5 Makeup Looks for Work (1 idea for each day)

Face Products:


Work Look #1: Teal Liner and Pink Lips


  • Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye liner- Peacock  (Amazon) (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • Bare Essentials Eyeshadow – TLC   (Amazon)  (eBay)
  • MAC  Paint Pot – Vintage Selection   (MAC)  (eBay)

Cheeks and Lips:

  • Bare Essentials Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick- Vienna (Amazon)  (Sephora)
  • Bare Essentials Buxom lipgloss – Dani  (Amazon) (Sephora)  (eBay)
  • Bare Essentials Blush – Hint (Amazon) (Sephora)  (eBay)



Work Look #2:  Brown Smokey and Purple Lips


Cheeks and Lips:


Inexpensive Alternatives:


Work Look #3:   Green Eyes and Nude Lips


  • Stila Prime Pot- Taffy (Amazon) (Sephora)
  • Makeup For Ever Eyeshadow – #93
  • Makeup For Ever Eyeshadow – # 84   (Sephora)  (Amazon)
  • Matte finish eyeshadow the same color as your skin *optional*
  • Tarte Camera, Lights, Action Mascara   (Sephora)  (eBay)  (Amazon)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner – Perversion   (eBay)  (Amazon)

Cheeks and Lips:


Inexpensive Alternatives:


Work Look #4:  Sheer Purple and Peach Lips


Cheeks and Lips:



Work Look #5: Gunmetal Liner and Red Lips

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Cheeks and Lips:


Inexpensive Alternatives:


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Hi Marlena,

I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now, and I just wanted to say you are truly an inspiration! You make me feel glad that I’m a girl. Love your make-up, your earrings, your hair but most of all I love your smile! I’m also amazed at your ideas, your honesty, your skills and your beauty!

I’ve bought some of the products you recommended, and I’m happy with my purchase, and the way I look. Just wish I had more money… :(

Keep doing what you’re doing, and try not to get discouraged by the haters, they’re just jealous because you’re beautiful.

Much love from Tokyo,

-Megumi x

Hi Marlena

I have been watching your video’s since last year and I love how easy you make it for women to apply makeup. I was a tom boy when I was younger and had no one to teach me about color’s or how to apply makeup. In watching your video’s I have come to understand color’s and how different technique’s give you different looks. Before no one ever noticed my makeup and now I get so many compliments on my color coordination and technique’s, I love putting makeup on now. Thanks for teaching me something that I wish I had learned back when I was a teenager. Every day I look to see if you have a new tutorial you are amazing.

Thank you


Thank you for the tutorials! Yes… these all look super easy, and on you, they look beautiful. My makeup routine in the morning sets me back quite a bit… I’ll have to give these looks a try.

You are awesome! :)

Hi Marlena,

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I love the make up ideas they are so simple yet they look awesome. I also like the different hair styles you had which is another bonus! You’re the best…by the way you hair color is beautiful.

Cute looks, very daytime appropriate! Do you have any eye make-up tips for someone with close-set, round eyes?

Put light shimmery shadow in the inner part of the eye, and smudge darker shadow under the lower lashline and a medium color in the crease (very similar to my eye shape, so most of my looks will work for you :) )

I’m definitely going to try these looks for work– it’s perfect timing too!! I’m starting a new job on Monday. Thanks so much for the ideas Marlena!

Great tutorial….How about a series a video like this for different occassions…Like 5 clubbing/party looks, 5 weekend looks, 5 honeymoon looks etc.. (u get the point)..haha…
Love your Marlena…Keep them coming..
Love..all the way from India…

I agree! 5 looks for clubbing and going out is a great suggestion! weekends are for the more dramatic makeup :)

it’s good to see the videos and understand English without knowing why I love and remain fascinated


I just want to thank you for the 5 gorgeous and wearable look for work (and 5 different hairstyle and accessories).

Thanks to you, I add more color in my make up.

Warm regards


Hi Marlena! All of these looks are soooo gorgeous, just like you! :) Do you have any other shades of the stila eyeliner? It’s so pretty!

