Step-by-Step: Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid

With the release of the much anticipated movie The Hunger Games, we decided to do an inspired hair tutorial on how to do the braid that Katniss wears in the Arena. It’s also known as a dutch braid, the only difference is it’s curved.

The dutch braid is extremely simple, it’s the same thing as a French braid the only difference is you are pulling the pieces of hair under the braid, instead of over the braid like you would in French. Below are steps on how to get the look yourself! Happy Hunger Games!

STEP 1.) Take a Chunk of Hair, as little or big as wanted
STEP 2.) Split into three smaller Chunks (1,2,3)

STEP 3.) Take Group 1 and pull it under group 2.

STEP 4.) Then take Group 3 and Bring it under Group 1.

STEP 5.) You are now going to add hair into group 2.

STEP 6.) Once you added the hair, you are going to then take group 2 and bring it under group 3.

STEP 7.) You are going to add Hair into group 1. Add in hair to the group that is being held between her fingers. Then Bring that under the braid.

STEP8.) Keep adding hair into each group like you would for a french braid. Pull the groups under the braid and then over. You are basically reversing a french braid.

STEP 9.) Continue this the entire way down.

STEP 10.) Make sure you pull the hair tightly so it stays in place.

Voila! You now have the Katniss Braid! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds ever be in your favor!

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This is a very well-written, easily followed tutorial on a pretty hairstyle. It is almost perfect. I just wish she had her nail polish off or her nails done. She is so beautyful, this little detail would have made it just perfect.

Seriously? Get a life and it judging people. Just because the best part of who you are is the way you look doesn’t mean that how it is for everyone.

Maybe you should just suck it up, it was just a suggestion, an opinion, just because she said that doesn’t mean you have to agree.

That’s actually a good suggestion. It makes it look more professional. She said the tutorial is great, and was giving her opinion. Judging her makes you sound really hypocritical, being that you’re judging her for “judging” someone.

As for the nail polish, I agree. If this tutorial were to go into a magazine or somewhere like that, everything would have had to be very tidy.

Anyway, I believe this tutorial was fantastic, and I really love this hairstyle.

Spelling the word “beautyful” correctly would make me take your comment seriously.

Actually I noticed the whole nail polish thing too. I don’t think of the fact that I noticed it as me being judgmental, but rather observant. I think the same of Anna. This IS a really nice tutorial but the pictures are all closeups of her hair and her hands so hence, her nails. It’s a small detail yes but it’s still valid to notice that tiny imperfection. I’m sure people would notice if her hair wasn’t freshly washed, looked greasy or dirty or had fuzzies in it.

Meanwhile this is a site that is dedicated to appearances–mostly makeup tutorials but obviously with some hair and probably somewhere (although I personally haven’t seen any) nail looks. Its funny how Pandora called Anna “superficial” when in fact everyone is to some extent and people on this site are probably more superficial than others. Why else would we all be so interested in how our hair and makeup look? It’s not the worst thing in the world to be a little superficial and it’s definitely not the worst thing to notice a small detail especially when it’s right in front of you.

This is still a great tutorial and I look forward to trying it out :D

Really pathetic, that THAT is what you noticed. Here’s the thing…. it’s not professional. It’s not in a magazine. These people didn’t have to make this or share it.

Those aren’t even her hands! If you look at step 10 you see those can’t be her hands, and in the last pic of the braid finished shows she has a full manicure so…

BTW, the braid is beautiful! I <3 her hair color totally!

This is a beauty blog and I am sure not only do I but probably all of the people who follow this blog expect to see all things beauty. I was so turned off by the lack of attention of either a quick coat of polish or putting photo shop through some more abuse on her fingernails, that I didn’t take time to look at or read what this posting is about. Not being critical just being honest because members have so many other blogs fighting for their attention, to be so careless or carefree to post pics makes it questionable as to who is in charge of approving such things as this .I know accidents happen but we dont expect beauty accidents of this magnitude on a beauty blog! I am predicting this should be a lesson learned & will never happen again!

Hi Elizabeth — Amber and Brittany are our store crew members and did this for fun. They did this on the spur of the moment in 15 mins. They were done with their normal tasks and I saw them doing this braid for fun. They had mentioned wanting to do a hair tutorial before, so I thought it would be prefect timing with the movie premiere today, but we had to hurry.

