Curved Dutch Braid to Messy Bun Tutorial

After our success with the Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid and the Fishtail Braid / Mermaid Braid tutorial, Brittany and I are back with more hair tutorials.

It’s hard to find a quick and easy hairstyle for those hot summer days, but we’ve got your votes and made a tutorial just for you! The braid keeps those fly-away’s back and the bun keeps the rest of the hair off of your neck! Don’t be intimidated! It is easier than you think! Great for a day at the beach or dress it up for a night on the town, either way this look can be just for you!

Here are 20 easy steps to create your own dutch braid into a messy bun! We hope you enjoy it!

Step One: Part your hair over to your favorite side.

Step Two: (You may include your bangs if you want them out of your face or you can wear them down like Amber in the photos below.) Grab a chunk of hair right next to your part.

Step Three: Split the chunk of hair that you grabbed and split it into thirds to get the braid started.

Step Four: (You are going to dutch braid just like in the last hair tutorial we did for you guys, the Katniss braid. Make sure you watch for the difference in this tutorial though to get the right effect of this braid.) Take piece one and go under piece two/the middle piece. Piece one will now turn into the middle piece.

Step Five: Take piece three and put it under piece one/the middle piece.

Step Six: Grab pieces one, two and three with your left hand. (Here’s a TIP! Grab piece one with your left pinky. Grab piece three with your left ring finger. Grab piece two with your left middle finger.)
Using your right pointer finger pull up a chunk of hair from your hair line or back of your bang line.

Step Seven: Join this new chunk of hair to piece two/the front piece or piece toward the hair line, all of this is now piece two.

Step Eight: Take piece two and put it under piece three/the middle piece. (You can now start to see the dutch braid be created.)

Step Nine: (This is where the difference is between this braid and the Katniss braid comes into play. Pay careful attention to get the full effect of this hair style.)
Make sure you DO NOT grab extra hair to join with piece one, as if you you were going to complete a french or dutch braid. This part of the hair style pulls in the effect of the loose, messy, curved braid to the bun.
Take piece one and put it under piece two/the middle piece.

Step Ten: Repeat steps 5-7. Grab a chunk of hair, join it with the front piece, put it under the middle piece then put the furthest piece (towards the crown of your head) under the middle piece.
As you go down your hair line you can grab bigger and bigger chunks of hair to get the braid to look fuller.

Step Eleven: When you get to you ear lobe with your braid tug upward on hair that is above the braid to get the messier look.


Step Twelve: As you grab more and more hair to put in the braid and as you go along the back of your head make the pieces longer pulling them up towards the crown of your head before joining it to the braid for the more curved effect.

Step Thirteen: Once you have reached the opposite side of your head that you started the braid from stop picking up hair and just braid a regular braid to keep the dutch braid in form while creating the messy bun.

Step Fourteen: Grab the extra hair that is left over and not in the braid yet with your left hand while holding you braid in your right hand.

Step Fifteen: Combine that extra hair you just picked up with the braid. You now have a pony tail getting ready to be created into the messy bun. At this point you may create any messy bun that you prefer doing and skip steps sixteen through eighteen or keep following along to help create Ambor’s messy bun.

Step Sixteen: Amber’s messy bun (steps 16-18) – Start by putting the pony tail holder around the pony tail like you would put your hair in a regular pony tail, but don’t pull the hair/pony tail all the way through. (The excess hair will be pinned up later with bobby pins.)

Step Seventeen: Twist your pony tail holder to secure the slightly pulled through pony tail and squish the hair to create the messy bun look.

Step Eighteen: Wrap your pony tail holder around and around your bun until the pony tail holder is too tight to wrap around your bun again. You aren’t done yet though!

Step Nineteen: Using bobby pins- grab random parts of your bun and secure it to your hair where you would like your bun to spread out at. We ended up using 10-15 bobby pins to secure the bun tightly. (HERE IS A TIP! Bobby pins hold your hair better when you put them in upside down and crisscross them. (Sometimes you can hear them grind again each other when you crisscross them. That’s means it is secure!)

Step Twenty: Sprits with hair pray and voila! You are finished and ready for school, work or to go out with some friends!

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Stay tuned for many more hair tutorials in the future! What would you like to see next?


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