<3 Sophia

Great tutorial! What are your favourite Nyx Mega Shine lip glosses for light/medium skin?Thank you ;)

Hello, Marlena

i love your tutorials. You are a great inspiration. I wanted to ask you how do you feel about Motives cosmetic by Loren Ridinger also about Mary Kay. I’m a make up artist and I want to use the best make up so I can use on my clients. Thanks. :)

I didn’t care for Motives and I haven’t tried MK’s makeup in awhile, but I love their skincare :)

LOVE your straight hair! Gorgeous!
Did you straighten it from dry, or did you blow dry it? Looks fab! X

All 5 looks r beautiful i will have to try all of them. What color is you hair cause it look so pretty. Do u have red highlights or is it just an undertone?

I have a temporary color now that is a reddish plum color- for awhile I had highlights that turned a caramel color (you can see in look #5) Geez, I change my hair too much for one person- haha! ;)

Marlena, how did you get the paint pot in vintage selection? I thought it was discontinued already!

Yes, I thought the same. Just to make sure I went to MAC site and confirmed Vintage is not there anymore :o( any suggestions for a similar color!

You could probably use Rubanesque paintpot- it’s a bit more golden in color, but would still look nice :)

Hi Marlena, thanks for all your most excellent tutorials. Was just wondering if you could do a tutorial on your hair that you wore in look #4 of this video. It’s so cute, I’d love to try it! Thanks.

one word…… wow!!!!!!!
that was the most epic tutorial EVER!!!!!!!!!
that was amasing, you did so many looks i luuuuved it!!!!!!
i’m going to be doing every last one of those looks they were all so good!!!!!!!!
thankyou so much for all your inspiring looks and makeup advice marleena!!! you are amasing!!!
i love your tutorials and through you, i have become such a makeupgeek!
and that video was defenatly my favs!!!!!!!
with the third look, do you think it would be possible to use like a purpley-pink eyeshadow instead of green???
anyway thankyou so much for you awsome tutorials i can’t wait for the next one!

thanks Chels! Yes, you can use any color you like- just have a darker color and a lighter color for blending :)

I have done the third look in both blue and purple. I’m going to try it out with pinks very soon! I had never worn blue eyeshadow a day in my life, but it looked awesome! I did both of them with drug store shadows, I used an ELF duo for the blue and the Wet N Wild petal pusher palette for the purple. If you use a good primer, just about any brand of shadow will work. They looked fantastic!

Hey Marlena, love this tutorial! I have green eyes, whats a good color for me to use in look 3?

love it love it love it every single one u do but i think i like the color backgrounds more the white sees like ur in a lonley white room but thanks for posting these their all great for the work i do ;)

I agree with the background change. White is too plain and doesn’t express personality. Its weird because when there is color in the background, I tend to be more focused and settle, but the white is a little hard to continuously look at. But what an awesome idea to plan out a makeup look for each day at work!!

Love U Marlena
and pleeeeeeaaas do more like these video, easy and sexy !!

Can you please tell us what lighting you use for your videos?? Is it lamps or a certain bulb or photography lights? Thank you in advance :)

this is a great video! i’ve been looking for more ideas for work/daytime looks. these are definitely wearable. the purple lip one looks super dramatic in the picture but in the video looks a lot better and is my favorite one. with fair skin (i get NW15), blonde hair and blue eyes, i dont’ wear much but brown and the occasional light wash of color. technically the brown, light smoky eye is my favorite but i’m ALWAYS wearing that one

BRAVO! You guys are trying new ideas and Im loving it! I love the intro outdoors because the natural daylight really showcases your makeup in a flattering way. Alot of times my makeup looks great and then I get under different lights and I wanna hide, lol. Ive come such a LONG WAY since I began following this site and Im so grateful to you for keeping it fresh, up to date, and easy. my skin coloring and hair are similar to yours so these looks are easy for me to do on myself, but lately I’ve been experimenting with BLACK OPAL, BLACK RADIANCE, AND IMAN cosmetics due to the diversity of my growing clientele. You may know that these are store brands that are easy to find, and let me tell you, ive found some real gems! And whats so exciting is that a good portion of them I can use on myself, and some of the products that are clearly for very dark skin work well as bases and for contouring. I hope that in the future you will consider expanding your reviews to include some of these lines. Love you and your staff to pieces, keep up the fantastic work!

Thank you SO much Mariposa :) Actually Bobbie is going to focus on makeup for darker skin since she is also in that category, so I’m REALLY excited to see her reviews as she’s such a sweetheart :)

wow, every time you make a tutorial i just fall more in love with make up. i love all the looks! i cant wait to attempt to try them. :D

AND, you must Must MUST do a tutorial on how to do that side bun. it looks beautiful on you!