Our email updates go out each day at 3pm, so I wanted to have this ready for the day of the premiere and had only 30 mins to put the photos and post together after they decided to do this

I think it all looks great, didn’t even notice the fingernails. I love the braid and I’m so glad you were able to get it posted in time for the premiere! I’ve never read the books but I think that the braid is super cute, I can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much for posting this!

Thank you so much for posting this, it is perfect and the lack of nail polish shows that even though we all love things related to beauty we are all not perfect. So thank you for being human on a beauty blog :)

I think that Elizabeth’s comment is totally disrespectful and very rude to begin with. There is nothing wrong with having left over nail polish or whatever your problem was with the quick hair tutorial. Do not patronize yourself in being perfect in every nature. This is a fun site and people enjoy having these quick tutorials whoever they are made by. I think that your criticizing the girl for her lack of nail polish mishap is a representation of your own dissatisfaction with yourself and your low self esteem. If I were the owners of this blog I would have you banned, but that is my own personal opinion.

I think its great, who cares if there is nail polish or not! Please it falls off so quick anyway–it makes no difference. It just shows they are normal and perfect. I think its great and keep posting! :)

*** I meant to say “and not perfect” typo… but I agree with all the posts below me. haha i find this comment kind of funny actually!

“Accident of this magnitude ??? Damned, there’s been an eathquake ? How many people are dead ?
Seriously this is ONLY about beauty and make up . A friendly website run by professional but at the same time fun, natural and spontaneous people. Marlena & team I’m glad you did not lose this spontaneity…

For the love of Planet Earth and all things Holy, my only hope for mankind is that we walk away with perfect nails. Or else we are all doomed…to be normal?

Seriously people?

Elizabeth, I think you make a valid point. Thanks for pointing that out. My sister
(back in the 70’s) had points taken of from her overall score in the 4H sew with cotton contest because of poorly groomed nails. I learned from her to always have my nails polished completely or not at all. Again, thanks for pointing that out. I believe that it is important to remove chipped polish. it is tacky.

This isn’t a 4H contest, it’s a makeup site where people are just having fun. They’re not up for any kind of judgement but you’ve still brought it down. I don’t think you or the original poster understand the atmosphere intended here.

I understand what Elizabeth is saying, and she has a valid point. I don’t wear chipped nail polish on my hands, and when my toes are chipped I cover them up. This is a beauty blog and it should have as least the same standards that 4H has. Keep in mind that 4H isn’t a beauty blog, and sew with cotton isn’t a beauty contest.

This is just the product of a person who doesn’t understand the kind of atmosphere here. ;P

This is also the type of person that makes me embarrassed to tell people that I love and am obsessed with makeup.

I’m not one who needs my appearance to be perfect at all times, and this kind of person is maintaining the orthodox that everyone who is a tad interested in makeup should be done up at all times of the day.

This makes me frustrated.

I agree with you! I don’t even see how there are so many posts about this issue. Those people must live in a different world… I don’t know anyone so focused on their nails. Also, just saying; So many guys have said that they think fails nails are gross and kinda weird. And with painting nails, there is bound to be that leftover bit. Some people that have a life, with things that take up their time, don’t have the free time of the day every day to redo their nails completely. I truly can’t believe how many shallow people there are in the world.

That is really disrespectful. These girls did an amazing job, and nobody except you cares about coat of fingernail polish. These girls looked pretty young, and you didn’t even compliment them, only the girl’s fingernail polish. In my world, that is considered to be rude and disrespectful.

Actually, if you look more closely at the original nail polish comment you will notice there are actually 4 compliments.

That is ridiculous! Who cares about the nail polish. The model has beautiful hands, does it really matter whether or not her nail polish is perfect? Besides, this is a tutorial for Katniss’s braid. I think the chipped nail polish is even more in keeping with The Hunger Games!

You’ve got to be kidding me. Did you just join this site to complain? You are being critical – so please don’t say that you are not. The tutorial was about a braid. Do you have a YouTube channel? How many videos have you recorded? How would you feel if you did record something and people picked you apart because your eyebrow was arched funny? If you were so wrapped up in her polish that you could not look at what the tutorial was originally about, then maybe you should move on to a different site that’s perfect in your judgemental eyes.

