My experience with tummy tuck

Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery

6 months before:

  • Start researching your surgeons- make sure to consult with at least 3 before choosing your final surgeon. This is a huge procedure, so put yourself in the best hands possible.
  • Work out and eat healthy!  This seems so general, but it truly does help your healing process.  Your body needs to be in the best shape possible to endure this procedure.   Work on your back and legs the most as these will be strained more after surgery to compensate for lack of use of abs and upper body.  If you can get your abs in shape also, it’s less that the doctor has to tighten and less pain for you in the long run…
  • Save up moola!  This procedure is not only costly in itself, but you will need several other supplies and medicines that add up quickly.

3 months before:

  • Schedule your time off from work.  Take at LEAST 2 weeks off from work- 4 is ideal, but 2 weeks is mandatory.  You won’t be able to do basic tasks during this time without at least some help, so plan on it ahead of time
  • Find someone to care for you.  This is HUGE!  No matter how strong you are or how capable you are, you will need help for 2 weeks after surgery.  No way around this- sorry…

1 month before:

  • Purchase your supplies (list is here).
  • Get your bloodwork done.  Your surgeon should have given you the form for this.
  • Get a physical checkup just to make sure there are no concerns with your body before going into surgery.
  • Set up rental for a hospital bed or remote recliner chair- trust me, this will be a huge help in your recovery!  It’s a pain in the butt getting in and out of bed when you can’t use your stomach muscles at all.

2 weeks before:

  • Go to your pre-op appointment.  This is the final appointment you will have before seeing your surgeon the day of surgery.  Bring your written list of questions to ask just so your mind is at ease.
  • Prepare and freeze any meals ahead of time that you may want.
  • Quit taking Vitamin E and Salmon Oil supplements.  Also, quit eating the foods on your surgeon’s “don’t eat” list- this is super important as some foods can thin blood or slow down healing time.  Ask your surgeon what these foods are if he/she hasn’t told you.
  • Type up your list of important info, contacts, 24 hour pharmacies, etc… for whoever is caring for you.  The last thing you want is your caregiver hunting around for who to contact if something happens.

1 week before:

  • Get plenty of rest and do something for yourself.  The week before is so nerve racking- it will be hard to get good sleep and get rid of the butterflies in your stomach.  So… get a massage or a pedicure- do whatever you can to put your mind and body at ease.
  • Call your surgeon’s office to make sure all payments are taken care of and see if there’s anything else they need you to do.

3 days before:

  • Get your major grocery shopping done- you will want to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies, lemons (put in your drinking water as they promote healing).  Also having fiber bars and fiber cereal on hand helps with the um… “tummy plugging” you’ll have from the pain meds- oye..
  • I ate a ton of oranges during my recovery as the vitamin C is good for you :)
  • Purchase any last minute supplies you may need-  gauze pads, surgical tape, tissues, extra pillows, etc…

1 day before:

  • Don’t go to work.  Trust me on this one- you won’t be able to concentrate anyways as you’ll be too nervous.  Take the day to get last minute things lined up, spend time with family or friends, get a nap in, etc… This is your last day as a “normal” person for a little while, so relax and enjoy it!
  • Go to bed early.  You’ll want as much sleep as you can get- your body will need it.
  • Eat light meals- you don’t want anything heavy on your stomach the day before surgery.

The day of surgery:

  • Get up 2 hours before your surgery time- you will need to be there at least 1 hour ahead of time to be prepped for surgery.  You don’t want to feel rushed this morning as you want to be as calm as possible.
  • Wear clothes that are very loose fitting as you’ll need those clothes to make their way over all your drain tubes and padding you’ll acquire after surgery.  Also, wear a top that buttons down the front as it hurts to lift your arms afterwards
  • Take a deep breath- it’ll be ok!  You have done so much until now to prepare for this day- it will go well! Yes, there will be some pain and discomfort afterwards, but nothing that you can’t handle.  The worst part is over- the anxiety and waiting for this day ;)





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Oh my goodness, you look AMAZING! I’m so glad that you were able to do this, achieving the best possible body after all of your hard work. I hope that you are able to feel as beautiful as we all know you are, inside AND out!

Hi Marlena!

Wow your tummy looks great!!!!!

I’ve been following your journey closely and I was hoping you would talk about your boob lift too because thats what I’m hoping to get done at the end of the year and it would be nice to know what that was like for you recovery and pain wise. I’ve lost nearly 40kg and I’ve gone from an H cup to an E cup, so these babies really need a lift! Can you provide some insight into the recovery? It would just be nice to hear a real experience.

I am 39 and I had both a tummy tuck & a breast lift at the same time in November 2006. I breast feed 5 kids so my breasts were full on the bottom and flat on the top. They were also very big while breast feeding, usa size G. After choosing a good doctor he and I decided on a lift with a small implant I am a 36 DD. It sounds big but it fits my frame perfectly. The pain was minimal. Before my surgery I taught kickboxing and got in good shape so after surgery I didn’t feel comfortable working out for about 7 weeks (because of my tummy tuck). No regrets and my husband loves them :-)

I hope this helps,

Congratulations! I am happy it went well for you and that you are recovering so quickly. You look great!!

Hey Marlena. Glad you are doing good. You look great. You are such an inspiration. I have been struggling with my weight for years. However, I took your advice and made smaller changes. This has made me stick to my goal. So far I have lost 6 lbs. Doesn’t sound like alot but it will add up as long as I stay focus. So thanks for all the great advice :)

Marlena you are such an inspiration! After I saw your diet video I have been going o the gym eating healthy and just being a lot more active with my 3 kids and all I needed was some inspiration which you provided. Thank you so much infinitely!!

HI Marlena, Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! you look amazing & hope you feel it too!! so happy it is healing well ;-)) You are such a beautiful person & congratulations on everything you have achieved!!! xx

Glad you’re healing well, Marlena!!! Thanks for being brave enough to share these photos with us; we love you!

Amazing !!! :o

And you seem soooo happy (and healthy ! :D) !
You can be proud of you.

Have a good day :)


You’re truly beautiful inside and out, you are a very strong woman to have the courage to share this with the world. I only wish you the best because you only deserve the best. Take care of yourself lady

And we can wait on you

Have a Beautiful Aloha day

Marlena, I love you!! haha, No for real, though … you are such an inspiration and a joy to watch in every video! I first started watching you purely to learn better makeup skills, but watching your transformation over the past year has been incredible. I’ve always been overweight — thankfully not severely, but enough to hinder some aspects of daily life — and your videos have truly inspired me to be healthier. Please continue to update your viewers on the rest of your progress! You are a such a beautiful woman inside and out — you have a viewer for life right here, haha! :) God bless you, girl! :)

I’m so glad the surgery went well and you do look fantastic! Thank you so much for having the courage to share your journey with us. You inspire people!

That’s great, now u have to keep on training to keep it. All this , I guess it was very hard for u, but u did it great.
Happy and healthy!!! good quote

Marlena you`ve got a bellybutton!!!! wauw you look great.

love irene from the netherlands.

You look amazing, congrats to you. I am also looking to get this procedure done and my tummy is in the same state as your before pic, how much was your procedure and by whom…

you look amazing omg. I just had one question well there be any problem later when you want to have a baby? anyways you look good

There shouldn’t be any problem, but it will stretch out my stomach of course… But this won’t prevent me or give me any problems with pregnancy :)

Aww, look at you! I think one of the best presents anyone can give themselves is complete confidence. You had (and still have!!!) your beautiful face, and now you have your body. I think it’s totally fair to say that beauty on the inside is certainly showing on the out (not that it wasn’t before, but well, you know what I mean!!!) It takes an immense amount of courage to take hold of what you desire, and although I don’t know you personally, I can honestly say you’re one of the strongest women I look up to.

Thank you for always staying positive, always dancing to your own beat, and being such an incredible inspiration :)

Miss Marlena you look sshmoking! You will be fighting the boys off with a stick! It’s so nice that you have worked so hard to look so great, plus you have such stunning facial features and a kind demeanor. Men are going to start proposing to you in the street haha xx

Marlena you look great!! Congrats to you. I’m so glad you’re all healed up and looking spectacular! Thank you so much for all the info on your procedure… I’m copy & pasting it to my hard drive so I have it if and when I decide to have the same thing done!

You’re still in my prayers!


looks nice already even though its only a month. i’m happy that you’re happy. love the tips, thank you.

Welcome back! You are looking fantastic! Thank you for sharing your journey and hope the rest of your recovery goes well.

Marlena, you look fabulous!! Welcome Back! So glad that everything went well. Looking forward to seeing your new videos.

Absolutley amazing results. well done marlena your a total inspiration. i love that you slogged to lose the weight nice and slowly too! just make sure you dont get too skinny now and keep some of those fabulous curves!!

You deserve this! You share with us all your knowledge with makeup, help inspire us, and honesty is obviously your best policy. I think that you are seriously very deserving of this. People who are loving and caring are always blessed like this. You look very very beautiful as always.

i think congratulations on all the weight you lost prior, its something so many people are unable to do and gosh you are just inspiring

You are reallly amazing!! you give me hope ! Thank you for show this pics before and after:)!
Warm regards from Poland :) Take care

Great to hear you are recovering well from your surgery! Thankyou for posting the pics and sharing the journey with all of us MUGS. I know it took alot of courage to do that….. You look fantastic babe! xxx also LOVE LOVE LOVE your makeup in this video!!! Keep going strong!

Marlena, you look amazing :) I’m glad everything went well for you…my sisters been working hard this two years to lose her baby weight but still has the extra skin so next month she’s going in for the same surgery and I’ve refered her to you videos :)

oh good! Tell her to contact me if she needs any support- it’s scary before hand, so it’s nice having someone who’s gone through it :)

Hey Marlena,
You’re looking great!!! You’re so bubbly ^_^ it’s infectious!
Can’t believe it’s been six weeks since the surgery. Glad to hear that the surgery and recovery went well. Take care =)


Congratulations, you’ve worked very hard, you have been brave, and I am happy that you feel good..
I think about you and hope you’re alright.


