky I was to get this as everyone is on a waiting list and I just hit it just the right time. Amazon is price gauzing. It goes from $97 to $139. now.

Hi Marlena,
Omg I love this look and it looks so pretty on you!! I can’t wait to try it. I just recently stumbled into your website and got hooked at once!! Thank you for all the tutorial videos you have, I enjoy watching them!!

hey marlena i live in pakistan n no such products like nyx and ud available here n u know what the worst thing is that even the normal drugstore makeup products here are twice or even sumtimes thrice the price as they are in usa or uk:( watching ur videos pumps up my craze towards make up n make me frustrated on how to get those ud or nyx products tell me some way out …… but truely u r such an adorable person i swear ….. luv u :)

Hi Marlena,
I have always loved the smokey eye look, I’ve just never been able to make it come out as pretty as you do. I watched the Kardashian smokey look tut and loved it!! I’ve been wanting to try it but I can’t seem to find the UD naked palette. I was wanting to try it with the Nyx eyeshadows you have in the MUG store but the black sparkle is out of stock :-( do you happen to know when you will have it back in stock, or what other color can I use??? Thank you so much I love this website and all your videos you are awesome!!!

I’m so mad I didnt buy this palette before it was sold out!
Does anyone know when and if they are going to bring it back on the shelves?
Ebay is wayyyy too much to buy one. They are going for double!

Hi Marlena, I’m getting married in about 3 wks and want a simple neutral color for my eyes. I don’t usually wear eye makeup at all so the easier to put on the better for me.

This look it incredible! a deffinate go to look!
you look amazing as always!!! (:
i absolutly love the soda series, i was wondering if your going to do a few more unstoppable looks for that, id love to see Pepsi i know it could easily be forth of july madness!!!!! lol :p
but i know you could turn it out!!!!!!!

Sephora came out with some true romance palettes by kat von d, that would legit go perfect.



Can you do a tutorial about colors. Many people I’ve talked to including myself, feel that we have the technique down but now would like a little more information on colors. Which eyeshadow colors always go together and which blushes to use with certain eye colors. Also, I notice that everytime no matter what dark color I use, my eye always seems to look purple at the end. I bought the smokey eye NYX palette and my eye looks smokey purple , lol … do you know why .. HELP!! thank you = )

hi marlena, love this turorial!!! im from the caribbean tho, urban decay products are basically non-existent :(…..but i have a question, i spoke to a make up artiste down here and she said i can use concealer instead of a primer to prep my eyes….is that true?


I love all the tutorials you have uploaded. Thanks!!! Keep up the good work going…. Was wondering if therzz any make up tip to reduce the chubby cheeks look?? If yes plzz plzzz upload a video on that……im sure other girls will agree with me on that as cheek bones vary from person to person :)

Thanks In Advance!!!!

Hey Marlena,

I really loved this look and tried it out yesterday, it looked great. Thank you for being my Makeup Muse!

Could you please do a similar tutorial on Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries (as both characters Elena and Katherine).

Many thanks

Michelle x

Hey..I love Jennifer Loves’ makeup look from Ghost Whisper.I have been searching everywhere on youtube for her look.I was so excited to see you featured her. I was disappointed that is was all from the UD Naked palette and it is sold out everywhere..Could you please give me some dupes like you have before. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Marlena,
I have a ball to go to and I’m on a budget. Can you recommend any NYX e/s to get this look?
Thank you :)


Do you have anymore ideas for the Naked Palette? Like which colors you would recommend together and where on the eye would you put them? Thanks so much!


Just wanted to say love your tutorials & love the look!

I really like them not just because you show really good, detailed, fun, inspiring looks…but also due to your natural friendly personality, which certainly shines thorugh.

I love my cosmetics everything from eyeliners, blush, lipgloss to eyeshadows (MAC being my preferred brand) I have ‘a lot’. My question is “should cosmetics be thrown after the recommended shelf life for that particular product has been exceeded?” e.g. eyeliners after 3 years etc?

Thanks, hope to see more tutorials soon…