These are so great, but I don’t feel like they are appropriate for office jobs in a law firm where I work. :(

I really relate! i love the looks and think they are daytime appropriate but not really workappropriate (or MY work appropriate)….

Just use the same techniques but do neutral colors- so for look #1 use a brown eyeliner instead of teal, and look #3 do browns and taupe instead of green :) I bet you can pull off a little bit of color more than you realize ;)

Marlena, please do more videos like these! Loved it! Did you have your hair a different color on look #5? You look gorgeous as always! Keep smiling!!

Marlena! Awesome as usual! When will you be doing a tutorial with the Lorac 3D liquid luminizer?. I have it and love it, but need major guidance now!!!!! Really, really looking fwd to that tutorial!

You are an ANGEL!

Great looks, love it! I would love to sit with you and just play with make up!!!
Thank you:-)

I like the Vintage Selection paint pot that you use in video 1, but I can’t find it anywhere. Is it an old shade?

Hello Erin and Erin!

Vintage Selection was a limited edition paint pot that was released with the Cham Pale collection.

Bare Study would probably be the closest that you can find from MAC. However, Benefit makes very nice creaseless cream eyeshadows. Also, Make Up Forever has Aqua Cream cream shadows, that come in similar shades.

Hope that Helps!

You are so pretty and so sweet. Hard to find people like with that combination. I LOVE YOUR TUTORIALS. !~~~

AMAZING! LOVE it all….super excited to try them all! I’m a huge fan of yours and look forward to all the videos! You have been a huge inspiration for me for a couple of years now…just too shy to comment…hehehe. But after this video I just couldn’t help myself. This is the ultimate video ever and I greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication!

super nice, your hair look more than amazing in look number 3!!

Nice to have some inspiration for some quick looks..
Thank you ;o)

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a version of the tutorial for us german viewers again.

can´t wait to see it.

thanx a lot, you are wonderful marlena.

Marlena.. excellent job.. loved the brown smokey eye the best.. love ur gud work.. keep it up.

Wow!! Thank you, Marlena!! I’ve just discovered your YouTube channel and I’m in love with your way to teach make up.

I never wore much makeup, only lipsticks, but now I’m changing and learning all about make up with you. I also love your style, it’s sophisticated.

I have a question: I have blue eyes (sometimes they become greener), and I’ve heard it’s not good to use blue or green shadows. Is this true? What colors would match more with my eyes?

Here’s a picture of me: http://www.facebook.com/repacheco.rwf

Thanks for your help and have a wonderful day!

I’m so not Marlena, but I’ll take a stab at your question. Marlena has brown eyes, so she is picking colors mostly on the opposite side of the color wheel to brown (blues/teals, purples, greens).
Blue eyes really pop by doing the same.
So, browns, bronzes, oranges, peaches, golds, other neutrals really pop on blue eyes. If yours also have some green in them, lots of purples, burgandies, etc. really make green eyes pop.
In my experience, with your coloring, many of the icy colors usually don’t work well – so you might try a different color of purple than the one Marlena showed.

Personally, I don’t always listen to what people say about not wearing certain colors depending on the color of your eyes. I have green eyes, and according to “experts” I should stay away from blues, but when I wear blue eyeshadow, I sometimes get GREAT results and lots of compliments. It really all depends on your blending skills and not going OVERboard with bright colors. I always say, experiment with colors, and see what you like. Worst case scenario, if you are wearing a color that does not flatter your coloring, then you wash your face. No harm done in my book! Makeup is an art, and you should have fun with it! :)

Hi, thanks for sharing! I think that the teal make up look’s gonna be my fave look for this summer!!!!!! I have a teal eye pencil but I never used it on the top lash line :D
ty and have a nice day

Some really great looks. I love planning my make up for work but often run out of time so these are great for when I’m in a rush. Just wondering if anyone can provide me with some mac dupes for the green eye and nude lip look as I don’t have the colours used. I’d be really grateful. Thnx

Marlena this video is a-ma-zing!!!Excellent ideas and gorgeous eyes/lips combinations. However I’m not in love with the strong lighting, or maybe it is the white background, since I find it tones down colours a lot and erases contrasts. This is not the case in your pictures though. But hey, that’s a detail. Most imortant thing is: you’re beautiful and you give excellent tips :-)

I’m experimenting more with the lighting and background this week as I just moved, so am getting a new setup :)

Hi Marlena!!

