The Best Foundations Ever!


*PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep all our post current, this list has been updated so the products may be different than the ones shown in the video.

Hi Makeup Geeks!

You all know I love to try new makeup products, so I’ve compiled my “Best Of” series stating my favorite makeup products of all time!  My top picks are completely unbiased- I simply want to help you spend your money on only the products I know are amazing.  Trust me, I have tested, swatched, and worn just about every makeup product out there ;)

Enough blabbing…. On to the best foundations ever!


Revlon ColorStay


As everyone knows this is one of my favorite foundations and for good reason. The full coverage foundations glides on smoothly and evenly and creates a flawless finish. This comes in 2 different formulas, one for combination/oily skin and one for normal/dry skin. The lightweight formula doesn’t cake or fade and last through the day. This also comes in a huge variety of colors so it’s easy to find a shade that’s right for you.

Coverage: Full coverage
Finish: Matte Finish
Number of Shades: 20, ranging from “Ivory” to “Mocha”
Main Selling Point: Comes in a wide array of colors and is inexpensive
Price:  $9.99 – 12.99 (Depending on where you purchase it)
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay

Estee Lauder Double Wear


This is one of the best selling foundations on the market. These are broke down into 3 different groups C (cool), N (neutral), W (warm), to help you find the perfect shade. With 30 shades to choose from you are sure to find one that matches you perfectly. The foundation glides on smoothly but dries quickly so you have to work somewhat fast to get this on. Once dried it stays in place all day long and doesn’t budge. It’s heat-proof, water-resistant and gives your skin a amazing finish.

Coverage: Full coverage
Finish: Matte Finish
Number of Shades: 30, ranging from “Bone” to “Mahogony”
Main Selling Point: Covers well and stays on all day
Price: $36.00 
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay

Cover FX Natural Finish


This is a water-based liquid foundation with a medium coverage that can easily be built up into full coverage and leaves a soft, dewy finish to the skin. This is extremely water-resistant which makes it great for summer and warmer more humid climates. This contains vitamins E and C which sooth inflammation and reduce redness. What I really love about this is that it is considered vegan and contains no parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. It’s also gluten, mineral-oil, and talc free.

Coverage: Medium coverage
Finish: Satin Finish
Number of Shades:  24, ranging from N10-G80.   Colors are divided into 3 categories:  Golden (G) , Neutral (N), and Pink (P) with the lowest number being the lightest, and the highest number being the darkest.
Main Selling Point:  Paraben free and water based- great for sensitive skin!
Price: $40.00
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay, Sephora

Make Up For Ever HD


An oil-free foundation that will make you look your best in even the harshest light. This is a medium coverage foundation that gives a “soft focus” effect to the skin and can be built up into a full coverage in wanted. This feels light on the skin and last all day without budging and doesn’t feel heavy when wearing it. It doesn’t appear oily through the day and is great for on a day when you are going to be in photos. I also love that this foundation has a pump, it makes the product easier to access and apply. Take note makeup companies, we LOVE pumps on our foundations.

Coverage: Medium coverage
Finish: Satin Finish
Number of Shades: 24, ranging from “Pink” to “Ebony”
Main Selling Point: Flawless finish and lightweight
Price: $42.00
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay, Sephora

Laura Mercier Silk Creme


This full coverage foundation has a mouse/gel like consistency and evens out skin tones and adds luminosity to the skin. This includes silk proteins and tea extracts that leaves your skin looking smoother and softer. Because this contains silicones it will actually help minimize the appearance of large pores. However, because of the silicones this would probably be best for those of you with normal/dry skin as it may make oily skin appear shiny after a while. The other draw back is the limit on colors, this only comes in 8 shades so not everyone will find a shade that will work for them.

Coverage: Full coverage
Finish: Satin Finish
Number of Shades: 8,  ranging from “Cream Ivory” to “Hazelnut Beige”
Main Selling Point:  Applies creamy and covers well
Price: $43.00
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBaySephora

Burberry Velvet

burberry copy

The light, gel-like texture of this foundation leaves a stunning, flawless finish to the skin. It blends easily and can be built up to a more full coverage if you desire. The foundation uses wild rose extracts to hydrate the skin and look is looking and feeling great. The only bad thing is the shade range. There are 8 shades and seem to be geared toward those with pink undertones which means those of you with yellow undertones probably won’t find a color that will work for you. This will work best for more mature skin or those of you with dry or combination skin.

Coverage: Sheer to Medium Coverage
Finish: Dewy Finish
Number of Shades:  8 shades, ranging from 201 to 208
Main Selling Point:   Covers well without looking cakey
Price: $55.00
Where to Buy: AmazoneBay, Nordstrom

DiorSkin Airflash Spray Foundation


For an airbrushed effect without the airbrush machine this is definitely the foundation for you. Hold the bottle about 8 inches from your face and spray until you achieve the desired amount of coverage. This gives a flawless finish to the skin without looking and feeling cakey. There are a couple of downsides to this however. It comes in a limited number of colors to choose from and has one of the more expensive price tags. However, the finish is so amazing it is worth it. I suggest saving it for special occasions. (Keep your hair wrapped in a towel while applying this and don’t stand close to a wall. Remember, you are spraying this. :-)

Coverage: Light to Full coverage (depending on how much you spray)
Finish: Satin Finish
Number of Shades:  7, ranging from Light Beige to #600
Main Selling Point: Gives an airbrush finish and is quick to apply
Price: $60.00
Where to Buy: Amazon , eBay ,Sephora

Neutrogena Healthy Skin


This is one of my other favorite drugstore foundations. This is ideal for those of you with dry skin or in the cooler months when our skin dries out. This glides on smoothly and evenly and can be built up into more full coverage if you like. It gives a dewy appearance to the skin leaving a stunning and healthy finish to the skin. This is very similar to the NARS foundation and has an SPF of 20.

Coverage: Medium coverage
Finish: Dewy Finish
Number of Shades: 12, ranging from “Classic Ivory” to “Tan”. Most of them are warm shades
Main Selling Point: Gives a dewy finish to the skin and is inexpensive
Price: $9.00 – $10.00 (Depending on where you purchase)
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay

NARS Sheer Glow


This is a light-weight foundation that can be built up to no more than a medium coverage. This glides on smoothly and gives the most amazing dewy finish to the skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or get cakey feeling. If you have sensitive skin however this can cause breakouts though. This will work best on those of you with dry skin or those with more mature skin, as it gives our skin a dewy fresh finish. For the price I do wish it had a pump on the bottle.

