Summer Hairstyle: Boho Twist

Hey Makuep Geeks! I wanted to do a hair tutorial that was fun, flirty, and easy! I always get compliments when I wear my hair like this, and it seriously takes me about 5 minutes- perfect for summer.   I love this hairstyle because it can be done with any type of hair, and you can dress it up or dress it down.

Mariel came over with her hair already washed and dried. I prepped her hair using the Its a 10 Miracle Spray. And parted her hair down the middle. I then curled it using my Hot Tools 1″ Curling Iron.

*You can chose what size of a curling barrel that you want to use. We chose a bigger barrel because we were going for a loose and flowy look.  You can also chose to do this hairstyle with wavy hair.

1:  I started the first twist half way between her ear and the middle part. I twisted her hair upward toward her middle part and bobby pinned it to secure the hair.

2:  I then moved to the opposite side of the part and did the same twist. Twisting it upward towards her middle part.

3:  The next step is to grab another section starting right above the ear to right under neath the previous section. Twist that in the same direction (towards the middle part) and secure that section.

4:  I pinned the hair so that the back of the hair was still left out, this is optional!

5: The next step is to create a loose  low pony tail at the nape of the neck.

6: I then bobby pinned the ends of her hair to make a bun! You can do this as lose or tight as you want! You can also leave pieces hanging out for more of a messy feel! Its totally up to you and the look your going for!

And viola- a cute yet extremely easy up-do! I even added a flower for more of a bo-ho feel!

I hope you guys enjoy this hair style as much as I do :)

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Posted in Hair Tutorials on (last modified: July 8, 2012)