Battling Dry Lips

Tip: Dry lips got you down? Create a DIY Lip Scrub using some sugar and face oil to exfoliate the dry skin away. Follow up with our Healing Lip Glaze for maximum moisture.  


Step 1: 

Make a DIY Lip Scrub using white sugar and a face oil of your choice


Step 2: 

Mix together until it creates a paste (gritty type oily texture)


Step 3: 

Take some and put on your lips


Step 4: 

Rub into you lips in circles to exfoliate


Step 5:  

Take a towel and wipe off all the sugar


Step 6: 

Top it off with some Makeup Geek Healing Lip Glaze to seal in the moisture and add gloss to the lips. Also to make them look nice and luscious. 


Voila! Super hydrated, nice soft lips!

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