5 Minute Makeup

If you’re in a hurry in the morning, the last thing you want to do is a 20 minute makeup look!  I’m in a hurry most mornings too, so I wanted to show you what I do to get ready when I’m short on time :)  Granted, I do use several products here, but I use very little amount and apply quickly as I’ve done this so many times.  You can leave out what steps you need, but for me personally, I need quite a bit of coverage under the eyes to hide my dark circles.

I hope you all are doing well!  Thanks again to each of you for your support in not only my videos, but the Makeup Geek line- it means a lot :)


Face Products:

  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer – “Medium” (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation mixed with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation (Amazon)
    • *The Neutrogena foundation alone is great for a dewy finish. If you want more coverage but don’t want to spend a ton of money, then mix with the Revlon Colorstay. The 2 combined provides a satin finish (not matte, but not dewy)
  • Dermablend Cover Creme (Amazon) (eBay) (Macy’s)
  • Palladio Rice Powder (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Tarte Powder Blush – “Tipsy” (Amazon) (Sephora)

Eye Products:

Lip Products:



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Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this look!! I am always in such a hurry in the mornings, and I feel like I never have time to do a proper makeup look for work, and this will look great in my office! Thanks again!!

Hey Marlena,

I’m from Australia, but I was just wondering, where did you do your Makeup Artist qualification?

P.S. You are AMAZING!

Fantastic video thanks Marlena… Your olive skin really comes to life with those colours, you look fabulous and this type of video is really great for reminding us that a little can go a long way, thank you. Also, your hair lends so much to your great look. I love it!

Hi Marlena, firstly thank you for something that is so practical for the working girl – although I may have to have a few goes at it to make it down to 5mins though!
For breakouts I found that it was the washing powder I was using on my bed linen and it could also be worth changing your pillow as that could also be the cause. Hope this helps!

There seems to be a few people who have the same issue with Tide. I use Ecover detergent and that worked for me. All different for all people though but I would try All Free Clear or Method’s Free & Clear. You should be able to get those from Target or Walmart!

Hey Marlena! I had no idea you were SO BEAUTIFUL without make up!
I loved your tips for quick make up but you look so much more beautiful without make up than you are with little make up!!!

hey Marlena!
i love ur all tutorials and u soooooo much ! :D
i keep waiting every day when u’ll gonna upload new videos !
well, i have a little request.. can u pls make a video on products that can be used on oily skin , and those which are suitable for hot weather as well.
i also have a question.. u have mentioned in one of ur videos, that “MAC fix+ spray” shouldn’t use on oily skin (i was just about to order that!!) , then what’s the alternative?
plss plss plss do reply !

The best thing I’ve found is an oil mattifier primer- mary kay actually makes a pretty good one… Also, Neutrogena’s All Matte face powder is pretty good- just use lightly so it doesn’t cake up.

I wouldn’t use MAC’s fix plus spray if you’re oily as it will add to the shine. You probably don’t need a misting spray at all :)

okay…. but i think my face is oily mostly over the T-zone area. is it correct to call it oily skin? or is it combination one? ! also i have visible pores on both side of my nose! will that primer hide them as well?
another question is.. i don’t understand what is my undertone? how to figure it out?!
i hope i am not bothering u with my repeated inquiries !! :p
and off course..thanks for ur all valuable suggestions and patience as well ! :)

Hi Marlena!

Some reasons I heard for breaking out only in one side of the face are: using the cellphone on one side only after it has gotten contaminated with something. Also, if the pillow case gets dirty with an allergen it can irritate the face (if you sleep on one side). Even the sun can cause break outs in some cases (if one is taking some sort of medication for example) and I guess that maybe you can break out in just one side if the sun was hitting you there. Or it could be just chance, hehe. Gook luck with that!