Coverage: Sheer coverage
Finish: Dewy Finish
Number of Shades: 16, ranging from “Siberia” to “Khartoum”
Main Selling Point:  Lightweight and luminous
Price: $44.00
Where to Buy: Amazon , eBay , Sephora

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra


This velvety smooth foundation feels amazing on the skin and glides on smoothly and evenly. It blends effortless and leaves a flawless finish. This is broke down into three categories, C (cool), W (warm), N (neutral) which makes it easy for anyone to find a shade that’s perfect for them. This comes with a convenient pump which makes it perfect to get the exact amount you need. The only downside to this is the price,  but because of the price and the packaging it’s definitely worth it.

Coverage: Medium
Finish: Satin Finish
Number of Shades: 25, ranging from 100 Ivoire N to 560 Suede C
Main Selling Point: Flawless finish and covers well   (this one is my current favorites)
Price: $45.00
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay , Sephora
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Why when I click to play the video it says this video is private and does not allow me to watch it? any help would be great thanks : )

There’s probably some tweaking being done behind the scenes. I’m sure it’ll be public soon. :)

Hi marlena! I have a question hope you answer it:)

whenever i buy or try a foundation it seems grey on me on certain places like close to my lips or forehead, but it looks perfect on my cheeks en matchs my neck, what am i doing wrong??? i dun use any concealer etc. Now i am using Chanel Aqua Lumiere foundation in no 3 n my skintone is light to medium but more on de lighter side.

Would be really THANKFUL to you, if you answer my this question!

that’s an interesting question as I’m not sure why it looks gray? Does the foundation seem a bit too light? I wish I knew the answer :(

hi i think u need to try a concealer that is a bit orange in colour… u can find two colours in concealers easily… light green and light orange… if uve got skin that turns grey when u put on ur foundation try to apply that light orange concealer.. and if you have skin that appears pink when u apply foundation try putting on light green concealers…

It’s probably because you are using a green undertone foundation. Try to use a red undertone (It’s not really green or red lolll it’s the base of the color)
You probably have an olive complexion.
Ask your cosmetician for help if you can’t see the difference between both.

Hey Meryl,
I think i know the solution to you’re problem,
I think you’re having this problem because the base of the foundation might not match your skin tone. Usually areas around mouth or nose are a little darker, so when using a base that doesn’t match your skin it will give a grayish appearance. a yellow base, usually corrects the grayish outcome, and also using an orange based concealer after applying your foundation.

Hope this kind of helps =)

thanx to every one for answering!:) i am gonna try a orange based concealer en see if it works….that grey thing is not that noticable but if i see all the gurus or everyone with light or dark or medium skintone i dun see that problem with their foundation at all, that’s why i just wanted to know, concealer would be a solution to it i guess:).

thx again!

Meryl i have to second what these other girls are saying. My first impression was that maybe the undertone of the foundations you are selecting is wrong, and perhaps to try something with a warmer or slightly more pink undertone as opposed to a flat beige

i think you should consider a shade darker on the foundation and also use concealer…I had this same problem at first when I was trying out new foundation it would look grey on lower side of my mouth but I then started to apply a little more foundation on that spot and cover it well with powder…amazingly it doesn’t turn grey anymore

Which would be best for pictures/a long night of dancing [prom], if the person had very dry skin?

If you have dry skin, you want something a little more dewy or satin- if you can spend a little extra, the MUFE Hd foundation is really nice! It photographs well and covers well without caking on the skin making it look drier :)

Hey I get the same problem once in a while and i figured it out that it usually happens once you apply an even light layer of foundation, but go over it once again (with a brush or fingers etc.) it starts to pile on, and becomes sort of gray. It especially shows up once you dust the face with a powder. So just try avoiding “doubling” the foundation on this area twice. Hope it helps!

Hey Marlena! Im a NW 20/25 in MAC’s studio fix fluid .Could you please tell me what color/number would suit me in REVLON Colorstay and Estee Lauder Double Wear (I have oily skin)?.THANK YOU.

;) ;)

There isn’t any best foundation to use for photos, it all depends on what color your skin tone is and what sort of foundation you like to use. Also take in consideration that your camera sometimes gives your foundation a different look compared to when you look in the miror. I find that taking the flash off the camera really helps. when I apply my foundation I like to go into different rooms for different types of light aswell, it helps to see how much foundation you have on. Hope I helped.

Actually they do make foundations best to use for photos. Like for example revlon photo ready foundation. It deflects light. Make up forever hd is pretty good also

All H.D products; Make up Forever makes a great line of high performance makeup that can photograph well under the scrutiny of high definition cameras. They’re super pricey though, that’s the downside.

If you want drug store, than the Loreal tru match is pretty decent for pictures (From my own personal experience). Good Luck!

I would advise you to get a foundation that doesnt have a high SPF (revlon photoready is a bad choice since it has spf 20)
bcoz wat spf does is in pictures it will make you have a whitecast so ur face looks terribly/abnormally white lol happened to me!

you muggies are SO helpful and sweet- thank you for your input to the other girls :) You all have great ideas!

There are many good foundations out there that are good for photos! And just because it has SPF does not mean it won’t be good! There are different ingredients for spf so if a foundation says “Photo ready” and has SPF it will more than likely be ok. I recently got married and I used Estee Lauders Double Wear LIGHT (which is very similar to the double wear mentioned above, but not as heavy or drying) and it has an spf of 15 and my pictures came out beautifully and I didn’t have to reapply at all. Not even powder my face, thats how awesome DWL is.

Thank you for this video Marlena, it’s probably going to help me figure out which foundation is best for me, since I always seem to have a problem finding the right one, so thanks again! :) You did a great job as usual!

I have tried the Lancome Teint Idole and loved it! I used the Neutrogena Healthy Skin and kind of out grew it. I am really liking the new Fit Me makeup. Have you tried that one and if you have, what do you think of it? I’ve been hooked on Revlon Colorstay ever since I herd you suggest it a while back, and been using it for a couple years now!

Thanks for the reviews and comparisons! Love it!!

OMFG Marlena! How gorgeous you are! How gorgeous is this look! <3 Love it! Can't wait to see your vid of this super hyper pretty look!

Thanks for this video Marlena! You look fab by the way :) But do you have a fave foundation? … If you could only pick one what wold it be?

