Top 15: Best MAC Lipsticks

With the vast array of MAC lipsticks available on the market it’s hard to choose which ones are worth the money, so I’ve picked my top 15 MAC lipsticks of all time.


This lipstick is the perfect pink color for fair to medium skin, and has been a best seller for quite awhile.  It’s not too cool or warm toned- just right!

Color Description: soft pink

Finish: Frost

Looks Best On: fair or medium skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


This is a great lipstick for fall as it’s a rich-reddish berry color.  The texture is creamy and the color is really pigmented!

Color Description: Mid-toned berry

Finish: Amplified Creme

Looks Best On: medium to dark skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Girl About Town

A classic bright pink color that has been around for a long time.  This looks beautiful with a neutral eye for that pop of color on the lips!

Color Description: Fabulous fuchsia

Finish: Amplified Creme

Looks Best On: All skin colors depending on how bright you like your lips :)

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


This deep plum color is perfect for fall or winter.  Pair it with a brown smoky eye, or a gold wash over the lid for a great eye/lip combo!

Color Description: Deep berry

Finish:   Cremesheen

Looks Best On: Medium to dark skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


This is my go to nude lipstick!  To warm it up, I apply a pale pink lipgloss on top.

Color Description: Pale muted peachy-beige

Finish: Satin

Looks Best On: Fair to medium skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


This is an almost nude color- the pale peach color warms up the lips but doesn’t make you appear ashen.  This is a pro only color (I hate how MAC does that!), but if you can find it, it’s my favorite peach lipstick!

Color Description: A neutral peach

Finish: Satin

Looks Best On: Fair or medium skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Pink Nouveau

Another great pink lipstick that is intense, but not overly bright.  I like wearing this with a smudged black eyeliner and thick lashes for that bombshell type look!

Color Description:   bright pink

Finish: Satin

Looks Best On: Fair, medium, or dark!

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Please Me

This is a beautiful warm pink color that can be worn with neutral eyes for a daytime look, or paired with a darker/brighter eye for a more dramatic lip.  It’s very versatile and looks great on everyone!

Color Description: Muted-rosy-tinted pink

Finish:   Matte

Looks Best On: Everyone

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


This is a beautiful purple-pink color that is flattering on everyone.  Should be a staple in each makeup geek’s kit.

Color Description: Blossoming rose-plum

Finish: Lustre

Looks Best On: Everyone

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


Best peach lipstick ever!  I love how this warms up my face and gives my lips that perfect amount of color.  Great for spring or summer!

lean, light peachy coral

Finish:   Cremesheen

Looks Best On: fair or medium skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Russian Red

This is the classic red Marilyn Monroe lipstick.  Since it has a cool undertone, it makes the teeth look white!

Color Description: intense bluish-red

Finish:   Matte

Looks Best On: medium to dark skin, or fair skin with warm undertones

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Shy Girl

This is a great everyday lipstick!  There’s just enough color to warm up the lips, but nude enough to go dramatic with the eyes.

Color Description: Creamy neutral coral beige

Finish: Cremesheen

Looks Best On:   fair to medium skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Up the Amp

Even though this is a purple lipstick, it is still flattering for all skin colors.  It has enough pink to it to make it super wearable, yet still fun!

Color Description: Electrically-charged lavender violet

Finish: Amplified Creme

Looks Best On: everyone

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)

Viva Glam I

If you want a red lip but don’t want the bright color, this one is perfect!  Plus it’s flattering on everyone.  A must have for your makeup kit.

Color Description: Intense brownish blue-red

Finish: Matte

Looks Best On: everyone

Where to Buy: (MAC)  (eBay)

Viva Glam V

This is a beautiful muted rosy pink color that is great for everyday.  Adds nice color to the lips and looks very natural

Color Description: Neutral pink with pearl

Finish:   Lustre

Looks Best On: fair or medium skin

Where to Buy: (MAC)   (eBay)


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hey i know those colors but i cant aford all of the colors. so can u do a video of dupes of mac lipstick

Hello Marlena!
Thank you sooooo much for EVERYTHING! This website is a lifesaver, you have NO idea!
Angel looks amazing!
What would be a good NYX lipstick color be, for a teen MUG?( who doesn’t want the color to stand out AT ALL, just a very neutral pretty color)

