How To: Organize Your Makeup Collection

Hello beautiful Makeup Geeks! This is Nicola and today is reorganization day for me. Jessica (who works with Marlena and myself) decided I needed a makeup storage makeover and so we decided to make a video for all of you to show you some easy and inexpensive ways to organize your makeup. Everything we used came from craft stores and are things you can find very easily.

Making sure your makeup is organized and easy to view, will insure that you will actually use all your makeup. All to often we have so much makeup that we forget what we have and therefore it never gets used. Here, we are going to show you how to organize your makeup so you can see exactly what you have, and easily find it whenever you need or want it. We also wanted to share with you not only the tools we used, but how we used them to help make the most of the room I have.

Products Used:

  • 3 Tier Shelf – Used for stacking foundation, remover and other bottle and jars. This allows you to see everything you have clearly. (Target) (Amazon)  (Amazon)
  • Whole Coffee Beans  – Poured into mason jars and vase as holders for lipliners, eyeliners and makeup brushes. The coffee beans amit a wonderful aroma! (Target)
  • Vase  – Fill with coffee beans for a great way to organize and hold all those makeup brushes. (Target) (Amazon)
  • Z Palettes – Ideal for organizing and securely holding all your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Container for pigments – These are perfect for organizing all your pigment jars in and still be able to see them perfectly.  (Consumer Crafts) (Amazon)  (Amazon)
  • Lipstick Case – These are amazing for organizing lipsticks so you can access them with ease. (Sharodan)
  • Bead organizer – These fit lipgloss containers as if they were made for them. This is ideal for holding all your lipglosses and not having to dig through them.  (Consumer Crafts) (Amazon)
  • Mason Jar – Fill with coffee beans to hold eyeliners, lipliners, or a few makeup brushes. (Amazon)

Our organization is complete and took us about 3 hours to completely redo my makeup storage. This is well worth it as now I can see all my makeup and utilize everything I have. We hope this helps anyone else who may have been wondering how to reorganize their makeup or who just needs a new way to do things. Please let us know if you have any great tips for how you organize your makeup as we are always looking for new ways to utilize great storage. Stay happy!

Much love,

Nicola xxx

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Posted in Articles on (last modified: October 20, 2016)