If I could only pick one, I would probably pick the Revlon Colorstay as it covers well and is inexpensive… If I could pick one high end one, my fav right now is the Lancome one as it gives a flawless finish and doesn’t look too shiny :)

Marlena, what made you want to become the great makup artist you are :)? I really whant to get into this line of work when i get out of school. Do you have any tips for me? Btw I love ur website! :) I go on it as much as I can. Thank you

Great tips. I already have a favorite, but I would like to try some new ones.
Love from Noway :) <3

Hi Marlena,

What would you recommend for those of us with freckles, who need to even out our skin tone, but don’t want to cover our freckles? I used to use Mac Studio Fix fluid, but it always turns my face into a blank slate, and I worked hard to embrace my freckle-ness.

Keep up the amazing work!

Not sure if you’re up to splurging on yourself, but a beautiful sheer finish that looks very natural is the Diorskin Spray foundation! I use it on my clients with nice skin as it’s so easy to apply and doesn’t cover too much :)

Loved this video! Thank you for doing it. Still loving the Revlon Colorstay, but will have to
get to the store to try out the Lancome. Also love your look! Tutorial please!

could u list what makeup your wearing… especially cheek color please?!?! unless its an upcoming tutorial.. i just epically love this look and the color combo!

I wish so much that I remember what I wore :( I will try to recreate this look though! It *may* be my green look in the Idea Gallery that I posted a couple weeks ago… Can’t remember :(

Thanks for the info Marlena but I wanted to know what you think of the Booth No. 7. I know you get alot of messages so its easy to get overwhelmed and not be able to respond to all of them but have heard from some of the girls on your message board that they like No. 7 better than the colorstay. What do you think? Thanks :)

hi marlena! love the vid. you look gorgeous as always. btw, can you make a review on paul & joe cosmetics? i really want to try this brand and I’ve heard many positive reviews about it.

Was wondering why recently (last few tutorials) I cant get the video on the makeup geek site. It just shows a blank box. A coupld weeks ago this happened but you offered a different “mirror” to view the videos and I was able to view them. Lately that hasnt been an option. I have been having to go to Makeup Geek TV You Tube to view the videos. Any help? Thanks so much

Hi Kristie! I’ll ask Nicola if she can upload the latest vids to Viddler for the mirror option- check back after Monday and they should be up then :)

I don’t exactly need foundation, but I find that in pictures, my tinted moisturizer (the Stila Sheer Color) ends up giving me the oily, and kind of ghostly appearance. Not exactly my thing, so I’ve considered using foundation on special occasions. Maybe the HD will suit my oily skin…
Anyway, I really like your makeup here! Color combination is really nice. Planning on doing a tutorial for it?
Thank you!

For pictures, I generally try to use a more matte finish foundation then just apply highlighter on top of cheekbones and near tearducts for a little shine without looking oily. Maybe try the Revlon Colorstay? See if you like that one :)

I don’t necessarily have a lot of cash, and I know that you know what you’re talking about. =)
Going to Ulta on monday, so things should work fine.
If you could answer this, it’d be great: I’m a teenager, with pretty good skin, so on regular basis, should I just mix it with moisturizer with SPF to sheer it out a little?
Thanks again. =)

Ive got a simple question: whats the lightest yellow/neutral shade from revlon colorstay? Because ivory is too pink for me

You know, they only have 4 shades that are golden based- I think the lightest is #260? I would have to check the next time I’m in the store (I tossed quite a few of mine in my traincase as they were expired)

I’m pretty sure you’re going to need to mix one of the darker golden shades with the lightest shade to get the right color :( Is a pain in the behind I know…

I agree…so helpful! Thank you so much!! I am also dying to see a tutorial on the gorgeous look you are rocking in this video! You look beautiful and healthy…so proud for you! :)

SO here is my question Marlena and other ladies, I have narrowed it down to the following: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra and Make Up For Ever HD. I can’t decide. They both look great on. Any suggestions. Help. I’m going to be in a wedding so I need something new.

I actually prefer the Lancome one over the MUFE one- for me, it covers a little better… That’s just my opinion :)

Thanks Marlena for your input. I’ve used another Lancome foundation in the past and loved it too. So I figured this one would be great as well. Thanks again!

I’ve used the Lancome Teint Idole for YEARS, and love it! It’s really easy on sensitive skin, a little bit goes a long ways, and it’s a very comfortable and natural foundation. The only reason I stopped using it was because their ivory shade is just barely 1-2 shades too dark for my skin tone (I’m very pale). But very highly recommended!

Hi Marlena,
Can you please go over eyebrows, best pencils, longest stay on power? I have spent so much and still have not found good coverage other than tattooing, and im afraid of that =(… Summers especially with sweat and the sun.. THANX!!!!

You know, I’m having the same problem! We’ll look together :) As soon as I find something, I’ll post a video on it. I just got a MAC pen that says it’s waterproof (I think)

Bare minerals eye brow powder is great, I outline mine with a brow pencil by cover girl , but the powder is the best

I’ve been trying this trick lately for brows: I’ve been coating them with an eye primer first (Too Faced Mini Shadow Insurance), filling them with either pencil or powder, then sealing them with a clear brow gel (I’ve been using a sample of the Anastasia one). They stay put all day. Hope that helps. :-)

Oh my goodness I’m having the same problem… I have super thin eyebrows.. and have to draw them on everyday.. I need a solution too. i’ve been using powder and pencil and the only solutio I’ve come up with is to not touch my face hahahaha… I need something waterproof..

I have been wanting to try a new foundation, but most of these foundations contain parabens and it would be really great if you made a video of paraben-free makeup products!

ooh! I just picked up a Lorac one and a Tarte one today that have no parabens- I’m going to try them to see if they are good :)

Hi Marlena,

unfortunately I can’t watch this video (and several last ones either) as for any reason there’re not be shown in my country (Germany) :-(((

Check back after Monday, and I’ll ask Nicola to upload to Viddler for you :) I’m sorry about that!

Fab! I learn so much from your tutorials but suffer due to inane German YouTube rules!

P.S. What’s your favourite concealer btw? I use Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer to hide the purple under my eyes – but it tends to go quite cakey. Any suggestions?

Thnaks a lot!!! I’m already waiting .-)))) I just LOOOOOVE your vids, and so sad that I can’t watch all of them now for any reason.

You know, I liked it when I first got it but after having lots of pictures done, it showed up REALLY oily on camera :( I don’t use it anymore… I need to do an update video stating that as I raved about it when I got it- I learned my lesson about not waiting longer before reviewing a product! :'(

marlena tell me..i need help i want pick a foundation from drugtore
I have combination-oily skin
not great skin
iám like nc25 (i think)
I want a yellow foundation for my red cheeckbones
and y like glowy dewy finish
i wante try revlon photoreay..i see you review and everything..but now revlon don`t are in you top.10 ….you think that i have to tru neutrogena skinglow?