Hi Marlena,
Wow, congratulations! I’m sooo happy for you that everything went well,smoothly and that you’re back to your self again! You look FABULOUS, but then again y ou always did! I’m happy this makes you feel so much better inside, that’s the most important thing!
Continue all the wonderful things you are doing and I wish you the best!
PS, i love your shirt and I LOVE the new low swept ponytail style you are wearing!
it looks great on you! I wish you can show us how to do that with the side swept bangs (well not really bangs but the front). It is a great style on you!
Glad to see you up and about!
Albita :)

You look so good! I am happy everything came out well and your on the road for recovery. I love your motivation! I diet and give up after seeing you no more!! Thanks

You look AWSOME!!! I am so happy for you. I noticed something we have in common, and thats we both have big hips. I too have had my battle with up and down weight loss. No matter how much weight I loose I still have the sattle bags. I would like to get lip suction in my hips. I wanted to know if you would consider doing the same. Once I saw you I was like “we have the same body type” and I was happy because no one ever understands me. I would like to know your feelings about it….

I would consider it down the road if I can’t get it off with all the weight loss- it’s hard as that area is stubborn! I’ll meet with my trainer in a few weeks to start working again- I’ll ask her what will work on that area :)

You look fantastic Marlena!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing that with us. You really are beautiful person inside and out!!! Can’t wait to see more tutorials :)

You were lovely before, and still lovely after! I think it’s safe to say we’re all very proud of you! Good job on all you’re hard work! Now it’s my turn to lose 90 lbs. You are such a big inspiration. Thank you for sharing this journey!

Marlena I’m so glad your back!
It’s great to see you healthy and in such a shape:)
Even tho I don’t know you in person you’ve always been so helpful to me as no one can tell!
I truly whish you all the very best!!!
Lots of love from Italy
Baci e amore dall’Italia!

You look sooo GREAT!! Congrats on everything & sharing a to do list! I have to ask:Where did you get that top you wore in the video????? It reminds me of a geisha!! I LOVE it!!

I got it from Cache about 6 months ago :) I LOVE that store! A bit pricey, so I’ll just buy a few select tops that are worth the moola- I like their unique patterns and shapes :)

You look absolutely AMAZING, omg!! And you are worth looking great after all the time you invested in yourself :)
Keep up the good work!! :)

So glad I live in Norway. I’m getting a breast reduction, (they’re too heavy and causes me back pain) and it’s completely free because it’s a necessary operation.

Marlena you look amazing! Thank you for being so brave and showing us your before and after pictures! You’re awesome!!

Wow! You look so good, and sound so happy with the results – I’m really pleased that it worked out well, you deserve it :).

Oh wow. Im pretty sure my jaw dropped when I saw the before and after pics. You look absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work. You really are an inspiration!!!

You look amazing. I am so happy that everything went good. :) And I am so happy that your happy. I can’t wait for the new videos you will posting. I just want to let you know that I think you are an amzing person. It would be a blessing if I could meet you someday *wishes*. I send my love to you~ lexi dawn

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! You look so good post surg. I know this was tough for you but your hard work is definitely paying off. We all know one woman who is ready for bikini season!! You always have been a very beautiful woman and it’s great to see you so happy about your body.

You look awesome, I had a boss who got a tummy tuck and your’s looks way more amazing. She couldn’t wear short shirts, her scare was so high up it looked like a big smiley face on her belly. I so glad to hear you are recovering well, continued health hope to see a makeup tut soon.

Welcome back Marlena! You look gorgeous ~ as always. I’m so very happy that your recovery went so well and that you are happy :) Now you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor right? All of us MUGs are thrilled that you’re back and ready to give us some new tips and tricks and fun tutorials. I think I can say this for all of us WE MISSED YOU!!!!!! We love you lots and are thrilled to have you in our lives. Love, love, love to you our friend <3

Aww… thank you all SO much for the comments! I am VERY grateful for them- I wish I could respond to each one :) But thank you-truly

I am so happy for you! I so envy you right now, my tummy right now looks like your before tummy. Being 5ft tall and 100lbs, and after 4 babies averaging from 8.3 lbs to 9lbs. my tummy took quite a beating. I wish I had the money and the courage to go through with it.
You look GORGEOUS!!!!

OMG you look AMAZING :D
well done :D happy to hear that your doing well :D
your tummy is looking really really good :D

Take care :D

I love u Marlena…Im so happy for u and i wish u nothing but the best…i have been following u for 4 years now and i just want to say that u are truly an inspiration to me…You have inspired me to loose my baby weight that iv’e been carying around for 3 years now lol…Thank you so much for all u are my hero. LOVE ALWAYS, Isela

WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You look so beautiful! You’ve truly been an inspiration to me and I’m sure many many other people out there. Thank you for you bravery, and willingness to share such a personal part of your life. I wish you the best :)

May I be the thousandth person to tell you how gorgeous you look?
You look absolutely awesome.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and thank you for sharing your experience and your photos.

Congrats! 6 pounds is almost a full dress size- that is a big deal! Keep it up, because you’re absolutely right- it does add up, and time flies so quickly, you’ll be at goal before you know it!

That last comment should be directed at Jessica Esquivel…but obviously, congrats go out to you for all of the hard work & determination- it is inspiring, and I’m so happy for you! Thanks so much for having the bravery to share such a private journey with all of us!

You look fan-freaking-tastic!!!! <3 Seems like you did things the right way and for the right reasons! ;-)

SEXY LADY!!!! you look great!!! I’m so glad your not trying to be a super size 0 model, this shows that you can look amazing and still have curvy curves!!! lol LOVE YOU! :D

OMG I’m so happy to see you back I could almost cry! You really do look amazing(as always). I’ve been working on losing weight myself, see I hurt my back weight lifting and gained all the weight back, so for like months I was so discouraged but I’m back to yoga, pilates, and t’ai chi again, (gonna hold off on the weights for at least another year, lol), but seeing your vids on your own weight loss have been a huge encouragement for me and are possibly why I didn’t just give up.

Thank You

You can do it!! I know you’re determined, so you’ll do great :) I want to try yoga and pilates, but am scared I’ll fall on my booty- haha ;) It’s a great workout though, so I need to quit being a big baby and just go for it :)

Yayyy Marlena you look so great! Thank you for the post it is so nice to see your beautiful self and yes we did miss you! Have a great day. Hugs from Vancouver!

Marlena, I have been watching your makeup tips for awhile now.I have to say you just keep looking better and better.Your tummy looks great! You seem like such a nice person and I hope everything works out great for you:)

HEEEEY, BODY KARATE!! I’M SOOO happy for you and you got it goin on girl, with or without the tummy! And let me tell you, those curves ( hips, thighs, badonka-donk) are the stuff dreams are made of! seriously girl, all the right places! I HAVE A PERSONAL QUESTION THOUGH, at this point, what size are you wearing, how tall are you, and what size were you when you started your brave tough journey? maybe you can do a video with that info.I”ve lost 40lbs, since my daughter was born in 09, And I have about 30 to go. my stomach is cut up and down from c section surgery 3x and Im ok with the appearance but not the weight. Im 5’6 and I started out a size 18, now a loose to comfy 14. I am so inspired by your success and I feel so fortunate to share your journey!

haha- you crack me up! This is hard to confess, but I am 5’5″ and at my highest weight was a size 24- I’m now a size 12 up top and 16 pants. That’s great that you’ve lost 40! That’s a big accomplishment!! you go girl :)

Its very courageous of you to confess to the size that you were when your journey started. That just proves how confident and comfortable you have become. Congratulations and I’m very very happy for you!


You look amazing ,I’m really happy for you congrats you truly deserve the very best..
I have few questions about the tummy tuck can you tell me how painful is it,ppl tell me its extremely bad and would u recommend it i mean after you going through this process is it worth it I mean the result are great and everything but pain wise …
Can you tell me about the cost and the doctor information ..
good luck
love u

The pain really isn’t that bad- honestly. BUT, find a good surgeon as it makes a huge difference! I interviewed 8 surgeons and spent a little bit more, but am very happy as my surgeon was really good.

The worst part of it for me was the drain tubes- they come out of your groin area and it was really tender. But the actual incision didn’t hurt much, and the boobies didn’t hurt hardly at all. You will need a good month for recovery though as you’ll be very tired and can’t do basic things for a bit.
I don’t regret it at all and would do it again to get these results- it’s very much worth it (imo) :)

You were totally hawt before, this just made it more so. I’m glad you’re happy with the results and that you have no regrets about having the surgery. Good frame of mind! :)

You look wonderful. Congratulations! I am so happy for you, that you succeded and you are happy with the results. I wish you all the happiness. You desirve it.

You look great! You look so happy and confident! I’m glad your doing and feeling better! Can’t wait to see upcoming tutorials from you! Welcome back! :D

Hi Marlena,

First off – congratulations! You look great – or in your own words – happy and healthy.

i know that the scars from your surgery are large and “angry” still – so shortly after surgery. But I wanted to give you a piece of advise regarding reducing the appearance of you scars.
A good friend of mine had surgery on her stomach a while back (actually to remove very deforming surgical scars…) and was very worried about scaring especially because she is prone to keloid scaring – and wanted something to reduce them as much as possible.
So after a little research she found a cream from japanese Kanebo – from their Sensai line. A cream made especially for healing scars (Kanebo have made it to help heal burn scars). You use it as early as possible after healing has begun. I saw her scars 3 months after her surgery – and they are barely visible – so the cream did work!
I’d recommend you this cream – it is pricey, expensive to say the least (where I live over $500 – in the states approx. $320) but worth every penny if you want scars to heal almost invisibly.
The cream by Kanebo Sensai is called Sensai Cellular Performance Recovery Concentrate Cream and I have to say – I didn’t much believe it till I saw it. But it works.
Just info but perhaps worth looking into especially since the stomach area is an area of the body which is very flexible and therefore stretches more.

thank you so much for that! I’ll look into it :) I think my scars will be ok as I don’t tend to scar too badly as my skin is so pale… but I do want them to fade, so I will consider this :) Good to hear first hand experience with it

Mederma and Palmers Cocoa Butter/oil does wonders! Apply both often throughout the day. Absolutely amazing stuff – 3 babies later no stretch marks; 3rd degree burn on my tummy right up front from making Easter eggs for those 3 toddlers – was one year ago today and its very faint.