I can’t ever do my nails they stay crapy looking because I have to be in my ROTC uniform every tuesdays and I am a hardcore study person so painting my nails is a waste of time in my opinion however I love doing my hair and make up my hair more but my point is you can post something about HAIR and have bad NAILS because the person that looks at it wants to know how to do ther HAIR not NAILS. Just my opinion. And I LOVE the hair style! :)

It’s pathetic that such a small thing that doesn’t matter (nor does it have any effect on the quality of their HAIR style) can keep you from reading this great article. Get a life besides criticizing other people.

Some people hint, hint, Elizabeth, can be super rude about the tiniest of tiniest things. I thought the tutorial was wonderful and taught me fast how to make this extrodinary braid. Some people should calm down and focus on what really matters, like…. THE HAIR, considering this is a hair tutorial. Anyway, you girls did a great job!

I love this beautiful and simple tutorial! Also, I didn’t mind the lack of nail polish AT ALL! New fashion trend?? :)

I didn’t even notice her nail polish. Ya’ll are silly this is a hair tutorial not a nail polishing one ^.^

I agree the hair braid looks beautiful but i also agree with Elizabeth. I am a freelance make up artist and i always make sure everything is just right. The nails looked sloppy and it took some of the focus off the braid. However, its not the end of the world but i think its something that should be considered next time.


Yes, but I think you pretty much sum it up yourself, you are a makeup artist, you do this for a living, you are a walking, talking billboard for your services. These girls did it for fun, in a rushed manner to get it out on time.

actually, the nails took nothing away from the focus of the braid. until I read all these ridiculous comments and returned to the tutorial for a second look, I never noticed them at all.

and just because you make sure everything is just right for your own work does not mean you should criticize others for not ensuring everything is perfect.

I think all the criticism regarding the nails and the fact that this is a hair tutorial is ludicrous, I’m sorry. WHO CARES! This was a fun hair look and was spur of the moment, as mentioned. Why so serious?! There have been other hair tutorials before on the site and don’t recall such a negative reaction – there’s no need to spread negativity on this site. It is so wonderful because everyone is usually so positive and supportive. I think it is a beautiful hair style and is very easy to follow, and am planning on replicating it tonight to the midnight premiere of the movie! So thank you a ton for posting this tutorial! :)

I think the braid is lovely, and just in time for the movie premier!
Also, to the HATERS— How about you learn some manners (I know, they’re so ancient…not really)
and keep your unfriendly comments to’s not that hard. You should appreciate her taking the time to show you something you’re probably going to try!

Love ya Makeup Geek!!!!!!

very pretty, I love doing the dutch braid on my hair, it looks nice. And are people really complaining about the nail polish? really? It is a hair tutorial, not a nail tutorial and people don;t need to be so rude.

nice tutorial. Please tell me this commenter is kiddiing and is not serious, Accident of this magnitude? really?

I hope everyone critiquing the lack of nail polish is always done up perfectly, all the time – and ever photo of them, every photo of their friends, every photo period is to perfection. Because hey, if this is a beauty blog, then the readers are into beauty things, so they should be perfect too. But hey, we’re all just human right? And nothing’s just done for fun?

You know, I actually read an article the other day in a magazine that touching up photos using Photoshop is becoming a trend right now, and they were discussing how this will impact how women view themselves and how far they will go to appear “perfect”, and whether or not the entire idea behind touching up your own photos was a good thing or a bad thing. Note: when I say touch up, I mean adding abs to men, making women look skinnier, giving yourself long hair, etc. I enjoy reading beauty mags/blogs/books and I definitely think that what we wear reflects who we are – BUT I do not condone the idea that someone should be perfect. Perfection in this society has caused quite a bit of damage to women, when we should be loving who we are and what we were born with naturally.

You girls did a nice job with this hair tutorial! I wish my hair was thick enough to pull this off, but it looks great on you Amber :)

Wow, I think Amber’s hair is amazing! I love everything about it!, Colour, length everything! It’s beautiful.

I can’t braid to save my soul! And it is too bad because I have a daughter that has thick long hair.
Wish I could do this! Maybe a braid tutorial for people with all thumbs?? LOL
PS. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. Some people are just put on this earth to point out everyone’s flaws….. just be glad you are not them!

HAHA I know, I can’t braid to save my life, and I have the girliest of girls for a daughter. I keep trying to French braid her hair and she ends up looking like an alien with a big giant head. I just can’t keep it tight. :P I’ll keep trying, and hopefully sometime I can do this awesome braid for her! It’s lovely!

Hey, it’s ok about people being so rude about the nail polish. She gets her own back by flipping them all the bird in step 7. : ) Love the hair!

