Overlapping Half-Up Half-Down Hair Tutorial

Summer is in full swing and everyone is looking for a cool summer hair style that will keep them not only feeling but looking amazing. Here we have another addition to our hair tutorials that is perfect to help beat the heat. The last thing you want to do is add more heat to your hair during these hot summer months and this striking style is perfect regardless of whether your hair is thick, thin, straight or wavy.

Whether you are looking for a quick hairstyle for a day at the beach or for a night out on the town, this fun, summery look is perfect for any occasion. The stunning overlapping technique is easy to achieve and looks remarkable on everyone. Give this eye-catching, trendy look a try and let us know what you think.

BTW, feel free to check out our other hair tutorials and let us know if you have any hair tutorial requests :)

Anyway, before we get started with the eight easy steps, here’s the final look:


Step One: Take a small chunk of hair from above the ear.

Step Two: Take a bobby pin and insert it 3/4th’s of the way down your hair section.

Step Three: On the opposite side of your hair, take a chunk of about the same amount as your last one ( We’ll name this Section 2) and pull it in the opposite direction as Section 1.

Step Four: Section 2 should be overlapping section 1, as showed above.

Step Five: Take Section 2 and bobby pin it under Section 1.

Step Six: Take a new section (Let’s name it Section 3) of hair from under Section 1 and pull it over Section 2.

Step Seven: Take Section 3, and bobby pin it under Section 2.

Step Eight: Repeat this 2 more times (or more if you desire) to achieve this look!

Voila! You are finished. You can always spice it up by curling your hair as well, or throw your own little twist in it!

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This is gorgeous and such a creative and different (fun!) way to style your hair, no matter how wild or tame it is.

The pictures and step-by-step guide is great too!

You guys should make a youtube channel and upload every second of the day because I can’t get enough of y’all!!!! Too darn cute your hairstyles and make-up is always GREAT!!!!!!!!!

haha Thank you! We are working on it! Brittany and I LOVE doing these, and we are so delighted that you lovely people of Makeup Geek are enjoying them too!

This is SUCH an EASY on trend option to all us girls who use some ugly clip to put our hair up halfway. Thank You for the video. I will try this style today. Looks very easy and turns out very stylish. Great Job! Amy Eugene, OR USA

I have hair just below my shoulders and being a colored woman, I thought twice about trying it,,, But it actually came out so nice, instead of just leaving the back out I curled it using a 1 inch barrel and the curls were nice and luscious!! I went to a party with my hair like that I got so many compliments….so if you need to tweek it a bit, you can and doing it on your own is not as hard as you think, and use hair pins that are the color of your hair!!!