Jangsara Swatches Makeup Geek Lipsticks on Lips!

I love all the Makeup Geek lippies! The colors are so wearable, there’s a lipstick for every look.

Here’s some swatches on lips to help you decide what colors you absolutely NEED to get :D

* Lavish, Innocent, and Elegant are not yet swatched, I’ll be adding them once I get them!

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Hum… maybe it´s because the swatches are taken too close, but these lipsticks (although the colors in general are beautiful) to me seem like they´re a little on the drying side, and in general they look like they have a metallic finish. I don´t know, maybe is just the pictures…

It does not seem drying to me. . . I think the metallic effect you’re talking about is just the light of the moist inside the lipstick….

I have some on order but I kind of agree they look dry here but when Marlena put them on in the video they looked great so I am hoping they just didn’t photograph well here!
I am still excited to get them though!

i have some of them already, and they are not drying. They are very creamy and easy to apply, and very pigmented. I think they did a great job. Will be trying more colors later on.

If you click on each picture to zoom in, you can see the moisture…. but I think it’s mostly for the color that the swatches were made.

Hmm.. hard to decide on which one I would absolutely need. I may have to try them myself :D

They do appear a bit on the dry side but you could use some gloss.
Thanks for swatching J.

These are in no way drying. They are some of the creamiest, most highly pigmented lipsticks on the market. I was pleasently surprised because I naturally have lips that lean toward the dry side and these in no way made it worse or noticable. Sometimes I don’t think the pictures do the products justice. You really do just need to try these for yourself.

Lavish and Elegant are gorgeous, too. I like matte finish lipsticks, so I bought those two along with Refined.

I think Lavish is my new favorite. It’s somewhere between a rose and a true red.

I just sampled them briefly, though. I haven’t worn them for very long to see if they’re drying or not. And I had to stick them in the fridge to cool after they came in the mail, since it’s been so hot where I live.

But the pigmentation is really good, and it seems that these have staying power. That’s my biggest problem with lipstick–they usually don’t stay on my lips very long.



After wearing these a few times, I have found that the matte shades (Lavish and Elegant) are a little drier. But honestly, I have yet to find any matte lip product that isn’t a little on the dry side. I have dry lips anyways, because I have a bad habit of licking them. But the drier formula for the matte shades makes the color last longer on my lips. If I apply a few layers with a brush, blotting in between layers, they last a LONG time, which is what I was looking for in a lipstick, anyway. They stick like glue, and the color payoff is amazing. I just put a little gloss on top if I want a little moisture and shine.

Refined is a high-gloss finish, and it is noticeably creamier. So the finish has a lot to do with the moisture content. If you’re looking for a creamier lipstick, go with the gloss or satin finish lipsticks.

I just received Adorable, Lovely and Charming. A note about refrigeration was included with the lipsticks if they were received in a warm climate which was great idea! I like the tube, especially the little window on the cap that allows you to see the color without having to open the tube. I’m wearing Adorable and depending on the original pigment of your lip the color comes off as a muted hot pink. I like it on me. It is not drying and is not metalic in any way. They have a very light floral smell, like an Estee Lauder lipstick. So far, my only negative comment is I have a soapy taste in my mouth from the lipstick which I really don’t like. I tend to lick my lips so that might be a problem for me.

I purchased delightful, and am very sad about it because the taste is horrible. It is a chemical taste that was so bad I finally had to take it off.

Someone please tell me! In the first picture, which one is that on the right side in the back row? And next to Famous? I just wanna be sure. Thanks a lot!

These lipsticks are neither drying nor metallic. Most have a moist, but not metallic finish. Some of the red shades are a matte finish. The MUG lipsticks are smooth and creamy and last a LONG time. I purchased 8 of them and recommend them most HIGHLY. They leave my lips feeling protected and moist for about 4 hours before I need to reapply. I find that if I apply them straight from the bullet, then work them into my lips, blot and apply again, they act as a lip stain and last far longer – without ever drying out my already dry lips.

Oh, and I do agree that they have an objectionable taste. But, it’s not so bad that I can’t deal with it, and either the taste wears off after a bit or I just got accustomed to it. I give the MUG lipsticks a 5/5 for chic & elegant packaging, 5/5 for pigmentation & colours, 5/5 for value for your money, 5/5 for consistency & finish, 5/5 for durability, and 3/5 for taste. Would I recommend? DEFINITELY! Would I repurchase? DEFINITELY!

awesome colers i love them when i go to california im so buying Foxy and Charming even tho they are two totaly diferent colors

I got in 3 colors that I ordered the other day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are gorgeous and very moisturizing. I noticed someone said that they tasted horrible but I didn’t have that experience. Everyone is different. If you are worried about the taste or smell then maybe only buy 1 lipstick and judge for yourself. My favorite is Shy. GORGEOUS! I think the swatches that Marlana did are more true to color than the lip swatches that Jangara shows. May be camera or just my eyes. LOL I’m going to order more – right now.

I hate lipstick swatches on lips. Everyone’s lips have different pigmentation and hard to judge it that way! It changes the lipstick color. It might not look the same way on mine.
The pics were done way to close and the lips are scrunched together.

Can this be redone? Farther away (just enough below the nose & chin, and lips in their “normal” state and with concealer?? This would make the swatches so much better!

I know it must have taken time to get these done and do appreciate the swatches though.

I orded adorable, foxy and delightful. Hope these colors are just as beautiful like they are on the lips too jangarsa:) Will be ordering the makeup geek shadows as well soon:)

Love the prices of these produtcs<3

I just received my order of Lavish, Lovely, and Refined. So far I give them a 10. The colors are really wearable and flattering. The quality is superb. Congratulations, Marlena, on another great product! You deserve every bit of success!

Ordered “Ravishing”, received it today, put it on at once. I LOVE it! The texture is great and has lasted through lunch and to the end of my work day. The color glows :) Great job Marlena!

it would help if we could see your natural lip color too- as that makes a big difference in how the color will look when applied.

I recently purchased mug lipstick in the color shy. I was impressed with how creamy and pigmented it was. I found that it lasted just as long as some of my higher priced lipsticks for a fraction of the price. I am getting ready to reorder in another color.

I agree with Vanessa, its very difficult to detect the true color of the lipsticks this way. Although appreciate the swatches, can you please redo, and swatch each one on the arm instead?

It seems like after so much swatching and rubbing off each color multiple times to try on the next color, it naturally irritated your lips enough to change the way the next color would look.

I imagine if i did that, my lips would turn redder and the lipstick colors would not show true to color. Plus everyones lip natural pigmentation varies, so it wont show up the same.


Is it possible to do swatches on darker skin tones? I am African American and have a ton of lip glosses but have yet to find a lipstick that compliments my deep skin tone. Thanks!