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TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Grey, Green, Smoky Eye

A subtly sweet look perfect for the Holidays! The Clove Color Combination uses the Smoky Eye Technique with a twist, Holiday Spice Eyeshadow Palette, and Obsidian Eyeliner Pencil. Enjoy shimmery green eyeshadow glamour!

Step 1 image

Step 1

Create a stencil using a sticky note by tearing it in half. Line it up slightly lower than the lash-line and angle it past the brow.

Using a Fluffy Shader Brush, apply Smoke Signal all over the lid, along the sticky note and up to the crease.

If you have enough space you can go into the crease a bit.

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Step 2 image

Step 2

Using the same Fluffly Shader Brush, apply Latte As Usual to the crease. To create a soft transition, blend this in a sideways motion to remove any harsh lines.

Remove the sticky notes before the next step.

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Step 3 image

Step 3

Using a Smudger or Pencil Brush, apply Smoke Signal to the lower lash-line about 2/3 of the way in.

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Step 4 image

Step 4

Using an Outer V or Small Dome Brush, apply Latte As Usual to the lower lash-line. You will be blending out Smoke Signal to avoid any harsh lines.

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Step 5 image

Step 5

Wet the same Smudger or Pencil Brush with a toner, misting spray or eye drops.

Then pick up Jester to create a cream metallic. Apply Jester to the inner 1/3 of the lower lash-line.

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Step 6 image

Step 6

Wet an Eyeliner or Detail Brush with a toner, misting spray or eye drops and pick up Jester.

Start above the crease in the middle of the eye then draw a line and come out. We are kind of tracing Smoke Signal just below the crease.

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Step 7 image

Step 7

Apply Obisidan or a Gel Liner to the waterline.

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Step 8 image

Step 8

Pick up this palette to create glamorous green and berry looks this holiday season! One palette, so many ways to wear.

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