Just wanted to give you my feedback about my order. I’ve never thought that your brushes would get here so fast. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look pretty nice :)

Thank you!!

Hi Marlena, are you going to post also some mirror for this video? It’s unavailable here in germany and I’d really like to see it. Thanks!

This tutoria was AMAZING!!! All perfect looks for work or for casual events. Many of these looks could even work for bridal if the colors were replaced with more neutrals.

Fortunately for me, my coloring is very similar to yours, Marlena, so all of the colors and looks will work for me.
I think it might be nice to do the 5 work week look series for other models with different coloring, too (blond/blue eyes, African Americans, Asian, red hair/green or hazel eyes/warm toned skin, Hispanic or Indian, etc.)

This series is a HIT!!! Keep doing these kinds of tutorials.

Thank you so much for this! You are precious, talented and easy-to-follow! This is so very practical and fun and I look forward to trying these looks out. Keep ’em coming!!

I think it’s pretty close to the beachy waves tutorial :) But I better ask Jesica since she did my hair that day (I suck at hair most days- haha)

Marlena, this one is my favorite– Sheer Purple and Peach Lips. You look so beautiful in purple!!

Thank you for posting these! I have 2 questions if anyone can help. In the first look, it seems like you are wearing a purple liner on your waterline – what did you use? Its absolutely gorgeous.

Also, what colors does your stylist use on your hair? You look fantastic! I have medium brown hair that I currently highlight with copper blonde, but Im thinking about adding more red tones.

Any help would be great. Thanks so much!

I think I have black gel liner in my waterline, but a dark purple would actually be pretty! MY favorite gel liners are by Bobbi Brown.

For hair right now, she did a temporary overall color of reddish plum (the highlighted pieces picked up more of the red while my dark natural color just turned a bit plummy red :) )

Hello Marlena,

I was wondering if you could suggest some NYX dupes for the sheer purple look.
Or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Actually, any medium shade of purple will do :) I wish I could suggest a specific color, but my eyeshadows are still packed right now (I’m moving this week :) )

Thank You very much Marlena.

I have recently came across your website, and it is truly amazing.
I was always kind of a tom boy growing up, grew up with 4 brothers (go figure)
so I am newly learning all of the tricks of make up, and your website has been a god send for me. I love all you do and how much work you put into it.
I especially love all the suggestions and inexpensive alternatives you list.
I have had many compliments from others using your tutorials.

Thanks a bunch!


I love wearing colour eye shadows to work and I wear them similar to how you displayed them. Now I can refer my colleagues this so they can also get ideas since they keep asking me how I put my makeup together :)

OMG Marlena! I LOVE your hair color. Can you PLEASE let me know what color is it… So pretty!

Thank you,

I LOVE THESE LOOKS!!! Sorry for the caps :P I was waiting for something like this. I love playing with my makeup and having some color at work instead of blah neutrals all the time. This is perfect! Not too crazy for work, and fun :)

Thank you so much!
PS. Don’t feel like you need to censor yourself. We love you Marlena and your videos. That’s why we watch :P

The purple eyes, in particular, are stunning. Who knew such a simple application could look so refined.

Thank you!

Seriously, this is the best tutorial EVER! Look #2 is my favorite and I’ve actually worn something similar but I like the shade of purple lipstick and gloss you used…I MUST get those! Loved all of these looks and will definitely branch out a little bit with color on my eyes. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tutorial!

Wow! I really like these as they’re super easy and I will actually be able to do them in the small amount of time I have in the morning before work!! Thanks so much, this has to be the best tutorial I’ve seen on your site :-)

This is one of my favourite tutorials! Thanks for all the great ideas!
Keep smiling!
<3 -Goldberryfaery

This tutorial is the best EVER!! I love each and every look that you’ve created.
Mahalo Nui Loa for all that you do Marlena!!

Those are ALL very pretty looks, but I guess it depends on where you work because those colors would look really bad and overly done with bright florecent lighting. Just my opion, but again love the looks.

best video yet! every time i get in a makeup rut you manage to come up with something new and inspiring ~ you’re just amazing. xoxo

Love your hair in look #4, hope you can find the time to do a tutorial on it; but don’t sweat it if you can’t I will understand. xoxo

Hello Marlena,
Thanks for your tutorials. I always enjoy them.
Can I Ask what color or mix of colors of the Double Wear foundation do you wear in this tutorial?