Francisca i have the same problem,dry skin and my cheeks get very red,especially in the summer,i live in Texas.I love the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation.It covers good and my skin looks dewy,it’s so cool.Sometimes they have on sale for $9,if your not sure of the color just hold close to your face,that might help.I got one and turned out too dark so i went 2 shades lighter,mixed them and it’s perfect.Hope it helps!!!

Thanks so much for this! I’m on the hunt for a new foundation especially since I can never find the right color! Colors are either too light or just a little too dark. This video plus the one about custom mixing foundations are just what I needed. Thanks to you and your team for always thinking of new things to address, and always taking our suggestions!

Hi Marlena
You look fabulous as ever so good to have you back after the surgery!! How do u know what skin undertones you have? Like i’m south asian brown skin so i dont know how to tell that…do i have yellow under tones or what…

One way is to look at your veins on your forearms: if they look blue, then you are cool. If they look green, then you are warm. If they look teal, then you are neutral. I believe most south asians have a warm undertone to their skin :)

Hi Marlena your last 5 videos, I cannot be able to see it, for references I live in Germany, I wonder what is the problem with youtube, It’s really sad that I cannot be able to see you :(
Can you be able to solve this problem?? all the best for you !!!

Hello Marlena in Switzerland is the same problem with your videos , (youtube has a no- no to your videos) so sorry to miss your great tutorials

Thanks! I was planning on buying a new foundation, I use to wear Makeup Forever’s Mat Velvet and I also tried Revlon’s Colorstay (but phew, it smells like rubbing alcohol!), loved it but the smell drove me nuts. I think I’ll give the Lancome one a try, it sounds like a lovely finish.

Hey Marlena! I really hope you can help me out, i have super dry skin and i’ve tried a bunch of different foundations even some of the ones you’ve listed, i’m currently using the Laura Mercier Silk Creme one and i love the coverage, but it seems that no matter which one i use my face still looks flaky and with dry patches, i use different primers and sometimes Mac Fix + before and after my foundation and still can’t get it to stop looking dry! The weird thing is that after applying my moisturizer my skin looks just fine, it seems like the makeup enhances the dryness… Do you think i should focus on a better primer that’s specific for dry skin?

Wonderfully helpful! I just ran out of my usual foundation (I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid) and was looking for something that would help me stay less shiny throughout the day. I think I’ll pick up a couple of your suggestions to try them out! Any preferences on good setting powders/touch up powders to go along with these?

Hi Marlena! Thanks for the awesome foundation faves! Quick question that you could possibly answer in a video one day – I love going to Sephora or Ulta where you can try on the shades of makeup before you buy them, but what about the drugstore ones like Revlon or Neutrogena, where you can’t really try them on before you buy? How do you suggest finding the “perfect” shade just by looking at the bottle? Thanks for your help!

Hey Stephanie you could try holding the bottle close to your face and have a friend look at it to see which one matches you best,I know it sucks,but if you go wrong you can buy a shade lighter or darker and mix them together.Hope that helps.

Have you tried nars’ sheer matte? Or is their a satin full coverage foundation you’d recommend? Can I mix the neutrongena with revlon, even if i have oily skin…Or is their a satin full coverage foundation you’d recommend that’s not too pricey? Have you tried nars’ sheer matte or any mac foundations? i’ve heard mac’s prolongwear is good but have yet to try it

Hi Marlena, I LOVE all of your videos and your website!! Thank you so much for all of the extremely helpful information!

I have a question, I was hoping you could answer.

I have very clear skin, hardly any blemishes but, I get oily and tend to sweat on my noise and around my mouth. And usually by the end of the day it seems to fade around my mouth. I am having so much trouble finding the right foundation. I used smashbox but it was too yellow for my face, so then I found out that I have cool undertones. So, I went to MAC and tried the studio fix fluid with the setting spray, I really like it but I still get oily and it still fades around my mouth. I have also tried the revlon colorstay and it got cakey around my nose, even when I put an extremely thin layer. Please HELP! I’m going to be in Italy this summer and I would love to have a good foundation to handle the sweat and oilyness.

If you have any answers, it would be greatly appreciated!!!! :D

Hi Marlena I always been wanting to buy the Dior air spay foundation but am kind of nervous on how to apply it can you do a vid on how to use it thanks…. You are beautiful…

Hi Marlena, how about a tutorial on the look you’re wearing on this video? It’s absolutely beautiful! (You are, as always!)

Hi Marlena – quick question – what blush/ highlighter are you wearing in this video? You look so so so pretty! Thank you

Another awesome foundation that you should try is the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Gives satin coverage, full coverage, very lightweight, and I put it on at 6:30 am in the morning, and by the end of the day, 9:45, my skin still looked flawless!


You always look beautiful in every video but you’re especially gorgeous in this one! Love your makeup (as usual) and hair so much! Thank you so much for all the tips and tutorials. I feel way more self-confident since I started following your makeup advice.

I have used the Lancome Teinte Idole & love it. I recently picked up the Dior airflash for my wedding (a Macy’s employee discount helped!) and HIGHLY recommend. My colleague at Dior recommends applying by spraying onto a short Kabuki type brush and applying in circular motions (sort of buffing). Dior sells a brush but I’ve used my own kabuki with perfect results. This also helps to use less product, and avoid the “misfires” of the aerosol can. I’ve had mine for nearly 5 months and haven’t had to replace. I use it maybe once a week. :-) absolutely worth the money!

@ yvette, I use bare minerals eye brow powder and love it…use cover girl brow pencil to outline

Oh my gosh Bobbie Browns foundation is really good :) I 1st found out about it when I gota sample of it in my magazine, after that I brought it and LOVED IT!

Hi Marlena, how about a tutorial on the look you’re wearing on this video? It’s absolutely beautiful! ,,, love love it <3

I’m a MAC addict so I love all of their stuff and am surprised you didn’t mention any of their foundations. Do you not like any of them? I currently am using the Pro Longwear and it truly lasts all day.
On a side note you are looking absolutely wonderful. I’m glad that you did well after your surgery and I can tell it was the best decision for you. You are truly glowing and I can tell the love of life is flowing all through you heart and soul. Keep up the great work!

Very helpful video…I currently use mac studio fix fluid but its nice to see other options. There’s a few I’d like to try now except the $60 dollar one lol!! thanks for the review. :)

If you haven’t already… Please review the NEW Laura Mercier foundation Creme Smooth. I LOVE it! Anti-aging benefits in a true cream foundation. A little goes a long way… Medium coverage, buildable… Beautiful natural finish.