Great Job Amber, You are awsome as always. And for the nails…well consider it part of the look Katniss had a lot of bad nail days in the book. I always called that kind of braid corn row, never knew it was called Dutch before, learn something new everyday.

I can’t believe the petty criticism of this tutorial. Lighten up people! If you don’t like it, PLEASE, don’t come back! We are allowed to have fun here….geez

We are all entitled to our opinions….my personal opinion is that Elizabeth is being waaaaayyyyy to critical of this and needs to lighten up. But hey, thats just my opinion… ;) Elizabeth, if it bothers you that much, don’t read it. I don’t understand how someone could be THAT anal as to not even look at the article because the person who was braiding in the photos had chipped nail polish….If you are that shallow and critical about things, I doubt you do much reading, if silly little things in pictures like that are enough to make you dismiss the entire article.

Anyways, I thought the article was great. It was explained well, with easy to understand photos. Good job, please keep them coming, nail polished or not! :)

Amber you are so beautiful!!! The Katniss Braid/Dutch Braid was perfect for the movie premiere! :) I’ll admit my nails kinda stink, but it isn’t the end of the world. I will make sure I do some sweet polish for the next hair tutorial!! ;) I think my rings look pretty awesome in the pictures though, especially my wedding ring!!!! :D Haha!!

Love to all the Makeup Geek fans!! ;)


Yeah, we’ll do better going forward, but I think the two of you did a phenomenal job — especially on such short notice and tight deadline.

Personally, I think that you should go without nail polish in the next hair tutorial or maybe wear a clear coat or something. You shouldn’t have to pain your nails just because you’re doing a hair tutorial.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round. There are those out there that have to point out other people’s flaws, it makes them feel more secure. I feel that if everything was perfect, you would still have those that will find something to criticize. Don’t worry and just know it is not you, it is them. Keep up the tremendous job you are all doing keeping it real!

Wonderful job! I look forward to more tutorials with chipped nail polish since we all know that beauty is an expression of individuality, not artificial adherence to a predefined set of superficial standards. Or did someone not get that memo?

Can’t believe how critical some people can be. Never even noticed the nail polish. If you are looking for a nail site this is not it. I clicked on it to see how to make a braid not to check if the person doing it had her polish on perfectly. Great job girls, very well done. Maybe some of these people should have paid more attention to BAMBI when they were little. “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Really who needs to read peoples negativity.

Hi. I like your braid except please next time take pictures that are less extreme close up so that you can see where the hair is sectioned from (temple etc) that was the only part I found difficult to follow.

To the Makeup Geek team….just wanted to shout out to a very easy to follow tutorial on braiding. It was done extremely well, especially for those of us who are “braid” challenged. Now as for all this whoopla about the nail thing….seriously….OMGosh do we really need to be so critical. Isn’t the point of this tutorial about hair, not nails? Quite honestly I thought the nails were marked with a sharpie on purpose for ease of seeing how the fingers manipulate the hair. LOL

In my opinion…Nick, I don’t think you needed to explain yourself. You are very kind to do so but the point is about how to accomplish a particular hairstyle. Which you all did perfectly. Just sayin…

For goodness sakes people, please…. you’ve got your braids wound waaaay toooo tight!!!

Love love love this look. (Don’t care about the nail polish! Lol.)

Amazing, easy to follow tutorial! Well written and photographed!! Thanks so much!

I loved beautiful and just in time in for movie…thanks for sharing this talent with us..thank you makegeeks..:)

I love this look! Too bad I need approx 5 sentient hands and an out of body experience to do anything as awesome as this with my hair. :)

I wasn’t under the impression that they were going for photographic excellence or magazine-like perfection. I thought they were trying to show us how to do a really sweet braid. They achieved that.

Oh, I wish I could braid!! Ive tried, but it never turns out right and somehow even if I manage it on other people I can never do my own. But this looks really neat :)

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts and comments it’s truly appreciated. As far as the nail polish thing, we will remember that for next time, we didn’t mean to cause such controversy over it. But thank you so much for your thoughts and suggestions for next time. Brittany and I hope to have some more hair styles for you guys soon!!!

Thank you so much for showing the braid! It is awesome! I did it tonight for my daughter, and she loved it so much. I had to go back to see what all the hoopla about your nails was, and all I have to say is: WOW! They really, really have too much time on their hands. You did a great job on the HAIR which was the subject of this particular piece. I hope you do not let those ridiculous comments get to you.

