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Hello Makeup Geek! Today I have a fun summer tag for you. I really like this one a lot as it has some really great questions in it. You all know I love summer and all the fun things that go with it so I wanted to do this to share with you some of my favorite summer times accessories. Later, I will do a different video for some of my favorite summer makeup products to help you decide which ones to take with on the go this summer.

So enough of that, let’s get to the fun questions.

Question: What’s your favorite summer nail polish?

Answer: As you all know mint green and peach are really hot right now so I am loving this peach shade by Essie in “Tarte Deco”. (Amazon)

Question: What is your favorite lip color this summer?

Answer: Revlon Kissable Lipstain in “Lovestick”. I usually don’t like lip stains since they can feel drying on the lips but these are very pigmented and don’t dry out your lips. Definitely a must have product for the summer. (Amazon) (eBay)

Question:  Show us your favorite summer dress.

Answer: I do a lot of fashion post on Instagram so be sure and follow me to see what I wear each day. (makeupgeektv) I love this maxi dress because it’s so bright and colorful. I got this one at Macy’s for $48.00 and it’s by “American Rag”  I just wear this with a jean jacket and some flats or when it gets to hot just on its own.

Question: What is your favorite summer accessory?

Answer: My flats by “Aldo”. I wanted something comfortable that I could wear everyday and would look great with everything. I like the touch of gold on the top that gives a funky vibe :-)

Question: What summer trends are you most excited about this year?

Answer: I would have to say the color combination of mint green and peach. At first I wasn’t sure when I saw it as it reminded me of the 80’s. But I found some really cute things in the shades that helped me embrace it and really like it.

Question: What is your favorite summer candle?

Answer: It’s by Bath & Body Works in “Cranberry Peach Bellini”. I got this in the fall and I love it. It smells AMAZING!!

Question: What is your favorite body spray and perfume?

Answer: Bath & Body Works Body Spray in “Wild Peach Poppy”. I love the packaging on this and the scent is great. It’s not to overwhelming with just a hint of peach.

Question: What is the weather like where you live in the summer?

Answer: I live in Sacramento California so it’s very dry and very hot. In July the high will actually hit about 105 or 107 degrees so it gets really hot and humid.

Question: What is your favorite thing about the summer?

Answer: I love going outside! Whether its jet skiing, swimming, going for bike rides at night when it’s a little cooler to bar-b-quing, I love everything about summer!

Question: What are your plans for summer vacation?

Answer: My mom and I are going on a cruise to the Mediterranean. I have never been on a cruise before so I am really excited. Her family is from Sicily so we wanted to go check out where her family is from and visit all the exciting places.

So that’s it for the summer tag video. I will leave this open for you all so you can do your summer tag as well and let me know what your favorite things are for this time of the year. :-) I hope you all are doing great!!




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