Hi Marlena,
I was wondering if you know whether any of these foundations give off a white cast in photos? I’m going on a cruise in July and of course I don’t want to have a white splotchy face in the pictures. I’ve heard that specifically the MUFE HD has been a problem for celebrities in photos? Have you heard that also?

Another good foundation to try is from clarins. I have a problem with break outs when i use foundation, but when i tryed clarins i didnt have any problems, and they have many different shades to choose from….

Hi Marlena, I love your videos.I am new to make-up and was wondering how do you tell what shade you are? As well I tan very easily in the summer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Bring a little pocket mirror with you to the drugstore if you are looking at buying a drugstore foundation. Either swatch the product on your face or on your wrist to try and find your shade, or you can try holding the bottles up to your cheek to see which one closely matches your skintone/undertone. Same thing applies for a place like sephora, except they already have mirrors there for you to test out the products. Maddie =)

By the way…I love the look in this tutorial. You should do one for how you got this look. You are beautiful! Im getting better at the makeup thing myself. People are giving me compliments on the things I try from your tutorials. My forum name on your website is “Swan”…thought it was appropriate since I feel I look kind of plain like the “ugly ducking” without makeup the turn into a “swan” with makeup. lol Anyway, thanks so much. Love your work.

I’m a big fan of Becca’s foundations even though it’s hard to find now. They have a great range for hard to match skin tones. I’m extremely fair w/pink undertones and I have really difficult time finding a good match.

Hi Marlena, love ur website and so does my sister in law. shes the one who introduced me to it. love the fact dat u know how to wear the vibrant eyeshadows and not afraid of color. i love dem to but just dnt know how to blend dem very well or combine dem tp make a look. well any wanted to know wat kind of foundation u would reccomend for a person with over the top dry skin with some pink undertones and acne scars. i tried revlon colorstay but didnt work for me. for some reason it didnt seem to cover well at all, at least on me. right now im using pixie’s beauty stick in nude. i like how creamy it is and how well it blends but since it dries to a powdery finish it can make me look too powdery if i try to apply more for full coverage and it can look unnatural at times and accentuate my dry spots even more. im going crazy! Plz help,thks.

Marlena , i follow everything you post, i love the colorstay also and use it too, however i just bought the lorel magic souffle foundation i have to be honest i love it more then the colorstay,has a great matte finish also, please try it and let us know what you think. Oh and thanks for the fast shipping of the make up i bought from your sight, i wear your birthday look a lot.

Hi Marlena or oders!
I have a problem when I put foundation on. I always make sure my face is clean and always use a good moisture face cream below. If I do not have powder or foundation on my face, I have very RED cheeks. My blood is very close to the surface I have been told.
My skin is very delicate and are easily affected by wind and weather. Anyway to my problem!
During my foundation I put a green base on the ceeks to tone down the red color. When I put on foundation with either fingers or a brush the green base seems to glide of and my red cheeks keep sight through, what should I do I’m so tired of the red cheeks hope you please can help me, because it is realy a probleme and no one have given me the right answar yet. The foundation just glide on and of every time i tride to cover the face. I have also tryed to pat instead of the glide movement and I can stil see the redness on my cheeks.

Please please help me with some advice if you can!

Hey Marlena!
I love the Revlon Colorstay foundation and the coverage it gives me! I have combo/oily skin, so I use that one. But I’m really looking to try another foundation out, as I’ve been using the Revlon one for a long time! What do you suggest?

Hi Marlena :)

I am mixed raced and have oily skin. I have like a caramel skin tone and I can’t find a good foundation for me… i would like to have something like light-medium coverage and that isn’t to shinny cause after a few hours my skin gets super oily :(

Thak you in advance and i love your posts. i’ve learn a lot about make-up and i’m from Belgium


This is really helpful and I loved the video. But I’ve been trying to find the revlon one but I can’t cause in Portugal, I don’t know why, I can’t find Revlon anywhere :S

That was a great tutorial!!!!!!
You looked really pretty the eyes were especially georgus
mabey you could do a tutorial on the make up u were wearing???
Ive been looking for a foundation but i’m allergic to most and i get really bad breakouts…i tried the clinique acne solution but it had a really matt finish…. any suggestions???
ur awsome keep up with the amasing tutorials!

Hi Marlena! I am writing you from Russia))) I decided to write to you as a specialist. Dwight advise me please, what foundation do you advise, as I have very oily skin of the face and no one foundation can not cope. Thank you for waiting for an answer.

Hi Marlena, I want to know which MAC foundation is the best for high coverage(without looking caky). I currently wear MAC studio fix NC40. Also the best MAC concealer for extra coverage.
I am wondering why you did not mention any of the MAC foundations in your favorites list..

hey guys,
i currently use MUFE hd in 170 (which i think is caramel). its pretty perfect for my skin tone, but i was wondering if any of the less expensive brands have colours with yellow undertones that would at least come close to the 170. thanks :)

I’ve been using the Sephora Perfecting Cover foundation, which is supposed to be similar to the MUFE HD (though I have not tried the HD to compare)… The coverage is medium and the finish is fairly matte, sometimes I mix it with Revlon Colorstay to get fuller coverage… The shade selection isn’t as wide (maybe try Hazelnut or Mahogany?), but if you can find the right one, you’re saving $18!

Hi Marlena!
I work at a Lancome counter. Teinte Idole is pronounced as “Tint Idol” or “T-aunt I-dol.”
I hope that helps lol

Beautiful as always Marelena ! One quick question which foundation do you recommened for summer ? I wont good coverage but dont wont it to sweat down my bra….lol

Marlena!! please please please, make a tutorial for this look, you look awesome! your eyes look so beautiful ! :)

Awesome products! Thanks for the cool video!!! But what happens if we don’t have Makeup Forever in my contry?! I can buy it online but how am i supposed to pick my shade? Any ideas? :(


hi marlena!! i have combination/oily skin thats prone to breakouts.. but i need a foundation that has great coverage, lasts all day, looks good in photos, and of course wont give me breakouts. what is your suggestion?????

thank you!! :)

Hi Marlena. Thank you soo much for your latest video.
I love the work that you did with the foundations. its awesome.
one question–is MakeUP Forever HD…good for dry skin.
i want a foundation that is gd for Dry skin and which does cake-up…
PLZZZ PLZZZ HELP…… and for the powders…which ones are gd. mineral, or loose?
there are too many different kind of make-ups.