Hello! I Love this braid step by step guide thank you! I also would like to have my hair color like yours in these pics. What would you call your hair color? lol
Let me know! Thanks again!
Law <3

Haha I would call my hair color a snack mix of everything. I love coloring my hair, so it has everything from dark brown, to black to an overcoat of read, with blonde highlights! I’m delighted you like it. Have a wonderful day Lauren!

I went to the midnight premiere and lots of girls were rocking the braid! I chopped 9″ off in September to be donated, but I will be bringing the braid back as soon as my inches return!

Now, let’s talk about Elizabeth, shall we?

While you, Elizabeth, were so busy criticizing this neat website’s tutors about publishing without polishing, you neglected to polish your own piece. Let’s break down your paragraph.

This is a beauty blog and I am sure not only do I but probably all of the people who follow this blog expect to see all things beauty. **Commas or periods. This is a borderline run-on sentence.** I was so turned off by the lack of attention of **You give attention “to” something** either a quick coat of polish or putting photo shop **Check your spelling and capitalization.** through some more abuse on her fingernails, that I didn’t take time to look at or read what this posting is about. **Ended with a preposition.** Not being critical just being honest **Side note: Yes, you are being critical, so maybe you should look up what “critical” means. Also, this sentence is a mess.** because members have so many other blogs fighting for their attention, to be so careless or carefree to post pics makes it questionable as to who is in charge of approving such things as this .I **Period not next to last word in the sentence.** know accidents happen but we dont **Apostrophe** expect beauty accidents of this magnitude on a beauty blog! I am predicting this should be a lesson learned & **Really? An ampersand?** will never happen again!

Now that you know what it’s like to have someone go over your quickly posted piece, I certainly hope that the lesson is learned and you won’t do it again.

DRAMA IN MUGWORLD!!!! I love Marlena, this site, being a MUG, but yall are losing me. Some people were right, some people were wrong, I have my opinion… but I’ll keep it to myself, OVER IT

Really Elizabeth! This page is about doing a hairstyle not touching up fingernails. Who cares if she didn’t take off the rest of her fingernail polish. Its not a big deal. I didn’t notice it until I read the comments. I paid attention to the directions in how to do the braid. Get over it and stop being so critical about it.

I wish my hair would grow faster! I love this braid but mine ends likes right at my neck when I braid it so I look like a puppy with a short tail, lol. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world :)

I didn’t notice the models nails until I read the comments. I respect that this is a fashion site but nails are one of the hardest things to maintain. Especially if you’re someone who uses your hands a lot. I rarely paint my nails and when I do it looks crappy and manicures are expensive. Whats the point of going through the trouble when it only lasts a couple of days anyway. Personally I find chipped polish to be an attractive fashion statement. Its rebellious and rebellion is very stylish.

On a more positive note:
The model has gorgeous hair and the braid is very well executed.

hey! my name’s ariana, too! haha (talking to comment up there) & i’ve never seen a bunch of people who spell it with one “n” instead of two, but i prefer it with one, anyway(: but this tutorial was beautiful & the girl is so beautiful & has great hair, i think that comment was just to start trouble. it doesn’t even matter if that one person thought so, everyone else didn’t care & thought it was a great blog.(:

man….why do i cut my hair..i could do this tutorial only after the trilogy ended..!! T_T.. (could only look with envy)

Girls..Cutting your body parts except for hygienic reason should be thought over and over before doing so. Because what you think is ugly could be beautiful if you just stop and think again.

I love that I fund this, I just went and saw the movie not even an hour ago, and with my obsession with my hair, this hairstyle is the first thing I googled. I have long thick hair exactly like her in the movie, however I have no Idea how to French braid. I have tried this over and over but my arms hurt. It’s awesome tutorial but I am simply inexperienced with braiding my own hair besides a simple side braid. Deffinitely going to need an extra pair of hands for this. GREAT JOB LADIES!!

Wow, great job ladies! Love, love, love the hair! Its such a beautiful color too! My hair is probably too short for this, but I’m going to try a shortened version sometime. Thank you so much!

Yes, i feel the same way about this Elizabeth. People are looking at this because they want to learn how to do the braid, NOT to critisize the girls fingernail’s. I’m 12 and even i can tell that this Elizabeth person must be a pretty hateful person to be around.. I’m not trying to be rude but cut the girl some slack! This Elizabeth person has WAY to much time on their hands to critisize someone for having fun!!

