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    My friend and I were talking and she (and I) want hair like a Kardashian- I don’t have their genes so I clearly can’t have exactly the same hair, but their hair always seems so healthy and long. I’ve been trying to grow mine out and right now it’s about 2 inches below my collarbone- I want it 2 inches below my bust. My friend said that horse shampoo was supposed to streghten hair and keep it from breaking, thus stunting growth.

    I have read amazing and horrible reviews on MnT. So, I wanted to ask before I tried it. Anyone used it? or any awesome anti breakage shampoo/ conditioner??

    Thank you so much for your help!
    <3 Kam


    As I see it, there is no shampoo or conditioner that will make your hair grow, or that will keep your hair from breaking at the ends.

    Getting regular trims, backing off on the heat styling, and eating well, on the other hand, will help more.

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    I agree with Shelly. I have used MnT on and off for a long time since I keep it in my rotation of hair products… for me it didn’t make any miracles happen, but I have heard of people who thought it helped their hair grow. In addition to the things Shelly said you might try a vitamin especially for hair skin and nails. Those always helped me :)


    I’ll have to agree with the others on taking a vitamin or something for making it grow (though personally I am not convinced anything will speed it up) , but I can tell you about my experience with MnT.
    It definitely does NOT stunt hair growth, and personally I use it because it was recommended for my oily hair. It helped to control the oil, but it’s not like it was some kind of miracle product. I found it to be just like any other shampoo out there–it just came in a bigger bottle, had horses on it, and was found in the pet section. :)

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    I agree with the other girls—eat well, get regular trims, and don’t fry your hair with flat irons, blow drying, or curling irons. That’s the worst thing you could do by far.

    As far as the thickness is concerned, they have Armenian genes, and that definitely attributes to the thickness but it really has nothing to do with it being healthy or long, for the most part. Trust me, you’d much rather be here writing about long healthy hair, than dealing with removing all the excess hair you’d have if you were Armenian! lol

    An old friend of mine took the Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for hair and nails — She did say that she noticed a difference and got complements on her hair and nails. It’s available at Sephora and costs $25 for 60 capsules. That amount will only last you a month, but you could try finding the supplements separately at a drug store, and it will likely cost much less than something pushed by the cosmetic industry.

    These are the active ingredients in the Vitamin E , Omegas 3 and 6, Vitamins B and C, and Vitamin A.

    It’s something to try :)


    A little off topic, but I thought Mane n’ Tail is for humans? Our grocery store has it with the normal shampoos, and my friend’s mom even sells it in her beauty parlor…

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    Prenatal vitamins are a good cheap way to get all the nutrions so your hair and nails grow more

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    I have heard pre natal vitamins work pretty well for some ladies. As for Mane N’ Tail, my whole group of friends (including me) used it in high school for a period of time. One guy even used it to grow this long, nasty beard. It worked for a bunch of us. I have really thin hair that really only grows so long, so for me it didn’t work a miracle. But you get a ton of it for pretty cheap, and worse comes to worse you can use it to wash your dog or something, haha.

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    I’ve tried Pre-Natal Vitamins and the other hair and nails vitamins… and i didnt notice much difference. But i started taking Biotin vitamins and omg my hair actually grows now! My hair didnt even grow the usual 1/4″-1/2″ a month like most peoples do. Now mine grows 1/2″ a month if not a little more. Plus my nails grow a lot faster! Love Biotin!

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    To make your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster, use Nioxin brand shampoo and conditioner. They also make a scalp spray that helps to stimulate your scalp and make your hair grow, and vitamins which helps to work even more. These products are specially made for this reason. Another good brand is Alterna. This one is nice because it’s Organic and will make your hair feel softer then the Nioxin products, although the Nioxin products works a little bit better when it comes to making it grow in thicker and faster.

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    Kim and Kourtney wear hair extensions. That’s why their hair is so long and full. I love the look of their hair with extensions. But I’m too lazy to put that much work into it. lol
    http://hairextensionsclub.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/what-kind-of-hair-extensions-does-kim-kardashian-have/ http://officialkourtneyk.celebuzz.com/2009/05/a-little-story-about-my-hair/

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    As someone who had hair (blunt cut!) past my knees in the 70’s and who has a hard time getting it to my shoulder blades now – the big difference is HEAT, chemicals, and the every day styling. In the 70’s it got washed once a week and then either set on 3″ rollers or wrapped and allowed to dry w/o heat (if needed I used a hood dryer) – it took anywhere from 8-12 hours to air dry.

    Keeping it healthy is the big issue:

    which means regular trims (just nipping the ends)
    which means a regular deep conditioning routine (if you use a protein pack make sure to following up with a moisturizing pack – adding protein can cause damage)
    which means using a heat protecting spray
    which means absolutely no hairspray – very drying.
    which means avoiding chemical processes (perms, haircolor, relaxers)

    Eating right, sleeping adequately, and drinking fluids – all add to your overall health.

    FYI – I use MnT on my dogs – an English Setter and an English Springer Spaniel. Their coats look GREAT. It does nothing for my hair. I’m using Suave’s Almond & Shea and also the Black Raspberry – and I only clarify once a month and then do a protein pak and a moisturizing pak – usually 2-3 days before I color/highlight/lowlight (the color is not an option I am about 85% gray & white).


    I just saw this article posted on Cosmopolitan that says that taking prenatal vitamins when you aren’t pregnant can be dangerous. Here’s a link to the article is anyone is interested. Cosmopolitan Cosmo is known for some sketchy advice though, so take this with a grain of salt.

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    I agree with taking Biotin, it certainly helps with hair and nail health.  Regular trims will also help.  :)

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