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TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Green, Blowout Technique

A sweet and savory look perfect for the Holidays! The Sage Color Combination uses the Blowout Technique, Holiday Spice Eyeshadow Palette, and Espresso Eyeliner Pencil. Enjoy olive green perfection!

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Step 1

Apply Espresso along the upper lash-line to darken the base of the lashes.

Using a Small Dome Brush, smudge Espresso upwards and outwards.

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Step 2

Using a Dome Shaped Brush, apply Olive You to the lid and blend slightly into the crease.

Blending into the crease helps to soften the look and avoid harsh lines.

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Step 3

Using a Small Dome Brush, apply Olive You to the lower lash-line. Blending this softly helps to avoid harsh lines.

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Step 4

Using a Small Dome Brush, apply Jester to the inner corner of the eye.

This adds a slight pop of metallic color to make your look shine!

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Step 5

Pick up this palette to create glamorous green and berry looks this holiday season! One palette, so many ways to wear.