Hi Marlena,

Great video! I have issues with breakouts and my cellphone as well. I have very sensitive skin and I noticed that when I wear makeup often it gets on my screen and breakouts soon follow. So I just try to stay mindful of that and sanitize my phone once a week. I also use lens cleaning wipes

Hi Marlena
i hope everything is good with u :-) i am loving ur hairs in this video…they are beautifully curled..they r sooo set…i know which curler do you use but dont know how you do it sooo Good ?
Thanks for uploading this video coz we all r in hurry Everytime..lol
Love you

You look so different for some reason.. in a good way, of course! I can’t put my finger on it (that’s what they say the effects are of fillers, that people won’t be able to tell so hopefully if you did it, you succeeded, good job haha) your face just looks plump and so full.. no lines or wrinkles!!
I’m an advocate of doing anything necessary to keep yourself looking and feeling younger. I recently had injections in my face as well, some of which included Restalyn injected underneath my eyes – talk about dark bags and sunken hollows.. I needed it bad! The results are said to last anywhere from 1-2 years. It’s a great investment.. I live in South Jersey and went to Dr. Nima Shemirani in Beverly Hills… he is amazing! Anyway, I always hear your complaints in your videos about how you don’t like the bags and dark circles under your eyes… so.. just giving you a heads up.. he is amazing. I have many girlfriends who have had much work done by him and love him. I had to see for myself and now I also wouldn’t go to anyone else, even though I live on the East Coast.

You are a beautiful woman regardless of what you choose to do to your face, please know this. I am just putting a suggestionout there from one woman to another who also hated the bags/dark circles under her eyes.
Take Care!

I want botox badly!! hahaha Gotta finish school first /: Love your videos & tips, Marlena – You are a beautiful & savvy lady!

Ok so I noticed the left side of my face was also a MESS…one day the lightbulb went off. I had done quite a bit of driving for about a year, and the sun damage from the window had wreaked havoc on my skin! Mine was predominantly dark marks but I also broke out quite a bit. So I’m not sure what the fix is other then stronger sunscreen and some glycoloc acid moisturizer. Hope that helps! Keep doing what you do, love it!

I love this look Marlena. Thank you! One question. It looked like you were dipping an eyeliner pencil into the gel liner pot. Is that the case? If so, what color pencil did you use?

Hi Marlena,
Thanks so much for doing this tutorial. I have an interview tomorrow with an amazing company and this tutorial re-confirmed my current simple everyday makeup routine. Currently, instead of doing the black eyeliner in the waterline, I’ve been doing white eyeliner since I look tired in the mornings. I need to buy more jet black gel liner, so I can get back to this similar look. And I completely agree about the getting older and not wearing shimmering blush. NARS Orgasm blush is not doing it for me anymore since it is too sparkly for my taste now.

Hope that you have a great week! Thanks again for this tutorial.

Hi Marlena,
Thanks for the video! I don’t usually have time to put on makeup in the mornings so I go to work looking pretty scary. Lol so you pretty much did my coworkers a favor. :)

I would also like to know what pencil eyeliner you used in the video to dip in the gel liner.

Another thing…what moisturizer would you recommend for acne prone skin? It seems like everything I use breaks me out. I need something with SPF in it.

Anyway thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Quick question…. The beauty blender – do you clean this daily? I noticed you mentioned getting it wet and using it to blend out the foundation but wouldn’t it get kinda cakey after a few uses? You’ve probably already answered this somewhere so my apologies. Thanks!

P.S. you look great btw! :)


Hi Marlena!! I noticed you did not use a face primer…?? Do you like it better without? Is this ok to do for an oily skinned person? I am still on the hunt for a good primer, Mac mattifier broke me out and monistat is just a bit too slick for me. This is a non stop search for me!! :'(

Of course that having a gorgeous face like yours helps a lot ! Thank you for always caring for your Makeup Geeks, we love you!

Beautiful as always!

I generally break out on the right side of my face. I recently nailed down the problem. For the majority of the night I sleep on my right side and have multiple piercings in my ears (20 or so.) So when sleeping on my side I either cup my hand around my ear or rest my hand on my face to keep my ear from touching the pillow. Although my hands are clean, I guess if it rests there for the majority of the night it causes the right side of my face to break out. I stopped doing it and no more breakouts. So not sure if you have your hand/arm on the left side of your face when you sleep but that seemed to work for me.

I adore you, keep up the amazing work! =)

Marlena I think you are very beautiful, even with out makeup on. It is refreshing to see someone who hasn’t really changed (from what I have seen on your videos) and that stays true to herself. Also, you are an example to young women who want to pursue their dreams and show how hard work really does pay off! Thank you for a fun & informative channel not to mention an awesome makeup line!

This is about what I do in the morning when I’m in a rush. :)

About the outbreak on the lefstside of your face, is that maybe the side you sleep on the most? I’ve heared that can close off your skin and can couse breakouts.


