Halloween Look – Catwoman

The ultimate femme fatale, catwoman has always been the sexiest of Batman’s foes. Known as a strong and enthralling woman, she always had a way of garnering attention. As Catwoman, Batman was drawn to her, as Selina Kyle she captivated Bruce Wayne. Now you can feel as puurrfect as Catwoman herself with this stunning look. Regardless of whether you decide to be nice, or let out your inner villian, you are sure to be the center of attention for every Superhero who sees you.





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Hi marlena I love this look I think is so sexy. i have a question but is to related with this look, i want to buy a everyday drugstore moisturiser SPF what do you recomend me ?

I’ll be mixing it up soon and will be back on camera ;) I took a break from taping on just me as I wanted different models to show the looks, plus I’m going through “adult onset acne” right now and trying to figure out what to do to get rid of it :(

Awesome!! But Marlena … I miss you so much in videos … Using models is fine, but maybe just in few times. Kisses from Brazil!!!

Hi Marlena! This is a great look! I was just wondering what you would recommend to remove all of that makeup with at the end of the night! I find when I have a lot of product on the eyes, it smudges when I wash it off leaving me with black eyeliner or mascara left over underneath my eyes when I wake up! Any tips?! Thanks for the videos! I check back everyday…twice!! ;)

I’m not a pro, but I swear by unscented baby wipes. I keep them everywhere. They also are a little moisturizing too, as they are meant for babies skin. Plus for what you’d pay for a cosmetic brand with about 30 makeup wipes, you’ll get about 120 if you buy a regular tub. I know, it sounds weird but I put my scouts honor on it :)

When you have extra makeup on, it’s good to double cleanse- I usually wipe off makeup with the baby wipes or face wipes, then wash my face afterwards. I also use an eye makeup remover with a cotton ball to get rid of extra mascara or eyeliner that still sticks around ;)

Hi Marlena!
I love all your videos and I found some interesting info and great products from the your store!. I love all your kits hahaha. But I have a question: Can you use colored models sometimes?. Im dark skin and I want to see some of your vid…Once again love all your stuff!

–Greetings form Puerto Rico!

Hi Marlena,

I love all of your work. My daughter and I were REALLY hoping your next look would be a female Mad Hatter inspired by Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland. That will be her costume for Halloween. She is a cheerleader and will be performing with her squad (Halloween costumes required). It should be a fun look but I would love to see how you wold adapt it for a woman/girl.

Thanks for all you do!

I wish I could say I have the time to do this one :( But I think there’s a couple on youtube for that- maybe search to see? It sounds like such a fun look though!

Woah Marlena! This is an amazing look. It looks so awesomely sexy! Thanks so much for your lovely videos! Great job! Yours is probably my most looked up website ever. I think I’ve got Marlena Fever! Haha

Hey sorry. I just wanted your advice on photography. You see whenever I take photos of my looks that I do. Only the dark colours seem to show up, like the blacks and deep purples. Any thoughts? Thanks

White balance. If colors are not showing up, it is because your camera is “guessing” at colors- from blackest black to whitest white- and it is guessing wrong. You can try to fix this a few ways. You can use a gray card to set your white balance manually instead of automatically – removes any color casts so all colors show more true. You could also try using natural light, and changing framing. This could be done by zooming in to eliminate the chances the balance is being put off by something in the background.

Just a thought. Hope it helps.

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will be doing this tomarrow. What a hot look to be wearing on my Birthday. You ROCK MARLENA!!!!!!!

GODDESS MARLENA … You have just made my day! :-) xx

Just when i thought it couldnt get any better than the beauty blonde bombshell sleeping beauty …. Goddess gives us the James bond 007 Pussy galore Catwoman … and im in Whip mode worship!
I just need to have your sexy Cat lady getting her claws around that sexy bullwhip and then across my bare laden back .. as you said again ” Time for THOSE lashes” but with a sultry Goddess tickling giggle! .. where you thinking of giving me “6” of the best when you said it? ………. Even so tell your PVC Clad sexy kitten felline pussycat that shes looking … stir fry whiskers hot with a evil twist of after dark Tia maria! .. as us your .. Geeks in submission can only fall before your heels in honour of your talent and beauty! :-)

So whats nexts in this everso sexy Halloween series as Goddess Marlena turns up the heat .. is it a Cruella De Vile Darkside Mistress .. or a Sexy Satin and Chiffon clad whipcracking corset hugging Witch … for Goddess to send us in a spell of pure … Marlena Meltdown …. :-)


Ummm…you’re scaring me!!! your comments are on the strange side. :?

