Halloween Look: Sugar Skull

Sugarskulls have gained popularity over the last few years in use for Halloween. Typically used for the Mexican holiday “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead”, the skulls are elaborately designed with extravagant detail. The most distinctive detail is the spiderweb on the forehead, here Marlena shows us a easy guide on how to create these iconic looks. This is ideal for those of you who want more than your average skull Halloween look, or this is great for as a last minute costume. With so many color options the only limit is your imagination.

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OMG!! This is stunning!
I was hoping u would do a sugar skull, this is what I have plans to dress as and now I have the perfect tutorial to follow.

Thank you Marlena this is absolutely beautiful and can’t want to try this look out!

OMG, my boyfriend and I were totally planning on dressing as los muertos for halloween this year!! I love your version!!


Thanks so much for doing a video of this! Do you think the look with survive a night of dancing just by setting it with the powder or do you have any additional tips to make sure it sets really well? I’ve been trying to find videos on this for a while and am so happy that you posted one because I love your work. Thanks so much Marlena!

hi Marlena! I’m a big fan of yours I am 29 yrs old from the Philippines… I’ve been downloading all your videos in my itouch since i’ve discovered it. i also love makeup so much as you do:) it was really a big help for me and im planning to pursue my dream to be a prof makeup artist. hope i can also study in MakeupForever Paris and to have all the MAC brushes:)hahahaa! but for now as you’ve said PRACTICE !PRACTICE! PRACTICE! How can a Halloween makeup look this beautiful!!! Luv it Marlena! Thank you for sharing your talent to others… God bless you!

Does anyone know a cheap alernative to the Make Up Forever Creams or the face paint? The stuff I get at the costume store barely lasts an hour!

MUFE Aqua Cream (the red one) = Any red lipstick. Or buy a red colour cream from a theatrical makeup supplier.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner = Maybelline makes a good one, but I’ve not tried it. A black colour cream may be even better.

MUFE White Clown Face Paint = Theatrical brands Ben Nye and Kryolan both make white cream foundations. (Ben Nye also makes a Clown White.)

Love it!!!! Please do more. I am too old to dress up, but I do it anyway because it makes me happy. This is a perfect balance!

Marlena, great loved this look it reminds me the “Altares” from Mexico a very nice tradition. But I loved your earings!!! please tell me where can I get them!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dia De Los Muertos!! I was actually planning on doing this look this year anyway and have been practicing but with the makeup from the halloween stores …which SUCKS! Thank you for this Marlena and especially showing which products you used! your the best!

You will lose all your german viewer! You know that we can’t watch your videos because of the music. But it doesn’t matter to you!

So, in that way I don’t follow you anymore.
There are a ton of american you tubers who are a lot better and care about every viewer! Incl. their german viewer!

I’m so thrilled about this look!! Sugar skulls here in Mexico are big deal because we celebrate day of the death, so this will be the perfect fusion between Halloween and the national celebration!

I’ve decided that this is what I’m doing for Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday but I don’t have much money–so this is perfect!

Marlena i love this look, makes me want to change my whole costume! I want to ask you for a favor PLEASE! May you do a Leopardess Makeup tutorial? Pretty Please.. Im going to be a Leopardess for Halloween and i would love a tutorial from YOU..

xoxo, Jenn

Hi Marlena,
You are amazing,thanks for your effort. I have a question remeber your nice look in” Dramatic Bridal Look”
.your ring was great the little white leaves where did you get it?
love it,

I love this! And I love you!! You are truly talented. Would you recommend the MAC blackground paint pot? I have the jet black liner, but was curious which one would be better.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try the sugar skull on my own but I found this tutorial AND my name is also Marlena. Thanks girl!! You confirmed it for me :)

Tried your sugar skull for Halloween and it was a HIT! Thank you so much, you rock! Love seeing all your tutorials…. Can’t wait to see more!
Wish I was able to upload a pic, it really turned out awesome!