Tips For Faster Makeup Application

Whether planned or unplanned, we all have those mornings we are scrambling around to get ready for the day. Unfortunately there is no magic wand we can wave to suddenly look flawless at the drop of a hat, but there are some quick tips you can follow to help save some of that precious time.



If you have the luxury of knowing you will be in a bind the following day, lay your makeup out the night before. Sounds silly but you will undoubtedly save time while you stand there like a zombie in your tired morning state, trying to decide. Having your makeup organized so you already know where it is will save you some time as well.  Less fumbling around trying to find your mascara. This has some handy and time saving tricks on how to store your makeup for easy access.


Easily create soft and healthy looking skin by evening out your complexion.  If you are blessed with clear skin, there is no need to mess with your regular foundation routine.  Stick with a concealer to quickly hide any under eye bags or redness.  If you have uneven skin and more coverage is a must, try a tinted moisturizer instead.  It won’t streak and can be applied in a hurry with just your hands.  Bring a cover up stick with you to hide anything you missed or touchups later in the day. BB Creams and now CC creams are also a great way to add coverage without applying a full face of makeup.


Pick the three most important things to you that will get you out the door the fastest and skip the rest.

Whether you have high cheekbones, full luscious lips, or naturally voluminous lashes when you're in a pinch enhance your best features. Don’t spend too much of your time trying to hide your problem areas but rather accentuating the good areas.  Playing up your best features will allow people to focus on those parts of your face you want to highlight.

My top three are bronzer, mascara and lipstick.  After evening out my skin, I add a swipe of light bronzer along my cheekbones for a little highlight, accentuate my long lashes with a few coats of mascara and add a pop of color to my lips for an easy way to brighten the face.


Stick with neutrals, if you mess up or miss something it’s not as noticeable.  Don’t spend time blending, only use one or two shades and apply to the lid. Unless you’re a pro skip the liquid liner.  We all know how that goes when you’re in a hurry, one eye is perfect and the other is horrible and you will easily lose track of time trying to even them out.  Not worth the attempt, trust me.


If you’re a city girl and have some time to kill on the subway, train or bus during your commute this is a great option for you.  If you drive, this should be a given but I’m sure we have all been guilty of it at one point, but DO NOT apply your makeup in the car. It is by no means worth the risk. My suggestion, if you are in that big of a rush, put a base on at the house. Nothing perfect but just enough so it won’t be such a drastic change to others, then simply bring some makeup with you to sneak in the bathroom for a few touchups when you have a spare minute or two. The mistake most often made with this option, is wearing no makeup at all and then suddenly applying a full face. You want to be discreet about it so others will barely notice.


If you consistently live a healthy lifestyle, chances are you won’t have as many problem areas to cover up with makeup.  The more sleep you get, the less red eye and under eye circles you will have.  Eating healthier, drinking enough water and regular exercise typically results in clearer acne free skin.  This is all easier said then done, and yes we all have those late nights and junk food splurges once in a while, but overall sticking to a healthy routine will save you infinite makeup application time in the long run.

Hope these tips help keep you ahead of the game even if you wake up late! If you have any tips of your own that you follow in a time crunch, share below!  Stay happy and healthy as always. :)

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