How To: Organize Your MAC Eyeshadows

Calling all MAC junkies! Is your MAC eyeshadow collection out of control? We all know it can get a little crazy trying to organize your eyeshadows in a way that’s practical for everyday use. Check out the guide we put together (includes pictures!) to help you navigate the murky waters of eyeshadow organization!


  • We like to keep one palette full of just neutrals as a sort of “go-to” palette that we access on a regular basis.
  • Fill the top row with your highlight colors—eyeshadows close to your skin color. A variety of shimmer and matte shadows is ideal.
  • Fill the middle row with your blending colors—eyeshadows 1-2 shades darker than your skin color. Matte shadows work best for blending out the crease.
  • Fill the bottom row with your accent colors—the eyeshadows you would use to smudge along the lash line or put in the outer v to add drama.


  • We all have favorite eyeshadows that we gravitate to or feel more comfortable wearing, BUT, it’s fun to have a variety of colors to expand your color combo horizons and open the door for new and unique makeup looks.
  • Depending on how many eyeshadows you have, reserve a palette for 1-3 colors. The five basic color palettes we have are: blues, greens, purples, pinks and oranges. Teals can go in either the blue or green palette and yellows/golds can go in the orange palette.
  • Organize your shadows from lightest to darkest—light colors in the top row, medium colors in the middle row, and dark colors in the bottom row.


  • To identify the colors you have in each palette, you can use printable sticker labels. We used 3/4″ round labels (Avery #5408) and they worked well. If you need to move your shadows around, simply print a new sticker…easy peasy!
  • If you have more than one palette (that doesn’t have a window in the lid), it’s a good idea to have them labeled on the outside so you know which palette to pick up. We like to either use a metallic sharpie to write on the outside of the palette (it wipes off with some rubbing alcohol) or print sticker labels and pop them on the front. ProTip: If you use a sticker label, place a piece of packing tape overtop so you can wipe the palette clean without taking off the label.

You may not have this many eyeshadows (we know, we’re obsessed!) but you can easily cater these organization tips to your personal collection regardless of how big.

Non-shimmery Neutrals


Marlena’s Non-shimmery Neutral Faves:

Shimmery Neutrals

Neutral Shimmer

Marlena’s Shimmery Neutral Faves:


Grays and  Blacks

Marlena’s Silvers/Grays Faves:



Marlena’s Blues Faves:



Marlena’s Greens Faves:



Marlena’s Purples Faves:



Marlena’s Pinks Faves:


Yellows and Oranges


Marlena’s Yellows/Golds Faves:



Warm Browns/Miscellaneous

Warm Browns

Marlena’s Warm Browns/Miscellaneous Faves:

  • Bottle Green (Amazon)



Marlena’s Mattes Faves:

Keeping your eyeshadows organized by color is an effective way to ensure you get the most use out of your precious shadows (and hard earned mullah!). We bet you’ll find yourself going back to your neutral palette time and time again—having your most-used shadows within arms reach is a huge time saver! No more searching endlessly for the shadows you know you have…now you know right where to find it. Stay happy and healthy, muggies!

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Posted in Makeup Basics on (last modified: February 24, 2016)