Left side blemishes = cell phone. If you use your left hand to hold your cell phone when you chat, the bacteria from the phone could be transferring to your cheek/face. Make sure you disinfect your phone with rubbing alcohol or q-tips dipped in Purell. :)

Thank you for your videos Marlena! I love them! I found this website that answers why we get acne. The main factor is our diet, and/or drugs or vaccines. All the additives, artificial ingredients and chemicals that are in our food. Take a look at this article on acne. http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/what-causes-adult-acne.html Hope this helps! =)

I am a health and fitness coach, for tips, information and motivation on health and fitness check out my page! =)

I didn’t see this possible reason listed, but it happens to me, so I thought I’d mention it. I have had reactions just on one side of my face from food allergies. It has come in breakout form and several other things (such as one side running 2 degrees hotter than the other side.) When I spoke to my allergist about it, he said that sometimes certain food/chemical allergens will only interact/cause reactions with one side of the brain, causing a one-sided reaction. So, if you’ve tried a new food/detergent/makeup/hair spray/perfume, etc. this could also be a cause.

Your makeup looks great! So natural and put together.

What is the best way to find a good blush color for my skin tone / color? I’ve tried going to various stores to have them help me pick out a color and they aren’t very much help…. I love the color of your blush and how it looks on you but my skin is much lighter than yours so I’m sure that color wouldn’t work for me.

You are so great at this, and such a good teacher. I’m really new to make-up and don’t really have many products. I know you did a matching lipstick with eyeshadow tutorial, but could you please do a tutorial matching lipstick, eyeshadow, AND blush. Because I have no clue what blush to use with what lipstick shade. Thank you! X

I’m just curious, do you spray tan? If so, what brand or company do you use? Your skin always looks flawless!

Hey Marlena :)

Try to pay attention to 3 things for the breakouts on the left side of your face:

1. Do you sleep on your left side?
2. Do you touch that side of your face a lot, or sit with your hand resting in that spot?
3. Do you hold your cell phone there?

I used to have HORRIBLE skin and those were 3 things I had to break myself from always doing….i did EVERYTHING from going to a dermatologist and having Rx meds that didn’t do anything but try me out…to using ProActiv (YIKES!), and finally using a natural skincare thats amazing for my skin..and even after finding that skincare, I really had to break the 2 habits of sleeping on one side and touching my face….now it just feels wrong to do that, lol…but anyway, hope this helps!

BTW, Always love the videos :)

You might be breaking out from holding your phone on that side or resting your hand on that side when you work on the computer. It also could be the side you sleep on. Best to clean your phone with a hand wipe once a day and change your pillow case often. Seems to help. I have also been using the clarisonic with the fresh soy cleanser and clinque clinical dark spot corrector and that combination has really improved my skin. : )

I have been told that the side you break out most on is the same side as the ovary that is ovulating that month. If you have ovary pain also inthe middle of your cycle on the same side you are breaking out on it may be the reason.

The look is fresh and pretty and seriously you looked lovely even before the makeup was on Marlena!

Hi Marlena,

What do you use to lighten your eyebrows? I am a natural blonde with pale skin but have jet black eyebrows and they just look stupid :(

I have been looking for something to use but really want a tried and tested method.


Charmaine x

Hi Marlena! Love your videos, tips, your “always smilling” :) etc (first sorry about my terrible english)

I would love to buy an Eve Pearl concealer but i’m from Portugal and sometimes the productus that we ship from United States get stuck in (i’m not sure how it says…customs? frontier?) and i’m not sure what colour is the best for me.

Do you (or someone) know some way to get that concealer from Europe without getting the risk of it gets stuck?

I would like some help, because i alrealdy tried other concealers and i didn’t found yet the best one for me.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the wasting time :)

Thanks Marlena. I have a question. I am in desparate need of an undereye concealer and blemish concealer. I would like to try the “Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer” and the “MAC Studio Finish concealer.” However, I live in a pretty rural area and there are no stores that carry these products for me to test what color would be best. I am afraid I will be stuck with an expensive product that doesn’t match. Any suggestions on picking a color on the internet? Or is that a big no-no? I have pretty fair to light skin with “cool” undertones (I have been told.) I do get a little darker in the summer, but with fall/winter fast approaching, I think I would rather go lighter at this time. Thanks for you help and look forward to your response.

Hey Angie – you can order that concealer from Marlena’s website! I want to try it too, but am having the same trouble — not sure what the return policy is if a color doesn’t match/work?

