3 Looks for School

Look 1





Look 2



Look #3

  • Sally Hansen Natural Highlighter (Amazon)
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All 3 are super easy and gorgeous but my favorite is the smoky. Is simple, easy and good for work as well. You’r awesome as usual!

I like all three looks! Actually I´m discovering purple for make up and feel little (or very?) lost with it. I ´m quite typical autumn colour type (with medium skin tone) and I ve never thought I could use purple, unless lately professional used it on me. Seemed to me as a cold colour. Now I´m excited for YSL fall 2011 eyeshadow palette, but probably wouldn´t know how to use it. That´s why I´m watching again all “purple” videos on MUG website and lookig forward another combinations! Thanks for all inspirations!

Thanks so much marlena!! I requested this via twitter and I’m soooo glad you listened!!

Hi Marlena

I just found MUG so I’m super excited. For the second look what would be two blue colors from NYX to use in place of the purple? And then what would be two green colors from NYX?

Also it would be awesome if you could do some videos using the 15th anniversary Urban Decay eyeshadow pallette and the Jersey Palette from NYX. Anyway you’re awesome and gorgeous. Have a great day!!


Hey Marlena
Omg! I love ALL of your looks :D
Im 14, and my school doesnt allow makeup.I need some unnoticeable makeup which the teacher won’t notice. Can you please help me out here!

I can’t think of any ‘unnoticeable’ makeup, but to make your eyelashes more noticeable without ANY makeup you could get an eyelash curler. It looks kind of scary but it isn’t difficult to use, and the difference is huge if you’re like me and your eyelashes are almost straight.

Make sure you tweeze your brows or get your eyebrows waxed or done professionally if you don’t already (if you already do your eyebrows, you probably know how – if not get it done professionally and then replicate it yourself from then on). The eyebrows will make a big difference in how open your eyes look. Then curl your lashes, as thecandiedmango said and top both your lashes and eyebrows with a coat of clear mascara to darken them just a little and make them stand out. Light pink tinted chapstick, pinch your cheeks a little, and you’re good to go! :)

Probably you can get away with one coat of black/brown mascara (l’oreal has one in the voluminous) but maybe maybelline great lash would be a better choice since it a little more natural. Also lining the upper waterline with black or brown eyeliner, depending on your hair color (use marlena’s trick of a pencil dipped in a gel liner to last all day) makes your lashes look thicker but its not a noticeable line of eyeliner. Tinted moisturizer and a bit of a cheek stain (like tarte’s) can give you a slight glow without major blush. I think anything more than that they’ll start to notice… maybe a bit of concealer! Good luck!

don’t wear any. unnoticeable makeup is unnoticeable and therefore pointless. i know what you mean, but please, schools have many reasons for not allowing makeup. being fourteen, you are at a perfect age for being fresh faced in school and experimenting with makeup afterwards and on the weekends. this is coming from a nineteen year old girl, so not some older woman you might think of as motherly. i used to sneak eyeliner behind my mom’s back in middle school and she started letting me wear it when i was your age, and now i really understand why. just follow the rules and let the makeup you do wear, when you’re allowed to, be fun and special. i know how much better it feels to look in the mirror when you’re wearing makeup versus not wearing any, but i promise that you are equally beautiful without it. if you can’t resist, wear brown mascara and a tinted moisturizer. use an eyeshadow that is pretty much the same color as your skin tone or is lighter to make the lids appear larger and brighter. also, a lip tint or tinted lip balm, like from burt’s bees, or palladio, is a good way to go. just don’t feel like you need to wear makeup, and remember that wearing this stuff is breaking your school’s rules, which a team of people spent a lot of time and effort discussing and enforcing.

I missed the name that you used for the eyeliner in the last look… what is that brand called? Looks like good stuff!

I love this looks they are so simple specially when your in a rush to get out the house and not be late. Even for a college girl I never get time to do my make up im always rushing these are great looks.

love love love the back to school looks! I went a bit more dramatic but im also in college and im obsessed with colors lol.. i sincerely want to thank you Marlena…. I have been going to school for like an eternity now (atleast it seems) and even after finally picking “the major” i so desperately thought i wanted i truly realized that it wasnt what i wanted but what everyone else wanted for me.. i realize that applying make up is my passion! and although my father isnt to pleased i finally plan on doing what I want to do rather than what my parents expected of me.. im fortunate for my supportive mother and especially you and your tutorials.. it only makes me want to keep pushing myself to be the best i can possibly be… Keep up your fabulous work! everything you have done rocks! lol and thank u so so much for truly being my inspiration! xoxoxox

love the back to school looks btw i have some feather earrings that look like the ones you have in your last video. Thanks for taking the time and showing us these awesome looks. :)

Love these looks :) The major problem is, is that some kids go to provate schools so they’re not allowed to wear makeup :( But they are great looks for around the house, going out to breakfast or an everyday look :) x

I love the first & second looks the best!!! Where is she from? I can’t rememeber. Does anyone know?

Hey Marlena loved the looks and will try them for school. I do have a question on look #2 do you have an alternate color for the lip gloss for girls that are dark skinned, such as myself?

Love these looks! Been looking for some subtle looks because I work at a high school and I am very young ( and young looking) so I want something that still looks sophisticated other than my typical neutrals… love the purple look… also so easy for those early mornings! I have to be so conservative with my outfits that I want to at least have a little fun with my daily looks!

i love how you don’t just create looks and then push them onto what is going on with the seasons or changes in people’s lives, like holidays or going back to school. these are super practical because they’re simple enough to work for beginners and more advanced people can do them and even change them a little without having to spend much time on looking great. i love the purple one the most because it gives you the option to go smokey, give your eye definition, or play with color without being too dramatic or requiring the time it takes to cover your whole lid, crease and brow with shadow and blend it all out.
great job!

Hi Marlena!
I’ve learned so much about cosmetics and technique and makeup application through your videos. Would love if you could do a tutorial on Kim Kardashian’s wedding makeup look.

Hey Marlena! I was wondering if you could restock look 2. It’s my friends birthday and she loves you! Please restock!
Big fan! You are GORGEOUS darling! I envy you! Hahahahaha!
a BIG geek!

Hey Marlena ! Could you do a video on makeup tips for girls with freckles. My skin has a lot of redness but when I wear foilundation, it is so noticeable. I go to school and I don’t necessarily want my peers to realize. Thanks :)
Also could you maybe do a video on different looks that would work for me ? I have auburn hair with hazel eyes, and yes A LOT of freckles. One of the biggest problems I have is that my eyes are pretty tiny, so I look like I am always squinting in pictures.
If you could answer it would be much appreciated. Thank youu

I just turned 13 and i dont know where to begin. what should i ask my mom to get for me? I dont know what colors look good on me. Help

hey marlena:) im super addicted to make up geek and all ur videos!!
i had a question.. do u apply make up on other too?? im getting married in some weeks.. so wantd to find out if u do!!