DIY Tinted Lip Balm

Tip: Learn how to create your own personal customized lip balm by mixing any shadow of your choosing with coconut oil.

Pro tip: Mix in a sealable container and store it away to use later.



STEP 1: Collect your supplies

You will need a small spatula, coconut oil, an eyeshadow (choose any color), and a small lip brush.


STEP 2: Start with Coconut Oil

Take a small scoop of coconut oil with your small spatula and add to the back of your hand.


STEP 3: Choose your color

Take your eyeshadow and small spatula and scrape off a bit of color.

Make sure your spatula does not have any coconut oil on it. This should be clean and dry to avoid damaging your eyeshadow. 

* Marlena used the Makeup Geek Signature Eyeshadow Berry Shady


STEP 4: Create a Lip Balm Paste

Mix the eyeshadow color and coconut oil together to make a lip balm paste


STEP 5: Apply to your lips

Once it is mixed together, take a small brush and dip into the paste. Apply this to the lips.


This is a cheap, easy, and hydrating alternative to traditional lip colors. It also allows you to use any of your eyeshadows to create an endless variety of colors!

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