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Roller Coaster

TAGS: Color, Eyeshadow, Beige, Brown, Purple

Life is truly Roller Coaster Ride! The ups and downs of life make us all who we are today. Featuring Had Me at Yellow, Eternally Grapeful, Deja Brew, and Starry Eyed.

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Step 1

Add Had Me At Yellow to the crease and blend slightly upwards using a crease brush.

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Step 2

Using Eternally Grapeful Eyeshadow and a bent liner brush to create a winged liner shape.

Check out our One Minute Winged liner tutorial for more details.

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Step 3 image

Step 3

Add Deja Brew to the bottom lash line using a small dome brush.

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Step 4 image

Step 4

Use a small dome brush and apply Starry Eyed to the inner tearduct.