The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes


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To understand how to compliment brown eyes, we will first review some color theory.  In the color wheel, you’ll see that brown (which is in the orange section) is across from blue.
Colors across from each other on the color wheel are called “complementary colors” and are amazing for helping your eye color stand out.  Since teals and purples are next to blue on the wheel, these colors also look beautiful on brown eyes and tend to be more wearable than just bright blue (hello 80’s!)

This custom palette is perfect for those brown eyed babes out there! It has several purples in it to enhance your eye color, while including several neutrals to keep this daytime appropriate.

Eyeshadow Palette- Brown Eyes



Purple is the most universally flattering eyeshadow color to wear (other than neutrals) because it goes well with any hair, eye, or skin color.  Purple is especially great for brown eyes as it is a contrasting color on the color wheel, so it makes the eyes pop!  I find the best purples are blueish tinted ones as it contrasts the warmth of the brown.


Mini Palette - So Grapeful



Blues and teals can be a bit intimidating to wear, so I recommend smudging a bit under the lower lash-line while wearing neutrals on the lid.  It gives you a pop of color while staying wearable.

Eyeshadows - Blue Swatches

Here are some additional tips for brown eyes:

  • To make your eye color pop, wear purple or teal as these are contrasting colors to brown 
  • Silvers and blues can look beautiful too, but be careful wearing them under the lower lash-line as they can enhance any dark circles under your eyes  
  • Brown eyeshadow tends to blend in with brown eyes, so wear more of a silver-brown or even peach. 


Have fun with your makeup and remember that it’s just an art, so whatever you feel like wearing works!
Much Love,
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