Marlena….can you also make a video of powders, blushes, bronzes…. with their price ranges….

its great that you made a video of the foundations and also listings of which skin -ton (oily or dry) it would work for …n the prices.


Marlena, out of these ten foundations which would you recommend for someone with combination skin? My T-zone requires blotting paper throughout the day–which is okay with me. I was actually going to buy the Laura Mercier Silk Creme but once you said it’s not for people that want a long lasting effect, I decided not to because I go to school and I need something that would last the whole school day–and longer. Please and thank you!

Hi … This is my first post on this site… I love watching your makeup tips and techniques.. thank you so much for helping us.. but the reason i’m writing is because i love love love your makeup in this video can PLEASE show us how you did it??

Thank you!!!


Hi Marlena, first of all thank you for sharing your knowledge and feedback on different products and makeup applications. I have interesting skin. There are some areas (near my eyes and forehead) where my skin is extremely dry and then after having on moisturizer for oily skin and makeup for a couple hours my skin gets really oily. I currently use MakeUp Forever liquid foundation #177 and the translucent powder on top. Idk if I should change my moisturizer or my foundation or both. Help please!

hey marelna love ur top 10 vid! but im kinda surprised to not see any bobbi brown products on it! i use the bobbi brown stick foundation. wel i mix two shades but i jus love love it! it has buildable coverage and is awesome for al skin types by the time im done blendin it al in it gives me this sheer glowy look im in love with BB’s stick foundation ! only drawback is i ve to mix up to shades to reach my goal shade n its pricy! give BB a try !!!

Hi Marlena,

I’m pretty new to make up (and I’m 27 lol) and I have just found your site here and it has been so incredibly helpful! I have been passing it around to all of my friends and family.

My question is about applying foundation without tools like brushes or sponges. Can it work? I just today went out and bought a primer, concealer, and foundation, but they didn’t have an appropriate brush. I’m planning on getting one, just not this week. So please, if you have the time, some tips?


LOVE LOVE LOVE your eye makeup in this video. (Super informative video, btw – thanks!)
I know it’s off topic of this specific foundation video, but do you have a tutorial out already for this kind of eye look your wearing? If not, can you pleeeeease do one?!
Thanks! :D

Hi Marlena!
Your makeup is beautiful (as usual) in this video. Is there any way you could do a tutorial on this look? Thanks for keeping us beautiful! :)

marlena I am a NC 25/30 in mac foundation, what color do you think I would be in the Revlon Color Stay? Also, I have a problem with my foundation staying flawless for a long period of time what primer do you recommend? I use the MAC prep n prime. Hope you can help : )

what shades would compliment olive skin tones. i know you mentions golden and neutral foundations in your video but which look better on specific skin tones?

Hi Marlena, have u try any of kryolan product? I heard that the derma colour blend is one of the best camouflage foundation and waterproof.

Love from Malaysia

Dear MUG-team,

I would loooooove to see the video! Could we get the mirror? I’m unable to watch it on youtube.
Thanks sooo much!

thanks for this video! it’s great & very helpful to see a variety of foundations since – for me – that is the most important topic when it comes to make-up :) I might give some of these a try!

btw, it’s funny that the NARS Sheer Glow might be breaking you out ’cause a lot of the foundations you mentioned break me out (MUFE Mat Velvet+, Revlon Colorstay..) and the Sheer Glow doesn’t, it’s actually pretty good to my skin. it’s always a strange thing that we all react so differently to things we put on our skin.

Hi MUGs!! I just wanted to mention that I have extremely oily skin and have been on a mission to find the perfect foundation for me. Mission accomplished! It is the MAC studio Fix fluid. It is full coverage and I absolutely love it. I have also used the revlon colorstay foundation and though I loved the coverage it gave me I had the equivalent of an oil spill on my face by the end of the day. Hope that was helpful for you guys as well. Marlena–great job as always! I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful your website has been for me. LOVE IT!! Keep up the great work!

I love your website but was wondering if you or if there is another website similar to yours for us older ladies.I still LOVE wearing make-up even with the wrinkles.Im 66 years old.please let me know about make-up for us olders.Thanks

I am doing my own make up for my wedding this year! Out of these 10 I am leaning towards the HD Mat Velvet, would you agree? I am looking for great coverage that will last all day, no shine in my pics but still want that flawless look as well : ) Thanks Marlena!

i was wondering if you wouldn’t mind checking into this foundation

it claims its a liquid mineral makeup. i have been using the extra coverage because i need coverage and it has less “bad” ingredients than the ultimate all day.. .

I would love your thoughts on it or any of you other MUGs that have tried it

i just want to say I love your website… I have a question, how do you know if what undertones you have? I noticed in the last couple of two videos you’ve said something about golde, pink and yellow undertones.. do you think you can do a video or article on how to figure out what tones you have?

Thank You


hey ,

Hey Marlena (or anyone really), I was wondering if you have tried or heard anything about Aveda’s foundation? I feel like it would be really nice, seeing as it is Aveda, but wanted to get your opinion. Any thoughts are appreciated :]

Hello Beauty, did you try La Prairie foundation?? is my favourite, the smell, texture, covering it comes with a brush. Soooo perfect. Try it and let us know.

Dear marlena,
I really hope you find some time to respond to me because I have a problem. My face is much darker then my body, if I get a shade that is good with my face tone then I come out very weird in pictures and it just looks weird, if I get a shade that is good with my body tone then I look very plain and white. I do know how to use makeup and I do take down the foundation to the nack and such but I just do not know how to slove this.

Also I have a very oily skin, but sometimes it will be very oily and dry on the same time, what kind of foundation you think is the best? I been using a matt foundation for oily skin, is that the proper choice?

Thank you so much for you time and for posting

I have a very fair skin tone, I was recently compared to a porcelain doll. I am having a really hard time finding a shade that fits my skin tone. I guess what confuses me the most about finding a shade is figuring out if the foundation has a yellow, pink, or neutral undertone. As I am pretty sure I am neutral I find that every foundation I buy makes me look too flush or yellowish. How can you tell if a shade is neutral before you buy it and is there a foundation that has more neutral shades?

What do you think about mineral makeups such as Jane Iredale Pressed Powder?
I have Rosacea and I don’t like the feel of a heavy foundation but want to cover the redness.
I use Jane Iredale, but would like to try something new.