Dear Marlena, you really look amazing and I’m really impressed with the result.
I wish I could have tummy tuck as well.

Wish you a happy new life :)

I’ve Missed you!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO happy that eveything went well and you are happy with the results! Best of luck!!!

Hi Marlena,
You Look Really Great,
Hope You Come To A Full Recovery Soon,
Can’t Wait For Some More Videos,
Best Wishes, Emily xox

Marlena, this- to me- is the perfect body (and I know you didn’t do it for the males of the world- but 99% of them would agree). You’ve got beautiful curves, a beautiful face, and most importantly- a beautiful heart. You’re beyond inspiring to me, and I wish you all the best. Xo!

Hi Marlena!
Wow, I think you look amazing! Good for you! I know it takes a lot of courage to go through surgery. I watch your videos all the time and love them, you are a sweatheart and it comes so naturaly for you to teach on videos. I am from Rio, see how far you are making success?
Well, congratulations,
Fernanda from Rio

Marlena, you look so amazing. So glad to know you are going. Take it easy so the recovery can continue to go smoothly. Your after pictures look great! Happy and Healthy :) <3

You look fantastic! You are so beautiful inside and out. You didn’t say much about your lifted boobies! LOL. Are you happy with how the girls turned out? LOL

I am! Very much :) It’s weird because I felt no pain at all with the boobies- I found out from a nurse who emailed me and said the body can only focus on 1 pain area. But, I’m loving that my ta tas aren’t dragging around anymore- hahaha

WOW!!!! Thats amazing!!! I myself have lost 50lbs and want to loose another 40-50 and then get a tummy tuck! You have done amazing!!

Just a question. Why did you do the surgery now and not wait until you had lost more weight? I’m just curious as to the rationale. I had a tummy tuck years ago and have never regretted it.

I was considering waiting longer, but since I will most likely need a leg lift in the future (there’s quite a bit of weight on my legs and not sure the skin will recover- only time and hard work will tell :) ) But I need to spread out the procedures for health sake as well as my wallet’s sake, so… I asked the surgeon what could be done first and he said the stomach and breast. I think it’s because my weight isn’t there for the most part- is in my legs and arms

Hey Girl, you look AMAZINGLY STUNNING! I am very glad that you are okay, and I hope to see more videos very soon. Keep up the good work???


Oh my goodness girl you look so good!!! Your tummy really didn’t look that bad, No reason for any embarrassment. You look awesome!!

Marlena, u look so good! Thank u for sharing this with us. I’m so happy everything went well.
Take care girl :)

You look great. I am so happy you took the necessary steps to get healthy and I applaud your efforts to get all of us to get healthy too. I love coming to your website for ideas. I pray your recovery continues to go smoothly. Take care

Ms Tikka ;-)

Marlena, I am really really happy for you. This is just the begin of a new life, the life you deserve. I hope you the best!

Thank you for recording all this, and making a list of what to do and what to expect. Its really helpful. Its also like some sort of taboo one isn’t supposed to talk about. So, thanks.

Great work! You really took time to care for yourself. Yea!

First off you look absolutly amazing! congrats!
i love that you’re sharing this experience. im just starting my weight loss journey (25 lbs and counting) after being overweight my whole life and its so nice to see someone else who’s gone through it and has the guts to talk about it. =)

You are such an inspiration to all of us. You have done a terrific job and should be so proud of yourself. I’ve personally lost 190 pounds and the skin hangs in folds, but I’m so much happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. I may never be able to afford this kind of surgery, but you look amazing. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

190 pounds?! THAT”S AMAZING!! Good for you :) And I’m glad you feel happier and healthy! That’s ok without the surgery- the main part is that you are healthier! way to go :)

You look beautiful Marlena Im so happy for you! you must feel on top of the world right now and you should youve come a long way and have been on a hard journey and all the hard work paid off and your body shows it! congrats marlena you really deserve it :) XOXO

Hi Marlena!

I have been a long time viewer of your videos, i think i have seen just about all of them. You always do such an amazing job on your tutorials. I really appreciate the effort that you and your team put into them. It seems like you are so much happier lately too!

Your surgery turned out perfectly you look so good! Thank you for allowing all of us to go on this journey with you (:
We all love you.


Hi Marlena you look amazing!! OMG you’re beautiful already and now after surgery you are even more, and not just outside inside too. I’m so glad for u, I love watch your videos and tutorials, I been fallowing your progress and you’re an inspiration for me, I just started eating healthy, so… after your hard work your results are amazing good for you!!!

your boobs look fabulous!
I also have large breasts and they’re just………too heavy to be held up and they flop..
a breast lift sounds fab…
i’m not overly big but with my breasts it adds extra weight… plus they’re like… saggy and it’s …well not flattering.
love youuuuuuuuu!
you look fantastic….definately an inspiration to many of us! :)
take care <3

MARLENA, you’re a beautiful person.
I’m a new fan but watched some past videos. It’s helping me through a part of my life, thank you.

I’m so happy for you I think I’m in my tenth week of tummy tuck. I didn’t think i would make it through the first week. Its amazing Ive been watching you for three years now and you have always been so beautiful. I hope to someday meet you in person the girl who changed my makeup look forever. I just want to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into your tutorials. Keep them coming girl. I’m addicted…. ;)

i do have minor swelling but cant tell really. it was weird that 6 weeks i was swollen and 8 weeks i went down two pant sizes.

OMG MARLENA! Dr. Green is my doctor too!!! I’m having a procedure done next month and was so nervous because he was new to the practice, but you made me feel like I can trust him completely! I’m extremely excited and a little nervous as well. I will be sure to take your advice for before the procedure!

I love Dr Green! He’s very caring, patient, and does great work- you’ll be happy with him :) I hope your procedure goes great!

as i said i am sooooo happy for you and you look great!! like always!!
tell me how is the recovery going i was thinking on doing this 2 years back!

The recovery is good now! I definitely recommend renting a hospitable bed or a lift chair to sleep in as it’s really hard to get in and out of bed- so much to where even going to the bathroom was a chore :( But, you’ll sleep quite a bit and if you have family to help you, it’s truly not that bad :)

Congratulations on your even more BEAUTIFUL new body!! I am so happy for you- your happiness is so wonderful- and contagious as well!!
You deserve to have this beautiful flat stomach after all the hard work you did to lose so much weight!
Congratultions again :) And so glad the surgery went well and that you have come through this strong as ever and that it wasn’t as bad as you expected. That’s always a good thing. :)
Stay beautiful and healthy!
& stay happy- because you look So happy right now and I’m so glad for you!
God Bless,

Marlena !! You look fabulous! ! You have to be floating on cloud 9! So so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing you in new tutorials. Thank you for taking time to keep us posted … you are just so special, love you to little pieces!

Nice Marlena! Awesome to see you on this website again looking so well :) Welcome back! You look fabulous and I am so very happy for you!

Congratulations! You look fantastic, healthy, and so happy. :) I never really post on blogs, but I just had to let you know that your videos about getting healthy have helped to keep me motivated as I work on my own weight loss. 30 down so far, more to go!

I know that I haven’t ever met you in person, but it is clear that you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. I am truly happy for you. Much love!


Congratulations on your weight loss- 30 pounds is amazing!! You’ll reach your goal- it just takes time and some patience :) you go girl! :)

I am on a weigh loss journey as well and I COMMEND you for not only losing the weight but making the step to have the surgery. You look amazing and I’m sure you feel even better. Just seeing how your face shrinks over the course of your videos is motivation enough. I LOVE this blog!

Marlena, First I want to say you are a joy to watch and I feel like I know you so well. Also, I am so proud of you. you look gorgeous, although you always did. You can tell you are a REAL genuine person and your an inspiration to many women. I have learned so much from watching you,and truley want to thank you for taking the time from your everyday life to teach everyone what you have learned as again THANK YOU!!!! If you are ever in Mass I would love to take you to lunch, lol.. I would love to meet you one day :) Thanks again for all you do. Keep it up u look FABO!!!!!!! TEAM MARLENA LOL!!! Xo Natalie

You look fantastic! So glad your back! Can’t wait to see your new tutorials. Missed you! Good luck and keep up the good work!

You look gorgeous Marlena! You’re really such an inspiration! <3 I hope you're feeling great now after the surgery! Take care! <3

you look so good, congrats you have inspired me to go to the gym and get in shape . you are so fabulous….

Awesome..! Glad u followed ur heart and dont worry at all on ppl judging u.. in the end whats important is that u feel happy and healthy.. U look great.. all the very best and keep up the gud work.. lots of love.

hello marlena!!! great job you look amazing :)
Here is my situation : i’ve also lost 130 lbs i’m 25 with no kids. Went from a sz 24 to now a sz 9 i’m starting to look for a doctor now to get rid of these excess skin and also get boobies done with a lift :)
what do u suggest as far as looking into the doctors info? i’m originally from the valley but currently living out here in san diego. Dont know too many people so it’s hard because you would like to have been referred to a good doctor.

