Foiled Eyeshadows to make your Eyes Pop

Tip: Using the color wheel, find your eye color and choose opposite shades to make your eyes pop. 



Color Recommendations:

Brown Eyes: Purple or Greens (Mystical)

Green Eyes: Plum (Curtain Eyes)

Blue Eyes: Gold, Coppers and Warm Browns (Untamed)

Hazel Eyes: Green (Jester) 



Step-By-Step Application:

STEP 1: Apply Foiled Eyeshadow to lid

Using a Flat Shade Brush, apply Foiled Eyeshadow all over the lid and slightly into the crease.

STEP 2: Buff out crease to avoid harsh lines

Using a clean Soft Crease Brush, buff out the crease to avoid any harsh lines.

STEP 3: Apply Foiled Eyeshadow under lower lash-line

Using a Smaller Pencil Brush, apply the Foiled Eyeshadow under the lower lash-line. 


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