I think you would like Pumpkin Pie for a nice peachy color and I like Tea Rose for a pink color- not sure how natural you want it? If you want super natural, I would go with a lipgloss instead of lipstick- my favorite is NYX’s Beige (it’s actually a light pink color)

Hiya! In case you fellow mac fans don’t already know, mac has a great recycle program that makes it easy to score free lipsticks! Any 6 plastic or glass empty containers get you a free full size lipstick of your choice! now how cool is that! ;)

Hi! Did you also know that if you bring the empty containers to a “free-standing” MAC store (not one in a department store), that you can choose from EITHER a lipstick, lipglass, or eyeshadow?! All other MAC stores will only let you choose a lipstick. Just an F.Y.I.!

One of the best articles on here! This and the mac pigment article…..saves me money! I am always overwhelmed at the mac counter…any info I can get b4 i buy…puts me at ease :)

Thank you for all these!

Can you recommend any lipsticks with a copper/gold color to them. I recently saw a look of Kim Kardashian’s for Fusion – i think that’s the cosmetic line . Anyway, i loved the bronzed lipstick color she was wearing- so I’d love to hear about a lipstick color like this that works for medium to dark skinned skin color. Thanks again !

oh your the best how you clearly explain all colors and the best help you add photo as well, thanks dear, and my fav Mac lipstick is HugMe, but I took note of few color you post so tomorrow I’ll go check. thanks

These post are the best especially to a gulp! MAC virgin like me! Please do a post on lipglasses!
XO from Mexico.

i have pink nouveau and it has to be the worst color i own. i wear it as a joke to play around. the problem might be because i have medium skin tone but good luck to you if you decide to buy it.

Have you tried applying a peach lipgloss on top? It makes it a really pretty peachy pink color that I think would look better with your skin tone?

:( Looking at these makes me want to buy MAC lipsticks, (because I’m getting more into lipstick) But it sucks they’re so expensive.

You have no clue how inspiring you are to me. You are so wonderful, so beautiful, and a hugeee fan of your channel. I go to your channel, and website almost every day now! Keep it up, because not only me, but everyone loves you!

This may sound a bit ridiculous since the title to this article is “Best MAC Lipsticks”, but by any chance do you know any dupes that I could find that aren’t exactly MAC prices? (especially myth and shy girl — I love nude lips!)

Hey Marlena- I love these “top colors” blogs that you do. I end up buying a lot of the stuff that you suggest! I actually had a question for you….not sure if this is legal, but I was interested in throwing “mac parties” Basically doing make up demonstrations etc, since I went to school for make up at the make up designory in NYC. I would then have my friends put in orders for mac, and discount them, since I get a 40% off discount. My question would be, besides “is this legal?,” How can I obtain swatches of all the mac colors to showcase them to friends?

I love JLH she is very pretty,just like you ! You did a amazing job on her makeup look! You are very talented -love all your advice!

Thanks for this helpful post! Now I know which lipsticks to buy at my next MAC visit.
I’m surprised that BOMBSHELL, CHILLI and FRESH MOROCCAN didn’t make it

MUST GET THIS LIPSTICK!! MAC has a new lipstick in this new collection. Its my absolute fave! It’s dazzle lipstick called Superior. Very sparkly and gives such a nice smooth look! Must have!


I love that nude lip that has peachy color to it and then a gloss is applied. What lipsticks/glosses do I use?

Hi, I found your website about 2 weeks ago. So I went on Friday to the MAC counter to buy my first MAC lipstick. I picked up Viva Glam V. I am very light and in the store when I tried it I liked it. When I got outside, it didn’t look good in the sunlight. It was the undertone color. (I think, don’t really know what I’m talking about). What is another good neutral color for light skin tone? I have been watching your tutorials and usually do heavier eyes.



I have olive skin tone and absolutely love Pink Noveau. I get lots of compliments on it. It is definitely not for someone who doesnt like bold lip colors. I also love Angel and Please Me. Please me goes great with dramatic smokey eyes. I love this site. It is great for a non pro makeup junkie like myself.

This was very helpful! the colours are beautiful and the swatches helped me decide witch ones I will consider next time I go to mac.