Hello Marlena I just want to share my experience with my tummy tuck on July 7,2005 with a doctor Motikie at Beverly hills Body! If you don’t know who he is he works closely with Doctor Rey on Dr. 90210 he was on his program for at least 4 seasons saying he’s a corrective surgeon! I was his victim I have a huge scar on my stomach that he never fixed I was ill for a number of months he left me with an open wound for 6 months my skin turned black on my belly button and he had to cut off that black mass little by little this is why it’s so important to do your homework this doctor became famous at my expense as for Dr. Rey listening to me about putting him on his program I was ignored and was told he had no control over who is on his show! Yes I tried to do everything I could but money talks!! :( Saddened

Marlena I am so happy for you!!!! You look fantastic. I am so glad that everything has gone well. I’ve certainly missed seeing your pretty face!!! :) so glad to have you back. <3

I know I probably wont get a response but I figure I’ll just throw my heartfelt THANK YOU! How should I start… Long story short I’ve always been a tomboy and make-up retarded, even at 28! I have been watching your site for about a year now with the help of your videos, I learned how to do my make up, you have turned me into make up monster/geek. Your videos are so easy to follow, its almost like you are the sister I didnt have teaching me how to do my eyeliner, the importance of blending, and what not to do. And for that alone I will be eternally grateful! I get compliments all the time now and when they ask me how did I do that, I always say…you wont believe me but check out “”. So thank you, thank you, thank you! On another note: Your weight loss story is inspirational to all of us. Thank you for sharing your story and being so honest, and always doing so much for your little makeup geeks and not expecting anything in return. Stay healthy, happy, and keep up all the hard work You deserve everything you have worked for!

Marlena, thank *you* so much for sharing your experience with us and working so hard to get back to your site. You are truly an inspiration!

I am soo glad to hear that you are pleased with your decision! My cheeks hurt from smiling while watching your latest post! Congrats you already appear more confident andmore radient thanever!!!

So happy you are feeling well and healthy, it took a lot of courage to do what you did, you really have a great personality inside out, I am sure it helped a lot of women who weren’t ready to do this kind of surgery. keep up the good work, wishing you all the best in the world, you deserve it.

PLEASE Marlena! Can you please answer this: you said that you still have weight to lose so why did you get a tummy tuck already? I currently weigh 220 and want to be 150. I always thought I had to wait until i lost ALL of my weight before i could get a tummy tuck but seeing you, i am excited that maybe i dont have to wait so long afterall? what circumstance is it recommended to have a tummy tuck before completing a weight loss goal? Thank you! and god bless! you look amazing!!!

Marlena!!!! How are you, you still look so pretty… congratulations for that successful tummy tuck operation of yours!!!! It’s so nice. Right now, i’m following your “how to lose weight-marlena way” I’m still on the 1st step, and that’s the NO SODA to WATER only… :D I hope it’ll help me alot… you really inspires me! and I always follow your make-up tutorials! I hope one day I will see you in person!!!! God Bless you Marlena! keep it up! stay beautiful, fierce! xoxo -Christine ?

Wow, wow wow. You look fantastic!!!! Marlena! :) You have always been such a beautiful person inside and out, but now you are radiant and glowing!

I’m very healthy (physically) but am certainly not happy with a lot things in my life, let alone my body .I am a size 4/6 and have only just slightly struggled with my weight in the past (gaining 25 extra pounds), but have just not been happy with my body for the longest time, constantly beating myself up about it.

Watching this video, it feels ridiculous to think this way and to NOT to be appreciating the body I have, at least while I have it, after hearing your story and everyone else’s postings here. Such a wake up call that I’m taking things for granted!

I think it’s important to remember that being HAPPY with yourself is just as important as being healthy. I certainly think in most cases these two things are tied together and affect one another with emotional eating, etc. No one should go to any extreme to lose weight as a quick fix to be happier— because it’s exactly that: a fix, and “fixes” don’t last long term. I truly believe that happiness in the mind AND body starts on the inside and works it’s way out. Dieting is temporary but a healthy eating and living can last a (longer!) lifetime, and you can never achieve this without first being happy with yourself. Most importantly, being healthy is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Thank you Marlena for always putting a positive message out there and inspiring me with your attitude and outlook!

All the best to you from the Bay Area, CA! :)

Hey Marlena!
I missed you!
I’m so glad you’re back and see tht ur recovering well!
I was wondering what products or procedures are you taking to minimize your scaring?
I have large red stretch marks on my body .
You look great Marlena!
Thanks for coming back!
I hope your journey only gets better!
Much Love,

Girl! You wowed me! I am usually see you on youtube but I thought it would be good if I came here and left you a little supportive message.
I really don’t think there is anything wrong with the fact of wanting to look better than ever! Having a great bod is not only about fitting into society’s standards, it is mostly about feeling good about yourself and being healthy ! … which means being beautiful !
I really admire & respect your will and courage. It must have been hard to reach that point… but girlie … IT WAS WORTH IT CAUSE YOU LOOK STUNNING!


You look amazing!! Your hard work payed off and you definitely deserve it! Glad to see you are doing well and welcome back…we missed you!

Congratulations! You look terrific! I’m 43 and I’ve had a few plastic surgeries of my own, mine were purely cosmetic, but I still understand what you went through. Doing something for yourself and seeing that end result makes it all worth it! I also eat a Vegan diet and exercise, so it’s not just about the surgery for me either. Anyway, Congrats again!!!

You look absoloutely fantastic!! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law both had tummy tucks and they have also had great results. You have a wonderful shape- very Kim Kardashian!!

Hi Marlena,
First off you look FANTASTIC! i wish i had a flat tummy like that it looks great!
I have lost 40 pounds so far, and am on a mission to look 10 to 15 more pounds. You inspired me to do this! After watching you video on how u were going in for the surgery and u broke down and cried and said how u felt. I cried bcs i know exactly how u feel i am only 21 and have never had a nice body a flat tummy. I was 12yrs old with stretch marks. U made me believe anything is possible. AND IT IS! I have worked so hard and i hope to achieve the body ive always wanted one day! (not a barbie body a normal average body) CONGRATS Again. You look fantastic and i am so happy for u.


Thanks SO MUCH!! Congratulations on losing 40 pounds- that’s amazing!! And yes, I had stretch marks at 12 too- no fun, but I’ve accepted them now and they really aren’t as noticeable as I made them out to be :) Most women have stretch marks somewhere- no big deal :)

Congratulations Marlena! You were always a beautiful person, and I’m glad that your now able to see the physical fruits of all your hard work. You look fantastic! Enjoy that new tummy girl!

I am so proud of you:) You have accompliched so much and you are going after your goals. I think you look amazing! But you already looked stunning:) I also think it is so great that you are aware of your position as a roll model for younger girls. You showed all your viewers how you lost the weight (in a healthy way, with working out and eating healthy) and with all you did, you show everybody how much you can do if you want it. To me you are a true inspiration!

You look absolutely amazing! Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. I am about to graduate nursing school & I have been following your journey. You keep doing things for you! That is an important things for life & you will go a long ways!!!! Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

YOU look maaavaaalous Marlena and are very brave for doing this to help yourself.
Thx so much for posting.

Hi Marlena,
So happy for you .. you are such a beautiful young lady… Your confidence should be through
the roof…. I’m trying to lose 20 lbs and I have a hard time with it…..You have been so strong
Congratulations on your surgery result….FABULOUS
Love and Happiness,

Wow u look amazing !! i’m so happy for you !! :)
Hoping to see new videos soon, we really missed u !


Wow, you look really amazing! The fact that you did lose weight “the right way”, as you say, is just admirable, you should be really proud of your accomplishment because it requires a lot of commitment and effort to achieve such wonderful results! And congrats on the surgery, you are very brave girl! It’s true, your doctor did a great job, but hey, the credit is all yours, believe me!!!!

Marlena, Congrats to you! I love your energy in this video despite showing something that might not be comfortable for you. You were talking fast and I had to laugh because you are super excited for yourself! I love it! All of your fans here in Southern California are watching closely for your ongoing weight loss and recovery… As well as some new exciting tutorials! We love you and wish you a speedy recovery and extra hitch in your kiddy-up for your continued exercise! <3

Marlena, that’s great! It’s so good to see you like this! I had no idea of how your body was before, I mean, I had never seen it. You look so beautiful, you always have! I’m so glad it all went well and that you’re still trying to help people that want to go through this! You’re an angel! Love all the way from Brazil, Juliana.

OMG Marlena! Congratulations on your huge accomplishment! I greatly admire all of the hard work that you put into your whole weight loss journey. You are my inspiration while I continue with my own personal journey. :)

Hi Marlena! You look AMAZING! This is a well deserved result! You are really inspiring. I NEED a breast reduction and it’s covered here by our health system as i am on the waiting list. But before that, i need to lose weight and you are really an inspiration! Thanx for sharing your weight loss and surgery it really helps other people like me who don’t know how to start or have no one to support them. Yeah it’s good to “know” someone who has been thru all that! I am very proud of you! So far i have loss 10 pounds and i’m very happy with it. I still have a lot to lose but it’s a good start! Oh and i just ate my jello cup… i got that idea from you! Thank you Marlena for being who you are!


Congrats on the 10 pounds!! THat’s so great! You’ll reach your goal- just don’t give up :) I love my jello cups and my snap peas- they keep me from cheating and eating chips or ice cream- haha ;)

Hi Marlena! I was wondering how many inches/pounds you lost with the procedure. You look fabulous, by the way, but I’ve always thought you look wonderful! I’m hoping to get this procedure done in 2013, after I’ve lost more weight and been able to keep it off!!

Thanks for the updates, it’s such an encouragement!

well grats however those that take the time to do it naturally i give more credit too.but hey great you took a easy way out!

Took the easy way out? She lost 90 lbs on her own and just had the surgery to take off excess skin. Did you listen to her at all?
That’s not taking the easy way out!

After a certain age and after carrying a high percentage of body weight, the skin looses elasticity and NO amount of exercise or dieting will the skin stretch back to where it was.

In the picture above, it’s obvious that this person is not overweight and yet they still have excessive skin hanging on their torso.

Gastric bypass would be the easy way out. Diet pills are an easy way out. Starvation is an easy way out. but none of these things will eliminate the skin after a significant amount of weight loss!

