Natural Looking Lashes

 Tip:  Give your lashes new life. Use Trio lashes or cut your strip lashes in half and apply to the outer half of the eyes for an easier application and natural look!

If you find strip lashes are intimidating or hard to handle choose Step 1 or Step 2 below to apply false lashes with ease. 

Step 1

Use trio lashes (as they are smaller and easier to handle): Pluck the lashes off the tray with tweezers, dip them into some glue and place them directly on your lash line. Get as close to your lashes as possible. Marlena likes to put them on the outer edge of the eye - It adds a little extra flirty lash.

Step 2

Use your strip lashes: Cut them in half. Use the inner part of the lash you cut and place on the outer edge of the eye. It is easier than using a full strip lash. Adding them to the outer edge of the eye lifts and elongates them - making the eye look longer and leaner. 

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