How To Apply Loose Pigments 5 Different Ways

Tip: Today Marlena shows us 5 different ways to apply loose pigments!



#1: Eyeshadow

Using a Flat Shader Brush, apply the Loose Pigment (Marlena uses Hocus Pocus) on your lid. You can also use a clean dry finger to apply. To complete this look, buff out the edges with a clean crease or dome shape brush.

#2: Highlighter

Using a Cheek Highlighter Brush, apply your favorite Loose Pigment (Marlena uses Telepathic) to the cheek bones for a beautiful glow.

#3: Cream Blush

Mix a cream base (your favorite face moisturizer) and a Loose Pigment (Marlena uses Wildfire) together on the back of your hand. Take a Blending Sponge or Brush and create a cream blush.

#4: Setting Spray

Mix together your favorite setting spray and a light colored Loose Pigment (Marlena uses Telepathic) to create a slightly shimmery mist. Lightly spray your mixture on your face, body or hair for a fun, slight sheen!

#5: Eyeliner

Mix a Loose Pigment (Marlena uses Voodoo) and an eye sealant or eye drops to create a liquid liner. Add the Loose Pigment first to the back of your hand with a few drops of your liquid. Then mix together. Use as a liquid liner or smudge under the lower lash-line for a fun pop of color!

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