I don’t know what kind of comment this is supposed to be, but I’m shocked that you have the audacity say such a thing in general, and especially to someone like Marlena who is sharing her story in the public eye. Educate yourself before saying something so rude!!!

Marlena…you look great! Good for you! I watched a couple of your videos before I had my surgery. I just had my tummy tuck on Tue so I am recovering right now! I have a 3 1/2 yr old son and a 6 month old daughter so not being able to take care of them has been tough! I had a lot of loose skin after having my kids and worked out A LOT and could not get to my goal results because of the excess skin so I researched tummy tucks. Here I am 4 day post op! I am sleeping in my bed but propped up with my feet elevated. I return to work after 2 weeks of having the surgery and hoping I will feel ok. When did you start standing straight again?

Hi Lindsay!! I hope you’re feeling ok now! I didn’t stand up completely straight until the 2 week mark- I felt like a little grandma walking around for awhile- haha!
Make sure to walk every day – at least 2-3 times. My surgeon said that’s the fastest way to recover and heal- I did that, and it really helped!

I hope your recovery goes great!! In a couple weeks, you’ll be skipping around the house with a big smile on your face ;)

your befores and afters are amazing. you look beautiful…and not that you didnt before :) !! you did a fantastic job on losing the weight in a healthy manner and you deserve to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. keep up the fabulous work you do both personally and professionally.


I love you!!!

You are truly a beautiful person, and I admire you for being so strong and inspiring.
I’m happy that the result of your surgery is successful.. You really deserved it.

You look very happy and gorgeous as always, thank you for the video.

All the best,

Marlena, you have such a wonderful spirit! and your smile seriously makes my day. What a wonderful person you are, and all this time that you spend on us.. my gosh :)) you are SO SO beautiful!

I’m so happy for you!!! You look so gorgeous!!!!!!! :D Much love and support!!!! I’m on my way to losing 90 pounds myself! I already lost 11!!!

Awwww! Marlena I am so glad for you. You look beautiful. I hope you feel as great as you look. Thanks for sharing and just being the person you are! CONGRATS!

You look amazing and not just the tummy…your glowing with happiness and you should be so proud of yourself!

You look amazing. Your beautiful inside and out. I currently lost 130 lbs and I too want to have a tummy tuck eventually. Thanks for being so brave and sharing your experience. Muah.

Marlena, first off you look amazing! Congratulations on your weight loss success. Secondly, two years ago I had twins, I was a bigger girl before I became pregnant but right after having the babies I was down to 210 lbs. But I worked out a lot and was able to lose 40lbs but being that having twins stretched my belly beyond belief and at my heaviest during pregnancy I was 246lbs I have a lot of skin around my belly, but I still have a big rear end and thick thighs at 175lbs now. When I looked at your before picture it looks a lot like how I look right now. This is a very personal question to ask but in your before picture how much did you weigh and what was your size? Is losing mire weight going to cause more skin to sag? I’m really interested cause I have a horrible body image and I would love to look in the mirror and not see the sagging skin everywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Dani!

In the before picture, I weighed 205 (can’t believe I’m sharing that- haha!) I was a size 16 on bottom, and 12 up top. I’m currently still the same size pants and top, just the loose skin is gone.

If you lose more weight, unfortunately the skin will sag a bit more BUT if you are relatively young and do strength training as you lose the weight, your skin may not sag as much.

I’m the same sizes as you but shrink me down to only 5 feet tall and I look a lot bigger in person cause I’m all squished together. I’m 26 years old and even though I have 2 year old twins, I just got married 3 months ago and I think that I am too young to not feel sexy about myself. You have opened my eyes to a healthy lifestyle and have shown me that my desire to have a tummy tuck at my size is possible. Thank you for being such an incredible role model.

Marlena! Sweetie, you look absolutely fabulous!! I hope and pray your recovery continues to go great for you! Congrats!


Omg Marlena!! I’m so happy for you..honestly, I have never supported people getting surgeries and it was a major turn off for me. But after watching your videos, you definitely changed my mind. I’m really glad everything worked out for you and you continue to succeed in whatever you do in life :)

Take Care,

U look amazzzzing! Im in speechless, u truly look great, hot and beautiful. I hope u doing great, u deserve all the best.

Congrats! You look lovely. But, I have to know: Where did you get that beautiful top?! Please do tell : )

Thanks, Marlena. I just realized you had replied to someone else’s similar qestion. Sorry to have you repeat yourself. I love that top…checked Cache website but couldn’t find it : (

Hi Marlena, great to see that you recovered well and getting that new flat tummy :) I’m overweight too and recently, my other half told me that because of my flab, he can’t get it ‘on’ with me and it breaks my heart coz I thought that when you love someone, you accept them wholeheartedly. I am trying to lose those unwanted pounds but it is just so difficult and I get so much demotivated after this episode.

I know it might open up fresh wounds for you but can you share your experience? I am just at the lowest point in my life.

Jazz, I am sorry your partner told you he doesn’t find you attractive any more. That is a hurtful thing to say. I am not overweight myself but I think you need to lose weight because you want to, not so your partner will think you’re sexy. A friend of mine lost a lot of weight by joining Weight Watchers because the support from others helped her a lot. Maybe it’s something to consider? Or if you have a friend who needs to get in shape too, you could help each other?

Hi karen, thanks for the suggestion. I am losing weight, but it’s so slow and I find it so difficult to relate to friends, well, they are all at the average size and because I’ve put up a strong exterior before them, they have no idea how to react.

oh my gosh!! I’m SO SORRY your other half said that to you :( PLEASE know that you truly are a beautiful person regardless of what others say- I know this sounds so fake and cheezy, but I really do mean that…

ONLY lose weight if it is for you- not anyone else. Whoever you’re with should accept you for you- your size doesn’t change who you are as a person.

I will tape a video in the near future about my weight story- I’ve been overweight since a small child, and don’t really know what its like to be “thin” or “average” size…

You can lose the weight if its what you want, but only when you’re ready and when you want it for yourself

*BIG HUG* :)

Thanks much for the encouragement and I’ve been a chubby child too, so to be of average size is, unfathomable.Hahaha. Look forward for your videos and take care!

*double BIG hugs*

You look amazing! So curvy and sexy, and of course you have the most beautiful face. Congratulations on all your hard work and I hope your recovery continues to go well. I am thinking about getting breast implants in the future (my breasts are cute, but without a padded bra I look like a man from the side… and it’s not like I have a willowy super model body, I have ample hips and bottom) and although it isn’t the same procedure as a tummy tuck, it was helpful to read your tips and advice here.

Hi Marlena,

I’m glad to hear from you and it’s great you’re doing so well! You look great!

Greets from Holland


Is the pink shirt picture before? Anyways you look great in the video :) !

Greetings from UAE


I have been following your website for over a year. I have an illness that has kept me bedridden on bad days off and on for 2 years. Through this experience, I discovered that wearing makeup gives me a feeling of looking better than I actually feel. Plus you make it fun! Anyhow, I know that with the internet it can get overwhelming with ignorant people leaving mean comments so I wanted to be part of the many women on here that send you some random love. I’m glad you’re healing well…you are glowing!
I look forward to your upcoming webisodes and I am always posting your link on facebook and telling friends about you.
Thanks for all the endless time and effort that you put in this website!
Much Love,
Rainey Gibson

Rainey, thank you SOOO much for that comment!! That’s exactly why I do what I do!! Sometimes, it’s the “little” things that make us feel beautiful- something like makeup… I understand completely how that goes. Even just putting on some mascara makes me feel a bit more “pretty” on my down days, so I’ll wear makeup simply because it makes me happy :)

Anyways… I really hope you feel better for the most part- I am sorry to hear about your illness :( Stay happy, sweetie and thank you again for your comment :)

You look absolutely stunning! You’ll be ready to show off your new body in a swimsuit soon, aren’t you? ;D

I will be totally honest about it: it cost $16,000 for tummy tuck, breast lift with small implants, as well as anethesia and operating room costs. It is quite expensive to do all this, so you definitely need to save up ahead of time BUT there’s also loans out there specifically for procedures. The one I used was MLend- the one that my surgeon’s office worked with.

If you want just the tummy tuck, I believe it was around $8,000 not including anesthesia costs (I think was $1400 for that?)

Marlena, you look awesome! You’re so brave to lay it out like that and I love how you always care to make other people’s lives easier, listing out all the time plan and tips I’m sure will be of huge help to countless people…that’s so noble. I never had problems with being overweight so far, but I know anything could happen…and if I ever become overweight, I’ll know just the right place to look for inspiration! I wish you all the best! Enjoy it, you earned it!

Hi Marlena,

First, I want to say how much of an inspiration you are to me. I too have struggled with weight, and seeing you have the courage to show us your progress and to take your viewers on this journey with you is amazing. I just want to say thank you for being so open and honest, and for being a role model that I can look up too.

I have a question in regard to your breast lift. I plan to lose my weight the healthy way, but I also realize that no matter how much weight I lose, there is a chance that I may need a breast lift. Since I am only 23, I worry about the scarring from the surgery. If you don’t mind, could you tell me how the scarring is in regards to your breast lift, and are you doing anything special to minimize those scars?

Again, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful advice you’ve given, and thank you for being a true inspiration.

My scars really aren’t that bad, but i also know my surgeon did amazing in his procedure. For a full breast lift like mine, there is an incision around the areola, one that goes straight down under arealo, then a U shaped one under the breast. It sounds like a lot, but you don’t see the one under the breast and the areola one is hardly noticeable. The scars should fade really well within 6 months to a year :)

Good job girl, your tummy looks amazing!

I was wondering if you had any issues with the scarring from the breast lift. I have been considering it for a while but the scarring scares me!

