Halloween Makeup: 1970’s Hippie

Perhaps no other decade is as famous as the 1970’s! From peace, love and rock’n’roll, the 70’s had it all. Now you can capture the essence of this time with our quick and easy 1970’s Halloween tutorial. Regardless of whether you rocked the disco scene, or were a flower child, makeup was all the same. So grab your bell bottomed pants, platform shoes and put on some frosty eyeshadow for this groovy look. Can you dig it?







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Omg, This Is Soooo Cute!!!
I Love Your Work Marlena, I Get So Inspired To Do Different Looks Every
Time I Watch Your Video’s. If It’s Not Too Much To Ask,
Can You Please Do Like a Modern Style “Twilight” Inspired Vampire Tutorial?
I Am Going To Dress In a Soft Ball Uniform With a Baseball Cap & Fangs For Halloween
(Team Edward!!!)LOL. And I am Really Not Sure How I Should Wear My Make-up Or Even Where To Begin…

So Please Do a Sexy Vamp Look , I am Really Looking Forward To See All Your Halloween Inspired Tutorials.

WOW! i love this look, you look so diffrent! your such a good makeup artist, i love all your ways of applying make up, you make it so easy and fun to do and i have learnt so much from you over the year, Thanks so much! X

This is really pretty, I love the baby blue on the eyes, I can’t wait to see the other Halloween looks you came up with, I wore your sexy pirate look last year and everyone said I looked hot ;-)
So thank you very much for sharing, have a great day.

I’m so glad you did a Halloween look. I have been trying to figure out an easy costume to make. You can work so many different hair colors!!! You look great as a redhead, and a blonde too (in the Barbie tutorial). Are you going to do any other Halloween looks in the next month??

Oh, Marlena! I really like this one; a lot of Halloween videos on Youtube are a little elaborate for my tastes.
Please don’t do Twilight, though. I think there are a few too many videos on the intarnets already ;-)

Wow, even though I’ve never wanted to be a hippie for Halloween, this makes me want to be one lol. Great job Marlena, it’s super cute!

And I agree with JazzyGirl, a Twilight vampire look would be awesome in your Halloween series!! Please do a look on that.

:o) marlena, this look is great! You look soooo different with red hair! You could easily rock red hair!……you’re too funny, love those glasses!

You musttttt do a sexy vampire look =] Vampires are so in right now and I’m going to be a sexy vampire. I haven’t found something that isn’t corny.. HELP!

Hey Marlena,

How did you like nars loose powder?….i have been debating if i want to switch to it….and you should definitely do a sexy vamp look! :)

Wooow that’s cool Halloween but when do you watch video for tutorial the lady gaga in halloween plz I want to put in my face for Halloween in lady gaga are you good job makeup tutorial

Marlena-You should change your hair color to red! You look super hot with red hair! It makes your eye color totally stand out!

very trippy :) i agree abbout the vamp look…you definately need to do one that is super hot but not cheesy…also could u do a fairy look (or for us ppl for spell it faerie :P) thnx!

Wow Marlena, you look so changed ( in a good way a mean). I loved the tutorial and maybe you should let your hair grow, your are very pretty.

OMG! and i only saw this one day too late! last night was grade nine night, and my group was hippies !

Excelent makeup, the earings are so beautiful and John Lennon sun glasses are gorgeous.
I will be right to see your next tutorials.

awesome video! i love the baby blue jumbo eye pencil – sorely tempted to go buy one :) it looks fab on you :) love the earrings too! where did you get them from?

I’m going to be a flapper in a musical (thoroughly modern millie) next week and need make-up help. Post that flapper one soon girl, help a sister out.

This look is so cute, You are very creative and profesional. Can you do a bellydance look in the future? :)

Having been a hippie in the late 60s and early 70s, i remember we made fun of women who wore blue eyeshadow. It was definitely not a hippie look. It was more the style of a middle-aged woman in toreador pants and wedge heeled mules, trying to look younger than she was.

I think there was rather a tendency to put light colors under the eye – sort of a reverse racoon look. This can be seen in photos of movie starlettes of the era.

The light colored lipstick is good – a very “California girl” thing.

As hippies, most of us were into the natural look, and very anti-makeup. This occasionally got me into trouble as i loved to wear makeup and fashion clothing for special occasions. I was usually after a 1920s or 1930s look, with a smokey eye and strong lip color.

This was also the beginning of face painting – peace signs, flowers, ankhs, and aums, along with scrolly psychedelic tendrils.

Thanks for your fun videos

you always look so beautiful and seem to be able to pull off any color. what would you do for a devil costume?

Awesome Marlena!

When are you going to do a tutorial for guys?? ie: Bill Kaulitz, or the like.

It’s not fair that the ladies get to have all the fun. ;-)

Wow.. you have a big fan in Brasil.. Me
I love the looks you do
Here i´m studing to be a hair dresser and make up artist..and you´re helping me a lot
Sorry about the bad enghish…ihihihih

you are so photogenic, i fink you create looks so effortlessly and allow us women to be able to have confidence in trying it out because you make it look so easy.
Thanks :)

I start off by saying, again, you’re awesome. other tutorials, well in one word, suck. you explain EVERYTHING so well. okay, that said, i have one tiny request, actually two, could you do a look using pink and grey shadows? purple and grey? i love the pink and brown look.


Love the simple technique for Halloween! Fun and cute =)…..I’ve noticed that you’re looking a bit thinner not that you were ever really heavy looking but you look wonderful, what’s your secret?

The look is fun and a bit on the crazy side.. a 60″s Laugh- In Look. But not the 70″s hippie look. I was one of those 1970’s hippies and we did not wear makeup ( or a bra). Think late Woodstock era.

Love all your tutorials Marlena. I hope to attend one of your workshops in the future.

hey marlena! I am 13 and I am going to be Amy Whinehouse for Halloween. I would reeeeeeeeeeeally looooovvvve it if you made a video on her look. There’s a lot of them out there but they’re pretty chippy(bad). Can’t wait to see what you come up wit!


i put my age there cuz i don’t want something to scrimpy, sexy, or old for me. i want to keep it PG MAYBE PG-13, but nothing more than that. Thanks, Big Fan Livia:)

Love this look! So cute! And your nails always look so cute too!!! lol. Plus, I love that you use NYX products and give alternatives for MAC in NYX for us who would rather stay with cheaper products haha!

ok im 19 and this website has helped me alot ever since i started going on this site ive been getting compliments on my makeup and i plan on bein a hippie for halloween this year so hopefully it turns out like this so i just wanted to say thank u soo much for even creating this website i love it !!! :D