I think the hairstyle looks great! The steps look easy enough to follow as well! It might take me a few tries because I am not exactly fantastic at doing my hair but I absolutely love it and want to learn how to do it! Thanks for posting such an easy tutorial! :)

I have very long hair and I usually hate hair tutorials because I can never find one easy enough to follow. This one was great! I tried it and it actually looked the way it was suppose to yay! Great job and I will definitely be looking for more awesome ideas from you guys.

Well .. I did not even noticed the nail polish until I read the comments lol the braid looks beautiful only I’m not so good at following directions like this I get it better by watching videos but that is just me … Great work ! N don’t listen to this crazy people who have nothing better to do but to spill venom all over the place lol

great job on the tutorial :D really easy,and i try it,and it really work,my friend like it and ask me how it is,so i show this site :D oh yeah,about the nail polish,let’s just take it as a comment that will help you improve :)

One or two small chips in polish are okay. Small polish islands in the middle of your nails equal several days or weeks worth of improper grooming. It’s not pretty, it’s not professional, and obviously it DID distract from the tutorial for at least some readers. Experimentation and fun are one thing; laxness and negligence are another. No one looks perfect all the time, of course not! And no one expects anyone to. Polish chips, nails break, hairdos fall out of their pins or get rained on. But I think this is a plausible complaint on a beauty blog, especially given that the original commenters could not be expected to know before commenting that it was a rush job. I myself did not originally notice the nails, but now that I do see them, I do find them distracting and juvenile. Accepts the chips of life, ladies, but do try to leave polish islands in middle school.

Haha, I just found a picture of this braid on Glamour magazine’s Girls in the Beauty Department! Loved the tutorial, and I guess they did too!(on Pinterest) I guess they didn’t mind the chipped nails either! :-p

Hello my name is Kathleen. You have such beutiful hair and you are a really pretty young women and that reverse frrnch briad looks so… cute.

Hi! I tried this! And it looks great! An awesome way to keep hair out of my neck as it is peak summer here now :) Thanks for the fantastic tutorial :) Keep it coming!

I tried it twice already. It looks super cute, but I have a lot of layers which poke out at various spots. I don’t mind because it adds character. I’m going to try placing the braid in different spots to see what the outcome is. Keep up the good work ladies and gents!

Gosh, was reading and watching the layers so carefully and did not even notice the nails – only after reading all that comments ammount under….Thank you girls for finding time to do it! I never knew it was a Dutch braid!

Am I the only one who actually tried to do the braid? I can’t get my fingers trained to go under. what is the secret?

This is gorgeous! Amazing job girls! Definitely going to try this, I just hope my hair is long enough!!! :)

I pinned this the day it was published and have 1,000 repins! Craziness! Anyhow, awesome tutorial :D

considering I was the one looking on the internet for Katniss braid instructions, I would hardly put myself in the position of power with respect to criticising the manner in which the braid tutorial was administered. Especially not the irrelevant details such as nail polish! When I saw the chipped nail polish my only thought was that it just made her hair’s flawlessness even more apparent. I have incredibly long hair and was disappointed when I first attempted the Katniss braid (before looking it up online) and the end result only reached the top of my breast, so the first thing I noticed was how gloriously long and thick Amber’s hair is. I don’t get the attitude, you’re either looking for instructions on how to do a particular haristyle, or you don’t need instructions…. therefore why are you reading the tutorial? I know that when I am trying to emulate a particular hair or makeup style I am so super excited and grateful when I find a well explained and illustrated tutorial that I do not even think critical thoughts as though the blogger is a product that I deserve to have marketed to me appropriately. Nope, I’m the one that needs their expertise, so I am thankful that they shared their knowledge and time for my benefit.

Thanks so much for the tutorial!
I saw the movie and to me it looked like she a braid on both sides of her head, or is that just me? Love all types of braids since my hair is so long and thick. I’m growing it out to donate it and I’m always trying to tie it back without damaging it too much.
Thanks again!

Click on my name and be taken to a new beauty and fashion blog. Tutorials will be up tomorrow! give us a chance and PLEASE follow! :)

I have to say, through all my years of treacherously searching for braid tutorials that you, by far, have the best and most informative tutorials. All I need is an extra set of hands and I would be able to do this in no time!