It’s hard to tell this early as scars fade more after 6 months or a year… My scars for my breasts are actually not that bad- for some reason, that area tends to fade more easily than say the tummy tuck ones…

Thanks so much for replying!
I didn’t realize someone asked you pretty much the same question right before me. :p

hey marlena you look wonderful,,,, well i just had a tummy tuck, lipo n my arms as well but to me its been very painful like my back its killing me but today its my third day so i really hope i feel better take care marlena ily|||||||

The 3rd and 4th day is the hardest, but hang in there- it gets better! Make sure to take your pain meds exactly when you’re told- for me it was every 4 hours. If you don’t, the pain will catch up to you and will be hard to manage.

I hope you feel better soon!!

hi Marlena!!!
you look amazing. you are such an inspirations for all us who need or want to lose some weight. keep up the good work! (i watched your video on how you lost 90 pounds i have a question it might sound dumb but where did you get your protein powder because i can’t find one that is low sugar )

Hey Maria and Marlena! Just an FYI on protein powder. I was also looking for a healthy alternative to sugar in a protein powder. I did some research online and found “Betty Lou’s Low Glycemic Designer Protein Shake”. It has 0 sugar and is sweetened with Stevia and Xylitol. It has fantastic ingredients in it including probiotics ~ just a super list of awesome ingredients. Costco carries this product. They don’t have it in the Costco that I shop at, but it’s easily ordered through them online. It comes in vanilla and chocolate and it tastes fantastic. I mix it with almond milk and just a little frozen organic blueberries or any other organic fruit I might have.

Hope this helps. I hope you both have a wonderful day :) We have so much to be thankful for.


Phenomenal!!! You look fabulous! The results are incredible…you must be absolutely thrilled! This convinces me that I need to start saving now so that when I reach my goal I can afford to do this for myself. :) I am so glad that you are back healthy and happy! We certainly missed you.

First of all, you look AMAZING! That is SUCH a difference! I’m glad you did that for yourself because you deserve to be happy after all that hard work you’ve put into getting to this point. I did have a question though. I have about 100 pounds to lose and I have been thinking about possibly getting a tummy tuck once I lose all my weight and if I have any extra “baggadge.” I’m hoping I don’t have t worry too much once I get to my goal, but I’m keeping it in mind. Now I was wondeing, I don’t make alot of money to afford such a procedure and so I was wondering if you had any good financial advice? I was thinking of setting up a special account to save up for it but I thought I’d ask and hear of any other good ideas. Thanks and agan, you look AMAZING!!!!

Hi Kathy :)

I actually got a loan for mine- the surgeon you choose usually has lend companies they work with to help fund it. I used MLend- just save up what you can until then, then get loan for rest and make payments each month. That’s what I’m doing :)

Thanks so much for the tip! I will do that! If I turn out to not need it, I can just go on a massive shopping spree! Sounds like a win-win to me! lol. Thanks again Marlena! :)

Girl, you got BALLS for showing before and after photo . thats takes a lot of courage . many woman cant take a photo without her makeup , but you , you desrece a medal :)

Happy for you . i missed your posts :) hope youll recovering good :)

YOU LOOK GREAT!! I wish I could be as motivated as you to lose that much weight!! You look FANTASTIC and your tummy looks GREAT!!

Hey there! Awesome job! You look fanfrickentastic :D You are very inspirational and I’ve lost 30 pounds since January :D Its’ gunna be a long journey and I can’t wait for the end results. Keep up the good work I’m glad everything worked out for you and that you healed nicely. Can’t wait for more videos :D

Marlena im so happy for you!! Im soo happy everything has gone well, and that you feeling good. You look great, but thats not hard for you because you always look great. :)

You look amazing!!! I can´t wait to get my Tummy Tuck done! I still have to lose a couple weight but I´m so exciting to get a new body just like you did!

Your soo beautiful! You have inspired me in many ways. I get all my makeup help from you and almost everyday someone comments on my makeup and how I do it. I refer them to you, of course. So thank you for all you do and I love your videos!

I 2nd this comment! I’ve gone from being a beginner to my makeup routine to being a pro..almost :P. I have referred a couple of my friends also, and now they’re MUG’s too!

I am only 13 and struggling with my weight i was born really chubby and so i am fat. I weigh 65kg. So i think thats 143.3 pounds. I know i might be too young to loose weight but i get teased alot. My family tease me 24/7 about my weight and i am too fat. Can you help me or tell me some stuff that will be really easy to begin with on loosing weight? i want to loose 44.1 pounds and that is very hard i know but i really do need to. Help?

You look Awesome and really happy! I’m really happy for you!! Do you mind telling me how old you are?

Marlena, I have a question about your doctor, you said you were in Central California. I live in Roseville, CA and googled the doctor. Is it the same doctor that has offices in Granite Bay and Sac??? Thanks!

I just sent a comment, so if this is a dup I am so sorry.. You mentioned that your Dr is in Cental Cal.. I googled the name and is it the same DR SCOTT GREEN that has offices in Granite Bay and Sac?? I live in Roseville and cannot believe you are in the area (if in fact its the same doc) I always imagined you being in Chicago (for whatever wierd reason that I have no idea how I got to that-lol)…

I like how the pink hand soap is full in the before pics & runnng low onthe after’s. Of course I’m the dork who notices this but it’s sort of a time line…lol. Anyhoo~ you look great & I think this was a good decision for the problem you had. Glad it all worked out good for you!

You look so good! I’m so glad you did something for YOU! Like you said this is a personal decision and people should respect that. Compared to some of your first videos to now, you have really come a long way with your weight loss. I’m proud of you, and have really inspired me to keep on track with me lol!
I’m glad to see your back! We all miss seeing you on here!!

Girl, koodo’s and love your spirit!! Just FYI, check out podcasts, these helped me after my tummy surgery (and for the rest of my LIFE!!) as well as still inspiring me to keep going on the days I am just not feeling it (they are getting fewer!). Will add you to my prayers while I am working out, keep it up!!!

Hey sweetie! Congratulations!! You look amazing!!!
I started eating healthy about 2 months ago but haven’t noticed any weight lost… and I need to loose 40 pounds. I cut carbs completely but couldn’t cut sugar!! I’m trying… I started eating a loooot of salads and protein!
I used to be a vegetarian for 6 years!!!! I put on a lot of weight because of that… and that’s why I started eating chiken and sea food again. Now I deal really well with that and I know that is the only way for me to get a healthier diet and loose some weight.
Thanks for sharing your amazing experience. You’re such an example!
I want to have the same surgeries you had someday! And I know I can do it!!!!

Hi Marlena, it’s me again. I was wondering with your diet plan do you allow yourself any snacks during or in the middle of the night? I take medication right before I go to bed and wake up around 4 am unable to sleep I’m so hungry. At that time in the morning the only thing I can think of to eat is a bowl of cereal. Do you have any other suggestions? Also how can you tell if something is a good carbohydrate versus a bad carbohydrate? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

OMG! You look just fantastic. Hope you recover fast :D
I have question, about paint pots. (Weird ask for this post, i know :D)
What would be 4 good ones to have, if you would have to pick?

Marlena, you look fantastic! Thank you so much for having the courage to share your journey and pictures with others, you are an inspiration to us all!!

Marlena, You look fantastic! I’m was really happy watching your video, and see that the procedure went so well :)

Hey Marlena!

Congrats on the successful surgery! You look great as usual!!! Glad u doing well.

I love your hair do in the video. Could you please do a video on how you did your hair? Thanks!!

you look amazing! congrats to you! if necessary, i’ll get mine after getting married and getting in one more kid! ;D

Oh my goodness you look great. Good for you Marlena. I’ve been watching your videos from the beginning and you are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you so much for giving girls like me someone real and inspiring to look up to. Stay happy and healthy!

Hey Marlena I have been watching your videos for years but it is my first time posting. After watching your before and after pictures, I feel I owe it to you to congratulate you. It takes alot of courage to share your personal story just to help others who might want the same precedure done. I feel it would also be helpful to learn how you gained weight. Because pay such good attention to details in makeup, it is hard to imagine that you ignored slow weight gain. I am truly happy for you. Glad you worked on earning moola to achieve these amazing results :)

OMG! you look fantastic! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m sure it will help a lot of women who are looking at going through with a similar operation and want to get onto a path of taking care of themselves. You are a great role model.

Good on you for being so open and honest – it is really admirable! You seem like a lovely, bright and cheerful person. I would love to get a breast lift done, as I lost and put on weight over several years and no amt of exercise helps this area. However, I am too scared to go through with the surgery. So seeing sth like this posted is really inspirational and gives hope that you can change sth if you are not happy. Now if only I had the guts to go through with it…..!

Marlena you look awesome! I soooo want to do this, I am super scared though and wouldn’t plan on doing it for another couple of years. I have lost 63 pounds in about 17 months, so yes the skin is there. I still have another 20 pounds to go, I love the results thus far but that extra skin can be a tad bit embarrassing and a confidence crusher (for me anyway). I really commend you for doing this and I hope I can be as brave as you someday! Once again props to you girl!

hey… i have to say “it´s so good to have you back- more beautiful than ever !!!” .I´m very happy for you that you look now the way you feel… and your ambition to lose weight is a real imspiration.

i wish you all the best and that you get fully well soon.

Dear, darling Marlena

You look absolutely wonderfully amazing! This must be such a change for you and I salute you for your courage and honesty. I have not yet commented on anything, but following you since september, I had to leave my best wishes for you here, and tell you that I rarely feel connected through cyber, but with your energy, good humour and transparency, I can’t but think of you as someone “real”. Please keep doing what you do, stay true to your positive and beautiful self and enjoy this kazoomingly pretty body of yours in a stunning bikini all summer long. We are all really proud of you it seems.

