What's Your Undertone?

Tip: Curious if you have warm, neutral or cool undertones? If your veins look blue, you are cool. If your veins look green, you are warm. If they look teal, then you are neutral and can be in either warm or cool categories.



Warm Undertones: 

Have lots of warmth to the skin. Think of fire colors: yellows, reds, oranges. If you have a lot of yellow to your skin you are warm. 


Cool Undertone: 

If your skin has a lot of pink tint to it, think cool skin tones.


Neutral Undertone: 

If it is hard to tell and you do not have a lot of yellow or pink. You could be neutral


Check your Veins: 

  • Blue = Cool
  • Green = Warm
  • Teal  = Neutral

If you want more information about undertones check out this Cool Vs Warm Youtube Video

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