Swatches: 5 Inglot freedom system lipsticks

Here’s my Inglot’s “something for everyone” lipstick palette!

It has bright, orange based red (#37), Deep, blue based red (#63), dark pink (#16), nude (#24) and warm brown (#61):







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you buy them individually at an inglot store or online at
and then you put them in palettes yourself. thats why it is called the freedom system,, you are free to do whatever you want. :)

Every single color is stunning and makes a statement.  I’m so impressed with how it wears and they all pack a punch.  I love that you can create the palette yourself – how innovative!

The colors are great! But what is the wear like? Do they stay on for a long time? Are they smooth? Drying?

the colors are quite long-lasting, smooth but not buttery.
The lipstick are for sure not moisturizing but not too drying also, I would say somewhere in between :)

I have 5 of these in a small Z Palette and I adore them! (the small Z Palette will fit nine) 45, 21, 90, 69, and 32. I swirl my ring finger in the pot then dab it on my lips for a quick pop of color. They are very pigmented and wear very well. Now I need #16 and 37 too!