So – lots of love from Denmark

i am from mexico and I love all your tutorials, I was surprised by the physical change in you … you look super good I would love to know how I can get the palette of 88 colors and the palette of 10 flushes … I send you a big hug ….. greetings

Hi Marlena! I am so happy to see that your results are spectacular! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! You have inspired me to finally get serious about losing the 50 or so pounds I have needed to shed since having a c-section 6 years ago (gaining 30 pounds with the pregnancy), only to lose that, then regain it from going on anti-depressants (which I was assured would NOT cause weight gain). Any way, 1 week in and I have lost 5 pounds, but my will power has been stronger than I even imagined, thanks mostly to some of your tips. I laughed and thought of you yesterday, as my mother and I shared a snack of raw celery and zucchini (we didn’t have snap peas at the time). Well, just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey… I am just starting but hope to have awesome results and reach my goals. A million thanks to you and congratulations on your amazing transformation, although you have been gorgeous every step of the way!

WOOHOO! Sexy lady! Your results are AMAZING!! I’m so inspired to lose all my pregnancy weight so I can have my tummy tuck! My one daughter look like about 2 or 3 haha. Needless to say, it left me with a saggy tummy. Tummy tucks have always made me nervous, but this shows me that is isnt AS scary as I thought. You just look amazing!!!

marlena, you are so brave and generous to share your tummy tuck experience with the world – I am so happy for you – keep up the good work! Your tutorials (which are as good as they are not only because of your talent, but because of your personality and appeal) are the best, eagerly awaiting new ones! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. M.

You are amazing. Your pre-surgery video took a lot of tears from me and now this one still does.
I’m happy for you, I am really are.
One of my favourite quotes is: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” and it’s so true for you.
Before, I keep following you because of your sweet voice and beautiful smile, and now I can add up a strong soul.
Your effort brings me a lot of inspiration and thank you for all the great thing you have endured.

It was nice to see your smiling face! You LOOK great! Take it easy and don’t do too much too fast!

Hii. Im jose and im from the philippines. Im always watching ur reviews on makeups because im also addicted to it. the surgery that u had is very pricey but the result was beautiful. u rily did achieve that excellent curve on ur tummy. but there is a product that actually works on me without having that invasive and pricey procedure. and that is “brazilian” coffee, dis one suppresses ur appetite so much that u rily need to eat for urself to avoid anergia. in just one week i lose weight, from 80 kilos to 74 kilos. and that was bloodly brilliant.-how was that. u rily need to try dat one. it has no side effects like no taboos, diarrehea, or even diet. and no rebound effect. and the PRICE-150 PESOS. VERY AFFORDABLE. the effect is not just on ur tummy but on ur whole body. hope u can have that too. if ur interested u can pm me in facebook.

Hi Marlene!
I just wanna say you look amazing!! I’m so happy for you…..

I have been on the weight loss journey my self and have successfully lost 65lbs and still have about 20-25 to lose. I want to ask you what products are you using or what are you doing to keep the skin on your face nice and taut. It looks great!! Even though I’m losing my weight slowly, eating right and drinking a ton of water:I’m still struggling with expression lines or what they call parentheses around my mouth :/ I’ve been told it’s very common in people who lose a lot of weight….

Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many of us. Hope to hear from you soon.

YOU LOOK AMAZZINGG =) You always have looked amazingg inside and out though!! im really happy for you! Congratulations! <33

I mean you have always looked amazing from the outside AND have always been an amazing person from the inside! beautiful inside and out =) ur such an inspiration to all of us and a great example. love ya !

Welcome back!!!
Congratulations =) I’m so happy for you. Thank you for all inspiration. I have been on the weightlooss journey mysefl. It’s hard for me. But, you’re my example.
You look so gorgeous.

Lots of love from France (sorry, my english is bad ^^)

Marlena, you look fantastic! I have been watching your videos for 3 years as well and they have helped me so much with my makeup skills….and my confidence level!!!! You have changed my life…seriously. As someone who has struggled with her weight all her life as well, I completely respect and admire your commitment to your goal of being healthier and losing weight. It is the hardest thing to lose almost 100 pounds…I give you so much credit. Personally, I find you so inspirational. The day I watched your pre-surgery video, I was crying as you were crying because I know what it feels like to just want to have an average body. You have worked hard and lost the pounds the right way. You truly give me inspiration to keep going on my journey with weight loss and better health! You have such a positive aura and you are such a pleasure to learn makeup from. You are a gem. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing all this super personal stuff with all of your muggies. I wish you so much health, happiness, and love in the future. <3

Marlena…..your results are amazing! I go for TT BL BA in about 3 weeks. I am soooooo nervous (mostly afraid of all the “extremely rare” things that can happen). I’m trying to stay positive. I wish it was already May so I could be well into my recovery :).Much love and admiration

Hi Marlena, welcome back dear we really missed you so much. I wish you all the best in your life and I wish you a good luck in everything you do.


Marlena you look amazing. I’ve lost a bit of weight as well and still had a very small pouch. I opted to have smart lipo done as it was best for my situation. I’m just a week post op. You look great girl. Heal up and get lots of rest.

Marlena! I’m very happy for you :) ***
All your process is the same i did on the other side of the atlantic, i0m missing the tummy tuck, my legs are my real problem i have to do the other way around :) i’m saving up for, after that probably will lose more and them finally the tummy :)

kiss kiss keep up the good work i’ll do the same :)

I stumbled upon your YouTube channel when i was looking for St. Patricks Day makeup (which was great – thanks!), and then i saw the Vlog about your surgery – you look fantastic. I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago after losing 40kg’s in weight and no amount of exercise would get rid of the loose skin. It was the BEST thing i ever did. I was lucky my recovery was pretty painless (i must have been dosed up) except the 1 time whilst asleep i ended up nearly flat in my bed – so difficult to try and get myself back up again and our without using my tummy – i didn’t get a hospital bed. Now 2 years on i have a white scar from hip to hip which if you really look you can still see, but for me this is better than the hanging skin – as someone thats been there i’m guessing you’d know what i mean. Anyways just thought i would let you know that you look fab – my scar looked the same as yours to begin with, but they fade really fast.

Marlena…you look great!!! and also you are so pretty, I’m so happy for you and your recovery, hope you continue to feel better and better, I love your make up on the video, so natural and fresh! can you please post a quick tutorial, whenever you have more time, no rush I know how you might be feeling after your tummy tuck and your work load, I have to get a touch up for my tummy tuck, I have doggie ears on both ends of the scar and don’t look nice but I’m waiting for my baby to get older so I can get it done! I just look at you and think I should get it done! you go girl!!!!

CONGRATS!! I started watching your videos a little over a year ago and it was such a blessing to watch this transformation… I am so happy for you and all your hard work~ you SO deserve this!

Hi Marlene,

I just got to say you look great…and even do you had some extra weight before, I’ve always thinks that you are beutiful!!!!!! your face looks soooo perfect and pretty! Im jelous! jijiji j/k but really you are very pretty and now you are even prettier…. I wish I had your strengh and spirit to do the same.
I have 3 kids and I just turn 30 yesterday (St. patricks day), my oldest kid is 11 years old, then my 5 yera old and a lil 3 month baby… I have gain so much weight, I was 140lbs before having my 1st kid, now, after my 3rd, Im almost in the 200 lbs and it really drives my crazy to look myself in the mirror and see that I look fat and ugly with anything I wear.
I hate that feeling and I want to loose at least 50 lbs, but as of now I am breadsfeeding and can not start an diets…
Well that is my story, just a lil about me that I wanted to share w/u.
Thanks for all the great videos and tips and agian congrats for been so beutiful and have achive your goal!!!!! keep up the good work!!

After having two 9+ lbs babies in the past 3 years, I am in desperate need of a tummy tuck as well. I know what you mean by this not being a need to look like Barbie. No matter how much hard work you do, you can’t loose that flab! I hate looking like a deflated balloon and I can’t do anything about it until I get my surgery :)

You look great!! always have, but I know your much more confident about your body now and you should be because you look fantastic Marlena you deserved the best. I know you say you aint trying to look like a barbie doll but you do look like one ;) your such a great person we need more people like you in this world. take care and God Bless you =)


You’ve got such a cute little belly button now!!!

I have to say, your before pictures aren’t too bad – you’ve got great skin and a lovely shape and you were beautiful before. However, I can quite understand how, after so much diet and exercise and hard work, that you would want to see the ‘fruits of your labour’ as it were, and the after results are really great.


That’s a real change! I’m impressed by the difference! Not that you were not beautiful before (you’re so cute!)! But I can confirm that all your efforts have led to something so different and you can be so proud of yourself! Hope you’re now more comfortable with your body!

Surgery is not a shame, I did it myself (noze) to be able to live a healthy life, without depressing each time I was looking into the mirror!

You look so good in your video! Take care of yourself. xx

Marlena, I am so happy you managed to get through this surgery. Your hard work has paid off. I look to you as an inspiration. Esp when I have people around me who tell me that I will never find love because of how fat I am. Who wants a man who wants you only for your body right?
But nevertheless, there is absolutely no harm in wanting to look great and now I am working on making my body lose the excess fats and especially healthy. I am doing this for myself and I have found the confidence in me because of you, Marlena.
One of my greatest wish is to be able to meet you in person one day in my life and give you a great big hug for the exceptionally beautiful woman that you are and the beacon of light you are to so many of us. Alas, I love in a different continent and because I understand how one needs to be security conscious about strangers, I have to accept that meeting you would never be possible.
But despite it all, my respect for you would never waiver and you will always have my support. Thank you for being just who you are and accepting everyone else for who they are. God must have spent a little more time on you when he created you because he needed to make sure that his precious angel would be a source of inspiration and a warm helping hand when he placed you on Earth. *Hugz*


You look amazing!!! I’ve been following your videos a lot, and I’m super proud that you lost 90lbs in a year and a half. I’ve lost 55lbs in a month and a half. I know that’s a lot so soon, but I’m biking everyday, and I eat as healthy as I can.

Keep up the good work!