Thank you again

Hi Marlena,
I have a question regarding the Eve Pearl Salmon concealer.
I’ve seen that you are using the Tan Salmon Concealer. I have the medium and although I have a medium skin tone (between NC 25 and NC 30 in Mac), it shows like an orange stain under my eyes even after I put a yellow concealer on it. I just wonder how do you use the Tan color and it looks so good in the tutorials?


Not sure if this is right at all. Anytime in her video, that I have saw, she puts on the tan salmon concealer and, it shows as a “orange stain” but once you start putting your foundation on top of it, it all starts to blend in. But (if I’m reading your comment correctly), you put the salmon concealer on and then put a yellow concealer on top of it? Yellow on top of an orange base is only going to brighten and enhance that orange.


These looks are great , think the teal is my favourite, on the lookout for new eyeliner colours now.

thanks all the way from Scotland x

Great video once again Marlena!! I know it was soo much work but thank you i have some great ideas for interviews!! Thank you!

Love the idea for this tutorial! I just watched it this morning and tried look #2. (which worked out well b/c I had just purchased the paintpot)
It looked great and only took me 8 mins!
I can’t wait to try the rest :D

Thanks for this and all your tutorials! I’m always looking forward to the next one <3

Hi awesome tutorial!
marlena can u recomend certain of colors and brands for red lipstick for diferents color skint ones? thanks

Gorgeous as always…I’ve been watching all your reviews, tutuorials, etc for over a year now and I thank you for showing all people how to look beautiful whether they are just starting off with makeup or are in need of extra inspiration like me :) Thank you for all those videos you are putting up especially knowing you have a tight schedule. I have to ask…what is the name of the hair color you have now…its so beautiful ;)

<3<3<3 YEEEEEEEY I'm doing the happy dance! This looks are awesome! I was tired of always doing "neutral" for work. Thank you Marlena!!!! P.S Can we have some more looks for the "naked palette' pleeease. :) God Speed <3

This was great! Good idea though. Next time you do a video with multiple looks, include under each picture the minute count in the video at which you began that look.

OMG!!!! You DID look slimmer!!! I just can’t tell you how much I love you! Don’t worry , you always look PRETTY!!! Keep going,and show us how beautiful the world is!

Hey i was wondering if you could put a back to school video up. I love bright eye shadows that go with what i am wearing. I am not in to the browns but i wear more often because i dont know how to apply bright colors. I feel like its to much and i look like a freak.

Hi Marlena!
Thank you so much for this great tutorials! I definitely love the colors you used especially for the look #1 and #4! I’m planning to try one of them this week! :D
More, I love the fact that you put many links for us to find the products used, it’s so nice!
By the way please can I ask you what are the products you used on your lips at the real beginning of the video before tutorials start? This pink shade is so gorgeous on you too :OOPS: and I’m on the hunt since a long time for pink lip-glosses with just “light” tones of purple in it …
Thank you again for your work!
p.s: English is not my first language (French), please forgive me for my mistakes and expressions: your tutorials are internationals :)

I absolutely LOVE your video and in particular, your hair!! How on earth do you get your side swept bangs so sleek and beautiful. Any tips and/or videos would be greatly appreciated!!

Haven’t used much foundation/concealer/powder for my face because I break out. I work long hours, but would love to know of any recommendations for sensitive skin? Tried MAC foundation…loved the look, but I totally broke out at the end of the day.

hey, im in year7 and we are not aloud to wear makeup but i still want to! can u make a look that would not be too obvious and can i ask not to use designer brands: mac,nyx,bobbi brown ect. thank you very much and can you please reply asap thnx…

LOVE LOVE LOVE this tutorial! I work for a university, and feel that I need to wear makeup to set me apart from the students. However I can’t wear too much makeup because I need to keep it office appropriate. It is very frustrating. This tutorial is perfect as it has inspired me to try different techniques and colors rather than my typical look.

Hey Marlena! I just wanted to thank you for these great looks because, being that I’m still in high school and that I don’t actually have a “job” job, these work great for the school week too! I love your videos and tutorials and am looking forward to starting the school year with these cool quick looks. :)

Greetings to all,
All great looks, thank you. However I did notice that with look #1 here seems to be a hint of colour under the lower lash line and the inner rim. Can you confirm this and the colours used please?