And for all of those comments about wanting Marlena back…well she’s just trying to satisfy all those comments about wanting to see her apply makeup on models. Be patient…I’m sure she’ll be back soon. If your withdrawals are that bad…go back and look at some of her later videos.

ahhh Sarah … please dont take my comments seriously for they never are, as the Goddess herself knows their only a bit of fun and she has a smile with them too :-)
P.s i love your words being so sincere ….”if the withdrawals are that bad”… as if you actually belive it bless you xx .. dont worry ….. (Marlena.. i ..tis) ….. isnt in the medical book yet!

anyway .. Chicken chow mein .. princess and take care :

Marlena …do you endorse the business that advertise on your site? I’d hate to buy brand name cosmetics from China and have them be fake. I think if someone is using your site as a medium to promote their own interests it’s important to know whom and what they’re selling. It all sends a message I think. thanks

i love it too! but i will love it more if you’ll just use your beautiful face Marlena! take care and thank you for inspiring us! muah

Beautiful look! I think this is the one for me. I am curious what are the foundations that you use on your clients? Do you always use Revlon Colorstay or do you use others? What are the few lines that you have all the colors and use on clients? Thanks so much as always!

I almost always use Revlon colorstay as it has really good coverage and lots of colors. I ask my clients beforehand if they have sensitive skin and what foundation they normally wear. If they prefer mineral foundation, then I’ll use Bare Escentuals or have them bring their foundation for me to use (depends on what the client wants)

My favorite foundations for clients though is the Revlon as well as the Neutrogena Healthy Skin (usually for dry or mature clients) and MUFE HD foundation.

I keep 4 colors of foundation- lightest, dark, then 2 in between and custom mix for each client

i love this look but i was wonder do you have a look for halloween of BLACK ANGEL because
i am dressing like one this halloween…. BUT for blue eyes…..
BLACK ANGEL FOR BLUE EYES…!!!! please i really need it

This is the best Hallooween look! Oh-la-la. Today I got a super hot red lipstick so I may even try something similar. I also want to get an eye gloss (or maybe I should just use a clear non-sticky lip gloss).

i purchased a smashbox cream liner about 4 months ago and im not sure how to use it because i tried using a liner brush and it just didnt grab enough color to see on the lids im not sure if i need to put something on them so the brush can grab more color.. please help

I wanted to say THANK YOU! I have been searching all week for a make-up look that was not Kiddish in nature for my cat costume that is a Hot Pink Leopard print dress with a ears attached to a hood and the tail attached to the skirt…Today is my first Halloween Party of the season. I recently added you to my favorites and been checking your site out little by litte everyday.
Thank you so much for this look! I will be taking your tutorial in the bathroom and following it step-by-step to do my makeup for tonite! The only change I am going to do, is to use a fuschia lipstick instead.
You are amazing!

this is soooo cool now i don’t kno which halloween look to choose, malifecent, sleeping beauty, or cat woman yayy im excitedd! lol

Hey I Never write on here. I am more a lurker!! But I wanted to say since you have started eating healthier- your acne might be because your body is detoxing. Especially if you had candida. heres a tip you can try. people swear by it but everyone is different as you know. Put Braggs apple cider vinegar or any organic ACV kind would work on a cotton ball and swipe your face let it dry. Hope it helps

HI, I have been having a problem with my eyeliner , i usually wear black or brown. i can put it on and it will be perfect but then a hour or two later is has smuged to the lower half of my bottom eye lid, even if i set it with eye shadow it still does this. not sure if its the product, or if my bottom eye area is just too oily. i use NYX eye pencils, PLEASE help, tired of looking like a raccoon,( i even wore makeup with out mascara just to see if that was the problem, ITS NOT)

Forgot to ask in my last post, WHEN are you going to finish the last of the soda series that we voted on?

I did a toned down version of this look, where I didn’t make the black bean pencil come out as far, but still had the cat eye shape, and I didn’t use as much color on my eyebrows, and shaped them to look the way I always do. I had every product listed to do this look so I did it exactly as Marlena did. I has a big problem with creasing on my lids, even with the shadow insurance, and gold pigment every thing was the same. It looked beautiful and can’t wait to add it to my pic albums, but I am curious if anyone else that tried this look, using the correct products had this isue. I don’t usally have creasing issues with NYX jumbo pencils creasing.

hi! so i love this look and probably am going to be cat woman this year. I have the color Barcelona from Nars Sheer glow foundation and was wondering what Revlon Colorstay foundation you used in one of you others video to keep the NARS from running out to fast. Also is Revlon colorstay better that L’oreal Ture Match?

Hi Marlena
I noticed that you use different eye primers on many of your looks. Is there a reason why? Do specific primers work better on different color shades?

I apreciate that your are working with models. I’m not saying that your not beautiful. You are a very beautiful women, but working with someother persons ,and faces we can figure out what makeup cand try or not, because I’m sorry to say but not every makeup I tried ,it was advantaging me.
P.S Sorry for my bad english !!!!

I used products that I had in my own makeup kit, because I cant afford to buy everything that was recommended. I also did the eyes a little less severe, but I layered the pencil, then powder, then gel liner, then powder again before I added the gold shadow. Mine stayed perfect until I washed it off the next morning. ( I know, I know, cardinal beauty sin…but I got to bed drunk at 4am so please forgive me)
Mine held up over 14 hours in 80 degree heat, so I think the trick was the layering.

I have no problem trying this make-up look for Halloween. Your model is a stunning girl. I wish I can rock the catsuit like the model. I can’t believe that I had a great body like your model when I was in my 20’s.

preparing for big halloween party this week and this Sooo helped ..Looks hot and cant wait to try it out! ty <3