Glow from Within

Tip: How to get that Glow from Within



Step 1: Take an Illuminating Elixir or Serum as a primer

Apply this all over the face. Using a buffing brush, buff it into the skin. You can use this on days you do not want to wear foundation or you can wear it under your foundation. This gives your skin a natural glow. 

Step 2: Apply Foundation

Using the same buffing brush, apply a few drops of your foundation to the brush. Buff this in lightly on top of your primed skin. This allows the dewiness to still shine through.

Step 3: Apply it as a highlighter on top of your foundation

Apply a few drops of the Illuminating Elixir or Serum on your sponge, finger or brush. Apply to the top of your cheekbones where you would normally apply highlighter. This gives you a super natural looking glow. 

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