Combatting Dry Skin

Tip: For dry skin, avoid using setting powder and stick with cream products.  If you must use powder, mist your makeup with a hydrating spray after to keep makeup from looking powdery.

If you have dry skin use cream products not powder, but if you have to use a powder use the smallest bit just in your T-zone where you get oily. 

STEP 1: 

Use setting powder or you can use an eyeshadow to save money. 

Fair Skin:  So Pale
Medium Skin:  Banana Split
Caramel Skin:  Honey Badger
Deep Skin:  Cheetah Bear

STEP 2: 

Using a Blending Sponge, apply the powder to your T-zone only. The T-zone is the area of your face that has the most oily glands. This area makes up a T shape on your face and includes the area around your nose, the center of your forehead, and a little area on your chin. 


STEP 3: 

Do not put powder on the rest of your face or else it will look dry. 


STEP 4: 

If you are still looking dry, take a hydrating mist (after you do your makeup) and mist your face. This will get rid of the powdery look and add a nice glowy look to the skin!


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