Best $2.00 Mascara EVER – Wet N’ Wild Mega Volume Mascara

OK Makeup Geeks, I have a great new, inexpensive find for you guys. We all love finding things that work well and don’t break the bank and this is most definitely one of those finds. Thanks to Nicola who actually clued me in on this wonderful discovery. Mascara is one of those things we just can’t seem to live without, regardless of whether you are wearing a full face of makeup or not, adding mascara to your lashes automatically makes them look larger and more open.

Wet N’ Wild Mega Volume Mascara

This is a standard mascara wand, it’s not super big, but it’s not to small either. It really is the perfect size. This is actually my favorite type of wand as it is able to really get into the lashes and provides length and volume. This really thickens the lashes without clumping and is very pigmented and dark which is what you want from a mascara. This is very reminiscent of the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara without the clumps or having to scrape off a lot of the excess product from the wand. This adds so much volume and length to my lashes its crazy!


  • Provides length and volume
  • Doesn’t clump
  • Highly pigmented
  • Great wand
  • Price, at $2.99 this is as good as it gets


  • None

I love this mascara and highly recommend it. For what you get and the price it really is worth it. Being able to pick this up at your local drugstore, Target or Wal-Mart makes the convenience of finding this even better. I hope you enjoyed this review and as always, stay happy and healthy!

Retails for $2.00 – Target, Local Drugstore

Posted in Makeup Products, Product Reviews on (last modified: December 19, 2012)