Summer Hairstyle: Boho Twist

Hey Makuep Geeks! I wanted to do a hair tutorial that was fun, flirty, and easy! I always get compliments when I wear my hair like this, and it seriously takes me about 5 minutes- perfect for summer.   I love this hairstyle because it can be done with any type of hair, and you can dress it up or dress it down.

Mariel came over with her hair already washed and dried. I prepped her hair using the Its a 10 Miracle Spray. And parted her hair down the middle. I then curled it using my Hot Tools 1″ Curling Iron.

*You can chose what size of a curling barrel that you want to use. We chose a bigger barrel because we were going for a loose and flowy look.  You can also chose to do this hairstyle with wavy hair.

1:  I started the first twist half way between her ear and the middle part. I twisted her hair upward toward her middle part and bobby pinned it to secure the hair.

2:  I then moved to the opposite side of the part and did the same twist. Twisting it upward towards her middle part.

3:  The next step is to grab another section starting right above the ear to right under neath the previous section. Twist that in the same direction (towards the middle part) and secure that section.

4:  I pinned the hair so that the back of the hair was still left out, this is optional!

5: The next step is to create a loose  low pony tail at the nape of the neck.

6: I then bobby pinned the ends of her hair to make a bun! You can do this as lose or tight as you want! You can also leave pieces hanging out for more of a messy feel! Its totally up to you and the look your going for!

And viola- a cute yet extremely easy up-do! I even added a flower for more of a bo-ho feel!

I hope you guys enjoy this hair style as much as I do :)

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We don’t need your negative comment here. Next time if you don’t like it please keep it for yourself. This is a positive channel where people share there love and toughts and idea about makeup, fashion and hair. So if you don’t like it it’s up to you and leave the page and go somewhere else. There is enough negativity on internet that we don’t need some here. Hope you will take my advice because this is not fun reading stuff like your comment. These girls take time in there own busy life to come here and post something for us and all you have to say is I don’t think this is flattering. What a stupid comment. This hair style is GORGEOUS, FLATERRING, FEMININE AND PRETTY! End of discussion for me!

if there was a “like” button, I’d push it:). But yes I second that! If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

While I also think this is a very pretty look (and simple, too), I believe that just as you have a right to say what you want about the other person’s comment, they have a right to say what they said about the style without you going so far as to tell them to leave if their opinion doesn’t match up with yours. Kaye’s comment wasn’t malicious. She just said what she felt about the hairstyle. Not everyone is going to feel the same about every look that is posted on the site.

my negative comment doesn’t really mean negative on the person itself. that’s just my own personal opinion. is that really bad to say? I love marlena, and I like her objective on helping people. if there is someone stupid here that is you. you don’t have any right on saying that to me because you don’t know even know me.

besides I didn’t say its ugly, i just said its not that flattering, meaning its not as “wow” thing compared to other hair tutorials. c’mon, do you really expect people to always say “bow on you” its a personal comment duh! that’s just how I felt about it.

@ Whitney: thank god there is somebody who knows what is personal opinion.

@kokine26: watch your words honey, you don’t have the right to say stupid to people.

Do you want some cheese with your whine?

Kaye simply voiced her opinion and if it doesn’t agree with yours then sucks to be you. The world is not a happy fluffy place where everyone holds hands and sings kumbaya, people have different tastes and different opinions and if you can’t deal with that then maybe you should consider growing up and stop acting as if someone kicked your puppy.

Your tantrum made you a much more negative person than Kaye because all Kaye did was comment on a tutorial (that’s what the comment box is for, to provide feedback. It’s not a koolaid fountain) while you threw a hissy fit and stamped your feet so hard someone had to call a waaaahmbulance. Grow up. Get over yourself. Nobody needs you to white knight for them and it just makes you look like an idiot.

I think it’s going to be unfair to say too much things to KAYE. What she said is a very simple statement and as I see she didn’t mean any harm at all. She didn’t mention anything bad about the person who did the tutorial either, so I guess everyone is entitled to its own personal point of view. Saying “not flattering” is not bad. But a challenge on creating a more “head turning” hair tutorial. Let us also be considerate and careful on saying the word “stupid comment” because its not really stupid at all.

I kind of feel the same way. I don’t think it’s flattering mostly because of the bobby pins showing, and saying that we don’t need negative comments doesn’t help anything. We all have our opinions and I respect others’ opinions. Please respect mine and others’.

Of course we all have the right to voice our opinions, and say what we want to say. But when I see something I don’t like, I keep it to myself. Why? Because it’s the polite thing to do. I don’t like every tutorial that is posted but I don’t feel the need to “voice my opinion”. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

This is such a soft look. Be great for a garden wedding with seasonal flowers…gorgeous

this is beautiful! whether it is for a summer wedding or going out lunch! styles like this seem so perfect and only achievable in a salon but thanks to makeupgeek, I can ‘attempt’ to achieve this look! lol =)
Thank you!

Thank you for sharing. I am always looking for something different and quick for work. My boring old bun is getting old.

Some of the hair tuts that have been shown here have been lifesavers for me! And although some people will not always like the ideas shared with us by the MUG team, including myself once in awhile, keep in mind that everything will not be your taste. HOWEVER… I have been able to turn some of the things Ive seen here into something with my spin on it, which Im very grateful to the MUG team for. Inspiration in the places that I (admittedly) lack the creativity for. So a big GRACIAS to you, this gave me an idea! Keep up the good work, great ideas, and positive contribution to our beauty starved :)

I don’t care what anyone else thinks. If I can pull it off with the way my hair is cut I will wear it. I’m dying to try it out because I think it’s cute.

Amazing hairstyle I had seen and I can do it without required hot curling iron, my hairs always get wave in the morning after a shower at night.

I would sport this if I could hide the pins. I’ve never been a fan of showing off plain bobby pins and I don’t think this would look good using decorated ones. I’ll just have to add my spin on it :) I really like the soft twists and my curly hair would make it an easy updo.

I love the bohemian twist and I love this way of doing it. Looks so nice and sunny outside too! Much better than dreary England….

Love it, and though it looks so simple there is still no way I could do this to my hair. Makeup, no problem. An Updo? Its like my brain doesn’t function that way lol.

I love this look, I have done some that are similar to this. Makes me want to do something like this today….

I love this look! I changed it up a little bit and had the twists going to the lower part of the head instead of up so high (helps hide some of the pins!) Then decided to add a headwrap just to make it fun for the beach today :D