Marlena – Thxs for doing this review loved all your opinions. I too found Laura Mercier foundation not too last by the end of day. I love Revlon but my favorite by far is Lancome foundation. Without foundation I would be a hot mess. Glad foundation was invented. Thxs for all your tips. You are just a great guru. You look beautiful and stunning. :)

Marlena thank you for this video i have been looking for a new cover up bc the one i have been using makes me oily around my nose so when i seen this i went to the store and bought the Revlon Color Stay and I love the coverage and the way it looks like i have nothing on thank you for you reviews on all the make up it really helps me out bc i do hair and make up and i see what is wroth checking out and what really isnt thank you so much for what you do

try using the dior skin flash on a kabuki brush and buff it in you use a lot less product but still get great coverage

I lvoed this video! Especially when you mentioned that the Neutrogena was a good duper for Nars Sheer Glow, which I love but It’s a little expensive for me.

However, I notice it says Sheer Glow only comes in 12 shades, but according to the Nars website, there are 20 shades available, ranging from Siberia to Khartoum…. This might help tip people in favor of this foundations since it really is great. I like the way the shades are divided, and the shade descriptions on the website are pretty accurate.

Thanks again for doing this video! :)

Just to say the Revlon Colourstay is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, wore it *all* day yesterday in 21C heat, sweating and trying on clothes: did it shift? No it did not! I wore powder over the top which I reapplied once for some photos, but overall I loved it – would recommend to anyone.

PLEASE HELP! WHAT IS THE BEST FOUNDATION FOR OILY, SENSITIVE SKIN? Preferably in medium coverage. I have recently tried MAC Pro Longwear which made me break out in a rash and Revlon PhotoReady which seems ok but after a few hours it settles into my pores around my nose and chin. I actually used to use Revlon Active makeup in the tube which I liked but they dont make it anymore! I would REALLY appreciate your input! Thanks so much!

Help! My skin is extremely oily. I typically use mac primer and mac foundation. I’ve gone through so many foundations and I still can’t get rid of the shine. Any advice? Thanks

Thanks so much for recommending the reckon colorstay! This is seriously the best foundation I’ve tried for my oily skin. It’s the only one that stays matte all day and works with my skin.

Hi Marlena, thanks for this video :)
I was wondering where Mac Face and Body fits into the rankings for you? I have combination skin and wanted a foundation natural looking but good in photographs. Thanks so much!

Hi Marlena I have a question, what foundation would be best for someone with bad acne that wants good coverage but doesnt want to be cakey nor oily?suggest anything but mac studio fix fluid lol that was a mess Thanks, have a great easter. :D

You didnt mention the revlon colorstay for dry skin :(
Its the opposite of the one for oily skin and is super luminous…I love it!!!!
Its really hard to find a good foundaon for dry skin…Thanks for reccomending the NARS one!

Revlon Colorstay is amazing! I have used Clinque soft finish for 10+ years and I like this so much more.
Thank you Marlena for suggesting it!

Hi Marlena , I want you can try motives by loren ridinger foundation and tell me your opinion cause I am working with this make up I think those work really nice but iI need your comment. Thank you!

Any other MAC addicts here? I am surprised no MAC foundations were not mentioned. I have always been a tinted moisturizer girl, but my skin is oily/combination, so I decided to try for the first time ever – a MAC foundation. So far so good, no breakouts, controls oiliness very well! I am surprised, I did not even need to wear much powder. I am talking about the Pro longwear foundation. I’ve always loved the concealer, and now I found the foundation is good too. just wanted to share :)

Hey Marlena! What foundation do you think is the best for someone with normal-oily skin, who is extremely active, and needs something that will not come off during the day? I am a student and an athlete and so finding a foundation that doesn’t look ridiculous after working out is kind of difficult… Also, something that isn’t overly difficult to apply would be helpful as well.

Hi Marlena! Thanks so much for sharing your AMAZING talent with all of us! Just love the videos :)

Quick question….Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix foundation have both made me break out :( Is there an ingredient I should stay away from??? I’m not sure what foundation to try next because I never have problems with acne or breakouts. I have combination skin and really love the matte finish…

Thanks so much for all that you do!! :)

hi marlena!:*:* first of all thanks so much for sharing this with us. I learned from you a lot of things about makeup. I wanna know your opinion about Helena Rubinstein’s foundations. someone told me they are really good but before i try one, your opinion would really help me.:D thanks so much! kisses

Hello everyone! I just want to say that reading the comments its a pleasure….everyone is soo helpfull….that is very unique. Thanks to all of you, Im out of questions to ask!. =)

So helpful. Thankyou so much for reminding me about Revlon Colorstay! I’d also tried it some time ago and had forgotten how great it was for photo makeup or a longwearing matte base. I think Revlon Makeup in general is under-rated, they have some fantastic lipsticks and even eyeshadows with great color pay-off.
A very informative and down to earth video, ty :)

Hi Marlena! I wear the color ecru in dw. What color do you recommend in the colorstay? Thanks in advace and I love your videos! You are so beautiful inside and out!!

Heyy Marlena!! I have a question! My skin is usually dry and when i apply foundation (currently MAC 35) by mid afternoon, it appears that my makeup is diminishing, like my skin is obsorbing it, and the foundation is gone leaving me dry patches!! Do you have any suggestions on a better foundation, that will last longer, and have full coverage? should i use a primer? thanxx <3

You may want to try a foundation that has a moisturizer in it. I personally use a foundation that has SPF specifically. Also, if your makeup is diminishing, use a primer before hand! Revlon True Blend foundation has very nice coverage and a wide range of colors. :)

Hi Marlena,

I realy love the Dior Skin forever, have you tried alredy? It has a matte finish, dry fast, and the durability is so good.
Do you like same foudation by MAC, because I particularly don’t like very much.

I have heard good things about the Dior Skin forever!
I love the foundation from MAC called the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation. It goes on smooth and lasts all day without looking cakey or fake! :)

Hi Marlena!

I’m Brazilian, I have oily skin and my city is very hot. Searching the Web
I learned that the foundation HD Make Up For Ever is not good for oily skin, you agree
with that?
Thank you.

Im black and my skin tone is dark but more mocha brown, im really trying to find a foundaton that has good coverage but doesnt wipe off so easily. I LOVE liquid but i hate how it comes off on EVERYTHING!!! any suggestions??


A mineral powder will work for you. Use the ones that turn to liquid as it hits the skin like Marlena suggested in her other video. Just make sure to cover it with a set powder to make it last all day! :)

Because of your custom foundation tutorial, I ran straight to Macys and bought the Lancome Tient Idole foundation in Bisque 4 (w). I love the coverage and it matches perfectly in my Filipino skin! Thank you for introducing this product and reviewing them before I spend my hard earned dollars on it.

