Step-By-Step: Cranberry Smoke with Makeup Geek Shadows

Nothing is as smoldering as a smokey eye. Adding color to a smokey eye is a great way to change the look up and still have the same gorgeous effect. Perfect for you green/hazel eyed gals, this cranberry smokey eye is a ideal example of a colorful smokey eye. This is will also enhance your brown and blued eyed girls as well. Perfect for the fall weather or for a night our with friends or that special someone when you want to look extra special.


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So, this look was inspired by Kristen Stewart’s  NYC Twilight Eclipse screening back in 2010 :


First start with priming your lid with your favorite primer:

Then apply MUG Burlesque shadow to whole lid:

Then apply MUC Chickadee to crease , blended upwards :

Next apply MUG Corrupt to outer half of the lid, blend well:

Then the liner. Line both you upper and lower lashline, as well as your waterline:

Blend the liner on the lower lashline with using Burlesque:

Finally add mascara:

And the look is done!

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if you would pack exact or alike color into makeup kit to sell in your store so people might well buy this. I loves this smokey eye products. I would try this cranberry smokey.

I liked the tutorial format. It was clear and easy to follow. With it written out, I could easily take my time and see the details of each step. Thank you!

LOVE! marlena, anyway you can do something similar to this type of tutorial for ur basic everyday looks? It’s easier tp follow and see exactly what to do :) thanks!

amazing look. :D what would be good dupes for the shadows tho?? For those of us that don’t have MUG eyeshadows.

I love this look! Since Burlesque, Chickadee or White Lies are not in the MUG eyeshadows that just came today I am going to improvise. This Saturday I will try this look using Sensuous, Preppy, Galaxy (going for something a little lighter than Corrupt) and either Vanilla Bean or Shimma Shimma. Cannot wait to try this out. Thanks!

This is such a gorgeous look!!! Love it…going to do it tomorrow! :)
Thanks for sharing with us…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This is beautiful….can you also do the makeup look that Kristen has in her final scene of Breaking Dawn? The movie really show her eyes up close, and the wedding makeup she used as well?

Thank you

I LOOVE this, Jangsara! I would totally try this out if I didn’t think I would like like I’d been in a fight ;) But its beautiful!

P.S. I have the exact same color eyes as you;What color do you recommend to make our eyes look more blue? :)

Jangsara, I LOVE your looks! I wish you would do video tutorials. I follow them easier. Keep up the amazing work! Thanks for your inspiration.

Totally gorgeous! I have been waiting to give Burlesque a try ( I got it a 3 other colors last week). PS Envy rocks my sock!!! I cant wait to place my second order of MUG shadows :D

Hey kristin, she does have a youtube account, thats where i normally watch her videos. just search makeupgeek on YouTube.

i am dying to try this look on me ….I just have one question …. this may sound silly but what are the brush tools used to create this look? thank you

Simply stunning. I never would have thought to combine those colors but it really is beautiful. Yay, for yet another great look!

Hi…I L??? this, but I live in south africa, is it possible to get here? Also can ? do a tut for smokey eye for indian skin?

I enjoy Jangsaras looks, however:
* It would be great if she could actually show pictures of the colors she uses, in the pot as opposed to just on the eye.

*How about some looks for people who dont have that eye color? Obvi, she wants to do looks that complement her eye color/skin tone, but maybe a dupe list for different skin colors/eyes ect would be helpful