Fuller Looking Lashes

Tip: Want fuller looking lashes? When applying mascara, wiggle the wand close to your upper lash line. You can also dip an angled brush into your mascara tube and apply it to the upper lash line to get an eyeliner effect. 


Step 1:

Take an Eyelash Curler and put at the base of the lashes. Crimp in three areas: the base, middle and tip of the lashes.

Step 2:

Take your Mascara Wand and put it at the base of the lashes. Using a swiggle and sweep motion apply mascara to the full length of your lashes. 

Step 3:

Using an Angled Liner Brush and dip into a bit of your mascara. Line the upper lash line with the mascara to make them look thicker. 

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