Wow, what a difference! You look great, Marlena! I may have to get a tummy tuck or something later this year. Started a new diet/exercise routine and 10 lbs slipped off of me in 15 days. Your story is very inspiring and comforting to hear and see. With all the horror stories I have heard, this is such a bright light. Thank you! (in addition to running a fantastic site)

Hey! Congrats! I had one last year, and I gotta say: I recognize that “I can’t stop smiling” feeling in you… Feels awesome!

Way to go girl. Stay beautiful.

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on the road to loosing weight and watching these clips of you talk about how you did really empowers me, and gives me the motivation I need to stick with it!!! Thank you so much for everything and congratulations on your hard work and results!!!!!!

omg so many comments, hahah we love you, i saw the pictures and the video, and omg you look great, and you look happy which is the most important. i am glad to see it, and to finally be able to enter the site, I thought i was gonna die >.> big love.

Marlena, you look fabulous!! Congratulations on your decision of a tummy tuck, and so happy there were no complications. You have made some huge strides in your weight loss journey, and heres to a continued healthy and happy to continue!! Im so happy for you!! Marie D.

I am so happy for you….and you know what (>.<) you just encourage me to start my journey to lose weight….you're such and inspiration :) It's time for me to take care of my health. I'm obese (247.8 lbs) I am big hehe but I CAN DO IT….wow i love your results…i was wondering if you can help me in the future you know once i lose the desire weight to recommend me your surgeon…idk i might need a tummy tuck too and breast lift…is it expensive? plus do you know a good cream for stretch marks and scars?

Wow!! You look so amazing! I so love it. I so wanted this done. Just don’t have the money right now. I had four kids and lost all the baby fat but have so much skin hanging. I hope I will be able to get this done soon. You look great!

Congratulations on all your hard work losing the weight and a successful surgery to tighten up the skin. You look great!

You look amazing!

A couple of questions. I have a similar body shape to you and noticed that your clothing fits you very well. Where did you get the jeans and top you wore in your reveal video (posted March 9th)? Or what was the brand of the jeans and top?

It is sooo inspiring to see beautiful women with curves!!!

Welcome back!!

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of excercise routine you did. I am hoping to lose weight I am just stuck as to what kind would best suit me so I am gathering a lot of advice and you look like you did a good job!!!!! You look fantastic and are an inspiration to us MakeupGeeks!

OMG Marlena, I feel like I’ve known you forever! You are such an inspiration, and watching your video and seeing the happiness on your face brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that you are doing well, and I wish you all the happiness in the world because you truly are an amazing and beautiful individual. Now I am super motivated to slim down from a size 12 to a size 10, because you have given me so much encouragement!

Congratulations on the beautiful figure darling! Keep those videos coming!!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

You look great! I also wanted to say that I love your style. I have looked at other sites for make up tutorials. They don’t compare to yours. What a night and day difference. I enjoy your site. Thanks so much for your efforts.

I just wanted to say, that you are absolutely GORGEOUS! Congrats on losing the weight. My weight goes up and down and right now I’m UP! :o( But I’m hitting the gym 5 days a week. You are my inspiration!

Hi, i missed u so much.!! :) im 13 and i love everything u do. i no this was alot of work for u but its worth it bc u look and are amazing!!!
lots of love
~Carissa <3

Is there a possibility we can see the results a little after the swelling goes down? that would be awesome.

you look fantastic by the way

You look so great! Hard work pays off! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and keep making those makeup videos my face thanks you! LOL

Congrates on the weight loss and the surgy i know what a hard road it is to loose so much weight to. I love the website please kep posting more veidos b/c they help me to chose what look i want to show for the day it is kinda like having you in my home lol helping me with the make up.

hugs and kisses xoxoxo =-)

You look amazing!!! and you completely deserved that surgery becouse of how hard you worked to get such a great body!! :) I am soooooo happy for you :)

wow marlena im so glad you can have your avarege body you deserve that & more
you are an amazing person im glad to see you happy :)

You are such an inspiration. I had my 1st child 5 months ago after the dr’s said I could never have children. During my pregnancy I gained 80lbs,partly due to an injury I had and had to be on bedrest. I have since lost 45 of those lbs and am working on the rest. Everytime I watch your videos your so upbeat and happy and it just makes my day. Thank You for all your tips and tutorials. You are truly a special person.


I am absolutly amaze at your courage! Thanks you for documenting this journey and for being responsible with the information and tips you shared…At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person, thank you for being that person, this video is greatly appreciated as one of my best friends is about to embark on this same journey….Thank you and I wish you all the best.

Wow, you look absolutely amazing. You’re an inspiration and you should feel so proud of yourself.

I also had a tummy tuck recently and i m wondering if you are going to post what u did after surgery.


Marlena, first off, I so love you! Your tuts and huals are so honest and I love that you keep it real! : ) I just had my major abdoninoplasty with a mastoplexy and liposuction of the the bilateral flanks and back on Monday, 4/11/11. WOO!! 6 days post op and I feel great, well,I think depressionis starting to kick in, because i am use to being so busy. but I know th results are worth the recovery. I wanted to email you before the surgery because I was feeling a bit apprehensive. But i just wanted to again thank you for your vids and it is really helping me get through this. I just recently lost 75 lbs through diet and excercise and I have really used a lot of your tips to help change up some of my diet routine. I look forward to any more updates. and keep up the absolutley amazing work that you do. : ) my actual YT site is under BlasianJae, but you have encouraged me to start posting my progress. so when did u get the ok to start working out? im going stir crazy! Love you and stay happy and healthy! smootches, Jae

Hi Jae!! Congratulations on your surgery! Let’s see… you’re probably about 12 days out after surgery- did you get your drain tubes out yet? It does get discouraging in the beginning and I still get discouraged now with the bloating some days, but it’s still worth it so hang in there :) I hope you like the outcome of your surgery!!

Marlena ~
You are truly an inspiration! You have such a beautiful spirit and it takes so much courage for to show the world such a personal battle. You are sincerely the definition of someone who is gorgeous inside and out! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful makeup tutorials and inspirational videos! It makes me feel like the goals I want to achieve in my future are attainable. :)

Any websites you can suggest in finding a surgeon for plastic surgery. I have the same thing with my weight loss. I have the sagging of skin after my loss.


you look AMAZING! <3 like seriously. haha you are so inspiring and strong for what you went through:) i wish i could look like you and im really trying to be strong like you and loose a lot of weight. your inspirational and i absolutely adore you! :)))

Hi Marlena,
I have been following you for awhile now but have never posted. I just want to thank you for your post regarding your surgery. I have also recently lost some weight and have sagging skin. I have always wanted a TT but was too afraid to do so. Additionally, I have extremely large breasts and have been requesting a breast reduction for the last five years. I just found out that my insurance has approved my reduction. As I only want to have surgery once, I have opted to have my reduction and TT at the same time. As such, I have copied your to do list and have referred to same frequently. My problem is that you indicated that you would list all of the supplies we would need but I cant seem to find it anywhere.

Anyways, you look lovely and I hope you are healing well.

Thank you for your assistance in this very stressful but exciting time.


I have been following your weight loss journey and you are an inspiration. You are beautiful inside and out. I visit your weight loss posts whenever I get discouraged about my own battle.

By the way, I have to say, PLEASE completely disregard someone’s back-handed “compliment” about your hips. Maybe I shouldn’t mention anything, so I apologize, but…I couldn’t believe that! Ridiculous!!! I think you look amazing and pretty dang near perfect. I am glad you are so willing to share your experiences.

Hi Angela :)

I did my search on google, then looked up only the surgeons that had good reviews (do plenty of google searches for that specific surgeon), then set up a consultation with him/her and ask tons of questions!! If you don’t feel comfortable with that surgeon, don’t book for your surgery- you’ll know when you find the right one :)

Hi Marlena,
Congrats on a successful surgery! I am looking to the ‘mommy makeover’ for myself next year. Your results look amazing!! I’m so happy for you! I did not see the list of supplies that need to be purchased before the tuck on your post. Did I miss it? Thanks!

Hey Marlena, I know you posted these pictures and the video a while ago but I just ran into it on Youtube and thought I’d leave you a little comment. Congratulations on your surgery..I know it must have been really hard…And I want to thank you for showing support to all of us who are going through the same thing. I know how difficult it is to loose weight and still have that saggy skin. But you’ve inspired me that I can do it. And everythings going to be alright. And your body looks amazing. Your very beautiful. Keep doing your thing. Love ya girl! Your, Subscriber.

OMG… LOTS of Congrats to u and for been so brave in having 2 in 1 shot. Tummy & Breast? LOL
I HATE,SCARED of pain and i am 1 whos been looking for breast reduction fr the LONGEST and looking into a good surgeon. I live in NEW JERSEY but i had family in CALI trust me i would travel to see your lol He did a GREAT job. Again CNGRATS. oh by the way i am a BIG fan of your site, videos, makeup tips, etc…………

wow. marlena is my sister’s name. i’ve never met another marlena. :) cool. i stumbled upon your youtube video while looking for plastic surgery info. so far i’ve lost 80lbs. i still have 20-40 more to go. but my stomach looks waaaay worse. i have a huge gut that feels like it weighs 10lbs. i can never wear anything that fits me properly because my big apron gut shows. its the worst. i’m scared to death of plastic surgery. i’m squeamish. i can’t even look at someone with a gash without getting weak in the knees. but i lived through weight loss surgery. so i think i can do it. i think after all i’ve been through i deserve to have a normal body. people keep telling me i should wait till after i have kids (which i really want to have soon) but i would really just like to start from a normal place. i don’t mind getting stretched out after pregnancy. i’m not trying to have the perfect body. i’m just trying to start from a more normal place. its only fair don’t you think?

anyway i just want to thank you soo much for being so open and sharing your story. it really helps me have the courage to do it.

Well Done Marlena this is absolutely excellent you look great and happy. I’m just glad you are happy about the results of the procedure and aslong as you are happy we all are !
I was just wondering what is the minimum age to get breasts done?