Hi Marlena,

Loved the 5 looks for work! I loved the white background of this video, too. It makes your face and makeup more prominent. I love the earrings and ring in the second tutorial — can you say where you bought them?

Chicago, IL

Quick question-
How do you get your hair to have the nice waves in the green eyes and nude lips video? Everytime I try to do something like that I look like I just got into a fight with the hair rollers and lost :/ yours look wicked polished and so nice!

Quick question also. If you wear bright colored clothing as opposed to neutrals what kind of makeup looks would you recommend?

Marlena, I just wanted to thank you for your recient video. I struggle with eyeshadow, and these looks are so flattering, yet simple! I LOVE look #2 and #3…I’m already thinking of other color combos to play with and how to make it a “day to night” look. I also love that these don’t take a lot of time. I look like I spent 30 min in front of a mirror, when I really spent 10! THANK YOU and please continue to make more videos like these!

I am penning in to say that you have a fantastic site and its very inspirational. The tutorials are very easy to follow and I find myself logging in every few hours to see if there is something new!! You are a beautiful person and I wish you all the best ;)

Hey Marlena! I’m from Brazil and I really love Make up geek… Just wanted to say that you’se prettier everyday!!! And very talented too! So… that’s it, kisses!

HI Marlena! You are so pretty! I have one question though. What should blondes use for eye shadow? The darks don’t really work for some me and the lights are too light.

I wore the gunmetal eyeliner and red lips (I actually used a navy blue for my eyes, but the same basic idea) today and I got TONS of complements!!! Thanks for the great ideas!!!! I also had my hair in the sleek pony tail from the hair tutorials and got complements on that, too!!! You guys are awesome!!!!

Hi Marlena
Quick question are they making the Mac paint pot in vintage selection? I can’t seem to find it is there a good alternative color? Thank you!

Marlene you’re unbelievably a-ma-zing! I love your videos and i’m reallyy trying to remember everything. I love to experiment with different colors of the lipsticks, is it necessary to use lip gloss?

Hi Marlena,

Love your tutorials and your spirit! Do you have a place where you list the accessories you wear? I absolutely love the rings in each look you have in this video and I would love to know where they are from!

Thank you,


Hi Marlena!
I have sensitive skin and wanted to know if NYX makeup is a good choice to use for sensitive for foundation, blush..etc? I can use Mac Make up but i know it can get a little pricey…please help.

Thank you,

Hi, I love your entire website…It’s AWESOME!!!!! I really am inspired to try new things b/c of you… Do you know by any chance what colors you have in your hair it’s beautiful..!

Hi Marlena, I love your work and I love your attitude that goes with everything you do. I have seen most of your videos and tried some of the looks. Last look I did was Look#1 from this video..it was amazing :) I really enjoyed doing it and wearing it xx thanks for all your guidance.

Hi Marlena,
I recently found one of your tutorials on you tube and now I’m seriously hooked. Best tutorials ever.
I wear Revlon colourstay in toast and I’m considering getting bareminerals, can you suggest two shades I can use to mix & match. In my country there is no bare escentuals store, so I have to order it online.

Ava C

Marlena, you are absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous of brown eyes, you can pull of so many looks! I’ve got light blue eyes and pale skin, and I don’t see looks 1, 3 and 4 working on me, even though they are stunning on you! Perhaps you could do a video like this for looks that work with blue eyes?

This weekend I was looking for the Stila Peacock Pencil and Sephora was out :o( But I found an EXACT DUP!!!! Cheaper and the set has 4 pencils CARGO Swimmables

I have a question. I kinda sorta have a slight lazy eye (its more like one is more open than the other) you can really only notice when I smile. Anyway what can I do to make them even?

Hello Marlena,

Your videos are so amazing and I fell in love with your hair colour! It’s so beautiful, glossy brown! Can you tell me your the name of this brown?

hello Marlena,

i have always love your makeup but i have always love your hair like crazy…can you please to me what hair color or highlights you have in the third picture?? please && thank you

I have been watching your tutorials for about 6 months and you are truly amazing……your cheerfulnness and makeup technique is so inspiring……hope you are blessed because you bless me….thanks and if maybe if you have time you could use some products that are at department stores that would be great I live in a small town and don’t have much choice when it comes to makeup! thanks