Hi Marlena, I was wondering, I got the nars sheer glow, unfortunately i got it 2 shades too dark:(
I loved the coverage of it and the way it looked on my skin, only problem is it clinged to my dry skin and any kind of bumps i have. I used my fingers to blend it. Would it be better if I used a brush? Do you think MUFE HD would be better?


What’s a good foundation that provides medium coverage, light-weight and looks really natural?

Hello Marlena,
What is your all time favorite foundation for photographs? I have a wedding to go to in June and am wondering what is best for pictures and video…Also, on the same note…what is a good primer and finishing powder?

I got the revlon color stay foundation because of this article and I must say I love it!! I needed to replace my foundation that is no longer sold and didnt know what to do! The color matches me perfectly and the coverage and texture are fabulous in the revlon! Ill be buying this over and over! Thanks for this article

Hi marlena! I have a question…
I was using the make up forever HD foundation for over a year, i noticed there was a reaction on my skin, however i use a variety of face products so it look me a long time to relize that i was allergic to the sillicone that foundation. Now i have stopped using it, but i cant seem to find a new foundation, and nothing covers the damage caused by the HD one. Any suggestions?

hi i was wondering which foundation would u say is the best out of all of those? and which lasts longest? i have a hard time finding one that works good ive been using sheer cover though and at times parts of my face look orange from it.

hey marlena! i am going to prom this weekend and really need a foundation that will be long lasting, cover well enough, and photograph well. which do you (or anyone!) recommend? Thank you SO much!

Hi Marlena,
I’m really new to wearing foundation, (in fact, I am considering buy my first bottle at some point this week!..i’m really exicted) After watching your video, I have a few more questions. Which inexpensive foundation would you recommend for dry skin;Colourstay, Photoready or Neutrogena Healthy Skin? I really want my foundation to look natural, with full coverage, but still feel as light as possible.
I love, love LOVE your videos!

Hey Marlena!
I have a question, obviously! I’m 22 and I’ve been having really oily and acne prone skin lately :[. I’m currently using MAC NC25 Pro longwear. Once this bottle runs out I really want to try Laura Mercier silk cream foundation OR Make Up Forever HD foundation. Which one do you think is better for oily skin. Keep in mind its not gross oily to the point you can see it on my face, but I can feel it. I used revlon photo ready foundation and it made me SO oily. the same for neutrogena healthy skin:[ Help me please! <3 <3

Hii Marlena!
What do you think about Lancome Teint Miracle. I’m thinking about buying it. What do you think?

im curious about a good foundation color for me. i usually dont wear it because i dont know if i will get the right color. my color is light to a little medium.

Hi Marlena !
What foundation do you recommand for a normal-oily skin ?

Thanks !


How do you feel about chantecaille foundations?Opinions on HD foundations, do you really need HD for photos and television?

hello, did you posted the tutorial of the makeup that you’re using in this video? thank you, kisses from Brasil!

I used Clinique Gentle Light make up for years only for it to be discontinued last year! : ( i’ve found Chanel Vitalumiere to be a god send! : ) x

Hey how you doing? I really like this video it really helps alot. But I’m still having problems finding the best shade for me. I have try a couple but they either look really white or i look really dark. Any advice?…….. Much Love, Denise L.

I love RCS but it always oxidizes on me. Does anyone know how to fix this? I use it with either Cetaphil’s SPF 15 or Shiseido’s Extra Smooth SPF cream. Sometimes with a primer (LM oil-free). Does anyone know what I can do?

Hi there, what do you suggest for over 50 skin (still oily t-zone, but bit dry everywhere else)? I LOVE Makeup Forever’s HD foundation (second favorite Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra), but they do not have my color. Your thoughts about mixing Revlon ColorStay with either the Lancome or Makeup Forever HD foundations??? What about Makeup Forever HD with Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra? HELP! Thank you kindly for an awesome blog.

Hi! This website is amazing and thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I struggle with foundations so much! I have very pale skin that can get very pink and I hate it. It is difficult to match my skin color. I want something that covers the pink, not something that has pink undertones. So which brand do you find good for really light skin?

Also, my skin is oily and I have a very shiny face within an hour or so of applying any kind of makeup and I have to reapply powder to get ride of the shine. But no matter what foundation I have used so far, my makeup gets blotchy and uneven when I reapply. What is the best way for someone with oily skin to get lasting coverage?

You should seriously try Mirabella’s Creme to Tint…. It is moisturizing and amazing. It can be sheer or layered for additional coverage. There is a little mica in the formula to make your skin glow. Also it’s 99.5% Certified Natural and Mineral. Great for sensitive skin! Of course there is sunscreen in it but also has anti-aging properties. We sell a ton of it!!!

Your eyeshadow in this tutorial is gorgeous. Would you please do either a tutorial or let us know what products you used for this look?

Everyone who has money and works in the industry knows that Lycogel uk breathable make up is the best foundation on the market right now, it’s used by charlize theron, Jennifer aniston, Angelina joile. It’s our best kept secret.

I honestly hate the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I found that this foundation stained everything even my facial cleaning scrubs. The product was way too heavy and didn’t feel good on my skin (broke me out). Despite it’s high coverage, it made me look like I was literally wearing acrylic paint on my face.

However, I do recommend the Neutrogena Healthy Finish foundation. It’s light weight and it has buildable coverage. It’s a good foundation for a short period of time. It’s lasting power is terrible for a full work day. It’s definitely not transfer resistant and get messy on clothing. What was disappointing about the product was that after 3-4 weeks the color of the foundation oxidizes and turns orange. Thus, not suiting my skin tone. Colorstay had the same problem as well, but it oxidized immediately.

I would like to try the MUF and Channel foundations later on the future. But what I’m currently enjoying is the Studio Finish foundation by MAC (NC25). It’s buildable coverage and lasts a full work day. My only con’s is that I have mixtures of yellow and pink undertones and I feel like the MAC foundations are way too yellow. The foundation by MAC actually kind of reminds me of the Revlon foundation except way better. The consistency of both foundations are the same and even the smell, but MAC performs way better.

If anyone could recommend me a foundation that has buildable coverage, lightweight, has SPF, transfer resistant, beneficial ingredients for the skin, and long lasting for combination/oily skin, please let me know :)

Hi Marlena I have dry skin, not like severe dry skin .. but still dry, I’ve been using Clinique’s even better foundation, and I feel as if it’s oily looking, like I can never wear it without a powder on top, So I’m not liking that one .. I like matte finish but I don’t think I need the highest coverage, what would you recommend?