How To Highlight Like a Pro

Tip: Learn how to apply highlighter like a pro and some multipurpose ways to use highlighters and save money!



Tip 1: On The Cheeks

Using a fluffy cheek brush apply highlighter onto the tops of the cheekbones.

Tip 2 : Cream Highlighter

Take a cream moisturizer or cream base (thicker) and a spatula, scoop some out and apply to the back of your hand. Using a clean, dry spatula scrape some highlighter off your pan and mix together. Using a blending sponge, apply to the tops of the cheek bones. This creates the perfect cream highlighter to give you a nice sheen because you have a cream in there. 


Tip 3 : Use as an Eyeshadow

Wearing Highlighter on the eyes by using a domed brush and dust it on the lid. This is perfect for no makeup days when you want a very light color. 


Tip 4 : Wear it on your lips

Wearing Highlighter on the center of the lips after applying your favorite shade of lip color will make your lips look a bit fuller. You can also apply a top coat of lip gloss to blend it in more. 

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