How To Make Custom False Lashes

Tip: Did you know you could customize your false lashes? Marlena shows us 3 different ways to change your strip lashes for a more personalized look.



TIP 1: Create 3/4 Length Lashes

Using a strip lash (Marlena uses Graceful), Take a pair of scissors and the strip lash and cut it in half. Using the inner part of the lash, place on the outer edge of the eye. Half lashes are easier to apply and lift the outer edges up to give you an elongated look. 


TIP 2: Make Glam Lashes more natural

Using a glam strip lash (Marlena uses Ava), Take a pair of scissors and the strip lash and cut straight down on the lash (not all the way through) to thin them out. This will make thick and full lashes more wispy and natural. 


TIP 3: Create individual lashes

Using a soft glam strip lash (Marlena uses Elegant), Take a pair of scissors and cut them into sections. This will create individual lash sections which allows you more control for placement. It also allows you to add volume to your lashes without wearing full strip lashes. 

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