How to Use Shadows as Contour & Bronzer

Tip: Create your own custom contour or bronzer using Eyeshadows. For Contours, choose a cool or neutral brown. For Bronzers, choose a warm brown.



Tip 1: How to create a custom Contour

Choose an eyeshadow that is in a Cool or Neutral Brown 

Fair Skin: Latte As Usual
Deeper Skin: Espresso Yourself


Tip 2: How to create a custom Bronzer

Choose an eyeshadow that is a Warm Brown

Fair Skin: Honey Badger
Deeper Skin: Cheetah Bear


How To Apply Bronzer:

Using an angled brush and Warm Brown Eyeshadow. Apply under the cheek bone and buff it slightly upwards. This will add warmth to the skin. 


How To Apply Contour:

Using an angled brush and a Cool Brown Eyeshadow. This will give you a chiseled look. Apply under cheekbone and blend it in. This will chisel the cheekbone and create a contoured look. 

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