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TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Brown, Blue, Cat Eye

Let's fly away! This Parasailing inspired look features Creme Brulee, Cheetah Bear, Flame Thrower, Time Travel and Indigo. The perfect Cat Eye Tutorial for beginners. 

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Step 1

Using Indigo Eyeliner create a cat eye shape and smudge it out with a pencil brush.

Using a flat stiff brush, apply Time Travel to the bottom edge of the cat eye and along the lash line.

For tips on how to apply winged liner and create cat eye shapes, check out our [Winged Liner Stencil Tip].

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Step 2

Using a crease brush, apply Creme Brulee to the crease and blend slightly upwards. This will give the crease a bit of dimension.

If you have deeper skin, put Cheetah Bear in the crease instead.

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Step 3

Using a small brush, apply Flame Thrower to the inner corner for a metallic pop.

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Step 4

Using a small dome brush, apply Cheetah Bear to the lower lash-line and smudge slightly to avoid harsh lines.

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