Hi Marlena, In my microbiology class, my instructor stated that sometimes we have localized breakouts on our face because we put our hands on our face in that area. Do you lean on that side of your face with your hand during the day? I have caught myself doing that and try to keep my hands off my face at all times during the day. Thanks for all your info…I love it!!

Sometimes I get breakouts on one side of my face because of my cell phone. Gotta wash often, but in my case, it helps A LOT!!!!!

Love this simple, pretty look!

I am interested in the “Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer.” You said in the tutorial ‘you need dark to cover dark,’ but I am pretty light — should I order the lighter color (I am fair skinned w/ light freckles)–or do you think the medium is necessary to cover the darker under eye area?? I’ve also read you should look for an under eye concealer w/ yellow/orange tones in it– your thoughts??

Thank you!

I’ve been told by estheticians that breaking out on the left side of your face is usually due to hormones!

Hey Marlena.
I have auburn hair and green eyes and fair skin.
I noticed that you have almost nothing about this on your website.
While I adore it, it would be very helpful if you could post something about this.
Can you please post some colors that would be good for the type of color combination I have so then I don’t go to school looking bad?
Also, you didn’t show how to cover a pimple, or a whole bunch of them, without looking cakey.
Thank you so much :)

Someone may have mentioned this…but I break out on one side of my face when I am not careful and let my phone touch my face too much. (You know when you’re holding it with your shoulder.) I tend to always hold my phone on the same side.

Anyway, not sure it’s your issue…but maybe it will help someone. :)

What do you use to bleach your brows? I have red hair and fair/freckly skin, but very dark eyebrows. Thanks, lady! I love all of your ideas (haha, I mistakenly started typing eye-deas instead at first!), but even more, your fabulous energy. I hope I cross paths with you in person someday. :) Denise

As always you’re gorgeous and inspirational. I love your videos. This routine will come in handy for me. Thank you for always being such a positive individual. As for your break out, I’m wondering if that is the side that you use your cell phone/telephone? If that is the case, there’s your answer to your break out. I always have break outs whenever I hold my phone between my head and shoulder. Or another reason would be if that is the same side that you sleep on. I hope that this helps. Have a wonderful rest of September and looking forward to your next videos…
Lots of aloha, Ann

Marlena be sure to wipe down and sanitize your cell phone from time to time! It could be what’s breaking you out on the one cheek!! Thanks for the awesome vids!! ????

Love this video!

It looks like you use the eve pearl dual, which I am interested in – do you know where I can buy it? I only see the single colors offered on your site. Thank you!

LOVE this video and this site! You’re gorgeous and so sweet, which is really nice to see.

I’m battling a major breakout across my right cheek only, too! To help fight it, I’ve washed all my sheets, pillow cases AND PILLOWS in really hot water. I’ve also used an alcohol wipe to clean my phone. I’d also recently started using the Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer with SPF. I’ve now learned that certain chemicals/additives used for SPF can cause breakouts, so I stopped using it. Hope it helps!

Hello there! I love the video and thought i would address the break out issue… I am a Cosmetic Nurse Injector (Derm/Plastics) so I get this question a lot! As was mentioned earlier, the main offenders in these areas are the cell phone screen, your pillow cases, your significant other, or your make up brushes… The face outside the T-Zone has smaller pores and so when they get clogged it is something that is clogging them. So wiping down your cell phone face regularly helps, washing your pillowcase every other day can certainly help! There are also a few products I can recommend to help at refining your pore size as well in some pretty low price points considering the great job they do! I definitely do not think stopping using SPF is a good idea, but switching to a TITANIUM DIOXIDE or ZINC based spf will help it remain on the surface of the skin and reduce breakouts linked to the products in a CHEMICAL SPF. Also as a side note, you tend to break out more when your hormones are fluctuating, so when you are close to your cycle you will notice more breakouts coming up, especially on the chin and jawline. Botox is actually very helpful in reducing acne as well :) Just thought I would throw that in as that is my job! Haha… So I hope this helps a little and you are always welcome to contact me with any questions in this arena! Keep up the amazing tutorials! They help me out all the time :)

Thank you for this useful tutorial :-) You look beautiful both with and without your makeup. In the video you use Makeup Geek Gel Liner – “Fame” because it makes brown eyes pop. What eye liner would you recommend for green eyes?

Hi. I loved the video! I noticed that you were dipping an eye liner pencil into the gel liner? Does that work better than using an eyeliner brush? If so, will any eye liner work or what kind were you using? thanks!