Bigger & Brighter Eyes

Tip: Make your eyes look bigger and brighter!


STEP 1: 


Take a nude colored eyeliner and run it along the waterline (Try the Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eyeliner in Nude). What this does is bring lightness into the waterline to make your eyes look more open and awake. 


STEP 2: 


Take a small pencil brush and a medium toned shadow (Marlena used Makeup Geek Signature Eyeshadow Honey Badger). Smudge it under the lower lash line to bring the shadow down along. Place a darker shadow underneath the lash line. This brings the shadow down beneath your eyes making your eyes look taller and a little elongated.


STEP 3: 

Apply a light shimmery shadow on the lid. Anytime you have light and shimmer it always makes things look bigger. 

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