10 Shapes for Your Eyeshadow


This article is especially for those of you who may feel stuck with your everyday makeup look and desire to branch out, but just can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it. Whether you are new to makeup, or a pro, we hope you find these ten eyeshadow shapes useful!



Makeup is, after all, just a trick of the light. By highlighting certain areas, you can easily create the illusion of a brighter eye. Using lighter shades in areas to help them stand out, and deeper shades to add depth, pushing them back.

My favorite sweet spots to highlight are the inner corner of the eye, the center of the eyelid, and along the brow bone. Placing highlights in these three areas will help accentuate the eye and overall leave them looking bigger and brighter.


Different Eyeshadow Shapes:

There are countless ways for one to use eyeshadows. By combining different colors, textures, and finishes you can create different eye shapes that will help you switch up your daily routine. Here are a few ideas where to apply the deepest shade.

Bust out the box and experiment with a new eye shape today! If you’re feeling extra daring, throw on a color you wouldn’t normally wear.

 Inner Corner:

Add a darker shadow to the inside of the lid. This is a great placement for those of you with wide set eyes, as it helps reduce the space between your eyes.

 Outer Corner:

Adding dark shades to the outer corner of the lid is flattering to most eye shapes, but particularly for those with close set eyes. Having the darkest part on the far side of the lid helps your eyes appear farther apart.


Both Corners:

This is a great shape for all, as it compliments most eye shapes. By adding the darkest shadow to both the inner and outer corners, while still highlighting in the other areas (as shown) this placement neither makes your eyes look smaller or larger. This shape is also very versatile, as it works well with both neutral or bold, dramatic colors.

Outer Corner, “Cat Shape”:

Pull your eye upwards with this cat eye shape by applying your darkest shadow to the outer corner in a large winged shape.

If your eyelids droop a little (or a lot), this shape will help pull them back up and give them that extra boost they need. This shape is notorious for being on the devious side: the upwards angle of the shadow creates a more mysterious look.


Outer Corner & Crease, Blended Upwards:

The darker shadow is applied to the outer corner and crease, and then blended up towards the brow, where it meets the highlighter and blends together with it.

Again, this is a great shape that is flattering on all eye types. It works especially well for those with hooded eyes. If you have hooded eyes, be sure to extend the shadows upward a little more so the color shows up with an open eye.


This technique can make your eyes appear wider and your lid longer. Apply to the outer corner, carrying the dark shadow to just above your inner corner and blend together.

Whole Inner Part:

This shape isn’t for everyone. It’s quite a bit bolder and has the tendency to make some look angry or their eyebrows too heavy. We suggest trying it with lighter colors first to see if it’s a good fit for you.

 Just The Crease:

Apply the dark shadow neatly to the crease. This will help create more depth. If you add a lighter shadow to the lid your eye will appear much larger. This shape is typically known as a “cut crease”.

 Whole Lid:

Apply dark shadow to the entire lid. This can be heavy on the eye, and very bold. Be careful using bright colors with this shape, if you are not looking to draw too much attention to your eyes.


Well, there ya have it, our Top Ten Eyeshadow Shapes! We hope you found some of these shapes useful. Remember: don’t be afraid to try a new look, you might just find one you really love!

All The Best,
The Makeup Geek Team

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Thanks so much for this post, I was just wondering the other day about how else to apply eyeshadow because I always apply it the same way and that can get boring…

im mexican but i also have a very low crease/fold and some days is crooked with the other eye I have heard this happens sometimes with asian eyes.. … so thank you very much for this link.. im gonna go check it out

heya :)
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I love your work Marlena. You and your crew do a great job!

I like how you describe each technique and do it in the black and white to show exactly where and what your talking about then in color with color….it really helped me a lot to see what exactly the placement your talking about……awsome!!!

I m the perfect candidate to red this article. I just but a whole lot of makeup but don’t know how to use it. This was really helpful!. Thanx!

I love this! It will definitely help me break out of my standard eye looks, and I’m actually going to print this out for my mom–she’s always making me do her makeup, and never wants to learn how to do it herself.

Thanks for that informative article! It’s always nice to know how to do something different instead of playing it safe n sticking to what we know! :)

Love this. Not many people know how to translate eye-makeup looks to suite their own eye shapes, and then they wonder why they can’t pull off certain looks. Loved how you kept it very simple and basic with the shades too!

Love to see you do articles on here, keep em coming! I love your blog too btw-very inspriring.

Thank you so much for this post Jangsara. This is so informative I have been needing to add to how I do eyeshadow, because I always do it the same, just changing the colours!!

Jangsara, I love your articles! This was no exception! The black and white contrasted photos were such a helpful way to specify the placement of the shadows. Beautiful! The text was especially helpful for deciding what may work best for different eye shapes and faces. I’m going to have to bookmark this one!

Love all your tutorials!!! I was thinking of new ways to apply eyeshadow. I also wanted to ask if you could do a review on primers and foundation or powders for NYX or drug store brands like maybelline etc?? Thank you bunches your amazing at what you do much love!!

Do you/anyone have any makeup tips for eyes that slant outward (the opposite of cat-eyes I guess)? My eyes are small and slant outwards so it is hard to find something that suits my eyes.

This is an awesome tutorial. I have deep-set eyes and heavy lids so dark shadow in my crease looks terrible. I’m excited to have new ways to try darker shades.

…since i don’t really do make-up….does anyone feel like they kept seeing the same on over and over again?…except for like the last 3

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Jangs ara, this is great stuff! I never use up my eye makeup because I get bored of the same look. I thought the only way to change up my eye look was to buy new eye makeup. Thanks so much for the different ideas!

Great tips for makeup application. Getting team members in our salon comfortable with makeup can be hard. This blog post will certainly help push them outside of their comfort zone to try new things. Thank you for sharing!

Hi Jangsara
Thank you so much for this post! When I use eyeshadows I always struggle to apply it in a way which will compliment my eye shape. You’ve now given me plenty of options to work with :) xo

Thank you soooooooooo much. You had saved a few montys a go when i had a ceremony and wanted to apply a liquid eyeliner so yes i discovered your youtube channel and i started to have a passion for make up.
Thank you, you had made me discover my love for makeup. I will turn a real makeup geek till summer till then i shall be veiwing your blog and working with my current tools.
Thank you and may God bless you! ?

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this is great! i have been looking for different ways to do eyeshadow on a daily basis and this is just perfect!

Oh my gosh! my friend and I were just looking around and found this article! I love this website! Is there any way I can get daily, weekly or monthly updates?
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Love ya everyone else!

Hi, i’d like to say you are a a very talented and beautiful girl, i love your passion and specially your dedication to do all this videos, website, blog, etc. It’s a true pleasure visit your site
Un saludo desde Colombia!!!
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Fabulous, my dear! I always put my eyeshadow on the same way, so it’s nice to see other options. The b&W photos really helped!