I think everyone should shut up about the nail polish and criticize what the tutorial is actually about. No one came here with the intention to see how nails are “supposed” to look or anything involving nail care. People are different and we all have to accept that, in this case, some have higher standards for how their nails look than others, but I’m sure the people involved with the tutorial didn’t post this so that the internet can talk about the woman’s nails. Those who keep saying it’s “unprofessional” for her nails to look like that, fine. But it’s even more unprofessional when your criticism isn’t fixed towards the target subject and you go off on irrelevant tangents.

Beautiful hair, well written tutorial. The chipped polish reminds me of Katniss’s chipped polish in the book “The Hunger Games.” So I like to see it as a nod to authenticity! :)

Hey love the braid!!! didn’t actually notice the nail polish till I read all your comments haha. But seriously??? personally I don’t find it an issue at all but theres no need to get all angry at the people who noticed it. They’re entitled to their opinion and a lot of you need to seriously chill out. Saying she should be banned from the website? Omg!! who cares if some people like things to be perfect. Their allowed to feel that way so calm down haha but that’s just my opinion, again love the post :)

This is insane. You guys are fight over some chipped nail polish. This is about hair, not nails. Honestly, this is very immature. You aren’t paying anything for this tutorial. If you want to complain about a tutorial that someone put up out of their own free will for the public to see and enjoy, and the first thing you notice is her nails, you should really think that over. If it bothers you that much, don’t comment. Problem solved.

OMG I wanted so badly to post how to do a Katniss braid on Tumblr but my friends are camera challenged and I am the only one with long hair. This is great and so well done! Love this site! Great job!!

OMG i love ur hair Amber! this was a really good tutorial…..iv looked at a bunch of others and got rly confused. But not on this 1! and as for the nail polish thing….god! You guys are more anal than Spencer Hastings! and ik im kinda being a hypocrite here but…..its kinda sad that an entire argument was started over nail polish.

And yeah….I did have to bring Pretty Little Liars into this cuz im just that obsesse with it!

I love The Hunger Games and Katniss Everdeen! I love her braid and this site explains how to do it very well. It took me a couple tries, but I got it very fast.

Elizabeth- Remember what the tutorial is about. It’s about how the braid is done. NOT her nails. And who cares if her nails are chipped. Who are you to judge people because of their nails?

Thank you very much for the tutorial, I will be doing this braid tonight for my birthday dinner ;-)

love the braid, i’l try it! gorgeous, good job! and to all the people leaving the ridiculous comments about the nail polish? dos it even matter. the frst person to bring it up was just making a comment. there is no need to make it into this big ridiculous drama fest, is there? i think not…

You are amazing Emily!!! That was super sweet of you to stick up for her. We need more people like you in the world.:) As for Elizabeth, think about what you say before you say it. Yes you are entitled to your own opinion but there is such a thing as having a heart. You don’t need to voice everything you think because it can hurt people and if your selfish? then voicing your opinion all of the time will get YOU nowhere..<3 As for the hair tutorial? I absolutely loved it!!! Thank you i totaly needed to learn how to perfect that braid, it's beautiful:) Thank you again:)

This is A amazing i really like it and my mom did it for me i am only 16 and
i have a real black hair and thick this is awesome thank you so much i watch the hunger game it killed me inside

I LOVE your hair!!!!!! I wish i could do this to my own hair! And quit it with the “fake hands”, maybe someone else did it for her.

When it comes down to the book Hunger games, I become really ecstatic. Katniss’s hair is so enticing, You are so proficient.

I didn’t notice any nail polish or make-up issues and only bothered to look because I found it firetrucking ridiculous that any casual website browser would think to point that out. Sure, it’s nice to have carefully painted nails and to meticulously apply make up in anticipation of a photographer taking your picture. I find it sad, however, that the average Internet user has come to expect these things of everyone they see. It isn’t a question of “professionalism” but of how we have come to define “professionalism” for people at whose pictures we look (women especially – but not exclusively).

Frankly, people pay image consultants and their ilk to deal in hair-and-nails criticism. If you care about that moo-poo and subscribe to the superficial definition of “professionalism,” you hire these people before you photograph yourself. If you’re having a whimsy-filled and jolly-making good time posting cute hair tips online, you are not asking for that kind of feedback. THAT is why the first posted comment on this page should never have left its poster’s mind, hit the keyboard, and bounced into the Interwebbies.